Climate "Change"


By: td126, 8:28 PM GMT on May 23, 2013

Hello to all. I, like most people now days is interested in what we've been told is "Climate Change/Global Warming".
I would like to present to the general public here some ideas I have developed over the past few years about this subject.
#1. There is no doubt that man made introduction of certain chemicals/compounds/emissions etc. have CONTRIBUTED. Although I am NOT convinced that this is the complete story of the cause of the changes we are seeing.
#2. What I ask can be causing the climate to change?? First off, how can we be certain that we are not going through a period of change due to the position of the Solar system we live in....The Milky Way Galaxy "Spins" like a top...(An old Toy). The Science channel and other documentaries have covered this many times. I try to watch these type documentaries whenever I can. The latest one I have seen states that our sun actually raises and lowers itself on the way around the center of the galaxy! The main concern the scientists had was placing us in harms way of asteroids, comets, etc that are located in areas we have now been through in "Modern History". Can this phenomenon not influence the climate as well?? Possibly more than anyone has even considered!
It has been millions, possibly billions of years since our "Arm" of the solar system has traveled through this area of space. There is NO RECORDS from over 100 years past. So we can't totally blame this change on one particular thing.
#3. What would happen if we stopped using ...I mean TOTALLY STOPPED USING fossil fuels? Would this help?? This WORLD has made rapid change in all areas of human life since the introduction of fossil fuels in using internal combustion engines and the like. What would happen to the Population of this planet IF we totally stopped driving cars, trucks (Transportation of food and other goods).
#5. We have become "Spoiled" in a sense that hardly anyone could go back to horse/mule days when animal power was used for everything we use fossil fuels for...and now take for granted. I was raised on a farm and my Dad and Grand-daddy used mules for most everything. People would die trying to do that type manual labor now. We'd starve to death.
I do not want to even "Think" of the problems this would cause.
I will stop here and possibly add more later. I will be awaiting to hear from others on these theories I have....I would truly like to hear what others, especially those in the scientific field have to say. Thanks to all for putting in their part....TD.

Climate Change


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Climate "Change"

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