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last blast of winter

By: superfalke, 4:49 PM GMT on March 13, 2014

So another blast of cold! Following a big warmup, with temps into the 70's, we get a huge shock yesterday afternoon as high winds came through, dropping the temperature from 60 down to 26 this morning. The wind blew strong throughout the night.

Going to see if i can manage a link to a DotEarth post.....


A Look at the ‘Shills,’ ‘Skeptics’ and ‘Hobbyists’ Lumped Together in Climate Denialism

This post has excerpts from a speech by David Victor of UC San Diego. One of his closing points:

"Second, under pressure from denialists we in the scientific community have spent too much time talking about consensus. That approach leads us down a path that, at the end, is fundamentally unscientific and might even make us more vulnerable to attack, including attack from our own. The most interesting advances in climate science concern areas where there is no consensus but the consequences for humanity are grave, such as the possibility of extreme catastrophic impacts. We should talk less about consensus and more about the consequences of being wrong—about the lower probability (or low consensus) but high consequence outcomes. Across a large number of climate impacts the tails on the distributions seem to be getting longer, and for policy makers that should be a call for more action, not less. But people don’t really understand that, and we in the scientific community haven’t helped much because we are focused on the consensus-prone medians rather than the tails."

Many good points in this DotEarth post.

Continuing on to the 2nd of three recent articles I'd like to mention: This Economist piece nearly had me canceling my subscription, based on the cover headline "Why has the world stopped warming?" from the 3/8/14 print edition. But it was a good article after all, ending with

"Most of the circumstances that have put the planet’s temperature rise on “pause” look temporary. Like the Terminator, global warming will be back."

Who pressed the pause button? Link

In particular, the discussion of trade winds in the Pacific was news to me. I'm no climate geek, but I do follow the story. For my 3rd reference, I'm linking to Dr. Rood's blog post "The whole silly warming pause, warming hiatus thing: Bumps and Wiggles (9)" dated 3/21/14


He writes: The lobby opposing climate-change science is fundamentally political. A political tactic is the deliberate, distorted misrepresentation of information and its implications. It is effectively disruptive. It is not a threat to the science-based knowledge we have of our climate. It is, however, a much deeper threat to us all.

Climate Change Winter Weather

Updated: 1:38 PM GMT on March 14, 2014


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