Oracle weather and gardening

Old Serrano chile seeds survive my brown thumb!

By: strid3r, 4:32 AM GMT on September 23, 2010

In a previously I blog wrote about how we had virtually failed growing veggy plants from seed here in Oracle using the techniques I had used with 'ok' success in NH. Well, after those seeds yielded barely any survivable seedlings here we had put aside their soil for future garden use.

Later this summer, we took a spare window box planter and filled it with soil mixed with that reused soil thinking we will at some point use it for flowering plants. Well, during the following couple of weeks sitting out back on the porch waiting for us to do something with it, we saw some green spouts popping out of the soil. At first we though they were just weeds growing, but soon realized these weren't weeds at all judging by their leaves and growth. So we let them grow more. They were turning out to be some kind of veggy plant...and in a couple weeks after the first tiny flowers developed a single serrano chile appeared!

Now the plants are thriving with new tiny serrano chiles and more flowers. This is exciting to us, and now we understand how durable chiles are in this climate.

Now, if only we can do the same with tomatoes...hmmm...

Please share your AZ garden experiences.

Bill Hardy


Our first-year garden attempts

By: strid3r, 10:33 PM GMT on September 06, 2010

We had decided this past spring to start a garden, but didn't know what to try to grow here in AZ. Because we are starting from scatch, we first needed some soil and a place to buy some plants. Our luck growing things from seed didn't pan out well after winter from lack of experience, so we asked around for advise.

Some friends with 'green thumbs' from Cascabel AZ north of Benson highly suggested a place on Speedway Blvd in Tucson for the place to go called Mesquite Valley Growers nursery. So, we took a drive out there with a list of own favorite plants, jalapeno, tomatoes, various herbs and such. For tomatoes we got two Better Boys, a nice jalapeno, taragon, silver thyme and three sage, plus some flowering plants. For the soil we picked up a few 2-cubic-foot bags of their own brand of planting soil at a good price.

Now, in southern AZ, I quickly discovered that when plant info states 'loves full sunlight', you may not want to give it full sun all day, as we found out for summer growing. The peppers withstood the summer sun heat better than the tomatoes, which required more filtered sunlight and more periodic watering. After adjusting the sunlight exposure and fertilizer (I used Miracle-Gro all purpose) all the plants became happier. Next year I am making a cover for the main garden area to help regulate the sunlight during the changing seasons.

Please share what tips you have!

Bill Hardy

Updated: 11:08 PM GMT on September 06, 2010


Music while watching the weather

By: strid3r, 9:55 PM GMT on September 06, 2010

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Updated: 11:05 PM GMT on September 06, 2010


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Oracle weather and gardening

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