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Shall We Boost?

By: sp34n119w , 9:04 PM GMT on June 28, 2014

Summertime is an excellent time for me to be lazy (like I need an excuse) and post a Santa Paula Booster Blog. I like these. They're easy to write and fun to do, while serving as a reminder to me of all that I could do with my copious time off.
I do realize that regular readers have seen all the recurring events before, and no reader is likely to attend, but, you never know! Someone might have read about the Balloon Festival last year and thought to themselves, “Next year, for sure … I hope sp reminds me!”
It could happen.
So, without further ado, herein find a list of

Things To Do This Summer In Beeeyooteefull Santa Paula, California:

Ongoing or recurring:

SP Cruise Night on Main Street
UPDATE: There will be NO cruise night on July 4th. The paper says Fillmore will have a classic car show but going to Fillmore on the Fourth of July requires ... preparation. Don't go if you don't know.
Generally ..
First Friday of the month, from April to October, starts around 5-ish and goes until sunset.
Stroll along the closed street, ogling dozens of pre-1975 vintage cars, chatting with the proud owners (who will seriously talk your ears off about their cars). Since it happens right downtown, there's plenty of places to eat and drink, too.

First Sunday at the Airport
First Sunday of each month, 10 AM to 3 PM
Hangars open, rides for the kids, usually old cars to see.
For July 6th they're doing something about Mustangs. That's the car – Beach Cities and Valley Mustangs will be there. Wouldn't surprise me if someone has a Mustang, the plane, as well. That's how they roll at SP airport.

The Museum of Ventura County's Agricultural Museum
Currently [well, beginning June 29] exhibiting “A Harvest of Color: The Artwork of Gail Faulkner”.
Also, “Brilliant Minds, Brilliant Union: 100 Years of Progress”, which showcases the collaboration between UC and VC farmers.
Adjunct to the Ventura County Museum in downtown Ventura (also worth a visit, if only for the George Stuart dolls), the ag museum in SP is worth visiting if you are in the area. I learned stuff when I went there and it is a pleasant place to be. The old train depot is right there, too, and weekends will find trains going in and out. In fact, I can hear one tooting right now.
Five bucks to get in, except free on first Sundays.

California Oil Museum
Current exhibit: “What's Up With Gasoline Prices?”
I dunno whut? Go there to find out, I guess.
I love this place – the history, some gadgets, and it's always nice and cool in there. If you are in town or just passing it's worth a walk-through. If you have a couple of hours, take the docent-led tour of the upstairs (this cost extra when I did it - like a few bucks).
$4/3/1 Adult/Senior/Kid

July 4
Locals only, I expect.
Harding Park Fourth of July Extravaganza! There will be fireworks! Which I will watch from my balcony! But others will want to go to the park! And eat picnic food! And hear the BOOMs up close and personal!
As an aside, the city used to help fund this event but can't, anymore, so people and businesses donate to make it happen. This event keeps folks in town, which is not only safer than traveling the highways that night but, also, the only option for a lot of families who don't have transportation. It's pretty awesome, really.

July 12
6PM – 9PM
Hot Summer Jazz and Art
It's HOT! It's JAZZY! It's ARTSY!
Main Street, downtown. Who needs a road when you can have a party?!?!
There is a restaurant in town that purports to provide New Orleans style food. I've only eaten there once and it was very good, but, I cannot affirm the claim, having never been to NOLA.

July 18-20
Citrus Festival
OMGuavas, people, we grow a lot of lemons and avocados around here. Meet some folks who do that, see some really weird food concoctions, play at the carnival, and (really, this is the biggest deal, far as I can tell, so, really, this whole event is for locals, but, hey, no reason others can't stop by) dance the night away!
Actually, I'm a little concerned that they do not have the entertainment listed on the website, yet, or in the ad in the paper. Usually, that's a big draw. Maybe they stopped doing that? I'll see what I can find out.
5 bucks entry. Carnival tickets extra, of course.

July 25-26
Citrus Classic Balloon Festival
Definitely a destination event for anyone who likes balloon festivals. It's grown so much so fast, it's becoming a nuisance, but in a good way.
Not so cheap - price depends on choices. Click the link and try to figure out how to get tickets. Good luck.

September 1
Labor Day Parade
Yeah, locals only, again, unless you really appreciate Labor and want to show your support and your town doesn't have a Labor Day Parade. In that case, come on over, we'd love to have you!


If I don't get another blog up before October, I'll add some Autumn stuff to this one. Because it's eeeeeeasy.

Anything anyone wants to boost for their own town can be added to the comments. Seriously, the interwebs are full of lurkers, and you may have just the thing someone needs to see. Or, just the thing that I need to see! Tell me! TELL ME NOW!!!

Plus, you know, the usual random thoughts and rants and pictures and whatsoever WUr little hearts desire.

….. and now for the weather …..

Swirl And A Miss:

For the bigger picture, have a look at the NE Pac WVloop.

Collapsing Clouds :

Flailing Fronts:

Summer on the SoCal coast, in a paraphrased nutshell:

North is North and South is South
And ne'er the twain shall meet.

I was reading comments on Masters' blog (I know) and some Californians were wishcasting for an EPAC storm to come up to SoCal. I guess a model was showing that possibility. While the deserts often get some tropical moisture to add to summer thunderstorms, it's pretty rare along the coast.
The PacNW gets rain in summer and that can dip down as far south as, oh, the Redding area, anyway, maybe Sacramento on occasion, and the mountains up there can help generate storms. Those never get down this far south in summer.

By way of saying to my neighbors - wish all you like, but, if you want to see rain this summer, hit the road.

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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17. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
5:04 PM GMT on July 16, 2014
sp34n119w has created a new entry.
16. sp34n119w
9:51 PM GMT on July 09, 2014
OH, the humidity!!!
I'm tired of hot and sticky. Would like to order up some hot and dry. Thank you.

I went to the street fair on the fourth and it was, I think, better than it's ever been. More art, less kitsch. But, it was pretty hot and sticky, lol
Fireworks from the balcony worked out well. I could hear the music from "A Capitol Fourth" on the tv so that was nice. Do wish the neighbors had put their yappy mutt in the house before going out for the evening, but, so it goes.

calpoppy - very nice! Thanks for the goat and good wishes :)

Ylee - haha. I would have done a better paint job! ;)

Munroe has a distinctly different way of thinking, LOL


I'm curious ... does anyone know when rand started posting again? A wumail answer would be fine.


The HL case is having major repercussions. If you care you probably already know so I won't post any links. Really, I'm just sickened by the whole thing, by the very notion that a Supreme Court Justice would use Catholic theology to argue U. S. Law, that 5 Justices think corporations have rights and women don't. It feels like I stepped into an alternate universe.


I just finished reading Nexus by Ramez Naam. The fictional science is pretty interesting and the author contends, in the afterword, that it is based on real science. I think he's stretching quite a bit. But, if one is interested in neuroscience, AI, and the interface (not to mention the Singularity), it's an okay read from that perspective. As a story, the novel is okay. Lots of players, twisty plots, unlikely action. I guess it's like pop spy novels, or something, but I don't read those so don't know if that's a good comparison, for sure - just basing that on what folks tell me and movies like Bourne and stuff.


Did I mention the hooooomidity? Truly, it's not so hot today but it still feels yucky out there.
Saw Eddy came back last night - I was in Ventura and the temperature quickly dropped several degress as the marine layer drifted in, somewhat half-heartedly. It was gone by the time I got up this morning but I slept very late. I suppose it may be back tonight, yes?
Well, I'm a weather wimp, and must go out and brave the stickiness yet again this afternoon. Here I go ... wah ...

seewu :)



A farmer who finds that vermin are invading his chicken coop will try to stop them, patching holes again and again until, finally, the wall is sound and the vermin can't get in. The vermin may mill about outside the coop, wishing they could get back in, looking pitiful. Perhaps there are a few lizards who enjoyed watching the vermin do damage to the chickens and those lizards continue to hang around, searching for ways to let the vermin back in. Suppose the farmer watches this and starts to feel sorry for the vermin and for the lizards. They're not having as much fun as they used to, the poor things, even though they could go elsewhere. No, they must have all the things.
So the farmer kicks a hole in the carefully crafted wall and the vermin return and, eventually, the hole is big enough to allow the return of king rat. The farmer promises the chickens that any vermin who do damage again will be dealt with. After the fact, of course, because preventative measures have already been dismantled. The vermin are happy and the lizards are happy. Who benefits from this? Certainly not the chickens, and I can't see how the farmer will benefit. Do vermin add so much value to the coop that it's worth the damage they do? I guess the farmer thinks so, and that's the farmer's business and none of mine. But I don't have to stick around and watch yet another round of carnage, do I?

Now there's a poor metaphor, for yas, lol
I have no will for better.

It is time for me to face the fact that I have lost my enthusiasm for WU. Perhaps some folk here have noticed, as my RL friends have. I have been in denial for quite awhile, hoping my enthusiasm would return, because I have so much appreciation for my WU friends and don't want to lose touch. But, that's happening anyway, and facts are facts, and I have to stop fooling myself and take a break - maybe a really long break, I dunno, and maybe I'll still lurk and comment occasionally, I dunno. It's been too many years for me to know how it'll be without WU. Well, I'm certainly not the first to give up on this place.
Somehow I think WU will manage to carry on without me ;)
Even so, I didn't want to just disappear without a word - I think that's rude, unfriendly, and inconsiderate, to say the least.
So, there's some words.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
15. Ylee
4:13 AM GMT on July 09, 2014
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
14. Ylee
4:23 PM GMT on July 05, 2014
Is that SP with her buddy in the parade, cal? :' )
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
13. calpoppy
3:34 PM GMT on July 04, 2014
Happy 4th!!

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
12. sp34n119w
8:58 PM GMT on July 03, 2014
Here's a few things ...

Going back to the good/bad guy with a gun - story from Georgia (is it a stand your ground state?). I definitely think that guy #1 had ample reason to feel threatened, even in a not stand your ground state, and could have shot guy #2 without much legal consequence.
More on the HL ruling -
http://freethoughtblogs.com/butterfliesandwheels/ 2014/07/sincere-religious-beliefs/
a funny comic with a funny comment 1 and a link in comment 2 to a funny article. hahaha

Decent brief commentary on where it all went wrong (hint: everywhere) from the lawyer at cfi -
http://www.centerforinquiry.net/blogs/entry/hobby _lobby_where_alito_and_the_administration_went_wro ng/
Interesting graphic look at who owns what [note: currently some other stories and links being promoted there that may be nsfw].


WTS - the SCOTUS has been a big disappointment these last several years. I used to feel like they were the last stand for sanity in this country. Now, I am sincerely worried that there is no check in the whole "checks and balances" thing we're meant to have in our government.

The whole point to law is that people tend to make up their own ethical and moral code, which is very changeable over time and situational, anyway, so we have one law for all so we all know where we stand. After that, we can each decide who we want to hang with (or do business with) based on shared "ethics and values", or whatever criteria we choose. But we have to know what the law is and that we are all held accountable. Otherwise, why should anyone follow any law?

Back to the 'puter ... I thought I said, but guess I didn't - the new computer is a Lenovo (ThinkPad Edge) and I think you're right that they are the only ones with the tiny joystick. It really is surprisingly useful, so far. I'm glad I did not discount the machine based on that, as I did consider doing, and ended up thinking I could live with it. As a measure, I still haven't bothered to plug in the mouse (though I'm not really working on that machine, yet, either).

Since SP ruined my evening plans I'm going to go to Ventura for the street fair tomorrow. Take that, SP!
Well, I wanted to go, anyway, LOL


Oh, I already put links up. What shall I put here? How about a sincere wish for a happy 4th for my fellow USians and just a happy weekend for everyone :)
Um, gosh, that seems insensitive to those elsewhere, dealing with the storm(s), so ... a sincere wish for safety while watching nature's fireworks, if you get them.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
11. WatchinTheSky
9:46 PM GMT on July 02, 2014
At least they were not claiming their ethics were good (Conestoga)! Maybe if they had left out 'do the right thing' from their mission statement - the rest may be true enough, just not neighborly. I think many people have mean spirited ethics... There is a bit of tarnish covering the shine from the SCOTUS lately - kinda chaps my hide, frosts my cake (??)

Updating.. updating.. I am not sure you said, but is new laptop a Lenovo (used to be IBM)? The nub comment made me wonder. Years ago we did some prototype work on the little circuit board the nub gets attached to. I think they started the nub, don't recall if many other companies picked it up. My HP doesn't have one and I don't like the pad much either so I plug in a mouse.

That shiny screen is a bonus feature ;-P I didn't read this article thoroughly, but it was about a closing homeless shelter, this guy was more homeless now but still had laptop/mirror...

Now I am trying to figure out what I didn't answer.. Too bad about Crusin SP being cancelled.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
10. sp34n119w
8:00 PM GMT on July 02, 2014
eeYup. It comes down to authoritarianism but people have found that our form of government is not well suited to implement that. Corporations do authoritarianism very well, though.

I'm reading Ginsburg's dissent and looky she uses the correct quote and cites its source (man, lawyers are good at that!):
"In sum, with respect to free exercise claims no less than free speech claims, "[y]our right to swing your arms ends just where the other man's nose begins." Chafee, Freedom of Speech in War Time, 32 Harv. L. Rev. 932, 957 (1919)"

Lots of good stuff in that dissent - much more than just the gems that are being quoted all over the place (and someone made a song - I haven't listened to it) - and I've only just started. She kinda calls Alito out pretty harshly.

BTW, folks, remember it isn't just Hobby Lobby - it's also Conestoga, so, if you're looking for new cabinets, beware. Direct from their website -
"Absolutely dependable ethics: We always strive to do the right thing, period. Our ethics and values are founded on the Christian principles that influence the way we do business."
See? Denying women basic health care is a Christian Principle! I think I can do without their "ethics and values".

I don't know how to track as other companies use this ruling to change their own rules. Maybe someone will make a list, sometime. It could get very long.
Gee, it's almost like it would easier if everyone were subject to the same laws, rather than making up their own as they go along.

ETA: Motherjones has a list of sorts.

Also, it occurred to me (and then I saw it mentioned somewhere) that a single-payer system would end all of these arguments, instantly. In such a system, each individual could make their own health care decisions, rather than an insurer, an employer, or a government court (mostly). What a concept. As it is, this is going to go on endlessly, and not just about religious objections.

Here's an article about HL's hypocrisy, full of misinformation about China and not very well written, but still making a few good points:
http://theweek.com/article/index/263225/stop-call ing-hobby-lobby-a-christian-business
[I don't know who "theweek" is but didn't see anything obviously bad there.]
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
9. calpoppy
7:12 PM GMT on July 02, 2014
Here is a quote from Barry Ritholtz

"The second group is the Supreme Court. Its campaign of replacing our Jeffersonian democracy with a corporatocracy--sponsored by the and sold to the highest bidder -- continues unabated. the entire left-right debate is no longer relevant--it is over, and has been replaced with a new paradigm: you versus the corporation. It isn't unthinkable that a century from now, the Roberts court will be vilified like non before it."
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
8. sp34n119w
7:08 PM GMT on July 02, 2014
Just added this to the main entry -
SP Cruise Night on Main Street
UPDATE: There will be NO cruise night on July 4th. The paper says Fillmore will have a classic car show but going to Fillmore on the Fourth of July requires ... preparation. Don't go if you don't know.

Bummer, huh? Guess everyone downtown wants the night off!

calpoppy - thanks. If only that were true. Corporations only get rights from government, not responsibilities to government. So it is going, more and more. We, the people, of course, have some say over that.

It's hot out your way :( Hope you and the mister and the pups are holding up!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
7. calpoppy
9:49 PM GMT on July 01, 2014
You said it so well! Since now the Supreme Court considers corporations individuals in all areas it seems, then we should have no problem putting those individuals in jail if they break the law?
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
6. sp34n119w
8:19 PM GMT on July 01, 2014
The Constitution says that we are all equal under the law. There have been religious exceptions to this from the beginning, most notably in the form of tax policy. For a long time now, some religious groups have had the right to end their children's education after 8th grade, and that's mostly used with girls so that their fathers can sell them into sexual servitude - oops, I mean "give" them in "marriage" - at that age so the girls can begin making pies and babies, whether they want to, or not. Whatever. These days there are ways around that for the kids.
The exceptions have multiplied in recent decades and the Hobby Lobby case is just the latest (and not even close to the worst) and what makes the latest cases most egregious is that they argue that religious people can impose their own views and preferred behavior onto other people who may not share their beliefs.
The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religious practice without government interference. It does allow anyone to choose not to follow secular laws. Secular laws apply to everyone, so you can't, for instance, burn a witch at the stake and expect to be acquitted based on your belief that your god said "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live", and you can't kill someone for being homosexual, no matter what you think your god thinks about that (we're talking US law, here, not the law that US preachers created in Uganda and elsewhere - not yet). It does not guarantee any right to impose religious practice on other people - in fact, explicitly denies the government any right to do so and, historically, that denial has been extended to religious institutions, employers, and individuals. It means that, as with most behaviors, you can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't affect me. "Your right to swing your fist ends at my face."
The majority of the current SCOTUS Justices seem to be confused on these items.
Some religious folk think that religious law is the one law but they don't seem to get that there are a lot of religions - mostly of the Christian varieties - in this country and they often don't agree on religious law. Which Christian Law do you want to have the force of government behind it? It might not be yours.
So funny that the very people who are terrified of creeping Sharia Law are actually actively making it come to pass.
One day, in a Stand Your Ground State, a business owner will decide that a woman employee who lives with a man she is not married to is violating his religious beliefs so horribly that he can't live with it. He will fire her and be justified. Or, he will stone her to death and be justified. Why not? It follows.
In this country it's supposed to be one law for all. One law for all or there is no law, at all.


gg - Thanks! 3XWR to you, too :) Weird how May seemed to drag for me and now I don't even know where June went. Think I'm getting old, or something, lol

Michaels, JoAnn, and online retailers may be good subs for HL but I've read that HL is the only "local" craft store for a lot of folks.
Luckily, there is no HL near me, so it's easy not to shop there. I'll have to go check ravelry to see what the yarn community is saying - though I'll stick to certain fora, and out of others. I know that HL has been on the radar of progressives (especially women and lgbtq) for some years, now, and think that everyone who was going to boycott them is already doing so. Maybe this will tip some over - I'll report back if I learn anything.
Ideally there would be a mass exodus of not just customers but employees. I know how hard that is, though, so wouldn't blame anyone for staying.

Okay. I was going to keep quiet and didn't but now I'm done. For now ;)


New computer update:
I finished updating the updater for the Windows updates and think I got them all. I got rid of some bloatware and added in a few things I prefer - still more to do there. I made my recovery disk and a compete backup, including system image. Ran multiple diagnostics, just to be sure I got what I think I got and it all works. Updated the back up on the old computer so I can transfer files (won't use a utility for that - will do manually, ugh). Still have to go through and finish updating device drivers (I prefer to do those one at a time, too). Bunches to do. Prolly could have done more yesterday but, naturally, got side-tracked.

All of this is much easier than last time, when I had to use my new computer for work immediately. A lot of things I wish I'd done at the start never got done at all and so I still have stuff going on in the background that I can't root out so easily. Having this old 'puter to work on while tidying up the new one is an awesome luxury and I highly recommend it ;)

Oh, another thing I really like about the new machine is the screen. The new screen is so matte that my reflection is a vague shadow even against a black screen, whereas the old screen is so shiny I could use it to check for spinach stuck in my teeth. Much less glare means much less eye-strain and I felt the difference while working on it, especially at night with a light on. This alone will make up for it being a smaller screen. Happy, me :)

Why am I rambling when I have someplace to be and haven't even had a shower yet? LOL

seewu! :)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
5. GardenGrrl
10:05 AM GMT on July 01, 2014
Generic but heartfelt "White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits!"

Ya know, I thought I had put the first comment here, but guess it didn't take. Must have offended Hobby Lobby while boosting about other places to get yarn. They are a person with feeling ya know.

Okay snark aside, very glad to see some sanity and civic pride.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
4. sp34n119w
7:02 PM GMT on June 30, 2014
Ylee - you'll have to go to one of the birders' blogs for that! Nothing here but us ... goats? ;)
Really like your Independence Days blog! The waving flag title is a very nice touch :)
Oh you didn't include Bastille Day (July 14, I think) but maybe that doesn't count as an Independence Day. It was partially inspired by ours, though.

WTS - I don't think I did answer your last comment in the last blog (that's okay - you skipped right over (an insignificant) one of mine in yours, lol) - so, the new computer is currently updating ... endlessly updating ... and then it will update some more! This is why I had to wait until today, despite getting the thing last Thursday - it takes awhile and some attention to get a new 'puter up and running!
I really like it. Among other things (and I haven't much to judge it by, yet), it has a little nubbin in the middle of the keyboard to move the cursor around, and that works so well that I'm thinking I might not need a mouse for most things. I hate track pads, though the new one seems better than most, so that nubbin could save some wear and tear on the wrist.

Yep, this Friday will be extra-special and that sounds like a good plan! It's also cruise night here, of course, and I wonder if the crowd will be larger or smaller than usual.

Under 6" of rain for the season here. But, hey, tomorrow is a new day, a new month, a new rain year ... yeah, I don't think that helps, either.

calpoppy - um, you might have told us that before it happened!! ;)
I'd probably enjoy hanging out watching ultralights - and picking fruit!

You got a head start on the rain last year with the monsooooons, as I recall!

Mom's good! Well, functional. Tomorrow she gets another xray and she's hoping the cast will come off. I'm not so optimistic, but, we'll see. She's plenty ready for retirement, though, I can tell you that! I know you know how that is :)


After a few days of temps around 80-ish and humidity staying up above 60% (yuck!) but very clear skies ... the marine layer came back with a vengeance overnight and didn't let the sun through until after 11 this morning. On the last day of June, because the weather gods must provide at least one day of Gloom during June - it's in the contract! LOL


Okay, it hasn't even finished with Windows updates - it had to begin by updating the updater and then update something so that it could continue to update ... you know what? Whatever. That's what. Still lots to do even when that's done so I'm going to go get some lunch and read. Read something other than commentary on what the SCOTUS did today because ... you know what? Whatever. That's what. Because obviously corporations have beliefs that must be respected over those of individual humans, and having beliefs means not having to follow the law. Let's all do that! What a wonderful world that would be, tralala!
Yeah, updates and reading and no tv - that's my day today.

Happy Monday, WU! :)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
3. calpoppy
6:11 PM GMT on June 29, 2014
I will do a boost for my town, or my place since there is not town, LOL! The event has passed but Llano has the 'World's Smallest Airshow'. On memorial day weekend, ultra lights take to the sky at Brian's Ranch and Ultralight airport. They drop bean bags for a pretend bombing run and I think there are Parachuters (WU doesn't like that, maybe that isn't a word). Also if you get bored watching ultralights (they are slow) you can pick fruit at the U-Pick orchard right there by the ultralight airport!!

I hope to see some monsooonal activity this year we are at a dismal 5.52 inches for the year, but I did beat out WTS. How did that happen?????

How is your mom doing??
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
2. WatchinTheSky
5:57 PM GMT on June 29, 2014
Nice boosting :) (but where are these chickens I heard about) You should be comp'd for that, maybe some free passes! We are taking up an offer from friends to watch fireworks from their house this year. Not real close but we'll be able to see 2-3 towns launching. With the 4th on Friday, and Crusin Grand Fridays = giant crowds downtown! not so close is better.
I'll check the old blog to see if you mentioned starting up the new 'puter!
I walked by my rain gage display and noticed it was blinking, another year gone by and time to change batteries. Got depressed by the 4.88" of precip since last July 1st, obviously no chance of any in the next two days! It'll take a road trip to see any rain before winter, for sure.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
1. Ylee
2:21 AM GMT on June 29, 2014
1st! I thought this was going to be a blog on chickens, but then I reread it, and it said boost, not roost! :' )
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