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Already Fulfilled

By: sp34n119w , 8:40 PM GMT on November 28, 2012

Already Fulfilled.
Being prosperous and smooth.
Only in little affairs is there prosperity and smoothness.

Favorable to be steadfast and upright.
Because the firm and the yielding are in correct places
And respond to their proper ones.

Beginning: good fortune,
For the yielding is in the central.
End: disorder.
There is no way out.

Water over Fire.
An image of Already Fulfilled.
In correspondence with this,
The superior person contemplates the law of waxing and waning
And takes preventive measures against possible decline.

[Translations by Alfred Huang]


Ji Ji (#63)

Share your interpretations, if you are so inclined.


Satisfying Swirls:

For the bigger picture, have a look at the NE Pac WVloop.

Correct Clouds :

Right Rain:


As always - random to come; random welcome.

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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123. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
8:07 PM GMT on January 30, 2013
sp34n119w has created a new entry.
122. SBKaren
1:06 AM GMT on January 29, 2013
We watch a lot of Rick Steves' on PBS as well (we watch more PBS than anything).

Thought you and your lurkers might be interested in this.

It's Time for a New Approach to Marijuana

It's getting COLD again!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
121. sp34n119w
9:16 PM GMT on January 28, 2013
I don't really know how so much time passed between my comments here. It doesn't feel like it's been that long. I know it was really warm for several days, and that I spent much of that time outside and away from the computer, so that's where some of it went. Then, it rained for a few days. We got 1.44”, which is something! No, not enough, but, something. Anyway, everything is fine, and I don't feel like I've been especially busy, but I definitely have not been at the computer as much as usual. Perhaps I should blame it on the phone! I have made a point of using it in order to justify having bought it and do a lot of reading there, now. That could keep me from the “quick check” of wu (and other spaces) on the computer and, when I check the site on my phone, it isn't to post (too hard to type on that thing). I do seem to be getting more actual work done … hmmm …


This comment will be long and loaded with a vid and pics and a little disjointed. It's okay – I've got a new blog coming sooooon ;)


On the subject of weed – really funny tune + video, Briar! I do think times are changing and Ylee's note about hemp (quite different from marijuana) is interesting. Essentially all the hemp found in yarn, for instance, is grown in Canada even if the yarn is spun/dyed in the U.S. and, even then, there are limits on how much can be brought in. Same for hemp oil and such. So stupid. It is such a versatile plant and low impact in every way. Along with Bogon I thought it would be all sorted by now. It may be coming to a head, soon, as the economics of the whole issue become clear. It was economics that drove the ban, after all.
Keep in mind, though, that there will be consequences!


On crafty stuff -
What a great idea to make coasters out of swatches, calpoppy. So new DIL is crafty and very smart! Lucky you (and lucky son, of course!) :)

You are really moving along there, Karen - I'm impressed! And it's beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing that – cannot wait to see the final project :) I think work-in-progress pics are so useful.
Last week I took final photos of two projects before sending them on to their new owners and also took some of the blanket I'm working on while I was at it. Wanna see? First, Garage Cat helped by holding the shawl-ish thing steady:

and then by taste-testing the black yarn of the blanket (this photo is not the best of him or the blanket but was taken immediately after I told him he'd had enough yarn for one day and shows how he felt about that):

Also, Karen, yes, quilters are in awe of your crochet skills :) My sis wants me to quilt rather than knit/crochet because she likes quilts. I told her that she should learn how to quilt, then! LOL

I've seen that giant knitting project before, Briar, and it always makes me smile and think, “Well, okay, but, why?” LOL Guess the answer is, “Because I can.” and that's plenty good enough!


Miscellany -
Ylee – the Antikythera mechanism has fascinated me from the day its discovery was first announced. I so want to know what, who, why, etc. The day that was posted I didn't have time to go through all the links and will do when I can spare the hours I know I'll spend reading about it. Thanks! And thanks for checking in on me :)

calpoppy - I haven't read Diaz but recognized the name. “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao “ is one I remember wanting to read so thanks for the rec and reminder - in my wishlist, now!

gg – oh, lovely. Another time sink, LOL! I went there soon after you posted the link (I think it was soon after) and saw no ads because I have adblock. That is a funny juxtaposition, though! The critters are amusing enough in their own right and I checked in this morning … for about 20 minutes!

Karen – because you mentioned Huell … I can't watch his shows but have always appreciated what they are. It was sad to hear of his passing at such a relatively young age and, regardless of how I felt about him, I know he's brought a lot of pleasure and knowledge to many. Thankfully, there are probably thousands of hours of shows just like the one you mentioned for people to enjoy for years to come.

Bogon – watched the video twice 'cuz it cracked me up! I can see where that's a good stand-in for C&C, LOL

WTS – I'll come over to your place to commiserate on the lack of rain … you gotta admit, though, that warm stretch was niiiiiice ;)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
120. calpoppy
8:25 PM GMT on January 28, 2013
LOL, Ylee!!!!! Glad you are about SP! We had snow last night!!!

I am afraid to look at Briar's video, it might give me ideas! I just happen to have 1 1/2 PVC pipes around....
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
119. WatchinTheSky
6:21 PM GMT on January 28, 2013
Didn't know plumbing supplies were so versatile!! =:O
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
118. BriarCraft
12:37 AM GMT on January 28, 2013
Here's a nifty knitting project I discovered:

1.5 inch PVC pipe for knitting needles??? Hmmmmm.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
117. sp34n119w
8:48 AM GMT on January 27, 2013
lol No need, Ylee! All is well here!
Sorry - I know I hate it when wufolks bug out for no known reason. Will return asap :)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
116. Ylee
3:28 AM GMT on January 25, 2013
Thinking about putting this on a milk carton...... :' )

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
115. SBKaren
2:14 AM GMT on January 25, 2013
Just for you and your lurkers/viewers. Some progress on the tablecloth I am making for my niece. The red yarn is just to remind me where I started.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
114. GardenGrrl
10:16 PM GMT on January 24, 2013
Because I am easily amused, totally cracked up at the David Bowie Adverts intermittently scrolling across the bottom of the baby humming bird web cam.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
113. Bogon
5:07 AM GMT on January 24, 2013
There were times in my life when I thought marijuana surely would have been legalized by now. Clearly I underestimated both the dedication and the popular appeal of the nattering nabobs of negativism.

Went to YouTube in search of relevant video. Alas, many of my favorites, e. g. Cheech & Chong or Don't Step on the Grass, Sam, don't seem suitable for WU. Therefore, in lieu of relevance I offer this:

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
112. SBKaren
2:22 AM GMT on January 23, 2013
I think about you just about every time I sit down at night and crochet . I'm actually on the second row now! I'll try to take a picture tomorrow. I'm subbing in a friends Bunco group and we have some errands to run after I get home from work and swim, so we'll see how time goes.

Last night on Huell Howser, he visited the Glendale Quilt show. Some of the quilts were amazing! My daughter's MIL does quilting, and she made one for their bed and for a wall hanging. The boys also have custom quilts on their beds. Now, I often wonder if quilters would look at my crocheting and be in as much awe as I am about their quilting!!!

Anyway, picture soon, I promise !
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
111. Ylee
9:15 PM GMT on January 22, 2013
Kentucky's been tring to leagalize pot in one form or another for over 20 years, including industrial hemp production. Heck, we've had Willie in Frankfort lobbying for it, and Gatewood Galbraith running for Gov. on the hemp platform.

Did you see this APOD? Simply amazing!

Hope you're doing well!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
110. BriarCraft
10:12 PM GMT on January 21, 2013
And now for a total segue, from way far out in left field...

Ever since the election... Heck, ever since the ballots were mailed out and I became one of the majority in Washington state that voted to legalize that old wildwood weed, I've been wondering and pondering, pondering and wondering. We legalized recreational use of marijuana, but it can't be sold or grown legally in the state until after the legislature figures out how to regulate and tax it, but even then, it'll still be illegal according to federal law. And federal does trump state, if the two conflict.

My own personal conclusion, based strictly on my own lame-brained thoughts, is that we need more than just Colorado to back us up on this. We enough need more states to legalize it, to put pressure on our do-nothing, no-compromise congress to change federal law. In the meantime, I have a hunch there'll still be folks in this state smilin' and sittin' on a sack o' seed.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
109. calpoppy
11:47 PM GMT on January 16, 2013
Hi SP! My new DIL is knitting 4" by 4" squares, each a different stitch, to be made into coasters. It sounds like fun!

What a difference a day makes, almost 60 here.

An author you may like to read Junot Diaz. Very good fiction!!! And he is one smart guy! Drown is one of his books then his pulitzer prize book is The Short and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. I hope I didn't get that title wrong, book is not in front of me.

Have a WUnderful day!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
108. sp34n119w
10:19 PM GMT on January 15, 2013
WTS – well, it looks pretty. That's something ;) The wind was very twisty. When I looked at wundermap with the wind indicators on the weather stations, I could see wind going every which direction. Guess you were out of the loop!
Yes, warm up will be good. Though the sky was so clear last night, in a way that seems possible only at low temps and low humidity. Shiny stars.


For those who are sick, have been sick, or, sadly, will be sick, here is some comic relief … or, at least, commiserative commentary:
Chris Clark vents his frustrations with the cough (in the first few paragraphs of the post), and
xkcd on how to spend one's sick time.


I just found these youtube videos on basic biology concepts that are quite good. Brief, simple, and cute – good for kids learning about life and informative for adults, too, of course.
What is DNA?
What is a gene?
What is Evolution?


Oh, hey, I think I linked the wrong Bowie video in gg's blog a few days ago. That was an older (no pun intended) one. This is the new one -

It reminds me of something ... something from ... oh! It sounds like "Love You Til Tuesday"!!! How weird. Well, I'm not known for my musical ability so prolly I'm just hearing it weird.


I know I need a new blog. May have to resort to the Book of Changes again. We'll see how it goes …
… but not today ;)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
107. WatchinTheSky
4:55 PM GMT on January 15, 2013
Backyard fountain this morning -

Wind warnings for the last 2 days - never happened.
Warmer days ahead :)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
106. sp34n119w
9:57 PM GMT on January 14, 2013
Karen -
This particular pattern (and when I think about it, the one I did for my mom too) has you attaching the motifs together with the last round. I have 7 done now! I should take a progress photo.
Oh, that's better! Thanks for explaining :) Sounds like you're moving right along! You know I'd like to see an in-progress photo :)
I saw a blanket made of a fish motif, sort of like an Escher thing, where all the fish shapes fit together. Lots of possibilities with color, there. Not really my thing but so cool I was considering it anyway … until someone noted that they had, like, 468 fishes to sew together! Um, no. LOL
I like your rock and sand collecting ideas! Nice way to bring a vacation home.

Briar – oh, sure. That's just what we all need – free games! Thanks, I think ;)

Geez, I've had those kinds of arguments. Part of getting along with others is knowing what not to talk about, of course. Sounds like you relearned that, as we all must do from time to time! Sorry if those articles contributed to any friction but gratified to know they were thought provoking.

WTS – stoopid winter. For three nights I was lulled to sleep by the wind machines as the temp dropped below freezing. Last night I was kept awake by nature's own wind machine! It's still howling out there. Also, it's cold :(
I'm a little surprised it got that cold down your way, too.

Ylee – LOL Not Bob Dylan but he did tour with Nine Inch Nails awhile back. Excellent collaboration, there.

LC – oh … dear. What the … ? I mean … why?
Gosh, people are wonderful :)
The musketeers made that video for me, even though they were wearing pants.
Watching that video, I kept thinking of Sheldon (who has “bus pants”) and how he would freak at the notion of sitting on a subway seat wearing only undies, lol. They should do an episode including that event.
If you get a chance, even though it's a bit late, you might want to put a NSFWU tag in that comment – not for the video but for the tunes. Fairly made me blush ;)

gg – ROTFL Thanks for the reality check! Pants are useful!


I found out what happened to that guy who was going to jump off a cliff in NM. He didn't. He changed his story, hung around the rocks a bit, and then went home.


For the outrage file, and you may all have seen this already, Matt Taibbi had a sort of overview of the bank bailouts and their aftermath. Long article but easy enough to get through.


The weather … is still cold. Freezing overnight for a few, and in the low-to-mid 50s during the day. Last night's low (39F) was not so bad thanks to the high winds. Still very windy. Humidity at 16%. Supposed to warm up over the next few days, with a forecast high of 77 degrees on Friday. My own guess is 72, but, we'll see. No rain in the foreseeable future.

Sometime around Christmas the leaves on the sycamores by my house finally changed color. For the first time in years they actually went gold and red instead of straight to dried up brown. Last year the leaves on the east sides got shredded off the trees by the wind while still green. So it was nice, over the last few weeks, to occasionally find myself standing at the window, mesmerized by the sun shining through Autumnal colors, and watching the leaves drift to the ground. Today, of course, they are back to being shredded. Don't expect there to be much left by tomorrow, which means there will be more sun coming in through the windows. All good all around.


On the knitting front: I made a big deal out of being happy that I could fix a big mistake several rows back without having to unravel the whole project to that point (did I write that here or at calpoppy's?). And, I'm still happy that I can do that, because it saves a lot of time and provides a challenge. But, after doing that four more times, I find that I would rather not make the stupid mistakes to begin with! It's a good thing I chose a sturdy yarn for the baby blanket, and I hope a trip through the washer and dryer will sort out the wonky stitches, in the end.


That's all I got, at the mo.
seewu! :)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
105. GardenGrrl
11:30 PM GMT on January 12, 2013
**No Shoes, No Shirts, No Service**

But officer, the sign says nothing about pants.

Smart a@$! ZzZZZZzzzzzZZZZzap

Ow Ow, I'm calling Gloria Allred! Dang it, no change, I'm not wearing pants.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
104. Ylee
10:51 PM GMT on January 12, 2013
Eewwww...... :)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
103. LowerCal
9:16 PM GMT on January 12, 2013
For the Random File:

Without A Net : VIDEO: No Pants Subway Ride 2013 comes to Los Angeles this Sunday | 89.3 KPCC
This Sunday, it's time to take your pants off. It's the 12th Annual No Pants Subway Ride, sponsored by New York City's Improv Everywhere (and sponsored locally by the Guerilla Los Angeles Improv group). According to Improv Everywhere, nearly 4,000 people participated in New York and tens of thousands more participated around the world last year, after beginning with just seven dudes the first time around.
Here's video of 2012's ride here in Los Angeles - 2013 represents the 5th annual L.A. event, known locally as the No Pants Metro Ride.

[Warning: Some viewers may find the soundtrack NSFWU. Turn your speakers off if you are easily embarrassed. ;^]
If you want to participate in the Los Angeles leg of this event, you can find out more at the official Facebook event page. To you who ride pantless: Godspeed.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
102. Ylee
4:54 PM GMT on January 12, 2013
I think you said in GG's blog that Bowie was doing the "old man in useless denial" thing. What next, touring with Bob Dylan? :)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
101. WatchinTheSky
3:10 AM GMT on January 12, 2013
Hey sp! It sure feels wintry, but not like winter (in SoCal anyway!). Shouldn't it be raining?? And 75?? It's 39 at 7:00 PM here.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
100. BriarCraft
12:23 AM GMT on January 12, 2013
Heard mention of some folks looking for free games to lose more time. Really?! Well, here's a couple of places I like:
http://zone.msn.com/en-us/home (requires Internet Explorer for many games to work)
You get to watch ads, but there are quite a variety of free games.

I almost got into a knock-down, drag-out with DH about gun control, so I'll leave that one alone. (He's got anti-regulation tendencies and I'm a hardcore pacifist-progressive. What was I thinking? Not!)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
99. SBKaren
11:31 PM GMT on January 11, 2013
Okay. I thought making a tablecloth was probably like that %u2013 make the motifs and then stitch together. The %u201Cstitch together%u201D is the part that kind of turns me off but the result is so beautiful.

Well, I kind of mislead you. This particular pattern (and when I think about it, the one I did for my mom too) has you attaching the motifs together with the last round. I have 7 done now! I should take a progress photo.

Yes, my niece liked the pattern. She said the best thing about it was that she would think of me every time she used/looked at it. That's my goal!

I also told my youngest that whenever she goes camping somewhere I want her to bring me back a rock. And she has every single time. It's not so much the rock, it's that when she is gone/out there, she thinks of me and then starts looking down - picking out the perfect rock. Gets her more in tune with nature. I'm sneaky like that!

I also collect sand. I have quite a few vases filled and in my media center at work. I realized that a family that I am 'friends' with on FB went to South Africa over the winter break. Now I have a big baggy full of sand from Capetown, South Africa!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
98. GardenGrrl
4:01 PM GMT on January 11, 2013
Oh goodness, can't imagine what persona David Bowie will invoke for this phase of his career.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
97. sp34n119w
9:50 PM GMT on January 10, 2013
Bogon - well, I suspect you already have Freecell ;)
I put a lot of hours into that game, especially after I found out that you can play them in order, but I lost the list and don't know where I left off, LOL

Carroll does have a gift, for sure. Glad you got something out of it. His blog is interesting, too, but I haven't read any of his books.
In fact, now I'm thinking about it ... seems folks are always calling someone "the next Carl Sagan" and they never quite make it there, for me. Carroll might be worthy.

Ylee - fixed my avatar, hurray! I guess the last couple times I did that I had to write a note for it to work and that annoys me, lol. This time it worked right away. Thanks!

I'd pay more than 10 bucks to play the original Duke Nukem again. But, thanks to GOG, now I don't have to! ;)

calpoppy - the wedding is this weekend already?! Wow. Seems like you were just test-eating cake! I'm sure it will go well and your photos will be wonderful and you will all be very cold, LOL

We'll definitely be cold here and the warnings are out for farmers. Not good. I agree that the lack of precip is a bummer. It's already windy but, of course, that's good for keeping temps up. Not good for keeping trees and power lines up! Should be an interesting few days.

Oh, hey! You've got to check out this scarf that is perfect for knitting weather geeks! Which are legion, apparently, as evidenced by how many folks have it in their queue already!


Does anybody know? There was a guy in New Mexico who said he was going to jump off a cliff on 12/21 to usher in the new age, or something. He didn't think it would kill him. I saw him on tv and he seemed sincere. Just wondering if he did that. Or if, as seems more likely, he took the money he'd received and jumped a plane, instead.


Back to guns, for a moment. Sam Harris wrote an essay sharing his paranoid hero fantasy where some menacing villain intrudes upon Sam's domain and Sam whips out his pistol and takes the guy out with a single shot, not harming anyone else, or even disrupting the neighbors. Very Bruce Willis.
Okay, that's not exactly what he wrote. That's what's there, though.
Anyway, Sean Faircloth responded to that essay. So did a whole lot of other folks. I haven't read those, yet. Thought others might be curious.


I would end with something more fun but ... oh! Did you know David Bowie is releasing his first new album in ten years? Yep. The single is out and I'd leave it here but gotsta run ... and if I go to youtube I'll get lost ;)

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
96. calpoppy
6:19 PM GMT on January 09, 2013
Get ready for wind machines in your area. That cold air is going to hurt the oranges and avocados! All that cold air and hardly any precip. Now that does not make me happy!

I least the wedding this weekend will be nice weather, I hope :))
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
95. Ylee
6:22 AM GMT on January 09, 2013
I checked out gog.com; cool and all, but where are the free games? What can I say? I'm a cheapskate, lol!

EZ avy change: First, you have to be in NUWU. Classic WU won't let you do this anymore!(Bastids!) Go to My Photos, and when you find the photo you want, click modify image.(The radio button is a WU trick! Beware!!) When you get to that page, you simply click Primary Portrait for Bio, and then click modify image at the bottom! Your avy should show the change in a few minutes!

Good luck!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
94. Bogon
1:36 AM GMT on January 09, 2013
Hey, sp. Didn't hang around GOG.com long, because I didn't see anything about FreeCell. :o) Shoot, as if I needed another time sink...

Enjoyed Sean Carroll, though. He has a gift for explaining science in English. I'm going to look for more video.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
93. sp34n119w
11:54 PM GMT on January 07, 2013
Hello, WU. It's been awhile.

Briar - thank you for the Apache Blessing and the good wishes :)
And thanks for the update on the Lie of the Year poll. The “winner” isn't the one I picked (though I don't know that I remember which I did pick) but they were all doozies!

Jus! - aw, your critters present a perfect image of peace :) Thank you!
I'm sure we'll see each other around ;)

WTS - “Patient Zero” is exactly the phrase I needed, LOL Although I've since heard that it came from someone's sister who visited El Salvador and another friend says his daughter brought it back from a ski vacation in France, among other notions. In fact, having talked to so many people in the last couple weeks who are calling it The Cold, each with their own personal vector, I may have to let LC off the hook ;)

Glad you got some rain! Nicely sunny here, too, and we're under another wind advisory but it's just normal right now.
The beak on your hawk looks Kestrel-like to me and … I just looked at allaboutbirds and it says that an immature Sharp-shinned hawk looks like a female Kestrel! So, I'm not too off-base, LOL They also say that a Merlin is similar. But, their photo of a juvenile Sharp-shinned looks just like yours. You need a pic of him in flight for the wing shape – get to it! ;)

Karen - I had actually been planning to go see the floats this year for the first time! Then, sick, lol. Ah, well. Luckily, I have your photos and descriptions! Thanks for that :) It was a beautiful day to be in the SGV, wasn't it?

Okay. I thought making a tablecloth was probably like that – make the motifs and then stitch together. The “stitch together” is the part that kind of turns me off but the result is so beautiful. I like the one you chose because it is, I dunno, thicker, more full, less lacy than some. Did your niece like it? You could always check ravelry, too. [I know, I push ravelry a lot, but it is truly a fantastic resource for those who play with sticks and string]
I know what you mean about not sitting idle, and having multiple motifs to crochet will definitely keep your hands busy and be very satisfying. I have crocheted many a blanket while watching tv, for sure, and now watch/listen at the computer (sometimes tv) while knitting.
Oddly, knitting is not fully quelling my urge to make with yarn … or, at least, I also have the urge to crochet something. Just habit, I suppose, to want to hook when it's cold.

gg - Thanks for dropping by, and before coffee, no less :)

Ylee - thanks! Except for a cough that scares the bejeebers out of passers-by, I am much better!
Say, how do you change your avatar so readily? I can't do it without asking for re-approval and I hate that. But, can't get it to change back just by clicking the radio button. Any tips?


We had a few days of low humidity and high winds, with gusts to 40mph, leading to a couple of downed power lines and fires – one in houses that did minimal damage and the other on South Mountain that was managed quickly (the mad greening helped saved the day ;) ). I did get outside when we had decent weather but missed a lot of fun in the week between Xmas and NY's and then even I had to get some work done. All good :)


Want some stuff?

10 minutes of Feynman explaining the scientific method – very worth watching.

49 minutes of Sean Carroll explaining all about the LHC and the Higgs Field – very, very worth watching if you've any interest, at all. I've heard a few of his talks on youtube and podcasts and have decided I like his style.


Anyone use GOG.com? If you hadn't heard of it and are susceptible, I would like to apologize in advance for pointing it out. I am sorry.
Not really sorry, you understand, but that kind of sorry that's spoken while suppressing an evil giggle in anticipation of being joined by others in a joyous hell. But, still, sorry.
Have fun :)


Thanks again to all who came by and kept me (and my blog) company while I've been too sick or too busy catching up elsewhere to be here. WU are wonderful :)
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92. sp34n119w
11:50 PM GMT on January 07, 2013
I'm deleting this comment because it got messed up and I don't want to fuss with it so I'm going to re-post in the next comment and make this one go away. So there.
*sigh* prolly maybe oughtn't be posting yet.
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91. WatchinTheSky
10:31 PM GMT on January 07, 2013
I really thought you were going to catch all the rain, we ended up with .3" yesterday - so sunny today!
Still not sure on the little hawk but, skinny yellow legs, short neck, small head fits with sharp-shinned. Have not heard him making any noise. Going to call him 'Hard Luck', cuz I have yet to see him catch anything (meaning, any hummers - fine by me).
Hope the crud is on the way out!
Came across this the other day but only as anonymous - "Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason."
I think that applies to certain radio talkshow hosts, I'll have to admit he knows how to make money.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
90. BriarCraft
10:34 PM GMT on January 06, 2013
I hope LC's crud has turned loose of you, even if it's just because you passed it along to someone else in SoCal.
Politifact's Lie of the Year Readers' Poll Results:

We offered readers 10 Lie of the Year finalists that we fact-checked over the course of 2012, all of which we rated either False or Pants on Fire. We received 5,314 votes in our Readers’ Poll.

First place went to Rush Limbaugh, for his comments on health care being "the largest tax increase in the history of the world." Many readers commented that they voted not for that particular statement, but because they think Limbaugh generally distorts the truth.

read the complete article at:
http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2 012/dec/12/lie-year-readers-poll-results/

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
89. Ylee
9:45 PM GMT on January 06, 2013
Hi, sp! Hope you've recovered from your malady!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
88. SBKaren
10:30 PM GMT on January 05, 2013
Eek, six months. I hope that's a small table, lol. You are a most wonderful auntie! Will it be like your doilies but bigger? I mean, I know there's more to it than that but I've never crocheted either sort of thing, so I'm curious.

A table cloth is like making a whole bunch of doilies and then stitching them together. I've been searching the Internet for patterns, and then today I went to the library. Found a Better Homes and Garden crochet book from 1988 and I think I found the one I am going to make. I like it because it looks very doable for me, and it's adjustable. It's hard to find a pattern for 'just your table size', so this one I can fudge on. I happen to have pictures because I scanned them and sent them to her to get her opinion.

I like to have something to do with my hands at night. I'm either crocheting something, or working on a jigsaw puzzle, or doing a game on my iPad. I don't sit idle very well. Making her a table cloth just give me purpose, plus it will be a gift that I know she will have for a very long time.

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87. GardenGrrl
10:56 AM GMT on January 04, 2013
Hey just checking in to see how your doing. Need more coffee before I can come up with anything better than that ;)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
86. SBKaren
3:19 AM GMT on January 04, 2013
Rose parade floats in my blog. Sunshine outside. Hope you are better!!!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
85. WatchinTheSky
5:50 PM GMT on January 03, 2013
Hope the sunny skies are helping in the recuperation, if not, it's LC's fault! There is always a Patient Zero :)
Since we didn't fall off the cliff (sort of), better days are ahead.
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84. juslivn
7:17 AM GMT on January 01, 2013
May our paths cross again in the new year, lol!

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
83. BriarCraft
4:23 AM GMT on January 01, 2013

Have a great 2013!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
82. sp34n119w
2:34 AM GMT on January 01, 2013
Ylee - LOL! No worries! I don't go out on New Year's Eve but I also don't drink much so there's plenty of "cough medicine" left in the house ;)

I keep imagining the media types as little bugs dangling at the edge of a blade of grass ... they're not in any danger but they wiggle around waving antennae like it's the end of the world.

LC - well, it does seem like some SoCal wuers got sick after you brought back some crud from FL, is all I'm saying ... plus, it provided you a comment opportunity, harhar.
I'll take the positive thoughts with gratitude even if they don't have any physical effect :)

I watched the movie you mentioned awhile back - God on Trial. It was pretty harsh and they hit almost every standard argument on both sides. Very worthwhile. Thanks for the recommendation.

As for civil rights ... I don't think we're getting out of the slide we're in any time soon. Maybe the next Congress ... or the next President. The next revolution? We're all so distracted by the bugs.

WTS - yeah I watched a few minutes of the Chargers game yesterday and saw the mud and it took a minute to realize they were in SD not Oakland! Happy you had some fun weather :)
I certainly feel like I've been run over by a Rhino!

gg - think it'll be a White Russian tonight because the whiskey's at the back of the top shelf, lol
Maybe I should go to the bars - my cough would send everyone running for home early, thus saving lives on the road.

calpoppy - awwwwww man I hope my niece's kid is that cute. She wasn't, lol, though she grew up real good.
I started her baby blanket last night. If my calculations are correct, I have to knit 9 hours a week to get it done by the shower ... but half that to get it done by birth day. Guess which is more likely? LOL


So, I have had to stop typing and try to keep my lungs from coming up my throat (ewwwww - sorry!) about every three minutes while typing this and need to get off the computer and move around a bit. And eat dinner.

Thanks to all for the New Year wishes :)

Happy New Year to everywun!
Let's make it a good one :)
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81. calpoppy
7:09 PM GMT on December 31, 2012
The snow didn't stick around, but it was sure nice to see it fall!!!

Enjoy the New Year, without The Cold!!!

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
80. GardenGrrl
11:14 AM GMT on December 31, 2012
Happy New Year!
Hopefully your past the point of toasting with Nyquil.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
79. WatchinTheSky
12:52 AM GMT on December 31, 2012
Oh no, another one falls victim to the rhino virus.. this season seems to be particularly bad out west. Glad you are feeling better.

A fun weather day here - sunny, rainy, haily, repeat! But only added up to .04", seemed like a lot more.

Happy New Year to wu!
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78. LowerCal
9:16 PM GMT on December 30, 2012
For the Random File:
Congress Disgracefully Approves the FISA Warrantless Spying Bill for Five More Years, Rejects All Privacy Amendments | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Today [December 28, 2012], after just one day of rushed debate, the Senate shamefully voted on a five-year extension to the FISA Amendments Act, an unconsitutional law that openly allows for warrantless surveillance of Americans' overseas communications.

Incredibly, the Senate rejected all the proposed amendments that would have brought a modicum of transparency and oversight to the government's activities, despite previous refusals by the Executive branch to even estimate how many Americans are surveilled by this program or reveal critical secret court rulings interpreting it.

The common-sense amendments the Senate hastily rejected were modest in scope and written with the utmost deference to national security concerns. The Senate had months to consider them, but waited until four days before the law was to expire to bring them to the floor, and then used the contrived time crunch to stifle any chances of them passing.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
77. LowerCal
9:15 PM GMT on December 30, 2012
Yes, it is my fault for putting the thought of that negative condition in your universe. I'm Sorry. I'm sending positive thoughts of your speedy recovery so now you will get well soon. ;^) Until then take your [cough] medicine and at least feel well. (If only I had known that I had a variety of cough medicines in a kitchen cabinet...)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
76. Ylee
7:00 PM GMT on December 30, 2012
Glad you're feeling better, but easy on the cough suppressant, lol! Save some for tomorrow night! :)

Me, I'll be celebrating going over the Fiscal Cliff by working!(Parties bore me anyway, lol!)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
75. sp34n119w
7:38 AM GMT on December 30, 2012
calpoppy - I was thinking that was rather familiar for a first comment from a stranger but very kind ... LOL! Hey, he signed up right before I did!
And thanks :)

Bogon - 63 was mostly random. It's the penultimate gua according to the book I have. I flipped open the book to see where it landed and it must have landed there ... or near there. I remember getting distracted but don't know if that was before or after I'd decided on "Already Fulfilled". Anyway, in the end, I liked it for December.

"I understand it helps if they are your kids."
I have heard this. Not sure I believe it. I think parents just tell themselves that because, really, what choice do they have, at that point? Might as well put some polish on it.
Personally, I adore other people's kids because kids are cute but I can send them away if they are sick or otherwise bothersome. From what you've written, I'm thinking that you can relate ;)

Thanks for the well-wishes. I still need them but getting better.

Karen - see, now, that's what adorable kids are for! Cute pictures! What a sweet, bright smile he has! Oh, the hat's nice, too ;)

Eek, six months. I hope that's a small table, lol. You are a most wonderful auntie! Will it be like your doilies but bigger? I mean, I know there's more to it than that but I've never crocheted either sort of thing, so I'm curious.
Last night I was reading through a ravelry forum thread titled something like "Who is off your knitting list?" and there were some truly horrible stories of how hand-made gifts had been received by family members. Yikes. Made me feel much better about my own family - at least they are honest about what they want (or don't want) and aren't mean about it. What I came away with is that it's better to wait for a request, in most cases.

I wish I would remember about Nyquil when I get sick. It does work and it's the one OTC cold medicine I can take without feeling worse, for some reason, and I don't think to get it, for some reason. Well, I've got the virus on the ropes, now, so I'll have to try to remember next time!


The shawl-ish thing I made is all washed and ends tidied up and ready for the recipient. That feels good.
Sweater still needs seaming, of course. Wonder when that will get done ... LOL


We got about another tenth of an inch of rain, or so, this morning. Whoopee!
Since I didn't get to the store yesterday, after all, I went this afternoon and saw most beautiful cloudscapes and a super-shiny sunset. Wanted to keep going all the way to the beach ... except sick, still, lol. It was nice to get out of the house even if it was just to TJ's and back.


If it isn't obvious - I am bored out of my mind. I should go before ... well, who knows what? Think I'll get a drink. Did you know that alcohol is a cough suppressant? True fact!
Thanks for reading.
seewu :)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
74. SBKaren
8:15 PM GMT on December 29, 2012
Take care sp - get over that cold quick! Nyquil at night is a favorite around here. I think mostly because it just knocks you out and you can get a good night's sleep. I believe sleep and water and fresh air are the best for when you are sick. But all that is easy for me to say when I'm feeling well......huh?

I got a request for 2 more Angry Bird hats from my niece. I sent one to her son. It looks darn cute on him! He's just over two....isn't he cute?

I had a request from my other niece to make a tablecloth for her wedding. She is getting married in June. I need to get her table dimensions so I can get started on that. I made one for my mother a few years ago and it took just about a year.
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73. Bogon
5:17 PM GMT on December 29, 2012
Still playing catchup on my blog rotation, sp. There's a lot I've missed, such as how you happened to pick the number 63. Was it random? Pseudorandom? Hardly random at all?

Been making the rounds of family and friends this holiday season. Some of them complain of colds, flu etc. Conscientious adults smile apologetically and issue warnings to keep my distance. I am automatically suspicious of little kids. They're cute, but they are well-known disease vectors. They run around sneezing, coughing, snot running down their noses, touching everything. Did I say how cute they are? Maybe it depends on your point of view. I understand it helps if they are your kids.

I was more inclined to be tolerant of children when I was young and fit. Heck, at that point in my life I had comparatively recently been a kid myself. Nowadays I'm feeling somewhat more fragile. It takes longer to heal from everyday scrapes and bruises. I reckon it makes me more sensitive to existential threats of the avoidable kind.

Take care of yourself, sp. Hope you feel better soon.
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