Fight the Amoral Fight


By: sp34n119w, 8:07 PM GMT on January 30, 2013

The little is departing;
The great is arriving.
Good fortune.
Prosperous and smooth.

Heaven and Earth unite;
All beings come into union.
The upper and the lower link;
Their wills are the same.

The inner is the yang; the outer is the yin.
The inner is the strong; the outer is the gentle.
The inner is the superior; the outer is the inferior.

The way of the superior is expanding;
The way of the inferior is shrinking.

Heaven and Earth are moving together.
An image of Advance.
In correspondence with this,
The ruler gives full play to his ability and wisdom
To complete the Tao of Heaven and Earth,
And assists their suitable arrangement,
to influence people.

[Translations by Alfred Huang]

Tai (#11)

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(Note: Sadly, I could not find a good image of Earth over Heaven (Tai) so had to make my own)

Share your interpretations, if you are so inclined.


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Fight the Amoral Fight

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