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An August Garden?

By: sp34n119w, 11:23 PM GMT on August 05, 2011

[“Garden” story below the graphics]

Definitely feeling like summer - but more like July than August, thus far.

At least we consistently received temperatures in the 80s (well, 80, anyway) for a few days in a row. Night temps are down to high 50s, which is great because I can cool the house down overnight and it pretty much lasts all day.

We'll all keep hoping for a monsoon event that goes rogue and drops some rain here in the coastal valleys. Won't count on it, though.

The last monsoon event in SoCal came about with the interaction of 4 or 5 systems spread out over the Pacific, north and south of us, the middle of the continent, and Mexico. It was a blast to watch on water vapor tv and there is still some entertainment value as things heat up and move on towards Autumn.
Patternicity ;)


Swirl Activity on WVTV:

For the bigger picture, have a look at the NE Pac WVloop.

Mr Ed, Taking It Easy:

moar mahnsoooonz plz:


My embarrassing gardening story:

I have previously whined about my inability to grow any food here. I don't have a yard conducive to gardening, so would have to grow in containers, and that's a lot of trouble. Plus (to be honest), unless what needs fed actively lets me know it needs fed, it won't get fed. So, animals and children do fine, but, plants tend to get neglected unto death.
My whining pays off, I should note – friends bring me food from their own gardens – but it still would be nice to grow something edible.

So I decided to do that. Start a small container garden, that is. From seed. In August.

This decision necessitated a trip to the garden center to buy soil and seeds (this began in late July, actually), where my plan was met with extreme skepticism by the Man Who Knows His Gardens. He said it was too late and it would get too hot to grow the lettuce and herbs I wanted to grow. I bought the soil, but lost momentum, thinking that MWKHG knows better than I do, surely.

A week or so later one of my generous gardening friends heard my tale of woe and pulled a funny scrunched up face that indicated he was skeptical of MWKHG's skepticism. Further, he said he grows lettuce and herbs (and other things) nearly year-round here in town, and he then presented me with his own cilantro seeds to add to my growing experiment. I was inspired again.

Last Friday I planted some lettuce and basil and parsley in the two boxy containers I have, plus the cilantro scattered in whatever pots out there had some room. Yesterday I noticed something coming up and thought it was weeds (we get a lot of weed seeds blown into the area where the containers are, which then grow in the potted plants there, so it's to be expected) but then noticed that the teeny little plants are all in a row. I have lettuce!!!! And parsley!!!!
Okay, no, I don't.
But! I haven't killed them yet!!! And that's a major victory.

Even if it is embarrassing.


I'm putting this up late on Friday afternoon and don't know when I'll be around but that just means I won't bug wu ;)

Feel free to leave random (or, not-random - how would I know what connections have been made in your brain?) comments on gardening, knitting, politics, books, movies, whatever, welcome :)


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