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By: sp34n119w, 12:55 AM GMT on November 29, 2009

Since my blog frequently skews in random directions, I thought I'd formalize the occurrence, and give myself a break from the guilt of not keeping up a topical blog.

Smart, huh? LOL

Weather will land in the comments, along with whatever strikes my fancy, and your fancies are welcome, as well, as always.

Winter's coming...
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California Breathing:

Spot the Swirly:

But will it get here?

Current Events/Weather?

By: sp34n119w, 7:43 PM GMT on November 12, 2009

They tell us that we have a 20% chance of rain this evening but don't sound too confident. If it does come, it won't be much.
Currently in SP it is mostly cloudy and the sun peaks through from time to time.

Bigger news is a possible freeze for the Antelope Valley this weekend and a wind event for mountains and passes as the front passes.
After that... early next week a warming trend thanks to Santa Anas. Well, we can hope. It doesn't look like the big one that we need to usher in the rains, but, it's hard to say. It's always hard to say, LOL

Watching and waiting...
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California Breathing:

Spot the Swirly:

But will it get here?

It's funny how I get tired of seeing pics in my blog header. I never mind leaving text up for several weeks but less than two weeks of that cute little bat-eared dog and I'm done ;)

Okay, anything else will have to land in comments...


By: sp34n119w, 11:06 PM GMT on November 01, 2009

Oh, sigh.

Here it is November already. My favorite time of year is past and winter is coming. The time has changed, making the daylight hours that much shorter for those like me who get out of bed sometime mid-morning and who are most active later in the day. Ah, well. It's only several months.

October is big in Santa Paula. It marks the end of the April through October monthly events of Cruise Night and First Sunday at the Airport. The Faulkner Farms Pumpkin Patch runs its course, the Ghost Walk stories are told, the Blanchard Library costume party is a huge hit, the Halloween Carnival is a hoot and, of course, there is a Halloween Parade (any excuse in this town!). The longest-running high-school football rivalry in the country played its 99th game on Friday night. Oh. My. Goodness. They were LOUD!
Santa Paula lost to Fillmore, at home, on a last-minute score. Santa Paul still leads the series (by far) but this was essentially the league championship game this year, so, it's too bad SP lost.

I thoroughly enjoyed my October. Especially the second half when I was able to get away for a bit.

I spent a week in Beaumont, dog-sitting for my sister and her husband, who took a well-deserved vacation. They had a lovely time and so did I. I didn't do any of the things I'd planned to do – didn't travel through the Antelope Valley, didn't go to Oak Glen, didn't go to Joshua Tree – I only went out to the grocery store. It was wonderful!

A few months ago, their oldest dog passed away, and I was expecting to have only “the boys” to care for. A few days before I was to begin my duties I received news that there had been a new addition. The whole story is long and, unfortunately, not unique, as it involves dogs being dumped and people having to make decisions about what to do with them. The upshot is, this dog quickly wormed its way into my sister's heart and, though she had taken the critter to the shelter, she could not leave it there. My brother-in-law caved, naturally. By the time they got the dog back (once in the shelter there is a holding period, plus the time it took for spaying), it had acquired kennel cough or, perhaps, that new dog flu that's going around.

I keep calling the dog “it” but she is definitely a “she” and a cutie she is, too.
[cue adorable doggy picture]

Maggie Mae

She's smaller than my garage cat! Very much a lapdog, small enough to run under both of the boys and, though not yappy, very snappy with the other dogs.
I didn't get much sleep that week. That's okay, though. She was sick, they were all stressed, and I didn't need much sleep since I wasn't doing anything.
I was worried that they would have a tough time learning to deal with each other without mom and dad there but, really, it was probably better for them to have a relative stranger around during that time.

It's in Beaumont that I got the pics of the bees and the flowers and that cool Black Rose.

After a few days of playing catch-up, I went to Morro Bay for an overnight trip. It was a beautiful drive up – crazy windy and crystal clear over the ocean. I could see all of the local Channel Islands, including my beloved Anacapa, perfectly. Being the middle of the week (and late October), Morro Bay was quiet and relaxed, the locals able to hang out in their own town for nearly the first time in months, I know. Found a fantastic vegan (vegan!!!) restaurant right on Morro Bay Blvd and, though the atmosphere was horrible (it's inside a tiny natural foods store, with minimal indoor seating and outdoor seating on the boulevard - ick), the food was exactly what I would wish for. Watched Wednesday's sunset from the beach north of Morro rock and walked that beach the next day. So nice. The surf was up (there was an advisory on Wednesday) and many took advantage of the waves.

Pictures? Hmmm... let me see...

Morro Rock from the top of the stairs:
Morro Rock

Obligatory seagull, at the Morro Rock parking lot, looking north (me, not the gull - the gull is looking WSW):

Morro Rock from the beach on the north side, complete with sandpipers:
Morro Rock

Oh, what the heck, here's a couple of long-legged birdies to round things out:


Shall we now have the weather graphics?
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California Breathing:

Spot the Swirly:

There is no significant weather on tap for Santa Paula. In fact, it is perfectly nice out there, with temps forecast to be in the mid 80's for the next few days and clear skies.

Hey, I don't make the weather - I just enjoy it!

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