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By: sp34n119w, 6:11 PM GMT on October 09, 2009


Seems we may have some weather on the west coast soon. The storm formerly known as Melor will be coming around the Pacific bowl and impacting the Northwest and Northern California, for sure, and may make its way far enough south to bring rain to parts of Southern California.

Here are the watchables...

We're still breathing -

Spot the swirly - it's a big'n -

Here is where we'll watch and groan as the storm peters out around Santa Barbara -

If it gets interesting I'll put more effort into following along with graphics.

Check weatherwest for ongoing conversation regarding this storm.
There are at least two wubloggers from NorCal who have mentioned this storm - James95928 and MsSactown. Plus Taz, of course :)

I expect DataPilot, oregonbirdofprey, and Feather, among others, will feel the wrath of Melor much more than I.

I'm in a rush so if the pics and links don't come out right... forgive me ;)

In other Current Events -
Seriously? Nobel Peace Prize? Are they trying to destroy him?
Also, I know it's largely symbolic but, still... tell the folk in Afghanistan how the man is all about peace. Somehow, I don't think they'd buy it.
I suppose I could look around and find some justification for the award. I don't think I can be convinced, lol.


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Fight the Amoral Fight

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