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The Liberal Agenda

By: sp34n119w, 11:43 PM GMT on July 05, 2009

I think it is hilarious when people freak out about President Obama and the Democrats in Congress being socialists, or communists, or even liberals. Clearly, the folks up in arms about this are completely ignorant of the meanings of those words and their use. To even call the Dems “liberal” is an insult to liberals everywhere. It's like calling George W. Bush “conservative”.

True liberals, like true conservatives, have become marginalized, pushed aside in favor of the louder, more confrontational, fringe groups. Liberals and conservatives are quite capable of working together for the common, long-term good of this country, but they are not getting the opportunity to do so, as they have been overwhelmed by the influx of attention-seekers who grab the money and the votes through outrageous acts and stated policies that appeal to the fringe. Those who would bind our country together, who would work towards the common good, are never even seen by the voters. They can't get the money together, since those who invest in candidates know from experience that loud and confrontational is what sells. Calm, thoughtful consideration of complex issues, followed by well conceived plans implemented by dedicated civil servants, is boring. The moneymen want their names associated with excitement.

In terms of what the Federal Government is and should be doing, just what is the “Liberal Agenda” and are the Democrats following it?
I suppose the list of things that liberals want is open to debate and interpretation. Still, one can address at least a few issues that are dear to a liberal's heart.

1 – Single payer health care. Everybody in, nobody out.
2 – An end to all foreign wars and occupations, including the closing of our bases in places like Germany and Japan and some 150 other places where the U.S. maintains a military presence.
3 – Following up on 2, decrease funding for the military-industrial complex, in the form of an end to experimental weapons development and testing, as well as funding other countries military training and operations, among other things.
4 – Following all laws recognized by the U.S., including those developed through treaty with the international community.
5 – Fair trade, not free trade, to encourage workers' rights, consumer safety, and to promote economic development within the U.S.
6 – Environmental safety and conservation to ensure safe air, food, and water, for our own sake and the sake of future generations.
7 – An energy policy, written in stone, that will end every country's dependence on oil and other 'fossil fuels' for energy use, and encourage the development of alternative energy generators in the U.S.
8 - Equal rights for all.

Does that cover everything? No, of course not, and it doesn't go into detail of how those things would be accomplished by liberals. If I were more interested in my own topic, I'd likely winnow that down and clean it up a bit. As it is, though, it's a fairly good starting point as a comparison to what is actually being done, or even promised, by Obama and the Democrats in the Congress. So, let's see how they are doing...

1 – FAIL
2 – FAIL
3 – FAIL
4 – FAIL
5 – FAIL
6 – FAIL
7 – FAIL
8 - FAIL

Now that we've got that straight, can we quit with the inflammatory name-calling and just call them Democrats, without all the stupid (and entirely incorrect) name-calling?
I thought not. Reality is such a bore. Reality TV is where the fun is!

Dems and Reps both are in it for their donors because that is how they survive and thrive. It is politics as pure capitalism. Eventually, the buyers won't need the politicians, of either so-called side, to get what they want. That is another hallmark of pure capitalism - it leads to complete control by those who have amassed the resources everyone else needs to survive. They barely need the politicians now, except as a source of funding through taxes, and to act as buffers between themselves and between them and the people. The elected branches of government are just extensions of the businesses that run the country and set the national agenda.

A lot of liberals that I know thought, for some unfathomable reason, that Obama and the rest of the Dems were also liberals, and would push a liberal “agenda”. I do not, and did not, understand where they got that idea, but, I feel for them in their disappointment. It reminds me of the conservatives I know who, in 2001 and beyond, felt totally betrayed by a man who never promised them anything like what they thought he promised them. Marketing wins again.

A little comic relief, in the form of Bill Maher chastising the president for his actions and inactions (I *think* that's SFW).

If you choose to comment on this topic, you are most welcome. All I insist on is that you first learn to spell the President of the United States' name correctly (let me extend that to all others' names and handles, as well), that you do not bore me with endless name-calling and repetitive attacks that have no substance, and that you refrain from using multi-syllabic nonsense words - also incredibly boring to me. Use English. It doesn't have to be perfect - just show that you know what it is.

Why did I write this?
I haven't done a straight-up political blog on WU since the election, I don't think, and I thought it might be fun for a change. Plus, that baby bird pic was freaking me out.

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