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By: sp34n119w, 9:01 PM GMT on July 13, 2008

HEY! It’s a Santa Paula Booster Blog! Yippee!!!

One more booster bit and then, perhaps, back to politics in a few days. I should have a little more time in the coming weeks than I have in the last several.

I won’t have my pictures from the balloon festival until Saturday and I’m not expecting much from them, anyway. Watch, though – I’ll finally have one that is AC worthy and it’ll be posted too late to qualify, LOL. In the meantime, this entry of the SP City Blog has links to pics and videos (new from the last time I commented on it) so you can check that out if you, for some reason, just can’t get enough of those balloons! You’ll have to scroll down if you go the main blog site, though, since Wally has moved on to other news. Like, SP has made Money Magazine’s top 10 list for places to ride out the gas crunch – who knew?

On to new stuff -
Today is FRIDAY and it is the FIRST WEEKEND of the month! You know what that means here in SP! Oh, no, you don’t. Well, I’m a-gonna tell ya –

CRUISE NIGHT is on the first Friday of every month, from April through October, where Main Street is closed to traffic for a vintage car show. “Vintage” is used rather loosely, here, and means pre-1975 vehicles, stock or custom – and we’ve got lots. While participants vary, there are always plenty of old trucks (it is a farming community, after all) , crazy hydraulic lowriders (no splanation necessary, I think, lol), and the occasional mod’d dragster. Car 54 is always there, too!
It really is a relaxing way to spend a Friday eve – just strolling around downtown, maybe grabbing a bite to eat, chatting with car-crazy people and friends and neighbors.
Also, the Fillmore and Western Railroad usually comes into town for the event. Folks ride in on the train from Fillmore (about 10 miles away – they don’t do it to save time – they do it for the experience and the scenery, I guess), hang out at the car show, then load up and head back. Cool, huh?

SANTA PAULA AIRPORT (SZP) First Sunday of the Month happens, uh, the first Sunday of the month, every month, also from April through October. The SP Aviation Museum is open and there are several hangars open for viewing, as well. It’s a real blast from the past as they highlight the history of one of the oldest (if not the oldest) continuously operating airports in California.
SP airport was built in response to the St. Francis Dam disaster. Seems there were three private airfields on local ranches that were used to help bring in supplies and workers when the flood ravaged the valley. The ranchers and the city decided that it would be a good idea to build a central airport for all in case of future emergency and to benefit the entire community. Santa Paula Airport was born!
In the winter of 2005, torrential rains together with a necessary release from the dam at Piru caused flooding along the Santa Clara River. The airport is right on the edge of the riverbed and, despite heroic efforts by airport denizens and the community at large, about a third of the landing strip was destroyed by the floods. Thanks to numerous donations and volunteer efforts the strip was rebuilt and the airport is fully functional.
Yes, the SP Airport really deserves a blog of its own, but, it won’t be me writing it. Instead, I’ll leave you all with a youtube of still shots from the 75th anniversary celebration. I was there and it was a blast!


Old stuff -
July is a great month to visit Santa Paula, California. We’ve got two huge festivals on successive weekends coming up.

JULY 18-21
The first is the 41st Annual Citrus Festival and it is the premier event here in town. We’ve got three days of fun in the sun celebrating the history of agriculture here in the Santa Clara River Valley happening July 18 – July 21. The event begins Friday evening with live music and dancing as well as carnival rides. WooHoo!

The Santa Paula Kiwanis Club presents the Citrus Festival every year as a major fundraiser to benefit local youth organizations and programs, schools, and scouting.

Sponsored by the Limoneira Company, citrus growers and community partners since 1893, Calavo Growers (avocados, etc), the City of Santa Paula, and many others.



§ You’d have to eat 7 cups of corn flakes to eat the same amount of fiber as one medium orange.
§ Navel oranges are named that because of the belly-button formation opposite the stem end. The bigger the naval in an orange, the sweeter it is!
§ Lemons were once so rare that kings presented them as gifts!
§ California and Arizona produce 95% of the entire U.S. lemon crop.
§ There are more than ten kinds of avocados and they range in color from purple to green to black.
§ An avocado is considered a fruit because it is a single-seeded berry.

Gotta love those Kiwanis :-)

JULY 25-26
Second event is BRAND NEW to Santa Paula and it is very exciting. July 25th and 26th is the first Citrus Classic Balloon Festival. How cool is that?! There is a “balloon glow” photo op at dusk on Friday eve, music and stuff, and a balloon race on Saturday.
I am really looking forward to this!

There’s my SP booster blog!

I’ve got more! LOL
I’ll add later...

(btw, I don’t work for any of the above organizations or corporations – it’s just a community pride thing)

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