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The tale of two winters

By: snowave, 7:20 PM GMT on February 19, 2013

Yes, it's been about a month since my last blog update... mainly because there's been nothing happening!

After a very wet and above average November and December, the faucet turned off after the first week in January along the east slopes of the Cascades.

For December and January, the area received about 75% of it's annual snowfall...or about 100" of snow in these two months... The 15 yr avg is 130".

Since January 10th, we've received less than 4" of snow, and less than 1" of water. To put that in perspective,however... we are still only about 10% off where we should be this time of year.

On January 1, we had about 3 ft of snow on the ground in Plain.. now, we have about 6".

Steven's Pass Ski Area avg's about 450" of snow a year... they have currently had 358" so far.

The interesting thing is that Snowpack and precipitation for the state as a whole is at or above avg... but the snowpack here in our area is only at 85% of normal, and water is closer to 75%. however, there are some large descrepancies within only a few miles, so the charts are having a hard time picking up on that.

Areas along and west of the crest are at or above average. Partly because of the big early season, but they have also gotten periodic storms the last month that never made it over the crest to the east slopes.

I'd love to show you some graphics, but Photobucket revamped their website, and I cannot get my charts to upload.

Here are a couple links:

Precipitation averages

Snow-water content

Snow conditions plots

All that being said, long range models are now showing more troughing along the NW coast, with perhaps a moderate to large storm coming in this weekend... followed by maybe another early next week. We need more rain and snow.

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