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Raising Children, Glaciers, and Travel

By: shauntanner, 10:38 PM GMT on May 20, 2014

With the understanding that climate change is causing some elements of Earth to change or disappear, what would you visit before it is gone or changed irreparably?

My wife and I are constantly wondering how we can be better parents by showing our children how to enjoy the Earth. To be quite honest, we have failed many times. We are often in a internal battle in juggling the insanely tough task of being a good parent with work and the other crazy attention-grabbers of the modern world. Last week, my wife showed me a video of Alex Chacon, who travelled the world for 600 days with the aim of helping charities that work with children. Throughout his journey, he took selfies using his GoPro, and then stitched them all together to make this great video. Watch it below:

After watching the video, I remarked to my wife how much I admire this man for going through this self-journey. She replied with three words, "Let's do it."

Here's the problem. I enjoy being at home. I really do. Perhaps that stems from going on few vacations as a child and thus happily being comfortable at home. As such, I have only been to three countries outside of the United States. Two of these countries are neighbors (Canada and Mexico), while the third country is in Africa. I know what you're thinking...North America and Africa? Well, let me just say that the trip to Africa had a definite agenda and purpose for going.

My wife, on the other hand, has always had a desire to travel. While that desire has waned somewhat since we've been married (sure blame it on me, I can take it), she still has her moments where she'll look at the kids and me and say, "let's get out of here." She's travelled to Sweden twice (once with an 18-month-old and pregnant), lived in Paris for a short amount of time, travelled throughout Europe, and babysat me on our two trips to Africa. Psychologists would say that it is a no-brainer that the two of us got together.

So, after watching the video, I told her that if we were to do something like it, I have two requirements. First, there needs to be a purpose. If I am going to travel, I want to be able to have a reason for it. I can easily sit by a pool or in a hotel room here in California. I have little need for traveling to a country just to do tourist stuff or to see the inside of a hotel. Second, the kids have to be involved. I don't want my kids to be comfortable at home. Well, that isn't necessarily true. I want my kids to feel comfortable exploring the world and not be fearful that their friends will call them a neophobe (yes, my friends call me that).

So, the gauntlet has been set. We need a purpose, and we need an itinerary that is possible for a 7-year-old, 5-year-old, and 2-year-old. I know, it may sound impossible. But it is amazing how much children can comprehend. We are not scared of taking our children to new places in far away lands.

So what would be our purpose? After thinking about it for a few minutes, it came to me. I have always lamented that my children would not be able to play in the same amount of Sierra Nevada snow that I enjoyed as a child. Over the past several years, snowfall has been declining in the Sierras, and every time we travel up to our family's cabin, there is way more bare ground than white. No doubt, climate change is at least somewhat of a player. What else will my children miss out on 20 years from now because climate change and human selfishness has taken it away from us?

So, now our goal is to compile a list of things that may be gone or changed in 20 years due to climate change. I have a definite list in my head, but I wanted to get the ideas from the Weather Underground community as well.

With the understanding that climate change is causing some elements of Earth to change or disappear, what would you visit before it is gone or changed irreparably?

No limits here. Think of the children.

Climate Change

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Time Lapses Videos of Fires Near San Diego

By: shauntanner, 9:53 PM GMT on May 15, 2014

Several dangerous fires are burning around the San Diego area Thursday, many of them lacking any containment. Some Weather Underground webcams caught some of these fires on camera. Below are a few time lapse videos of these fires.

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Updated: 10:07 PM GMT on May 15, 2014


Survey: Help us improve the Weather Underground Mobile Experience!

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At Weather Underground, we are constantly striving to make better products. One important avenue to better products is to use our customers! If you have a minute, please take this survey to help us improve our mobile products. Thanks for your time!

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