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Record Heat For the Northeast

By: shauntanner, 4:33 PM GMT on June 20, 2012

An extremely large high pressure ridge has set up along the eastern seaboard of the United States Wednesday. High pressure ridges often translate heat waves, and since Astronomical Summer begins at 7:09 ET today, this heat wave will be an intense one for the Northeast.

When I want to get a quick handle on where the intense weather is in the country, all I have to do is look at Weather Underground's severe map.

Do you see the pink colors in the Northeast. All of those alerts are are Heat Advisories that warm of heat index values greater than 100 degrees. Heat index is the combination of temperature and humidity that can cause the air to feel warmer than what it is.

For instance, the forecast for New York City today is 97 degrees. But because of high humidity, the air might feel more like 104 degrees. Needless to say, values this high can have an adverse affect on the health of numerous groups, including the elderly and pets. Thus, it is wise to check on the elderly members of your family and make sure you provide enough water for your pets.

The image above is the forecast for today. Note the widespread 90s and some 100s in the eastern half of the country. Here is a look at the forecast for some cities and their daily record values.

City Forecast(record high/record year)
New York 97 (98/1923)
Boston 93 (98/1953)
Philadelphia 97 (98/1931)
Washington, D.C. 97 (99/1931)
Providence 95 (95/1941)
Chicago 99 (104/1988)
St. Louis 95 (103/1953)

You can follow the heat wave by turning on the Weather Stations layer of the WunderMap. Stay safe and cool out there!


Updated: 4:36 PM GMT on June 20, 2012


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