Merry Christmas! Inside & Outside Decorations

By: seflagamma , 12:35 AM GMT on November 30, 2012

"I'm dreaming of a tropical Christmas, just like the ones I use to know..."...♪♪♫♫

"And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled, till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more."

- Dr. Seuss

Dec 6, 2012: added 30 inside decorations. Still have a few more to take, like the Hanukkah table will get to them later.

Dec 4, 2012: I loaded up 10 out door Christmas Decorations and they all got approved the first time! I will load some indoor photos later this week. Merry Christmas!

Nov 29, 2012:
I need to open a new blog thread before Dec 1st so doing it now while I have a little time.

Hope to get my yearly decorating photos up this weekend.

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Teagan at 4 1/2 mos old (seflagamma)
Dec 1, 2012: Grandson Teagan at 4 1/2 mos old.
Teagan at 4 1/2 mos old
Front Door Wreath (seflagamma)
Dec 4, 2012: Outside Decorations. I made new front Door Wreaths this year to change things up a little.
Front Door Wreath
Front Entry Way (seflagamma)
Dec 4, 2012: Outside Decorations.
Front Entry Way
View of front (seflagamma)
Dec 4, 2012: Outside Decorations.
View of front
Front Porch corner (seflagamma)
Dec 4, 2012: Outside Decorations.
Front Porch corner
New Door Wreaths (seflagamma)
Dec 4, 2012: Outside Decorations.
New Door Wreaths
Poinsettias (seflagamma)
Dec 4, 2012: Outside Decorations.
Baker's rack decorations (seflagamma)
Dec 4, 2012: Outside Decorations.
Baker's rack decorations
Wave at the Snow Bear (seflagamma)
Dec 4, 2012: Outside Decorations.
Wave at the Snow Bear
view of front yard (seflagamma)
Dec 4, 2012: Outside Decorations.
view of front yard
View from Street (seflagamma)
Dec 4, 2012: Outside Decorations.
View from Street
Above kitchen cabinets (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations. Yes I made that crane a bright green necktie out of ribbon!
Above kitchen cabinets
Above Cabinets. (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
Above Cabinets.
Above Kitchen window (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
Above Kitchen window
Corner Cabinet (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
Corner Cabinet
Dinning Room Hutch (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
Dinning Room Hutch
Our Tree (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
Our Tree
Grand Kids's Tree (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations. Put this tree in patio and Grands are making home made ornaments to put on it. A work in progress. I did thead fresh cranberries on wire and they turned out good.
Grand Kids's Tree
Foyer (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
Foyer (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
Living Room table Nativity (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
Living Room table Nativity
Above front doors in foyer (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
Above front doors in foyer
in foyer (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
in foyer
Above cabinet in living area. (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
Above cabinet in living area.
Guest/kids bathroom (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations. Christopher the Elf left this message this morning on the mirror for Rylee & Nolan.
Guest/kids bathroom
guest bathroom (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations. I love this decoration.
guest bathroom
guest bath (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
guest bath
Tree Ornament (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations. Our new 2012 ornament the mermaid. Also got a seahorse this year but did not get pic of it.
Tree Ornament
2012 ornament (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations. our official Halmark 2012 Ornament. Naughty or Nice? Push the button and find out.
2012 ornament
tree ornaments (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
tree ornaments
Tree ornament (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
Tree ornament
tree ornaments (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
tree ornaments
tree ornament (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
tree ornament
Jake the Pirate (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations. this is Nolan's 2012 ornament and he loves Jake. everyday he comes home and runs to the tree to kiss his Jake ornament.
Jake the Pirate
Tinkerbell Ornament (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations. This is Rylee's Tinkerbell ornament.
Tinkerbell Ornament
tree ornament (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
tree ornament
tree ornament (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
tree ornament
tree ornament (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
tree ornament
tree ornament (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations. Got to have may Cardinals on the tree.
tree ornament
tree ornament (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations.
tree ornament
bowl of fruit (seflagamma)
Dec. 6, 2012, inside decorations. Actually not really decorations. Lemons, limes and clementines. Love Clementine Tangerine this time every year.
bowl of fruit

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58. airman45
6:19 PM GMT on December 09, 2012
Beautiful Sunday today. 12F (-11C) this morning all the way up to 32F (0C) today with blowing snow on and off. Forecast: Much the same all week. This is really putting a dent into my mountain bike riding!!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
57. sandiquiz
7:56 AM GMT on December 09, 2012
Not been by for a few days, but wanted you to know I shall be decorating my tree today, so I shall think of you :)

Happy Sunday!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
56. Ylee
2:12 AM GMT on December 09, 2012
Gamma, hope Noly had a fun birthday party today!

Bug, most of my inlaws are like that, lol!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
55. SBKaren
2:01 AM GMT on December 09, 2012
Well, Gamma, you would be proud of me. We got every stitch of decoration we have up today. We also cut our very long grass. While we've had lots of moisture lately, between rain, drizzles and fog, and while my hair doesn't like it much, the grass has. But, since it has been so wet, we couldn't cut it! Well, today that excuse went away! After morning fog, it cleared to some nice sunshine. Didn't last long though, started cooling down tonight.

I also got back in the pool today. I haven't been since last Monday. Like you, it's been crazy busy and I just couldn't fit in a swim workout in the pool during the noon hour. So, a few days this week I picked up my walk. I walk at least a mile every single day - before work mostly. But on my days off I try to do more.

I generally start our decorating after our local Christmas parade. That really helps to put me in the spirit. As you know, because of the pictures I put on FB, it was last night.

I have to admit, though, that numerous times today, as hubby and I were decorating, I thought of you doing it all by yourself. Wow, that's incredible!

Another busy week coming up this week, and then the last week before break is as well. Then I'll have 2 weeks off to do some rest and relaxing!

What day do your kids get out of school? Our last day is actually Thursday, December 20th. For some reason we have Friday the 21st off. I mean I do anyway, but so does the district. Weird, but I'm sure everyone will take it!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
54. originalLT
1:21 AM GMT on December 09, 2012
Looks very nice and "festive", both inside and out.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
53. palmettobug53
7:09 PM GMT on December 08, 2012
LOL, Gams, we prayed for snow here, too. It meant we didn't have to go to school!

It didn't happen often. Just once in a blue moon. And it was a real bummer if it snowed or iced on a Sat or Sun.

We hardly ever got much. Just a light dusting. To make a puny little snowman, you had to roll those balls all over the yard and they had dead grass stuck all over them.

I can only think of two times in my lifetime that we got SNOW. In 1972, Charleston was shut down for 3 days. Then we had another snowstorm in 1979, I think it was. Not as bad as the Big Snow of 72 but it was still a mess.

That second one was the time my idiot brother in law called me to ask me if the street lights were on in front of our apartment building. Hubby and I lived downtown at the time in an old house converted to apartments that had 10 foot ceilings and drafty windows. No insulation in the walls. All we had for heat for the entire apartment were two dinky little gas heaters. If you got more than two feet away from them, you froze.

I told him we had lights. He said, yeah, but what about the street lights? I told him I had NO idea. He then asks me to go outside and look. I told him he was nuts if he thought I was going to open up the door, let out what little heat was in the apartment, just to slog downstairs and look out the front door to see if the street lights were on. And why was he so concerned about the bloomin' street lights, anyway? I told him that, if he wanted to know if the street lights were on, to drive into town and see for himself. I then hung up on him.

I guess every family has one of 'em like that, don't they? This is, what? 30 some odd years later and he's still as dumb as a bag of hammers.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
52. seflagamma
3:03 PM GMT on December 08, 2012
Good morning everyone!

Thank you all for your comments. Amazing how most of you think I do so much decorating inside and outside
and I don't think I do anymore! LOL

I use to do about 10 times more decorating that this!

I have done walk/runs for 3 mornings in a row now so I am going to skip it this morning and try to get started on my Cards.

Today is Nolan's 3rd Birthday, cannot believe he is already 3 years old. As you all know they went to Orlando last weekend for his birthday celebration but tomorrow the local family will come by for cake and probably pizza or something easy.

Ylee, yes it would be a little hard to do any jogging with steel toed boots! Walking around in those heavy things for 12 hours is good exercise! My team had to wear those also.
And I do have a lot of ornaments on my tree, I think every tip on the tree should have something pretty hanging off!

Karen, so that is where your blog went. I am ashamed to say I have not been out on any of the blogs in so long. I try to come here and then to go FB every morning and I always intend to come back but most of the time I don't.

Santa, so happy to see you stop by my blog and add a little Christmas Spirit! That is why we have to have all those lights on the house outside, so you can make sure you spot our house from so high in the sky and know to leave the Grand kid's presents!!!
Thank you so much.

NEw, Glad you did not stop walking. I actually enjoy walking and it is one of the best exercises we can do for ourself. Keep it up!
Betsey, Scott & kids come in from Boston next Thursday; they are all so ready to come to warm SE Fla! Did you ever finish your house project?

GG, thank you so much! I don't think I've heard of Brooks running shoes before. Will keep an eye open for them. Thanks for stopping by.

Scott, I would love to have like 1 or 2 days to play in the snow.. not here in Florida, it would kill everything, but I would like to go somewhere where there would be snow... and where I could leave all that cold and return home to warm Florida when I am tired if it. As a kid growing up in NE Arkansas we usually only got one maybe 2 snows a year so we loved snow when we got it. We all prayed for snow!
Of course your girls love the snow; only adults dislike snow because of all the work.

Shore, great idea about sprinkling in fresh cranberries... that would look great mixed in with the orange, yellow & green citrus. So you are having a Gamma Day? LOL Hope you can get thru all your errands quickly. And yes, Cardinals and Christmas just seem to go together!
Thanks for stopping by.

Hope all of you enjoy your weekend; we have a busy one in store. Christian came in last night and he will be leaving to go back to North Florida tomorrow afternoon. Nolan's family party is tomorrow around noonish. I hope to finish my cards today and would love to get them in the mail if not today then Monday morning.

Have a great weekend.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
51. shoreacres
2:22 PM GMT on December 08, 2012
Morning, Patti ~ I've got a "Gamma-like" morning ahead of me, with plenty of errands to run, but had to come by and see all your photos of the decorations. I have to say - I love the fruit bowl at the end! Like you, I love the clementines, and I love the look of lemons and limes, too. Sprinkle a few cranberries in there and you'd have something even more seasonal.

I like the cardinals in your tree. I have a couple, too - every tree needs a little bit of nature. And I do like that decoration you said was one of your favorites - the hanging glove.
It's such a fun time of year, and you really contribute to it! Enjoy the weekend - maybe with the decorating done (surely it's done?!) you can relax a bit!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Jeez Patti, you sure do decorate. I struggle just to get a Christmas tree up! I hope your house doesn't collapse under the weight of the decorations.

Looks like this is going to be one of "those" winters. Several inches of snow yesterday, below freezing all day, down to 15F (-9C) tonight, more snow tomorrow and Monday, then it will really get cold......sigh.......

My girls love it. I told my oldest she can help me shovel and clear off the vehicles. She said she can't do that because she has to build a snowman......
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
49. Ylee
I guess I could jog a bit at work, but these heat resistant, metatarsal and steel-toed boots are a bit heavy! :)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Hey your decorations are great!
Re running shoes, I used to get Asics but found a pair of Brooks that I mistook for Asics and bought instead. They are even better. Just hard to find.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
GM,gamma,been a while since I dropped by.So busy at work,I find it hard to keep up my blog.Do it first thing in the morning when I arrive at work.
You remember what being busy at work is like don't you?
Course now your busy days have a different priority to them.
I agree with Rob,don't want to wear out my body,so I excercise with my leg power getting in and out of my recliner.
In truth,Since prince died in August,I didn't want to stop going out for a walk,so started fast walking around my neighborhood,and increasing he distance over time.It does make me feel much better,so will keep it up even through the cold winter.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Was just flying over South Florida getting my reindeer in shape for the big night Christmas Eve when Rudolph spotted your lovely home from about 10,000 feet. I must say you get the 5 Star North Pole award for perhaps the most beautiful display in Florida. What is most touching is all the lovely comments and pride that come through in your words when you speak of your family. You are truly very blessed with a beautiful family. Great job and thanks for helping to spread The Christmas Spirit.God Bless and Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Gamma, I'm coming to Florida just to walk through and gawk at all your decorations.

I took my blog down the Friday after thanksgiving, so it's been down a little bit!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
44. Ylee
Like your new pics, gamma! Can't see the tree for the ornaments, lol!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Sandi, yes retirement suits me very well; except I am so busy all the time. By mid January it is my plan to start painting and work it like a full time job so a lot of the stuff I am doing now will have to stop or I will never get a painting done.
Our neighborhood was built in the mid 1980's and about 50% of all the homes have the double front doors and trust me we are not in the "mansion" category, very middle class neighborhood here. The ones without the double doors have the glass panels on the sides that give the appearance of a larger front entry way. I guess it is just the style here...It does come in handy when we are trying to get some large into the house.

Thank you.. and I got more inside pictures loaded today.

Karen, thank you and love your new portrait photo. I got my inside "portraits" done easily today. maybe I got lucky this time and someone read my note! I tried to leave you note in your blog but it is not there right now; guess you shut it down again. But that picture of you all at Disney is great.

Bay, good to see you and thank you. hope you stop by again soon.

Ylee, it is very hard to find time to run when you work those 12 hour shifts. it is nearly impossible to do it outside. I love the fact I can do mine now in mid morning when it is usually best for me.
Thank you.

Rob, LOL I believe everything in moderation.. even exercise. Today I could only do 3 mile. Walk 1 mile, Run 1 mile and walk 1 mile... my body just would not cooperate and I was not willing to push it. at least I went and did it...

Hope I did not miss anyone... I made a big pot of Beef Strognaoff this afternoon for dinner and it is good. So I think now I am going to take it easy.
Ellen & kids will be home soon.. and nothing is quiet then!

Enjoy your evening.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Hi Everyone,

Just loaded 30 inside decorations and they were all approved the first time!!!! YEAH!!!

In a rush right now.. will be back later.
I did read your comments.. thank you!!!!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Oh, I do love your outdoor decorations, they are lovely. Every year I admire your double entry front door. We don't have anything like that here, except on huge mansions!

Glad to see you are OK .... retirement obviously suits you!! lol
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Well, lo and behold. I uploaded another portrait picture, although this time it is in an outdoor setting, and it took right away! Go figure! Your decorations are GREAT!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Hi Gamma~

Your outside Christmas decor is very pretty!
I can't wait to see your inside decorations.

Teagan is adorable!

Have a good evening

Bay :)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
38. Ylee
Good morning! I would like to have a treadmill or something to do some running on, but I sinply don't have the time nor energy after work(nor do I want to get up at 4AM!) to exercise!

House looks good, love the peacock feather on the wreath! Teagan looks like a happy baby!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
I saw a study on the news a few days ago...or maybe I read it that too much exercise is bad for you, wears out your joints, wears out your heart...etc.

Good news for me!
I never intend to run 5 miles again unless something REALLY scary is chasing me!
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
WOW I did good; amazing what a new pair of running shoes will do for you! I walked 1 mile, Ran 3 miles, walked 1 mile for 5 miles total. I have not run 3 miles together since last May. I knew after I ran the first mile I had good pace & breathing going & felt good so I had only planned on running 2 miles but took advantage of the situation and ran 3 miles. Felt good. Now I will be wiped out the rest of the day but that is OK also

Last Jan or Feb I did run 7 miles just once to prove I could do it again but I"ve been told by many doctors that after age of 50 running more than 3 miles does more harm than good to an old body! So doubt I do as many 5 milers anymore.

I got Asics again. it is my 3rd pair over the past 6 yrs. I use to wear Niki but they just don't work for my feet. Niki is all Stacey will wear but they cause me pain. I've tried Saucony & New Balance both were good but Asics seem to work the best for my feet. They feel like you are walking on gel...which you are! LOL
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Rob, thanks for stopping by. I tell you, it gets harder and harder every year to get it all done!

I know, it seems like just yesterday I was up there for nearly a month waiting on Teagan to arrive, now he is nearly 5 mos old!

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Very nice Gamma!
Don't know how you do it...I barely have time/energy to mow the yard anymore! :o)

Teagan sure is growing!
Don't blink!
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Hello Tomball, you posted while I was typing!

Oh yes, the little ones do like to help decorate... then when they are not around you can carefully
re-arrange some of their work but not enough they can tell!

Thanks for stopping by!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Good morning everyone!

Yesterday I did go out and buy myself some new running shoes and hope to give them a try out today but sort of damp and drizzly this morning. Hopefully it will clear up a later.

And I hope to take and post photos of the inside decorations today if I can.

A few more presents arrived in the mail yesterday so I need to wrap them up so I can stay ahead of the game.

I am hoping to start my Cards tomorrow.

YOu all have a great Wednesday! ....
it is Wednesday isn't it??? I lose all track of time these days I just know I am busy all the time and the days are flying by so fast...

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Good morning,

Bug, I have not been decorating outside as big as I did this year in a while but Ellen talked Hubby into letting Christian and her help put lights up on the roof again and we extended what I normally do (just the walk up to front door)a little more.

When the kids were grown and no grands yet I cut back a lot..then Grand kids came around and I picked it up a little more....

I went crazy when my kids were little; I had decorations in every room of the house. But it took me weeks to get it all up and a week to get it all down.
We use to put lights on our roof eaves all the way around the house and I put lights all over the front and back yards... I don't believe I use to have that much energy.

What you do seems good enough... if it were not for the grand kids all being here on Christmas Eve I would probably not do as much anymore.
But we do have a big Christmas Eve Dinner & Program and Santa comes to see the Grand kids so I must do it up right!
Speaking of Santa, I think I need to get on line and order him a new wig, Beard & eyebrow set... the "suit" will and has lasted for years but the wigs and beard gets tattered after one or two wears....

Thanks for stopping by.

BF! So glad to see you stop by! Thank you, yes our Grand child #6 our 5th Grand Son is a doll face. When I left them the end of July he was only 11 days old now he is nearly 5 mos old. They all arrive from Boston on Dec 14th. Cannot wait to see them all!

Last Saturday Baron called me so excited "Gamma! Gamma! Thank you so much!!! I LOVE my "Jake the Pirate" Christmas ornament!!" I always send them yearly Christmas ornaments in the mail so they can put them on their tree. Even though they come to Florida for Christmas Betsey still puts up a tree for a few weeks.

Yes that bear is cute; I got it either at Home Depot or Lowes several years ago and have not seen one just like it since.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Hi Gamms,
I woulda swore I stopped in here a few nights ago and left a comment. lol Cute, the newest grandson, and of course you decor is wonderful. Is it just me or does the smiling bear look a little like Rylee? Love the wreaths. Kind of brings the turquoise and red onto the doors. Enjoy your holidays!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
WOW.. As usual!

You always go all out. I'll bet you have a stream of folks driving by to check out your front yard decorations and lights.

I haven't really done a lot of decorating in years. I guess I'd put out more effort if I had kids and grands, had a lot of people in and out or did entertaing.

I'll dig out my Christmas kitchen towels and pot holders.

I put two of those little battery operated 'timed' candles in the two front windows. You set them and they turn on and turn off by themselves. They run for 8 hours every night and it seems like the batteries last several weeks.

I really don't have room for a tree, even a little table top. I do the wreath on the door - which I haven't done yet. I got some battery operated dragonfly twinkle lights last year to put on the wreath and around the glass panes on the upper half of the front door. I prefer white twinkle lights and these change colors but they looked pretty good. Hubby really liked them.

I tape Christmas cards around the archway between the living room and the dining room, as they come in. I even save a few really nice cards from year to year, to fill out any thin spots.

I think Hubby would like me to decorate more but he never has any suggestions and he doesn't lift a finger to help. There's the massive cleaning beforehand, then dragging it all out, putting it all up. Three weeks later, I've got to pull it all back down and pack it away. It is all on me and I just don't have the energy to do all that after work and on weekends (on top of the usual household chores), as well as doing what gift shopping I need to do, bagging and wrapping. Doing the cards and getting them out.

I also don't even start decorating until a couple of weeks before Christmas, since I leave it all up until Twelfth Night.

I DO want to see the tree the kids are working on. I know that's going to turn out really cute.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
It worked, They got approved the first time and I got them in the header!!!! Yeah!!!

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Just got in from Rylee's soccer game and yes their team won.

I took 10 photos of my "outside" decorations tonight..
so I am going to try and load them tonight.

Then I will take pictures of the "inside" photos later this week and add them.

Let me hope I can load them and get them approved without too much of a headache!

Enjoy your evening.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Bug ! It has been awhile since you posted photos!

WxWyz, LOL thank you for the nice comments.. but when I say "portrait" it is not necessary my "profile" photo.. portraits are "inside" photos that cannot be filed in WU Photos. But your comment made me smile.

Karen, well at least I feel better now knowing it even happens to you!!! I need to get over to your blog and check it out!

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Gamma- you should consider a Photobucket or other photo site account and then you can just link them here. I often do that. But, like you, I want my portrait photo to be the picture with my handle here. I've marked that little box too. Maybe I'll try again tonight. It's been a couple of weeks since my last 2nd try!!!

**modify - I just tried again. My first try was 10/29, second try was 11/5. So I guess it's been nearly a month! Guess I should sign out and back in to see if it works. I even called it blog photo like Sandi said.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
No one has as much trouble loading their "portraits" here as I do

You're so gosh darn pretty that the system simply can't handle any more of your portraits... consider it an honor! ;)
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
LOL... that just goes to show how long it's been since I uploaded anything!

JINX, Gams!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
Thanks everyone,

Bug,I was told 2 years ago to be sure and check the proper box for "portrait" ...and I do..but the approvers do not look at it; they just reject without looking! LOL I also write a Note that I would like it approved as portrait and not as a WU photo..but my note nor the box is read before rejecting! I have been loading photos here for 7 yrs and sometimes we have spells where things go smoothly..and some years it is hard to get anything approved

So sorry your back is bothering you again; I do understand..when I overdo it I live on Advil and sometime the heating pad at night. So easy to tweek our back when we are busy as we get older!

Sandi, Thank you yes he is a cutie for sure. Betsey says Teagan Oliver can be a little stink but hard to get mad at him when he looks at your with those twinkling eyes and that smile! LOL

Betsey, Scott, Baron & Teagan will arrive on Dec 14th and stay until Dec 27th. Since our house is already full, most of the time they will sleep at Scott's parent's house where the office is set up for them to stay in when they are in town. But most of their days will be here with "the cousins".

Baron called me yesterday to Thank You Gammma! for his 2012 Tree ornaments I mailed last Monday. They arrived Saturday and he was so excited he loved his "Jake the Pirate"... Nolan loves Jake also.. "Jake" is the hotest toy for preschool boys this year it seems.

Baron is so excited about coming to Florida and seeing his Cousins and especially his Rylee. He loves Rylee!
It will be very crowded at times but we will figure it out. I hope!


Glad to know others of you have the same problem with your "non-weather/nature related" photos!

No I will not recycle last year's pictures, that just goes against my grain! I did make a lot of changes this year ... so maybe next week I will find time to take some pictures and give myself all evening or all afternoon one day to post them several times until they all get approved!
It is still early so I can take my time next week in getting it done.

pcola, good to see you again!!! Thanks for stopping by and glad to know it is not just me having these problems!
I don't want my "family" pictures in the WUphotos with all the nature and weather photos... I just wanted them approved an archived for my personal blog...

Hi everyone, guess what, I am alone in the house and taking it easy today...
Pam picked up grandsons Cole & Ty this morning ... I made us all a big breakfast of eggs,gravy,sausage, bacon and biscuits..
Hubby has his annual Guys Day at the Dolphin Game...
So I have the "day off" ... and while I did some kitchen clean up... and made a pot of red sauce for some meat balls and pasta...

I hope I do not do too much today except relax and watch a little TV... I know there are many things I could be doing....but I need a day off!

Ellen & kids will be back tomorrow afternoon..and hubby is home tomorrow and I never can "take it easy" when he is this is my time

We are warm again so that "cool" front did not last long, have the A/C on again...

Thanks to all of you for stopping by.

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Quoting palmettobug53:
Hi, Gams.

I know you have had a terrible time loading portraits. Seems to me, that they should have two boxes at the very start of the upload process, for the member to indicate what type of upload it is:
1)Wu photo

You check whichever one the picture is.

Bug - there is a box to check when you want to enter a portrait into WU and it should go straight into image archives. I always write the title of the image 'For my blog', just as a double check. I don't usually have any problems.

Gams, I am sorry you still are still having problems, but it was worth persevering, he is lovely! Are you saying they are coming for Christmas? Boy, your house will be bursting at the seams!!
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Hi, Gams.

I know you have had a terrible time loading portraits. Seems to me, that they should have two boxes at the very start of the upload process, for the member to indicate what type of upload it is:
1)Wu photo

You check whichever one the picture is. It's obvious that they don't bother reading the notes or you'd not have so much trouble.

Rather cloudy and gloomy here today.

Still dealing with back issues but the prescrip ibuprofen helps. I can't take the muscle relaxant. It knocks me slap out. I can't afford to sleep until my back gets over whatever snit it is in over my raking leaves last week. I've got to go to work, run errands, do household chores, etc. The extra strength ibuprofen and my heating pad should do the job.
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Oh Gamma, not to fear, I uploaded a new portrait photo about 3 weeks ago now. Noticed it didn't take, so did it again with a note that it is to used as my primary portrait, still not done.

Actually, that was one of the main reasons I suggested you reopen one of your blogs from last year to show us your decorations, as so many were indoor focused! I didn't want you to go through that frustration again. But, if you've made change, I want to see them! With that new kitchen of yours there are bound to be differences!
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Have the same problem gamma so don't feel alone..
Your T'day went well for you?
I know mine did..soooo much to be thankful for
Everyday should be a T'day.. :)
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Thanks goodness this time it got approved; ashame it always takes me 2 attempts to get my photos approved here... that is why I don't load as many as I use to load...
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
well ... as usual, I load the picture as a portrait... I KNOW it is "not outdoor focused" I am NOT asking for it to be approved as a WU Photo...

and guess what it got rejected as "not outdoor focused"..

I loaded it again and hopefully I will get a someone who actually reads it is a portrait this time and will not reject it so quickly.

No one has as much trouble loading their "portraits" here as I do and I have been assured by many approvers that if I load them as "portraits" I should not have a problem.. but I do.. the approvers do not read it before rejecting my photos...
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Jeff, I could not believe that when I saw it this morning! It is DEc 1st! Hope you had a great time today.

Korith, so good to hear from you! I have not been out on Dr Master's blog in months; heck I have not been out much on any blog in months... Retirement is keeping me so busy. Thanks for stopping by.

Sandi, Happy December to you too!!!! White Rabbit's Three times! We have Cole & Ty here tonight...LOL..
and I am hoping tomorrow I get a "down" day!

Bug, yes I am so far ahead of schedule with decorating and shopping (I did most of it on line) this year...
I am hoping for an easy December... and yes we have enter the dry season finally after a really wet wet season!

Scott, glad you stopped by. So you are having a Snowy start to December. Betsey is getting snow in the Boston area also. Stay warm.

So just a quick fly by. Betsey's texted me a cute picture of Teagan she took today so I put it in the header... he is now 4 1/2 mos old. When I left there he was a newborn he is growing up too fast. They will be here in 14 days, I cannot wait.

Have a great evening.
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Well, got colder this morning. Clear, frosty morning at 21 degrees F. 80% chance of snow tomorrow, then again later in the week. Looks like this winter will not be as mild as last year. Only snowed twice last winter and now we have already had that. I should move back to Florida!
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Hi, Gams!

White rabbits X3!

I see you are well on your way with your decorating.

Boy, your rainfall map has gotten yellow. Doesn't bode well for FL's fire season.

We're running about 7 inches behind where we should be this year, precip-wise. We got a little rain about a week ago and they're calling for some scattered showers today. It was sunny, earlier, but it has clouded over now. I know why: I've got laundry on the line! Figures.
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rabbits 007

Gams - wishing you a very happy, healthy and enjoyable month.
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Nice to see you, gams. Hope all is well.
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Ok..who authorized 91L? Don't you know the season ends today?

Anyway..I'm heading down to Miami tomorrow for the Herald Hunt. It's always a good time. Only problem this year - I think I'm getting sick! I've had a sore throat all day. And I'm really tired. I'm going to go to bed and hope I get a good night's sleep.

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Ylee, Yes you are FIRST!

Karen, every year I "refresh" some area, either with totally new garland or colors and sometimes just ribbon.

This year I made two new front door wreaths and changed ribbons and bows in the entire house.
Plus because I no longer have that 3/4 wall between living area and kitchen, where I use to put up the Winter Wonderland Scene (and I was always on that very tall ladder afraid I was going to fall and break my silly neck!) I have those decorations that had to find new homes!
So I do have it a little different this year; but some rooms are the same, like the kid's/guest bath... I only changed ribbons in there.

Numberwise, thank you so much. I am glad you enjoy all my adventures and mishaps and pictures. Thanks for stopping by.

Shore, Funny!!! Promise I will not recycle last year's pictures! Some rooms still look a little the same but I did make some changes this year.

It takes a lot of time to make new decorations; I did more this year because I have a little more time than when I was working full time. And I will post pictures..

Sandi, I already had my "yearly" ornaments for my tree and one for each Grand child.. but I was in Macy's the other day and all their ornaments were 50% off plus I got another 25% off, which put them at a price I could handle. So I bought 6 more pretty ornaments for the tree.
Yes the Grands, (and most of us adults) love the decorations that are out there. They would love to see the fairies and elves... I would love it also!

I am so far "ahead" of schedule this year it is making me giddy! I have never been able to just "relax" and enjoy those few weeks before Christmas. I am usually running around like a mad woman trying to get everything done.
I have inside mostly finished; there is always a few finishing touches that can be done but overall it is done.
I want to do just a few more little things in the patio...I actually put up a small tree (set it on a table) for the Grand kids to make ornaments for.
I threaded some fresh cranberries for that tree and they turned out great. Rylee made a paper chain from colorful construction paper. And they all are contributing with their "art" projects..
It is turning out to be a very cute little tree. It will be a work in process all month because the kids are always making new ornaments; they love art projects.

And today I hope to finish the front yard/walk up decorations. I would say 50% of it is done.
Since the kids are here and Ellen was here to help we are putting some decorations we got from a neighbor out front again and did a little change up from last year.

I am getting my small poinsettia plants this morning to place here and there in the front. Nothing says Christmas like a beautiful fresh poinsetta.

And yes, I will not be standing on that tall ladder this year for so long doing that winter wonderland scene on that tall wall !!! I had to get up on a ladder a few times to put a few things on top of the cabinets but nothing compared to setting up that tall wall and being so high up in the air for so long! I am glad I no longer do that!

Hi Scott, Good morning to you! Brrrr you are cold but you have beautiful snow to look at...
We had a "cool" front come thru but still very nice temps.

Hope I did not miss anyone and I will come back later. I must get out and about now if I will meet today's goals!

Happy Friday!

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