Back in the garden......Happy 4th BD Baron!!! the New Year 2012

By: seflagamma , 6:06 PM GMT on January 10, 2012

Jan 22, 2012:
Yes I finally got to spend a little time in the garden this afternoon. still a lot to do but got some onions and lettuce planted and a few more tomato plants and some more herbs.

Jan 21, 2012:
Can you believe it, today is little Baron's 4th Birthday. It has been 4 yrs since he was taken by emergency CSection at 2 1/2 pounds. That little boy has come a long way!!

Jan 19, 1977 it snowed in SE Florida for the first and only time in history. I put the article Ken Kaye wrote for SS today in comment below.

Jan 15, 2012,
Yes we had a big family day so of course I have pictures in the header...

Jan 10, 2012:
Finally found time to sweep out of my old blog and into a new blog thread for the new year! All the Christmas Eve photos are in the previous blog.

I am bringing this forward because I still find it so funny! s/seflagamma/2679-800.jpg

And I did include one picture from Christmas Eve, our Annual Family Christmas Eve photo.
I love my growing TRIBE!!!!!

Grandson Ty's BD is Jan 12th, his party was Jan 15th. He turned 6 yrs old this year.

Our Family Christmas Eve 2011 (seflagamma)
Our Annual Christmas Eve Family Photo. backrow: Harley, Ellen, Christian, Pam, Greg, Betsey, Scott. middle row. Baron, Gamma, Poppy, Nolan. bottom row. Rylee, Cole, Ty
Our Family Christmas Eve 2011
Another Bridal Shower another Hat (seflagamma)
Jan 15, 2012. Another Bridal shower and another hat. this is me this morning..
Another Bridal Shower another Hat
Rylee in Gamma's Gown (seflagamma)
Jan 15, 2012, Rylee got in Gamma's closet and want to put on my gown I wore at her Mamma and Daddy's wedding.. she has on my gown and wedding shoes from May 2005.
Rylee in Gamma's Gown
Ellen & Greg (seflagamma)
Jan 15, 2012, Chuck E Cheese, Sunrise Fl...Little Sister, Big Brother..
Ellen & Greg
Nolan at the game board (seflagamma)
Jan 15, 2012, Chuck E Cheese, Sunrise Fl...
Nolan at the game board
Rylee at the game board (seflagamma)
Jan 15, 2012, Chuck E Cheese, Sunrise Fl...Rylee at the game board.
Rylee at the game board
Nolan's face in the tube (seflagamma)
Jan 15, 2012, Chuck E Cheese, Sunrise Fl...Noan's face in the tubes
Nolan's face in the tube
Noly & Ry (seflagamma)
Jan 15, 2012, Chuck E Cheese, Sunrise Fl...Nolan & Rylee up in the tubes.
Noly & Ry
Ty at the games (seflagamma)
Jan 15, 2012, Chuck E Cheese, Sunrise Fl...Grandson Ty at the games
Ty at the games
Son, Gamma, Cole/Ty (seflagamma)
Jan 15, 2012, Chuck E Cheese, Sunrise Fl...Me & my son Greg with grandsons Cole and Ty
Son, Gamma, Cole/Ty
Dad/Poppy/Cole/Ty (seflagamma)
Jan 15, 2012, Sunrise, FLA, Chuck E Cheese. Son, Greg with Hubby/Poppy, and Cole and Ty.
Cole & Ty (seflagamma)
Jan 15,2012. Sunrise Fla.ChuckE Cheese. Ty's 6th BD Party
Cole & Ty
Nolan's big boy haircut (seflagamma)
Jan 23, 2012. Poppy gave Noly a big boy haircut yesterday and cut off all his curls. He is two now and time to look like a little boy!
Nolan's big boy haircut

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92. seflagamma
8:15 PM GMT on January 24, 2012
Skye, that is too funny, I guess D-Fly is just a few months older than Baron.
I remember when D-Fly was born! I was the "WU relayer of the news" LOL

I love it when we can expose the young ones to places they can learn something. Sounds like fun.

Sandi, actually we have "cute a few curls off" before but never all of them at once.
But this time ... it was time..

Baron use to have a lot of curls, then he went short a few years.. now his hair is long again.

I think they will cut it short again next summer.

Well I have a lot of pictures from Flamingo Gardens this morning and I may set up a new
Blog thread this afternoon or tonight if I have time.

But I had once picture that after I cropped it it looked pretty good and I actually like it a lot.

I have already loaded it thru WU.

It is a picture of some of the flamingos in their pond.. and the way the reflections come off the water is sort of pretty.

I have it in WU photos and will put it in header of my next blog thread but here it is now.

Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 315 Comments: 41227
91. sandiquiz
5:23 PM GMT on January 24, 2012
Oh, I love Nolan's new hair cut ... a little man now!
My great nephew has masses of curls, and when he went to have his hair cut, I couldn't tell which curl he had taken off!!! lol
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 349 Comments: 31783
90. Skyepony (Mod)
2:28 PM GMT on January 24, 2012
D-fly (my 4 years old) is starting to recognize your Congrats to Baron. He's always gonna be a miracle:)

Glad you got in your garden. I feel good with mine mostly caught up. Only bought a zucchini. The rest of the veggies are coming from the gardens this week. I may have planted more than I have room for.

I'm off to a local historical house where the kids are meeting up for a history co-op.
Member Since: August 10, 2005 Posts: 418 Comments: 43828
89. seflagamma
2:22 PM GMT on January 24, 2012
I went ahead and loaded it thru WU... I know when I am at work I am disappointed when
I cannot see pictures some post thru means
that will not appear thru work place firewalls.

I know Ylee has one that is even worse then the one I have at work!
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 315 Comments: 41227
88. seflagamma
2:08 PM GMT on January 24, 2012
Good morning,

It's a beautiful morning here in SE Fla and Nolan and I are going to go back to Flamingo Gardens this morning.

My yearly pass expires Jan 31st so I want to get one more visit out of it.

My Butterfly World pass expires Feb 15 so will go back there again in a week or two.

The cost of two visits will pay for a yearly pass so it makes sense to go ahead and buy yearly passes even if I only use it 3 or 4 times a year.
But I really think I've been to both with Nolan more than that this year.

Flamingo Gardens has wide open spaces where he can run and that is always good with an active little boy.

So Ellen and Christian decided it was time to cut off Nolan's curls
(you've seen his pictures with his cute curls)

So yesterday afternoon Poppy gave him a real little boy haircut.. he was so good.

Both of Ellen's kids, Rylee & Nolan are good at getting haircuts.. the other 3 forget about it! LOL

I have this picture up on FB and will post it here without going thru WU photo approval process.
He does look cute.

When I get back may upload it here.

Got to go soon, the Flamingos and Peacocks and Ibis are waiting for Noly to feed them all at Flamingo Gardens.
I got to find a lot of quarters because you buy their food with quarters and I usually go thru about 20 quarters worth of food! LOL

Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 315 Comments: 41227
87. seflagamma
2:03 PM GMT on January 24, 2012
Scott and Yelee, thank you so much!

Actually this morning not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.. I guess I just exhausted myself more than strained muscles.

I would like to weigh 115 again but if I am in good shape at 120 I can live with that especially at my age!

Thanks for stopping by.
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 315 Comments: 41227
86. Ylee
8:21 AM GMT on January 24, 2012
Gamma, at least you have a couple of days to recover before you go back to work!

If you've made it to 120, you can make it to 115!
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 130 Comments: 23206
85. airman45
6:58 AM GMT on January 24, 2012
Good going!

If I weighed 115 I would be sleeping on a venetian blind. I'm currently 232 but would like to get back down to 200. Of course I'm 6'3" so that is about normal, at least I think so. LOL
Member Since: April 2, 2007 Posts: 0 Comments: 3518
84. seflagamma
4:09 PM GMT on January 23, 2012
after all that I "reward" myself with chocolate covered strawberries!
so much for the calorie lose from that 10 miles
probably just ate as many calories as I worked off!
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 315 Comments: 41227
83. seflagamma
4:04 PM GMT on January 23, 2012
Back again,

WOW my legs are going to be so sore tonight and tomorrow
I am not going to be able to walk!

I was still sore from yesterday's walk/run of 5 miles.

But I want to really get back in shape again so this morning I want to use my new bike.

Now it does not have gears so it requires your leg muscles , especially thighs,
to push that peddle down to move forward...
and this morning we have some wind.

But I am strong, I am tough! LOL

I rode my bike 4 miles then locked it up at park, and think.. mind you the word is "think"
I am hopping off that bike and going on a 2 mile run, then ride another 4 miles..

When I got off that bike after 4 miles besides my butt was very sore, and I took off
in a jog and nearly feel on my face!
My legs were like wet noodles and so wobbly.
I guess using muscles riding I am not use to using doing runs or walks.
Well, had to skip to "plan B" and just walk a mile to get my legs back under me.
Then I found the determination to run a mile and it was a very hard mile to run.
Then I walked another mile to rebalance myself.

Then hop back on my bike for another 3 miles riding.

So if you are using your math skills,
Ride 4 miles,
Walk 1 mile
Run 1 mile
Walk 1 mile
Ride 3 miles

10 miles total...

and I always do some warm up exercises and stretches before I go running/walking/biking etc.
some squats, lunges, stretches, push a ways, toe touch, ete... so I already put a hurt on myself before I get started!

Oh well, I should have not allowed myself to get out of shape again
after all the hard work I did last year and previous years.

And I lost that 5 pounds I put on last fall after losing 15 pounds a year ago...
So back to around 120 give or take a pound or two either way.

I would LOVE to see 115 again someday.. but not sure that could happen.. or if it did it would probably
not last long! LOL

Another Beautiful day here in SE Fla... hope to do some more pruning in the back garden
today if my legs hold out! LOL

Have a great day.
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 315 Comments: 41227
82. seflagamma
12:57 PM GMT on January 23, 2012
Good morning Shore and Ylee,

I have friends and family all in that tornado box in Eastern Arkansas, western Tennessee/Kentucky and Western Mississippi.

I saw on news last night of a tornado in Western Arkansas I think it was Fordyce but as far as I know I don't have family there. I think that is where JOhnny Cash was born and raised.
I understand Burmingham, AL got hit also.

Will have to turn on TV and check out news.
Thanks for asking.
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 315 Comments: 41227
81. Ylee
7:14 AM GMT on January 23, 2012
Gamma, I hope your kinfolk are OK! Glad you got your garden off to a good start! What kind of tomatoes did you set?
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 130 Comments: 23206
80. shoreacres
1:48 AM GMT on January 23, 2012
Gamma - Don't you still have people in Arkansas? Are they ok? Bad, bad weather up there. Serious tornados, lots of damage in Dallas County. Hope all is well.
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15292
79. seflagamma
1:38 PM GMT on January 22, 2012
Hi Sandi, Baron had a great time in the snow yesterday. This is the first time he did not fuss about putting on his entire snow suit, boots, gloves, etc..
He saw Mommy & Daddy put on their snow suits and he thought they were astronauts and cool so he let them put his on without fuss! LOL

We always have big crowds at our parties. I have probably had 5 or 6 parties here in my own home with over 100 people present. I think Ellen & Christian's engagement party had over 120 people. A "small" gathering on a Sunday aftenoon can easily reach 25-30!
I think we are all very social people. LOL

Good morning, moderate temps right now around 65 and suppose to be sunny and up to 80 this afternoon.

Since I am finally feeling better and for once no "social" activities to go to today I am going out for a walk/run this morning.
Then I might want to go on a bike ride but doubt I can get that in.

I still have to go to grocery store and Garden center.
Hubby has friends coming over for football game and I want to do some gardening today.

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 315 Comments: 41227
78. sandiquiz
8:48 AM GMT on January 22, 2012
YIKes... 50 guests to a party... even at a petting barn! I don't think I ever had that many friends! lol

I am sorry they had to cancel.... hopefully next week the snow will have gone and allow them to get to celebrate. He certainly seems to be having fun in the snow, and like Karen, can't believe he is already four. :)

Hope you enjoy your Sunday... :)
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 349 Comments: 31783
77. seflagamma
8:51 PM GMT on January 21, 2012
Hi Jane, good to see you stop by.
normally down here winter birthday go well, it is those Aug/Sept/Oct birthdays that sometimes get cancelled due to hurricanes or tropical storms! LOL

Ellen's big 13th Birthday party in August of 1992 Hurrican Andrew came thru South Florida the weekend before her scheduled BD Party the next Saturday. While Andrew did not destroy things at our house, we were "cleaned up and had power back" in just 2 or 3 days.. most of SE Fla was destroyed. So in good taste we postponed her party for 3 weeks and all worked out well.
And we've had a few close calls for hubbys BD in early Sept!
but we don't have to worry about snow storms! LOL

Even thought his party at the Farm/Barn was resceduled he did go outside to play in the snow with his Mama and Daddy and had a great day...

Hi Karen, Glad you stopped by. Yes Betsey was a mess this morning but after she had a lot of Baron's Birthday Cake and everyone understood and will still come next Sunday she is better now! LOL and you see he had a blast out playing in this snow today on his BD.
Your area has had a roller coaster winter this year. Lucky after the last two record cold winters.. we are "normal" this winter so far .. and I love it!!

Geeze, I wish I could see the pictures I posted of Baron taken this morning playing in the snow on my computer here at work. just Red X when i am at work and the pictures were copied from FB (or pretty much any of those other photo sites).

Will have to wait until I get home to see them! lol

OK got to key payroll..
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 315 Comments: 41227
76. seflagamma
6:58 PM GMT on January 21, 2012
Hi Jane and Karen,

will answer more later, I am home from lunch and Betsey put up some pictures on FB wall so I am going to put some here.

She and Scott took Baron sledding in the snow since his BD Party was cancelled. He looks so cute.

According to this picture looks like they have a lot of snow on the ground, more than a few inches.

(when I get back to work I will not be able to see these pictures I post from FB! LOL)

Baron and his Daddy sledding on the tube:

Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 315 Comments: 41227
75. SBKaren
5:00 PM GMT on January 21, 2012
Oh Betsey must be crushed and stressed! I can't believe Baron is 4 already too, and I was thinking what Jane was thinking....50??? Of course I'm sure that includes parents...but still 50? LOL

I had the weather on this morning and I heard that Boston was to receive (I think it was) 1-3" of snow! I thought about them, but I didn't realize it was Baron's birthday party day.

You are right, he won't know and he'll be just as happy next weekend.

We're rainy today and again on Monday and then summer time temps next weekend. What a roller coaster of a winter we've been experiencing.
Member Since: February 21, 2005 Posts: 201 Comments: 15221
74. JanesVacation
4:51 PM GMT on January 21, 2012
Disappointing to hear about the party being cancelled! My, for a 4 year old he certainly has a lot of friends! (He must take after his Gamma!)Thankfully, my children will all born in the summer months - no rescheduling due to weather for them! My sister's birthday is January 29th and she always had a sledding party! I guess my Mom figured it was better to go with the season!

I'm wondering what they do in a "Birthday Barn?" Sounds like a fun place to have a big group...oh - im reading further and I see it is a petting barn. Pony rides sound like a big hit!
Member Since: June 21, 2008 Posts: 302 Comments: 2074
73. seflagamma
3:24 PM GMT on January 21, 2012
Well, the Birthday party Barn called Betsey and the other 2 parties scheduled for today and told the customers they needed to cancel today's party and reschedule.

Betsey rescheduled Baron's party to next Sunday Jan 29th. The owners of the Barn said the roads just get too bad to drive on in falling snow like they are getting today.
Now Betsey has to contact 50 families.. Baron had around 45 "children friends" RSVP they were coming! She invited his school friends and his play date group and a few family friends...

Oh well, Baron does not really know to be disappointed but for a parent changing the date on a party on the morning of the party is hard.. you already paid and must take the cake and foods/drinks you already bought.
and the hurry to get in touch with all the guest before they leave for the party.

At least they will already have plenty of food and cake in their house to eat today and they will probably have a small party for him at home today.

I just called hubby and told him and he said "I would hate to be Scott today to have to put up with Betsey stressing out over the party and being pregnant will make her stress out even more! LOL"
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 315 Comments: 41227
72. seflagamma
2:02 PM GMT on January 21, 2012
Wellesley Hills, MA currently 21 and snowing with high only to reach 23 and low tonight in teens.
100% chance of snow today.

Betsey is having Baron's BD Party with his little friends in a Barn this morning!
Betsey is freaking out (thinking the guest will not come because of weather)
but her friends in that area assured her they were all use to getting out and doing things in weather like this!

Also the barn is heated for situations like this. LOL

It is a Barn with petting animals , pony rides, etc somewhere in her area outside of Boston.

cannot wait to see pictures.
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 315 Comments: 41227
71. seflagamma
1:13 PM GMT on January 21, 2012
Bug, Thanks for stopping by. Good luck on taking Gus in for his first Vet visit!
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 315 Comments: 41227
70. seflagamma
1:11 PM GMT on January 21, 2012
Oh yes, Today is grandson, Baron's 4th Birthday.
4 yrs ago, we were all scared to death. He had to be taken by C Section way too early because of complications. He weighed around 2 1/2 lbs..
He has come a long long way in the last 4 yrs.

"Jan 25, 2008. Betsey got a surprise on our visit today; she got to "kangaroo" her baby boy. Holding him next to her chest in a bonding moment. It was so special and she was so happy. He was still very tiny here below 2.8 but after this he finally stopped losing weight and started gaining.
Here he is in NICU with Betsey at 4 days old.

Here he is 3 mos old and now 7 lbs!

Here at 9 mos old and making such great progress

And this was just a few weeks ago on Christmas Eve him playing with his new Fireman's costume.
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69. palmettobug53
1:00 PM GMT on January 21, 2012
Hi, Gams! Glad to hear that you're getting over that terrible cold you had.

Hope your 'Friday' goes by fast.

We're rather wet up here, though it looks like it may be clearing out some. It probably won't last. They're calling for rain pretty much all weekend.

Scott, I see you've been getting thundersnow. I've experienced that one time about 2 or 3 years ago. It is very unusual here in Charleston. It even made Wikipedia that day, though I think they removed the blurb some days later. Haven't been back to look. It was a bit surreal. Light snowflakes drifting down and BOOM! A lightning flash and a thunder roll.

Eek... gotta go. Need to get ready to take Gus in for his booster shot.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 252 Comments: 26998
68. seflagamma
12:50 PM GMT on January 21, 2012
Good morning,
It is Saturday!!!! Yeah!!!! my last work day of this LONG week!

I decided to get bagels and cream cheese this morning for my team; switch it up a little.

Not sure how much I will be here today on the blogs; I did get around to a few yesterday and hope
to hit a few more today.

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 315 Comments: 41227
67. seflagamma
12:49 PM GMT on January 21, 2012
Grothar, So glad to see you and thanks for answering my post on your blog here! So that is the reason; I did not know about the facility near me I just know I see it and it looks like and always busy.
Thank you for your comments, yes my family/tribe is growing. Thanks for stopping by!

Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 315 Comments: 41227
66. Grothar
12:54 AM GMT on January 21, 2012
I saw your message on my blog. Sorry you haven't been tip-top yourself. I wondered why we hadn't seen you. That is one beautiful family you family. I keep waiting to see you join the 'RED HAT' Club. LOL

The VA facility you mentioned on Commercial is where I usually go, but it is not a full facility. We still have to make the trek to Miami for the specialists. I am at the one in Tamarac a lot. I can't wait to see you Valentine's Day Blog :)
Member Since: July 17, 2009 Posts: 76 Comments: 31872
65. seflagamma
10:37 PM GMT on January 20, 2012
KWgirl, I have seen you there before and we have spoke there. (I love Key West) It is boring there this time of year and I really only go there when we have storms coming out way.
Thank you, I do love my big "tribe" and Congratulations on your upcoming grandchild.
You will LOVE being a "Grandma" !!!

Ylee, yes we had some cold winters back in the late 70's.. remember all the talk about "Global Cooling" and "acid rain" which would send the earth into a permanent ice age! LOL
then 30 years later the cooling is gone and now we are in "global warming" that will cause the earth to become "Too Hot To Handle" etc etc etc.
but we have had record cold winters the past two winters and this one is just "normal" not actually above average temps.. LOL

I say it is all a natural cycle to our world and universe... I know I would rather be too warm than too cold. Cold will kill people faster than heat will.

Hi Scott, yes, I bet you could get adjusted to a life without snow and bitter cold very easily!!! You have had your share of the stuff.
I remember a few "Thundersnow storms" back when I lived in the Mid-South area..they were errie!
Stay warm and keep in touch!

Hi everyone just a quick fly by.. for most of you... it is WEEKEND!!!!
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 315 Comments: 41227
64. kwgirl
9:52 PM GMT on January 20, 2012
Hi Gamma. I see you on Dr. Master's blog, got bored and started looking at member blogs. You have a beautiful family. I will be called grandma this year for the first time. I am really excited. I will see you on the may WU blog.
Member Since: March 28, 2008 Posts: 0 Comments: 1547
63. Ylee
8:48 PM GMT on January 20, 2012
Hi, Gamma! I remember that winter well! That was the "cold" winter; '78 was the "snow" winter! I think I missed most of January at school. My normal bedtime was 9:00, but with the schools closed and the cold temperatures, I was able to stay up late and watch old Groucho Marx and Burns ans Allen reruns out of Louisville. We usually couldn't pick up those stations, but with the clear, cold air, we could pick them up pretty good!

Glad you're feeling better!
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 130 Comments: 23206
62. airman45
7:50 PM GMT on January 20, 2012
You're right, I really could care less if I saw snow again. So what do we get this morning? Thundersnow again! It had been raining on and off all night then about 7 a.m. a thunderstorm came up. Temp dropped from 40 to 32 in just a few minutes and the rain suddenly changed to snow with 40 mph winds and lightning. Weird phenomenon!

Of course right at that time I am at a gas pump filling up. Great timing.
Member Since: April 2, 2007 Posts: 0 Comments: 3518
61. seflagamma
12:48 PM GMT on January 20, 2012
Good morning everyone, only a little time right now to post a comment
so hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

Can you believe it is already Jan 20th?
Where did this month go?
I know I was sick the first two weeks of the year and this is a long work week so
I had no "personal" time really..
but if the entire year goes by as fast as these first three weeks..
I should have just left my Christmas Decorations up because it will be
December again before you know it! LOL
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 315 Comments: 41227
60. seflagamma
12:48 PM GMT on January 20, 2012
Good morning,

It is ONLY Friday!!! Seems like it should be Saturday by now!!! whine, whine, whine!!! LOL

Ogal, Glad to see you here on WU! I know FB is easier to bounce around on for immediate "chatting" but we can never give up our WU blogs and friends!!!!
I think we have "football" going on at our house Sunday also.. some of the "guys" are coming over.
and one neighbor is frying up wings and his are the best I've ever tasted.
so a fun weekend for both our houses!!!

Doc, So good to see you stop by!!! I wish I had been here here 35 yrs ago in 1977 but I arrived in 1979. They say while it snowed Jan 19, 1977 here and it was cold that Dec 24/25, 1989 was the coldest on record. That Christmas Eve/Christmas Day power outtage in those freezing temps was miserable.
All our Christmas dining was cancelled and everyone was just trying to stay warm. It was 28 degrees Christmas Morning while Hubby was making Christmas Breakfast on the grill outside.

This year as been the best winter we have had in the past 2 years. I have loved our mild/ more normal temps this winter so far in Dec/Jan.
The past two winters were just record breaking cold for long periods of time. Destroyed crops and tropical plants.
I think maybe Mother Nature will be kinder to use this winter after the fury she lashed out in 2011!
Good to see you!!!

Scott, I wondered if you were still in Florida that day it snowed. Iknow the Panhandle does get a little snow every few decades..but not SE FLA.. Even Orlanda/Central Florida gets fluries sometimes but not down here.
But the places you have lived since, you should be very tired of cold and snow by now!
I remember that year there was snow somewhere on the ground on all 50 states!

Pros, LOL thank you so much.. yes, I have a tribe that continues to grow and grow and now we have a new grandbaby coming in July!
I am OK if it never snows again in South Florida.
That year and Christmas 1989 and the past two winters killed so many crops and so many of our beautiful trees and tropical plants.
SE Florida is not suppose to get that cold.. ever! Thanks for stopping by.

Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 315 Comments: 41227
59. Proserpina
9:04 PM GMT on January 19, 2012
Beautiful photos. I love your group portrait, a lovely growing family.

Maybe in another 35 years, there will be a few more flakes of snow in SE Florida! Interesting stories.

Take care.
Member Since: May 6, 2008 Posts: 201 Comments: 19759
58. airman45
7:53 PM GMT on January 19, 2012
I certainly remember that snow. I was in the 9th grade in Pensacola when it began snowing about 9 a.m. I believe it was the day before yours. It came down for about an hour and covered the ground about an inch. We all left classes as many hadn't seen it before. School let out early. In one case a judge in Ft. Walton suspended a trial to see the snow.

The next morning it was 11 degrees and windy. About two weeks later it snowed again about an inch. Our record in this was it had never snowed twice in one season before.

Aparrently that morning the entire U.S. set a record as being the only time all 50 states had snow on the ground at the same time, including Hawaii (on the volcano, of course).
Member Since: April 2, 2007 Posts: 0 Comments: 3518
57. DocNDswamp
4:33 PM GMT on January 19, 2012
Hi Gams,

Well that caught my eye, lol...
Thanks for posting that fine article by Ken, the Jan '77 snow in S FL, a memorable treat for so many Floridians... I remember that event well - lol, being ticked off it missed here / snowed there! But SE LA got the arctic cold - 4 morns in a row in teens / low 20's here... Unlike 2012, that was one heckuva cold January - just perused our records, showed we had 14 freezes that month alone! LOL, I've had 5-6 freezes, mostly light at that, so far this season... Next chance? Maybe in February... Oh well, at least Winter hasn't been completely absent as some would infer... ;)

Member Since: September 21, 2005 Posts: 94 Comments: 4895
56. OGal
3:28 PM GMT on January 19, 2012

Hi Gams, I have finished the book but not the blog. I have had stuff going on in my house and it seems if I keep something on FB I am not being kind to my WU friends. I need to change that. I will finish the blog most likely later today or tomorrow.

Hope all is going well for you at work. I know it is a long week . More football this weekend and Steve and I are watching a lot of the Australian Open tennis and of course basketball. Never a moment in our house that doesn't have some form or sports on the TV.

I need to go around the blogs and get caught up. Hope your day goes by quickly.
Member Since: August 28, 2005 Posts: 72 Comments: 19224
55. seflagamma
1:29 PM GMT on January 19, 2012
Note of Interest:

35 Years ago Today it snowed for the first and only time in SE Florida. I was not here yet
on Jan 19, 1977 but even in Memphis, TN it made the news.
When I arrived in July 1979 everyone was still talking about the snow in South Florida.

Here is article Ken Kaye put in SS today.

South Florida
Remember the day it snowed in South Florida?
By Ken Kaye

11:44 AM EST, January 18, 2012

It was the only time in South Florida history that snow fell from the skies, swirling over palm trees, dazzling school children and surprising the region’s normally sun-baked residents.

That was on Jan. 19, 1977 - 35 years ago Thursday.

Officially, the National Weather Service recorded it as only a trace of snow. The moment it hit the ground, it quickly dissipated. Yet many people vividly remember that day. To them, it was akin to a raging blizzard.

Allen Greenspan, a criminalist with the Broward Sheriff's Office, was a senior at the University of Miami, on his way to an 8 a.m. class at the time.

"I left the dorm to go for breakfast before going to class, and remember walking out the door and seeing the snow flurries and thinking to myself, I left New Jersey to get away from this stuff, what the heck is going onhere!" he said.

Sonya Sedler Moste of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea was in fourth grade at Cooper City Elementary on that day.

"Our teacher wouldn't let us go outside to fully experience it," she said. "I remember being mad at missing such a historic moment. But I could see it through the windows and thought it was amazing, since I had never seen snow before."

Jim Lushine, a retired meteorologist, who lived in Perrineat the time, likes to joke that he initially thought the flakes were a “cocaine drop had gone bad. But it turned out to be real snow.”
“There was dusting on cars and people saw flakes coming down. But it wasn’t measurable, so it wasn’t recorded as a snow event,” said weather service specialist Bob Ebaugh.

Soon after the snow started to fall that morning, as far south as Homestead, thousands of residents ran outside to see and feel it.

Some motorists pulled to the side of the road in wonderment. Teachers allowed school children to break out of classes to let flakes fall on their faces.

Southern Sanitation Inc., of Pompano Beach, which jokingly put "Free Snow Removal" on its garbage trucks, started receiving phone calls from people poking fun.

But it wasn’t fun for everyone. Because temperatures were in the low 30s, paramedics responded to dozens of cold-related calls.

Many people later discovered that near freezing temperatures had killed plants around their homes. And the area's crops were ravaged.

But for most, it was as awesome as watching a space shuttle launch up close and personal. The bold headline in that day's Fort Lauderdale News: Snow!

What caused it to snow that day? Extremely cold air at higher levels combined with a low-pressure disturbance that created moisture in the atmosphere, the weather service says.

Interestingly, the next day, Jan. 20, 1977, it was even colder, as the mercury plunged to 27 degrees in West Palm Beach and 28 degrees in Fort Lauderdale, both still records.

Although it could snow again in South Florida someday, that’s probably not going to happen this winter, which is predicted to be warmer and drier than normal.

Indeed, for this Thursday, exactly 35 years later, the forecast calls for a weak cold front to drop temperatures into the mid 70s. No snow is expected, said meteorologist Andrew Kennedy.

“It’s going to be a little drier but still warm,” he said. “By the weekend, we’ll be back to the 80s.”

Others who remember that day:

"I was in eighth grade at Saint Anthony Catholic School in downtown Fort Lauderdale. We were sitting in the classroom when one of the students noticed that it was snowing outside and he proceeded to excitedly and loudly share that observation with the whole class. At first, the teacher did not believe him and got upset at the outburst, but eventually she saw the snow, calmed down, and let us go outside to enjoy the unique experience. It was truly an awesome day!" - John P. "Jack" Seiler, Mayor, City of Fort Lauderdale

"Who could forget? I was actually in Dunkin' Donuts, in Pompano Beach, to get breakfast with my uncle and my cousin. We walked out and there was snow falling! It was so exciting! But by the time it hit your hand it melted! Now, when ever we drive by that DD I tell my kids of the day it snowed in South Florida! They still don't believe me!" - Jennifer Black, Fort Lauderdale

"I was on my way to work from Miramar to downtown Hollywood. I was stopped at the light at Pembroke Road and 441 when I realized that rain doesn't swirl around like that and it was snowing! Everyone rolled down their windows and stuck their hands out to touch it. We sat through two lights before anyone moved. We were all transfixed by the sight. Not one horn sounded. It was so cool. - Judy Salerno, Boca Raton

"On the day in question I was on duty as a firefighter in North Miami Beach. I remember listening to the weather reports on TV regarding the impending snowstorm. Suddenly one of my co-workers shouted out, 'Get your dress blue jackets on and come outside.' When we did that, we were certainly surprised to see the snow flakes landing on our dark blue jackets. They would last about a minute or two and then disappear as rapidly as they came. Nevertheless, we will always remember "The day it snowed in South Florida." - Larry Locke, Port St. Lucie

"I am a native Floridian who had never seen snow until that day. I was a junior at Msgr. Edward Pace High School and I vividly remember being in drama class when we learned it was snowing. We ran out and looked up in amazement at the flakes falling and just as quickly melting away." - Susan R. Miller
Pembroke Pines

"I was in sixthgrade attending St. Bartholomew Catholic school in Miramar. I remember hearing weather reports that morning that snow flurries were a possibility. So, when I saw the snow flurries beginning outside my classroom window, I quickly made up some excuse to go to the school office which was located at the front of the school near the front doors. When I got to the office, I walked outside instead and let the snow flurries engulf me. I remember seeing a few school workers enjoying the moment as well. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime event for a South Florida native. - Michael Suder, Hollywood

"The day it snowed I was 6 and I was with my mom in Miramar. I vividly remember my mom and I walking out to the car that morning as we headed to school and she started screaming and shouting out, 'It’s snowing, it’s snowing!' and she ran back into the house to tell my grandparents and anyone else who would listen. Everyone came running outside and we were all so excited as we tried to feel it. I was so young, and so assumed this was a common thing and 35 years later I’m still waiting for it to happen again." - Tracey Kettelhut, Deerfield Beach

"I was 13 years old and an eigth-grader at Plantation Middle School. I can remember being in class and a student ran in the class and shouted, 'It's snowing!' The entire class went crazy, the teacher lost control as everyone ran outside to see it snowing. I remember seeing a small amount of snow flakes falling from the sky, but being a Floridian and never experiencing this before, it was really cool." - Donald Kirby, Miami

"I was in second grade in 1977, and Ms. Brennan would not let us out of class to go play in the snow. It seemed like all the other students were out playing the snow flurries. Little did I know then how awful that was of her, for it could have helped me prepare for where I live now - Minneapolis. Today’s high is to be about 7 above with the low of minus 4 (wind chill even worse) with maybe an inch of snow. Enjoy the warmth today!" - Matthew Gallagher

"Although the flakes quickly disappeared it was awesome seeing actual icicles hanging from the bushes! Coming from New York is was a pleasant surprise. It was ten days after my third child was born." - Susan Madaffari, Margate

"I was in Davie, attending my school. I was in the ninthgrade. Our class field trip to Lion Country Safari was cancelled due to the snow." - Cindy Jacobson

"I went outside and there is was a very fine powder falling, but the first I had ever seen as a native born South Floridian. First thing that morning at school I had a driver’s education driving test and had to stand outside waiting for my turn. Damn it was cold!" - Mark Bonacquisti, Sunrise

"I was a student at Bennett Elementary, on a school bus coming back from a field trip. The driver pulled the bus off the side of the road and the teacher told everybody to get off the bus. When we did, there were little white spots floating down. They melted as soon as they touched anything, but it was great to finally see real snow." - Adam Glass, Fort Lauderdale

"I was in Airborne School at Fort Benning, Ga., during the month of January 1977. The day it snowed in Miami was the day I jumped out of my first airplane ... and it was the first time I had ever seen snow. Iit snowed in Georgia that day." - Bob Flanders, Miami

"I was in the fourth grade and the teacher let us outside to see it. I was at North Andrews Gardens Elementary." - Timothy Blanton, Fort Lauderdale

"I was 19 years old driving in my '69 Volkswagen convertible on Hallandale Beach Boulevard when suddenly I saw dust particles falling all over my windshield. I was completely confused as I knew it couldn't be ashes from the Everglades, because it was too cold for there to be a fire, and that's when it dawned on me, it wasn't dust, it had to be some kind of snow, then I realized it was snow flurries! I slammed on my brakes in the middle of the road on Hallandale Beach Boulevard, and jumped out of my car. I put my face to the sky, held out my arms, and whirled around in something completely foreign to me, a light snow. Then other people got our of their cars in amazement, and we looked at each other as if we were experiencing some kind of miracle. Born and raised in Florida, I had never seen snow, and I will never forget that day as long as I live." - Fleda Silverberg, Plantation

"When it snowed in 1977, I was in 11th grade at South Broward High School in Hollywood and had moved down from the Detroit area the previous summer, so I knew what snow was all about. I went outside during lunch to see the snow and there was a bunch of native Floridian kids looking at the snow and asking what it was - they thought it might be ashes from a fire in the Everglades, except it kept melting! We were somewhat disappointed that it was melting to quickly to have a snowball fight." - Alex Gibson, Boca Raton

"I was 11 years old. I was in my first hour social studies class at Everglades Middle School in Fort Lauderdale. We were all let out into the courtyard so we could see the snow, trying to catch it on our tongues. It melted as soon as it hit the ground, but it was so very exciting!" - Denise Wilson-Rolls, Palm Springs, Calif.

"At that time I lived in unincorporated Melrose Park and I was attending BCC central campus in Davie. I had eight o’clock classes and because of the difficulty in getting parking, I would always leave my house around seven in the morning. I remember clearly that morning, it was very overcast, low dark clouds, moving quickly with the high winds, it was cold. As I parked and walked to the campus I noticed particles which reminded me of pollen being blown from the fields of tall weeds, it seemed strange. As I looked down I noticed the particles seemed to melt as they made contact with the ground and my clothing, I was confused. Because I had never seen snow before it took a moment for me to realize this was a snow flurry." - Michael Grande, Fort Lauderdale

"I remember it vividly. I was a junior at Cooper City High School taking an American History mid-term. An announcement was made over the PA system that is was snowing out and the teachers should allow the students out of class to see it. We left class and went to the football field. We all stood in amazement watching the snow, and of course, trying to catch it on our tongues! It was a great experience!" - Karen A. Goldberg, Parkland

"I was living at home in Hollywood, still in high school. I was getting ready for school, and it was COOL. We have snow! So I head out to my car where I scoop up snow from the roof and threw it at my mom. We both had a good laugh that day. I moved away two years ago to the Midwest, where making a snowball is a part of life in winter." - Mike Cipoletto

"I remember being in 5th grade at North Lauderdale Elementary. They made an announcement over the PA that it was snowing and the teachers let us out of class to see it. It was crazy to see the little white flecks falling and all us kids running around trying to catch them in our mouths and on our clothes to see what they looked like, but once you touched them they would melt. The worst part about it was as soon as it started to slow down they made us go back to class, that was all anyone talked about for days!" - Mike Schatzberg Coral Springs

"My two siblings and I were having breakfast while our mom got ready for her job as a teacher at Delray Beach Elementary. We all went silent when we heard over WRMF that it was snowing at Palm Beach International. So we all ran outside only to find a few traces of snow on the car windshield. We begged our mom to let us stay home, but no luck. At the time we lived in Boynton Beach." - Kevin McConnell

"I was born in Fort Lauderdale in 1958. I always complained to my parents that “I’ve never seen snow.” The furthest north I ever got was Atlanta. After graduating high school, I decided to attend Boston University. I’d finally get my snow! That was September 1976. So I’m up there in 15 degrees and it SNOWs in FORT LAUDERDALE. - Mark Gross

"The day it snowed it I was a 7 year old student at McNab Elementary in Pompano Beach. On that day, all of the students were let out of class so that we could go outside and witness the snow to enjoy the moment." - Christian Parks

"I was in thirdgrade at Palmview Elementary School in Pompano Beach. We got to go outside and sorta kinda play in it." - Melissa Stallings-Lee, Pompano Beach

"I was in sixth grade at Saint Anthony School. We were returning to our classroom after mass. I had on a maroon striped sweater and still remember the snowflakes landing all over it. It was fun and exciting. Fun day." - Carolyn brunetti fuller

"I was a freshman at Suncoast High School in Rivera Beach. I was waiting early in the morning at the bus stop, we had just built a fire in a garbage can, as it was pretty cold. The bus stop was across the street from a Seven-11. My best friend turns to me a says 'It's snowing.' I was like, 'Your crazy.' He said, 'Look at the lights, you can see the snow coming down.' I was like, OMG yes it is. It was amazing. When we got to school everyone was outside looking at this strange substance on the ground. I remember the newspaper the next day and all of the weather folks on TV wearing t-shirts about it snowing. I now live in Denver and it's still a big deal when I see the snow coming down. I will never forget that morning. It was just like it was yesterday!" - Steve Berman, Denver

"I was a student at Teddy Elementary School in Pompano Beach. My family moved down from New Jersey a couple of years earlier and I always missed the snow. Then on a cold winter day in Florida, the flurries began to fly and everyone in our class was excited. A like coat of snow was sticking (barely) on the grass and we could not wait to go outside and play. Our teacher looked at our faces and next thing you know an announcement over the intercom - Schools Out! We all ran outside and rolled around in the wet, snowy grass. What a day." - Ron Fisher, Sleepy Hollow, NY

"I remember the day it snowed like it was yesterday. I can't believe it was 35 years ago. I was in first grade and I remember the teacher telling us that it was snowing and that we were going to go see it outside. I remember squealing with delight with my friends as we made plans to make snowmen and go sledding and have a snowball fight. We were just kids, and we dreamed big in those days. In the end, we weren't able to make a snowman, go sledding or have a snowball fight. The snow melted before hitting the ground, but we tried our best to catch snowflakes on our tongues. It's something I'll never forget." - Cheryl LaPalme, Hollywood

"Being a second generation Floridian I had never seen snow before, I had jus
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54. seflagamma
12:37 PM GMT on January 19, 2012
Good Thursday morning, yes I am at work; already done a few early morning tasks.

it is partly cloudy with temps around 64 this morning and only expected to reach mid 70's this afternoon...
barely a chance of a few sprinkles of rain in our area from the "cold front"..

at least it is not getting cold in our area but we could use a little rain.

Hope you all enjoy your day.
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53. seflagamma
12:35 PM GMT on January 19, 2012
Good morning,

Rob, glad at least you got enough rain you don't have to water for a few days.
Looks like all the rain/moisture was drained from this front before it gets this far.
We are not going to receive any rain..

Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Sandi, good morning to you. If Iphone does not have blue tooth that may be a problem... actually it will be more of a problem for my husband. He loves to be on the phone while driving; I don't.
But if someone calls it is nice to juse push the "answer" button on my dashboard or steering wheel, and not have to pick up the cell phone.

But I really want a large screen like the Iphone has... we will see..
our phones are in such bad shape and worn our we need to get news ones immediately; just have not had time.

Thanks for the info!
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52. sandiquiz
7:57 AM GMT on January 19, 2012
Yes, the lack of bluetooth could be an issue for you - but as I never use it, I don't miss it. I love the screen on my IPhone, and the ability to "stretch" what I am looking at. That is how I can follow WU on my IPhone when away.

Try them both out in the store and then I am sure you will do what is best for you when the time comes...

Happy Thursday
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51. RobDaHood
11:32 PM GMT on January 18, 2012
Rain. Not a drought buster, but we don't get those this time of year. But looks like I might not have to water the garden for a few days. lightning. That is a concern right now because this area is a tenderbox.

Went out and stood in it. Looked up. Said Thank You!
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50. RobDaHood
11:17 PM GMT on January 18, 2012
Watching the blob over desoto/west highlands. If it doesn't split or dive when it hits the ridge I'll at least get some.
Will know in about 10 minutes.
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49. seflagamma
10:54 PM GMT on January 18, 2012
Hi I'm back for a quick check in.

Sandi, I watched the video and now even more confused. One of the important things is my blackberry's blue tooth ability to connect to my vehicle to be a voice comand/hands free when driving.

I think I am not technical enough to really know which one will be best. I just know I want a larger screen than I have with my 2 yrs old Blackberry and the kids Iphone has a very large screen.
But my BB does take great photos...

Oh well, we will have to continue our research..
thanks for the video!!!

Hi Rob, so I see the rain has made it to central Florida.. are you getting any of it yet?
I don't think we are expected to get any rain; perhaps a light sprinkler here or there.
That front is not going to hold together long enough to reach us..
Just hope Central Florida and West Central Fla get some rain from it..

Thanks for stopping by.
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48. RobDaHood
9:26 PM GMT on January 18, 2012
Hey Gamma!

Watching the rain, wondering if it's gonna hold together this far, dry up, or bypass me like last time.

Good to hear you are feeling good. Now...just take good care of yourself.
(all those little ones need a nice healthy Gamma)
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47. sandiquiz
8:56 PM GMT on January 18, 2012
It is amazing how quickly antibiotics can begin to make you feel human again, especially when you have felt grotty for a couple of weeks!

Thought you might be interested in this.... a video about the Blackberry against the IPhone.

Mind you, one of the speakers does have a broad Liverpudlian accent, so you may find him difficult to understand!! lol
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46. seflagamma
3:57 PM GMT on January 18, 2012
NEw, glad you stopped by. I understand so much going on with all of us.
Lucky I am finally feeling good again...
Those antibodics last week worked and this week is the best I have felt since last week of December.

I take it you will be enjoying Football in your area. While I am not really a Boston fan, I am not sure who I will be rooting for this year.

Thanks for stopping by!!!
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45. NEwxguy
2:11 PM GMT on January 18, 2012
GM,gamma,been a while since I dropped by,been so busy at work,working long hours lately,not happy about that,but whatcha gonna do.Anyway sounds like your having a nice winter so far down there,although sounds like its been pretty dry.
Winter has finally decided to show up a little,but its back and forth.This past weekend windchills were below zero and last night around midnight it hit 50,it just can't make up its mind. We had a couple of inches of snow yesterday,but its gone now,another couple inches tomorrow night.So winter is sort of here.
Have a great day,we are all in high football fever up here,looking forward to Sunday.
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44. seflagamma
1:00 PM GMT on January 18, 2012
We don't even have rain in our forcast this week and it is coming down in North Fla.. see maps in my header ...nor are our temps forcast to drop more than 5 degrees...
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43. seflagamma
12:59 PM GMT on January 18, 2012
Good morning,

It is Wednesday and I am at work, been here over an hour already! LOL "Long Week" and we all know how I feel about those!

nice weather outside for now; not sure that front is going to hold together long enough to make it this far to the SE Florida area.

We could use the rain, been pretty dry for awhile now.

Got some things to do here at work then will try to come back later when I get a chance.

Enjoy your day!
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42. seflagamma
10:19 PM GMT on January 17, 2012
LT, so good to see you again.So Mother Nature finally decided to give you some more snow just to remind you it is winter!!! Glad you stpped by.. Thanks.

Shera!!!! Oh my goodness, I thought I was seeing things when I saw your post!!! LOL I have not seen you stop by my blog in years.
OK, so you are the exception and you can be the "Sober, Nice, Skinny Bitch" LOL Good to see you girl!!!

Briar, I never thouht of it that way.. weeds need good soil also! I do have good compost I make for my small raised bed and I use it in the containers also.
I have such a small property I use every inch.
I did not get as much done as I wanted to but I did get some weeds pulled and my tomatoes all tied up again.
I had no idea I had so many nice size green tomatoes.. cannot wait for them to turn red.

I hear you, everyone of our friends here seems to have got this cold/flu bug right after Christmas!

So glad I am finally feeling nearly normal again!

Good afternoon, I said I would try to get back.

Actually I did not get done nearly what I wanted. My sister needed me to drive up to Boca again to help her with her computer. She let a neighbor "help her" and he just messed it up and disconnected it from her wireless internet...
And trust me, we all know I am not a computer tech, but I did finally figure it out and got her back on line and trying to help her with FB.
I will take baby steps with her this is her first ever contact with internet so must go very slow.

so my afternoon is coming to a close, I need to put the chicken in the oven (making roast chicken for dinner).. I had lots of Lemon Balm I was going to put in compost bin.. so much had to be trimmed back it was growing like crazy.. so I brought in a big bunch and washed it and I think I will "smother" my chicken with it while it is roasting in the oven...

cannot go wrong with that and chicken brother.. with butter, salt & pepper..

Got to go now probably for the night.. I will try to check in from work at some point tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening.

Thanks for coming by.
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