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Gamma's May Garden

By: seflagamma, 7:56 PM GMT on May 15, 2009

June 2, 2009: just getting this blog ready to archive.
It is full enough of different topics.
will open new blog thead this afternoon.

Most important thing I totally forgot.
Today, May 30th, I am 2 years smoke/nicotine free!
I cannot believe I made it 2 years already.
But I do know I couldn't have done it without all of
you who helped me thru some hellish times of withdrawal.
thank you all!

Sat. May 30, 2009:
A lot has gone on in this blog that was opened a few weeks ago! The spider bite, the infections, the daily storms and rain, the gardening, Betsey and Baron's visit, etc. My life is never boring! LOL
Hubby and I and his Dad are going up to Sebring, FL (between Lake Okeechobee and Orlando in Highland County) tomorrow morning until Monday afternoon to visit with his sister and family at their Lake Josephine vacation home. It will be fun, if the afternoon rain storms will stop awhile. I will open a new blog thread Monday or Tuesday.
Thanks to all of you for your posts and mail and concern over the past few weeks.. I am 99% better now!
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009:
Got 2" from the storms at my house getting ready for another afternoon storm. We have such hot and steamy weather over the Everglades and it collides with the cooler seabreeze from the Ocean, and BANG severe weather.
Right now my area, the Coral Springs, Parkland, Margate, Tamarac areas are getting slammed.. under Severe Weather Warning now.. Right now the "worse" for this round is just north of me.

Monday, May 25, 2009:
Happy Memorial Day to all our fallen heros; our Men and Women who have served in our Armed Forces in the past and present.

4pm.. major bad storm over header at 3:45pm this afternoon.. over 1 1/2" of rain in 15 mins.. hail, bad wind gusts... from all directions... I think we had a funnel cloud but no proof...

Wed. May 20, 2009:
Got another 1 1/2" of rain yesterday afternoon last night; just emptied the rain guage again.
Total since Sunday, 4 1/2" of rain.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009:
Got 1/2" of rain on Sunday afternoon. Since yesterday afternoon we have gotten 2 1/2" of is 8:30am now.
from the radar, looks like South Florida is in the center of the storm (the eye) and the rain is circling around us right now.

Friday, May 15, 2009:
I said the other day Wednesday I had so many pictures of Flamingo Gardens and of my home garden. I decided not to load up Flamingo Garden pics at this time and load up 16 pics of some of my garden.. especially my side yard.. entrance to my back yard from front. All my neighbor's use this entrance more often than our front door. LOL Also a few of the veggies and the Trashy tomato.

Our Rainy Season has started so the Dancing Baby can be retired for the next months. I like to keep the drought maps so you can see where all the excess rain is during the wet season..we will watch blues and greens instead of reds and fushia! LOL

I have 2 pictures of Baron taken inside so approvers will not approve them via WUPhotos.. and I cannot see how to load them as portraits anymore with this new system. So will load them up other way and hope I don't get the red X.

Baron in the chair reading "Goodnight Florida"

Baron climbing on the sofa.

Updated: 3:24 PM GMT on June 02, 2009


Mother's Day Blog

By: seflagamma, 7:24 PM GMT on May 09, 2009

Tue. May 12, 2009:
Happy Birthday to Barn Dweller and MoonLightCowboy!
and I finally got some pictures from Mother's Day Sunday loaded up. We got 1/4" of rain this afternoon. YIPEE

Sat. May 9, 2009:
I am afraid I will not have time tomorrow so setting up a Happy Mother's Day blog this afternoon. I will decorate it later and hope to get some pictures in it tomorrow night.
Glitter Graphics

Glitter Mother's Day Graphics

Thank you BD!

Since this drought is so serious now, bringing back the old drought map I had in the past to show the number of counties what are now fushia. Not good my friends.

Will keep the dancing baby up a while longer!

Updated: 7:51 PM GMT on May 15, 2009


Grandbaby #5 due in December

By: seflagamma, 7:54 PM GMT on May 04, 2009

Thur. May 7, 2009:
Got the official word so Doctor has now confirmed Grandbaby number 5 is on the way. Rylee will have a little brother or sister in December. Doctor says all things are going well with this pregancy and there should not be a miscarriage this time. YIPEE!

Monday afternoon, May 4, 2009:
Just another day in paradise. Needed to set up a new blog thread for the new weeks. I will continue to keep my "running journal" in comment #1. My blog is never a "topic blog" and I try to keep it friendly and free of nasty debate...there are lots of other blogs here to do that in. Oh yes, I finished my four paintings that I will hang on the fence to add whimsical color to the garden walk... they are now posted. So, Here's to another Day in Paradise.

Thank you BD!

Since this drought is so serious now, bringing back the old drought map I had in the past to show the number of counties what are now fushia. Not good my friends.

Will keep the dancing baby up a while longer!

Picture of Baron running in his yard with his two older "bros" Aspen and Brody in the bubbles.
This will have to do until Betsey sends me a picture I can load up on WU..

Updated: 7:21 PM GMT on May 09, 2009


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