Toss my hat in the ring???

By: seafarer459, 2:00 AM GMT on October 25, 2008

Hey allAs of 10-22, I am 49 yrs of age...I swing a hammer for a living and make 25k a year.. I should be an Obama supporter...just can't do it... Yet.Too many questions need to be answered. Can anyone give me a history of Obama???Where does he come from?? what did he do to qualify him for president???Anyway, as a disabled vet (noneya biz, where why & when) I do feel a kinship with McCain. btw I did not vote for mccain in the primaries... I am undecided...So please p...

Updated: 2:07 AM GMT on October 25, 2008

egos and attitudes

By: seafarer459, 9:39 AM GMT on August 20, 2006

OK people,what's up with all the infighting on DR Masters blog??? Weather: as a hobby,or as a Study in science,is no place for egos and attitudes. From the Met with a phd, to the mildly interested,no one is going to be 100%. We who find the tropics facinating,would like to stick to the topic.I understand that the weather dosen't always co-operate.Some days it's down right dull.And we find something else to talk about.Sports,cooking,whatever.BUT WE DON'T NEED A GANG ...

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