Very Tragic flooding in La Plata, Argentina

By: sasastorm , 8:32 PM GMT on April 05, 2013

During these days we witnessed the flood that hit the province of Buenos Aires, little we can add to the magnitude of what happened in the city of La Plata. The storm that hit Buenos Aires was heading towards La Plata, there was little time to take risks and rainy weather event occurred on the city recorded 311 millimeters of rain in some areas up to 400 mm!.
Starting at 5 pm La Plata began to be under water, in two hours the city was almost completely flooded. At 7 in the morning when I put in a situation of this tragedy, the official number of fatalities was 51.
A low pressure system located at middle levels of the atmosphere drove much humid air from the Atlantic Ocean as it moved around the storm system was retrofitted from warm surface air but especially with a high water content.
This mid-level disturbance remained in the province of Buenos Aires for almost 24 hours straight aggravating the situation further.
the problem is that the flood was already saturating the stream "El Gato" which is about 35 miles long and crosses the Partido de La Plata and Ensenada, keep in mind that in this basin is home to about 400,000 people.

This stream was being subject of lengthy discussions since its deplorable state had to assume the worst. The cat is receiving sewage, industrial waste and container obviously stormwater discharges, by collapsing emptied its waters in the city of La Plata and its surroundings, making the city into a veritable disaster area.
water came almost to the roofs of the houses, 1.70 meters high, and when the water began to drain household furniture and wax were impregnated with oily substances, hydrocarbons and presumably all the filth that pours into the creek.