South America Forecast Discussion

Strong winds in the South of Argentina

By: sasastorm, 7:54 PM GMT on March 20, 2013

The convergence zone that we came looking at the NEA became a low pressure system in surface whose values ​​are very low ... The shift to the SE of it begins to cause moderate winds associated with low pressure, it will mainly affect the coasts of Uruguay and part of the coast of Buenos Aires. In the NEA storms begin to lose strength and end up being something important Misiones in northern ...
In the NOA weather conditions will not be changed to what was presented yesterday so do not expect severe weather conditions.

In the far south the approach of a low pressure center associated with the trough will begin to increase the value of the intensity of the winds especially in the Drake Passage and south of Chile ...
This situation will begin to show from the early hours of morning in southern Chile and from midday Thursday in Tierra del Fuego