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Low pressure system "MONTE HERMOSO"

By: sasastorm, 2:46 PM GMT on February 27, 2013

Starting today and until Saturday we can appreciate as a tropical storm in average levels of income associated with colder air, causing the genesis of a low pressure system in the surface which we call "MONTE HERMOSO" because of its proximity to the town of the same name.

In the first map weather forecast is clearly observed as a low pressure system in the middle of the atmosphere shifts to lower latitudes, while a low pressure system known as low surface Northwest, warmer air pushes into the region central Argentina.

Wednesday 21 UTC

Once the mid-level disturbance is located at the latitude of the province of Buenos Aires starts to become evident as colder air is driven mid-level to the central region of Argentina.
While this disturbance begins its slow entry into the country, located in northwest lower surface continues to warm, moist air pushing into the Midwest. This air is very unstable due to its vertical section of warm, moist air at low levels and cold dry air at middle levels began to develop his early convective storm systems in the provinces of Patagonia to the afternoon of Friday.

thursday to friday

During the day Saturday the pressure drop across the central part of the country will end with the formation of a closed system of low pressure located in the extreme south of the province of Buenos Aires close to the towns of Monte Hermoso and Bahia Blanca.
The development of severe storms convective systems is a fact because the strong winds rotation push much air up being the same very unstable.
The provinces most affected by this storm system associated with the frontal region will be the country's central provinces like Mendoza, San Luis, Cordoba, La Pampa, Santa Fe, Entre Rios and of course the province of Buenos Aires including the Federal Capital

Saturday 18 UTC, 950 mb forecast

Saturday 21 UTC, winds surface intensity

The development of severe convective systems is the biggest concern right now forecast due to strong shear at low levels of the atmosphere and the high development of instability at the moment reaches the surface pressure of 200 mb. Forecast models show a deepening HERMOSO MOUNT system once it leaves the mainland and that allows the intensification of surface winds associated with values ​​reaching 100 km / hr.
This dynamic makes the surface cold front storms are even more severe and rapid development and finalization. As the system evolves into Friday morning would be able to issue a map of areas favorable for tornado development.

FERNANDO 2013-02-27


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South America Forecast Discussion

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