Academia AGW acceptance

By: ronnm , 9:18 PM GMT on June 18, 2014

The preponderance of AGW scientific evidence is quite obvious and undeniable. The question now becomes why the inaction.

I will background a bit for qualification. I was one of those at a early age rejected by academia. I found myself totally unable to memorize materials and then regurgitate it to provide a grade. It was not that I could not do so but found myself unable to do so.
As such I barely finished high school and made a couple of quick stabs at college but quickly dissuaded myself of any notions in that regard.

Professionally I found a line of work which required study and memorization but with a specificity of purpose and intent. In those areas I always excelled finding myself at the top of the class whenever this presented.
So I advanced to the relative top of the profession of choosing, and managed to retire from that with sufficient income to protect myself financially at the early age of 48.
I am by no means exceptional in any regard. It is just that I and many others who hold potential value to society are of the same type.

I post this blog here as it appears few will read it and have yet the compulsion of the human herd, which is to share what they know as human to the group or collective consciousness.
So I do so and it has little consequence and result but is nevertheless shared.

The problem is this as I see it.
We are indeed in America and probably throughout the world not taught to think rationalize and logically consider things but to memorize things and throw them back up.
As a aside I suspect internally unconsciously this is why many seek a mathematical or science speciality as to a degree one may exercise this part of our makeup.

We are now in a pickle. Call me a alarmist or whatever, global warming has a possible consequence of the destruction of most of the varied types of life on earth and may by some scenarios destroy humanity itself.

As a democracy we are the products of our learning. We cannot as a group determine the validity of things through a reasoned approach to things.
Thusly things of science though probable fact are not necessarily considered so. How a thing is said is more consequential than the thing said itself. We have not been taught to reason things out. Appearance suffices for substance.

So we have a threat to humanity itself which lies largely not acted upon. Taught to reason or providing a means for expression or success, to those who have more of this in their nature than the memorization aspect of humanness in academia would provide the solution. Many I suspect are as I am. I was fortunate enough to select a profession which I may succeed in with my constraints but many like me I suspect never do and then become laborers service workers or some such never realizing their potential.

There is no hope for American education or the future of the world in this issue and great great catastrophe is to result.

So the need to act and provide for the herd part of my humanness is provided though I suspect few will read this and no result will follow. Any idea however presented and in whatever form becomes a seed which is dispersed to the collective. So this idea is propagated. Democracy will not succeed, at least not American democracy unless we give equal weight at all levels of the educational experience to reasoning as well as we do now to memorization. Democratic action on this issue will not occur until it is virtually to late. Democracy depends on two main components, a educated populace able to reason and access to information of a truthful sort. What we memorize or seem to know and are able to recite it is important, but on a scale of one to ten, probably in the range of four or so.

Take it with a grain of salt another blogger saying something of no import, as this certainly is so.
Personally I don't suffer as no result is expected. Few will read it.

Thanks for reading :) those that do.
For those in academia, of those communities whose members seem to populate this board a bit, think about this and the allowance for those who may reason more than memorize. One has great difficulty as a educator grading such a thing but know it is a aspect that must be considered as primary. It is now crucial to our success as a species.
We are the result of the inverse and our response to AGW and our politic. If you want this, the state of things of this sort now; please do continue and not consider this.

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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