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Wednesday's Rant of the Day

By: ricderr, 4:15 PM GMT on April 10, 2014

I decided it was time for a little format change and this is a good, tongue in cheek, way to practice for when I'm really old and can sit on my front porch complaining how the new generation is going to hell while reminiscing about the "good ole days."

I cannot stand listening to spanish being spoken anymore. Nope, I hate it. It's starting to burn my ears and I look so forward to when we take trips out of El Paso where i can look forward to hearing people talk in my native tongue of good old english.

Now first let me say that I'm not against hispanics, nor am I one who subscribes to the idea that once in America you should speak American, i/e english. Neither am I dumb enough to not realize I could just move somewhere else, no matter how difficult, if it was that important to me or the fact that I live in a city where 87% percent of the population is hispanic and added to that we get a lot of travelers from Mexico who come to shop here during the day.

Nope, it doesn't matter, I can't stand listening to Spanish. Why in the hell do they say "bueno" when answering the phone instead of hello? Of course I just love when I get a phone call and the caller is speaking spanish and no matter that I have to stop them and explain I understand no spanish as soon as I'm finished they go right back to speaking to me in spanish. And it's everywhere. I mean that with a population of 87 percent hispanic and an additional 10 percent being temporary residents courtesy of the army base you have to expect that hispanics would be the primary business owners, workers, and customers so you'll never see an english only speaking policy in the workplace as you would in other cities. So yep, come to El Paso and you're gonna hear spanish as much as english spoken here.

I can't forget that spanglish is just as bad. That's where you get about half the sentence in english and half in spanish which boils down to me is that I just understood half of what was being said. Don't let me forget that my darling daughter, now at age 3 has also started speaking to me in spanglish. I've got no clue what she's saying and sometimes that might just be a good thing. Of course she also won't say "yes" anymore. It's now "ci.' Plus I have no clue what "doma" or "este" mean, only that when she says it she's handing me something.

Do you know what the worst part is. If i'm eavesdropping on someone and I'm trying to listen to their personal conversation. I don't care how easy it is for me top hear them. I just can't damn well understand what they're saying. How in the heck can you be a busybody in someone's business when you have no clue what they're talking about?

You all have fun....I just did

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Reader Comments

Why is this a Wednesday rant if today is Thursday?

Also, buenas tardes.
Well this is a devilish blog entry. Check out the blog entry number.
Getting that way here in orlando as well. This is the reason my grandad moved to Newberry just outside of Gainesville. All country up there.
Spanish is the first language in S FL.
Few things: English-land borders Spanish-land... what do you get in between? Spanglish-land

are you complaining for the everyday language thing you deal with. It very well may be impossible to establish usage of a single language for a determined location.

My native language is Spanish but I learned English when I came here. It took me three long years and yes as Americans complaining about how hard and possibly dumb learning Spanish is I was complaining that same thing about English...

Initially for me the phrase "let's hang out" was so silly and didn't make sense at all in Spanish (vamonos a collar???) or even "let's hit the road" (Sp. Vamos a golpear la calle") even worse. Then I said to myself how stupid Americans talk.

Even at El Paso where at a point in time was territory of Mexico. How can people comply for a single language rule?

It's even better to speak two-languages. I love people thinking I only speak Spanish, best when taking being your back. They tag you as such but I don't care whether to tell them or not since I'm not expecting anything from them anyway.

People say "bueno", even myself because it's more practical than saying hello every time thus I get tired saying hello too.

"este" means "this". ANDThere is a deeper different meaning to this word too. When you want to call people's attention you say "este" a little slowly then they can be ready to hear what he has to say.

I don't know what "doma" is... never heard of that word.
Spanish IS contagous to speak in AS English is... so many people around the world say certain words in English just to feel cool and smarty for an unknown reason to me.

Im happy your daughter is learning "unintientioanlly" Spanish. She can socialize and be up to the latest from both worlds. Unlike those who oppose and reject taking the encouragement.

Same thing happens in Spain-France, China-Vietman, Argentina-Brazil. etc.

Im just trying to have you see the world better. Not everything should be a bad thing.

People who hate Spanish is because they don't speak it but they will have a different thought when they do.

Yo hablo espaƱol. Asi como hablo con hispanos hablo con americanos y me llevo bien con ambos de dos mundos distintos a los que pertenezco.
People tiene que deal with todos los dias con la genre everywhere.
Yout gotta go with the flow even if you try to fight it.
Quoting 2. DonnieBwkGA:
Well this is a devilish blog entry. Check out the blog entry number.

I noticed that too... 666
I count myself as lucky, because in Pasa-Get Down-dena, Texas, we have a section of town where the only language spoken is Spanish. We love the stores and the authentic Mexican food! It reminds me of when I was a little girl and my Daddy was stationed at Laredo Air Force Base.

I work out every day at the YMCA, and two of my favorite classes are Latin Spice and Latin Dance. They are like Zumba on steroids! The girls are very sweet Hispanics, and they encourage me!

Embrace the difference! It's a hell of a lot more fun to smile than to frown! =)
Learn Spanish , so You will know what what your neighbours are saying :)

10. Ylee
Quoting 2. DonnieBwkGA:
Well this is a devilish blog entry. Check out the blog entry number.

Quoting 7. trHUrrIXC5MMX:

I noticed that too... 666

Actually, it's #667. A blogger's first WU blog is zero. :' )
Quoting 10. Ylee:

Actually, it's #667. A blogger's first WU blog is zero. :' )

Good catch, Ylee. I always forget that.
Same here in Germany. Why do all of these Germans speak German??????
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