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Friday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr , 2:14 PM GMT on June 14, 2013

Heat, 100 degree plus days, humidity, above 35 percent, the dog days of June are upon us. I know, you that live in the southeast would love a summer day with only 35 percent humidity and are laughing but remember i laugh as you worry about tropical storms and hurricanes as you can expect to see them about once every 20 years and here we have tropical force winds and hurricane force gusts about a dozen times a year. It's all just a matter of perspective.

it's always nice to see old screen names post, it just goes to show that the Eagles were correct when they sang, "you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave."

In my last post I would have loved to have heard from someone that was against their children being gay. Not that they wouldn't love them nor support them, but I do accept and welcome differing viewpoints. This not need to be a Ricky Rudd blog atmosphere just because we all don't agree. I understand though as it seems we may be tolerant of other ways of life, but we're not tolerant of those that aren't tolerant. Does that make sense?

Another controversial subject is abuzz here in Texas as the state government is introducing legislation to limit abortions, limiting where they can be performed, limiting access to abortion inducing pills and stopping all abortions when the fetus is over 20 weeks.

I've made no bones that personally I am against abortion and yet feel just as strongly that I have no right, nor does the government to control what another woman does to their body. I also feel strongly that if the government does step in that they should provide just as much care and concern for the child after it is born which has never been the case.

With that said and seeing that the government is involved I ask the QOD:

Should there be limits on abortion and to what extent?

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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7. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
8:29 PM GMT on June 19, 2013
ricderr has created a new entry.
6. Alleyoops
8:55 PM GMT on June 14, 2013
Ric your a nut but I love ya anyway. It's fine to disagree with my opinion as I know I live in a more liberal country with free medicare and other good things you can only dream of....LOL
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5. ricderr
4:33 PM GMT on June 14, 2013
alley...i agree with the 2nd paragraph...and that goes with my comment....if govt is going to weigh in on abortion.....why are they not as concerned after the child is born....adoption is difficult...why not make it easier to adopt....

i did a little google digging...less than 2 percent of abortions are performed after 20 weeks...so even if made illegal it's probably a non-issue....as for using it as birth control...over half the women in a national survey claimed they were on some form of birth control...

and nope...not arguing...just disagreeing....if i was arguing i would call you an uptight canadian...LOL....then you'ld block me and i couldn't have your FB recipes
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4. ricderr
4:29 PM GMT on June 14, 2013
thank you Obop...at least someone thinks i can dance.....Ta da da boom!
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3:30 PM GMT on June 14, 2013

as for the QOD

that's an individuals call I reckon
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2. oregonbirdofprey
3:03 PM GMT on June 14, 2013
Yesterday you were just dancing on thin ice, today you're jumping up and down on it.

Because I didn't comment on the gay thing, for the record, it's not my business or the governments. I have no moral objections and support gay rights as an equal rights issue.

Regarding abortion, again, not my business. I do however think reasonable restrictions on late-term, viable fetus abortions make sense. This raises more questions than it answers and I don't want to join that debate. I do strongly feel that we should be far more concerned with all the children who are already with us than those who haven't arrived yet.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
1. Alleyoops
3:00 PM GMT on June 14, 2013
Yes Ric, I agree there should be limitations on abortion. Many use this as a form of birth control instead of what it was truly intended for, the health of the mother, a badly deformed fetus and in the case of RAPE, where a child under the age of 15 could have an early abortion for psychological reasons.

To use it for any other means, is just not right. Many good families would be willing to adopt an unwanted child so why not give it a chance to live. Who knows one of these babies could grow up to be President one day....Adoption is the key if you don't want the pregnancy, do not destroy the life that is growing in you for the sake of society and circumstances. You did the deed willingly, then don't take it out on the child.
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