I'm Glad I'm Not You, Cus Then I Wouldn't Be Me

Monday;s Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 1:17 AM GMT on February 22, 2010

A bad thing...

I was listening to a comedian who happens to be Iranian during a radio interview on Friday and the talk turned to his opinion about Iranian politics and as the talk turned serious the comedian stated how mixed he was about the Austenite who flew his plane into the IRS building. He was saddened by the news and yet he was relieved it wasn't a Muslim that commited this act of homegrown terrorism.

A good thing...

The Federal Reserves announcement that they will be raising the interest rate.

A great thing...

The Golden Gophers basketball team after hearing that the sister of one of their team members had cancer, in an effort to offer their support the whole team shaved their heads. I don't know about you but to me that shows all that's good about humanity and that leads to the QOD:

What do you know that's great and if not great we'll settle for good.

Monday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 9:12 PM GMT on February 15, 2010

Well it is official, Tim will be on his way to the University of Florida next year. They released their accepted freshmen list Friday at 6:00 and Tim was on the phone with me at 6:01. Of course as a parent I see Tim both the good and bad and If the boy had wanted to work harder he could have had the same acceptance at any college of his choice. Oh well, he wanted to go to UF and that's where he's going and as his dad, I'm happy and proud but it does lead to the QOD:

With Tim becoming a hated Gator, do I disown him or become a Gator fan?

Friday's Question of The Day

By: ricderr, 1:09 PM GMT on February 12, 2010

Well, it has been quite awhile and after perusing just a few blogs I can tell you it hasn't been long enough. Oh well, life goes on and the blogs go on and as long as I can enjoy myself and those that I've come to know and like, life is good.

Don't worry, there's a question, it's just that my fingers have a bit of work to do first.

I watched the Super Bowl over at Mary's, aka IHave27Windows. She has a wonderfully normal yet oddballish family. Not much unlike mine. I had a great time and being with her family made me homesick for mine. Now Mary doesn't want me to tell this but what the heck, I wouldn't be me if I was like her so let me tell. Mary and her family take care of her father. To me this is life at its worst but also at its most perfect. I have this notion that children should take care of their parents as they become old. Now, "dad" joined the company around the tv set and as time went by I could see he was becoming cantankerous. (You know you've been in Texas too long when you say words like cantankerous.) Well before you know it words are spoken and people are upset and Mary is mortified that her guests had to witness it. A terrible thing I think we would all say except we would all be wrong. It was a beautiful thing, not for what had happened but for what happened in the next ten minutes. What happened was, there was a couple of apologies and in no time there was once again a family. People who loved each other and who accepted each other and knew they were bound together. Again, the end result was fascinating how quickly they all came back together. Its a lesson that I need to learn. That hell, I need to practice right now, this minute.

OK I know, to hell with gushy stuff, let's get to the question. Do you know what this weeked is? Oh it is Valentines weekend, but it is also the start of the Winter Olympics. I'm a bigger fan of the winter games than of the summer games sans the ice skating. Well, I enjoy ice skating except that I'm rooting for the crash. Ok, let me lose my "man card" by saying I do enjoy the ice dancing. The twirls and jumps don't impress me as much as watching the footwork that the ice dancers choreograph into their routines and that leads to the QOD:

What is your favorite Winter Olympic event?

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I'm Glad I'm Not You, Cus Then I Wouldn't Be Me

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