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By: ricderr, 1:50 PM GMT on March 31, 2009

Well, we have another rainout. Here in Houston we have a 50 percent chance of rain and that has put a halt on installation so I decided it's question time.

I had the chance to visit Austin this past weekend. Driving west on 290 I also got the chance to see fields of the state flower, the blue bonnet. There were hundreds of cars parked along the side of the road as people stopped to take pictures and admire the view, but I had to wonder about those that walk through the fields, do they realize that when they traipse through the fields they're ruining the view for the next people? Austin is nice. I didn't get to see the sights as last week they had one helluva hail storm. I sold a few roofs and I'll be working up there quite a bit the next few months, selling, measuring and project managing, as we already have over 500 contracts in less than a week.

Business is booming and except for not being with my family, things couldn't be better. Not everywhere though, when you read the blogs, watch the news and talk with people, doom and gloom seem to be the mood of the day. With that respect I want to revisit an old question. Last time I asked it I really enjoyed the answers and was inspired b the stories of many on here. Not sure if we'll have the same responses today but I always enjoy reading the replies and that leads to the QOD:




By: ricderr, 5:08 PM GMT on March 25, 2009

What? No Question? Yep, darn skippy, it's time for the first ever workday blog party. It's a rain out here in H-Town and I have some appointments, but I think the bubbly needs to flow and the party hats come out.


Sunday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 5:34 PM GMT on March 22, 2009

Oh well, I truly know I'm getting old. I went to the eye doctor yesterday and when she was done with my exam she showed me the difference between my distance vision normal and corrected and then my near vision both normal and corrected. Yep, I went from no glasses to the proud owner of bifocals. Well, not proud but I'm trying to learn to wear them.

(Where oh where has my little dog gone. Oh where oh where can he be.) Sorry, that song just popped into my head.

The hardest part of glasses was picking out the frames. First, every pair I did like the frame was too small because of bifocals, unless I wanted to opt for some type of lens at about a 200 buck upgrade. I figured that with this being a new concept for me. I had better stick to the basics until I can convince myself I won't lose them or wreck them, but man, if I had picked what I really liked I would have shelled out over 500 bones and although it's nice to see things clearly, the price of fashionable eyewear is downright scary and that leads to the QOD:

How fashion conscious are you about your eyewear?



By: ricderr, 5:16 PM GMT on March 20, 2009

OK, I found a few minutes and just for GS, I've got a question or two.

Life is fine here in Houston. I'm the sole project manager for the Houston office. Most of the salesman were requesting me to oversee their jobs and due to some problems with our other PM the powers that be decided to make me the one and only. It's nice for me since work has steadied out, I still remain as busy as I was when we were slammed and since I use my time on the job as PM as a way to make sales I'm hoping it will keep my sales up too.

The best news though is I'm going home April 9th. I can't wait to see Becky and the kids. It's been too long between trips and I miss my family. The money is great, but the distance is way to far from home.

So enough with the chit chat let's get to the serious business and the QOD:

Guys, Boxers or Briefs?

Gals, Granny panties of G-Strings?



By: ricderr, 3:09 PM GMT on March 07, 2009

"Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day." I don't know the rest of the words to that song. Guess I had better not try to make them up for fear that my Saturday lack of sanity could cause me deep bans hear on the WU.

Kyle starts Lacrosse today. WhooHoo. I know, I know, but I love sports and I love the fact my son loves sports as much as I do. Cassie is going through teen angst and a girl who knows no other mom than Becky, while driving the other day, had the nerve to tell her, that as the stepmother, Becky should show more respect. Becky handled it much better than I would have and Cassie is still amongst the living. Tim has a girlfriend. Well as he puts it, they're not official, but the fact they text, talk and instant message each other 24/7 and spend a ton of time together means title or no title the boy is cursed with the woman addiction. Becky, she's still taking care of all three, the animals and the house while I toil here in lovely, streets lined with gold, Houston.

Well, Houston has been very good to me, but I'm not sure how lovely it is. City government needs to learn that potholes are not the beauty marks of roads. Oh, but I did find the greatest Mexican bakery last week where they sold hand made tortillas and later we went to Mamba's, a Mexican seafood place that serves fried rice, the best I've ever eaten. Yep, when you work 12 plus hours a day, you get your enjoyment from the little things and that's kind of where this is leading. Last night I was talking with a friend about concerts. It's been forever since I've been to a concert except for the Aaron Carter concert we took the kids to just before we moved up from the Keys. Now, there's no way I'm going to go to see some group and stand out as the old guy whose only reason to be there is to watch his kids, but somewhere I saw that Elton John and Billy Joel were to perform and that I would love to see and that leads to the QOD:

What concert would you want to go to?

Updated: 3:11 PM GMT on March 07, 2009



By: ricderr, 3:39 PM GMT on March 01, 2009

Oh the world has problems! There's joblessness, the economy, world issues, the stock market, government bailouts, intolerance just to name a few. But today we need to focus on the real issues. We've got gripes but there's some things that are really important and we need to gather together, right the wrongs and make things right. Let me explain in my long winded fashion.

My day typically starts around 5:30 a.m. where I get up, head to the office, no longer a 40 minute commute since we've moved to an executive apartment off West road in Houston proper, where I do a bit of paperwork and then head off to the roof job I'm managing and from there to handle a few appointments and I usually end up back at the office and eventually head for home. Now I usually skip lunch in favor of a big dinner, but I will stop at a convenience store for a large coke with lots of ice so I have cold water throughout the afternoon. This week I altered my routine somewhat and stopped off at Mickey D's. Now I haven't eaten at the home of the Big Mac since I've been in Texas and I had forgotten the Golden Arches major flaw. Their straws are much too big! Rather than a sip each time you suck through the straw you get a large mouthful of soda and sooner than you would like it's empty.

Yes I know, it shouldn't bug me but it's just one of those pet peeves and that leads to the QOD:

What are your strangest pet peeves?


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