I'm Glad I'm Not You, Cus Then I Wouldn't Be Me


By: ricderr, 9:16 PM GMT on February 07, 2009

Well, it has been awhile. Life is still busy here in Houston. We're moving from Waller to Houston proper itself and it will save a ton of travel, so I'm happy about the move. I've been sick. I had the worst cold I can ever remember having. My sinuses were infected, my head spun and my chest felt like a mule had kicked it and caved it in. Mary, (aka 27windows) invited me to her house for a Super Bowl Party, but I wasn't able to make it as I was running a fever.

You have to love politics and the people who follow them and especially for their short memories. How many times did you hear people say, "stop blaming Bush, because he's just the President, you have to remember how much fault is layed at the feet of Congress." Those same people are now laying the blame of a failed former administration on who else, President Obama. Oh well, to each their own

Now here is what really interested me. Yesterday as I was driving through Houston, what part I can't remember, I passed by a cemetery filled with rows of white stone grave markers. They were the ones that are rounded at the top and you would expect to see "RIP" at the top. I didn't see any military insignias around as I at first thought it might be reserved for fallen soldiers. There were no signs so I'm left wondering why, what and what for. maybe some Houstonite on here can shed some light on the subject. Another thing I see here in Houston is the police escorted funeral processions. I've seen a few before with private escorts, but here in Texas, you get the royal treatment when you depart for the final time. All this got me to thinking about death. Now death itself does not scare me. I want to go on living as long as the next guy, but when my ticket is punched I'll hop on the train. Now the funeral part is what I find fascinating. I don't want a funeral, nor do I want a wake or a memorial service. I want a wild swinging party. Let me having the honor of celebrating with friends and family one last time and if there's a few tears, so be it, but I truly hope there's a bunch of laughter and quite a few smiles and happy moments throughout. What I don't want however is to be buried in some dank drak musty hole. There's a place in the California Trinity Mountains called Derr Mountain and I would like my ashes spread there just like my Grandparents and that leads to the QOD:

Do you want to be buried or cremated?

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I'm Glad I'm Not You, Cus Then I Wouldn't Be Me

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