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In his blogness's absence

By: ricderr, 3:50 PM GMT on September 28, 2008

I am pirating the Rickster's blog to let you know that he has arrived on scene in Waller. He said that the setup is not so bad, with a nice house on 5 acres. They have a pool!

They had one training meeting already, and work starts tomorrow bright and early.

He had a great morning before he left yesterday because Kyle's football team won 26 - zip. They played like pros the little nippers.

He said the trip was not bad and they drove nearly straight through.

He should have internet at the house tomorrow or Tuesday, so you will get the scoop straight from the horse's mouth.





By: ricderr, 12:51 PM GMT on September 26, 2008

Well, this is my last day of fun. Tomorrow after Kyle’s football game I head out. It’s about a 16 hour drive to Waller Texas. I’d be a liar if I didn’t say I was nervous, but I’m hoping it will be worth it.

There’s always the fear of the unknown and really, it would be so easy to just say to hell with it and stay home. I could always find another job and do what I know, close to home and with an easy out if things don’t work out as planned.

LMAO, I’m sorry, think about it. What fears do I really have? Think of what others face daily. Dangerous jobs, crippling news from the doctor, a chance to be shot and killed in a foreign country just to name a few and I’m here stressing over a 1200 mile drive and a new job? I crack myself up, but I also know, what each and everyone of us faces is the most critical thing personally. It doesn’t matter what the next guy is going through it’s what is personal to us that is always at the forefront. I remember sitting in the hospital when my first wife was in a coma and my daughter was in the neonatal ICU ward at a neighboring hospital and my life was crumbling before my eyes. I knew real fear that day and as I listened to someone talk about how devastated they were over an office argument, I wanted to shake the lady and give her a dose of my reality and then it hit me. She was also facing what was probably her most serious issue in awhile and even though it might not have been near the scope of my own troubles, it was what had tipped the scales for her. So I laugh at myself, because I know in what areas I’m a pansy. I’m judging me not anyone else and that leads to the question of the day:

What scares you?


Thursday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 12:47 PM GMT on September 25, 2008

What a beautiful morning. Cool, crisp, we're having a fall morning here in Florida and for once, I'm not in an office with a thousand things to do, phones to answer, plans to bid and sales to ask for. In other words, until Monday I'm an unemployed bum.

Kyle wasn't feeling well this morning, more of he's worried about his old man leaving and I think we both decided a day together was more important than a day at school. I've got some shopping to do, a van to clean and some housework needing my attention and of course, football practice tonight at 6:00. Funny, but in this world of instant connectivity that keeps us close, nothing seems further than knowing there won't be that touch, that feel of breath on your arm as your boy hugs you and squeezes his face against you. It will be a long month before I get to fly home and feel that again. The next two and a half days I'm going to savor every moment of it.

Funny, the last week has been filled with getting my accounts in order at work, with answering questions and trying to convince my new employer I'm their best choice and reconciling myself with the idea I'll be separated from family that I've not looked at how I'll feel. I've the easy job, selling. Something that comes naturally to me and with a product that is needed and knowing that I'll do it honestly and a thorough job gives me that smugness and a feeling of purpose. My dad, stepfather if you want the technical term, always had a saying that if you're not afraid of work you'll always have food on the table. That was our mantra growing up and from my early beginnings with nothing it meant a lot to me. I've never been one to need a fancy house, a shiny new car, or a bankroll that would impress a drug dealer, but I do enjoy the things that a nice payday brings to the table and am not afraid of doing what it takes to provide it. Becky is the one with the weight of the world upon her. Taking care of the kids and running the house while I'm so tasked with one objective.

It's funny how perceptions go. Someone took a statement I said yesterday and in their perspective they misinterpreted what I said. Without going into details, all I was saying is what I'm doing does not makes me, please notice the word me a hero for doing what I'm doing. I'm grabbing a fast buck and at the same time, through sales I'm learning the adjuster business. If things work out there will be more storms to chase and more trips to areas affected by storms and hopefully it will provide a chance to also spend more time here at home with family and friends doing what I feel is more important than anything else, being dad and husband. I don't need to be a hero, since I live with four of them, a wife and kids who accept me and love me.

So there, today, you've learned more about me than a thousand QOD's and answers and jokes and to a few who I hope you know who you are, you as extended friends to me and my family, I will also miss and that leads to the QOD:

Who are you?


Wednesday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 11:21 PM GMT on September 24, 2008

I'm Back!! Well only for a few days. I leave Saturday for Houston, well Waller actually is where I'll be staying. The company I'm going to work for has rented a large building there. They've installed about 15 beds and said come one come all, it's communal living, Texas style.

I've got about 50 books packed so no matter what I should be fine and since I'll have the laptop I'll be around, but I expect 12 hour days, 7 days a week and so my fun time is going to be severely strained.

But, I've done worse for a whole lot less pay. Like the time I worked for a motel where people would stop in with their date for a few hours. I'd make up the room so the manager could rent it again at 5 dollars a room. It was nice fast money for a kid in college as a 2nd job. Study and when someone checked out, clean it up. The things I found and the messes I cleaned though, were disgusting and that leads to the QOD:

What is the worst job you've ever had?



By: ricderr, 11:20 PM GMT on September 19, 2008

Well not yet, but it's looking like a good possibillity. Funny, I and another made a joke about how a hurricane could pick up the building trade here in FL and we got out butts slammed for it. Now Ike rolls through Texas and it may well end up a boon for many. I'm talking with a company that I'll triple my pay for a year. Yes, It's 7 days a week and it means being away from family, but as many in the building business know all too well right now in Florida it's slow and the pickings are lean. I'll probably know more by the end of this weekend and I'll keep in touch but for now, I'm really enjoying the time off from here. To those that have e-mailed I will answer, probably even tonight. I'm just slow at that too right now. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gypsy.


pausing for ike

By: ricderr, 10:18 PM GMT on September 12, 2008

You have to wonder when a few days ago the conditions for ike was intensification to a possible cat 4 at landfall and knowing full well what havoc the storm would wreck among a populated section such as corpus christi and houston..and to see the latest reports of a cat 2 at landfall...i may not be a god fearing man any longer...but even i can see his compassion in these events....still...ike is and will cause major damage and heartache for many and for those..my heart goes out to you....


Still taking a Break

By: ricderr, 3:41 PM GMT on September 09, 2008

sons of biscuit eating freaking out god bless the usa donkey lovers.........the fighting blog...is over to the left...the...you're a refuse eliminating hole blog..is on the right...this is the...some self aware idiotic brain numbing lowlife (you can add the expletive deletives of your choice here) really wants a break blog...is that so animal love enjoyment thrillseeking hard to comprehend?...i'm sure it's not..and so..in my sweetest most loving voice...filled with all the love and joy i can bring forth..please...i implore you..i extoll even...Have a Most Wonderful Day!


Time to Take a Break

By: ricderr, 11:41 AM GMT on September 08, 2008

I've just got the blogging blahs. I've got a thousand smart ass things to say about the blahs but for what? Now there's a question for you. Instead I'll take some time off until the questions well up to where I really want the answers. Until then, I'll sit back, pop in a few blogs, watch the tropics, watch the election and do what feels like fun.




By: ricderr, 12:22 PM GMT on September 05, 2008

Ok folks, we here at Wunderground have accomplished many things when we have grouped together.

Think back to how many of the problems plaguing our world we have solved. We’ve tackled the topics and settled issues such as world hunger, we’ve decided to end poverty and we have even debunked the myth that universal health care is a bad idea. OK, I admit, I’m still not onboard with the last one, give me time.  We’ve also tackled tough issues here on our very own blogs. We’ve convinced admin to enforce all of their rules fairly. We’ve made admin enact their ban reprieve to all members equally. Now we could very easily rest on our laurels and consider ourselves a success. We could, but I’m asking that we ban together once more. I’m asking that we come together and that we collectively contain Ike. We redirect its path away from any mainland and weaken its winds and that leads to the question of the day:

What is the strangest story you have heard on how to change or affect the weather?


Thursday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 1:35 PM GMT on September 04, 2008

I’m jammed up at work but a dumb thought just popped into my head, so I better get it out. Oh, hi and happy Thursday, we’re on the slip sliding end of the week and none too soon if yours has been as hectic as mine.

Back to dumb thoughts. It just dawned on me that I’m liberal in my viewpoint of healthcare and that everyone should have access to it, but when it comes to hurricane preparedness I’m quite conservative. Everyone needs to be responsible for themselves. I don’t have an answer for this; it just struck me as odd.

What a perfect night last night was. The weather was just perfect to sit outside and watch football practice. The temperature was mild coupled with low humidity and a fantastic fall like breeze, could summer be over soon?

Ike is on steroids, should Tina be worried?

Yes, it’s a verbal garbage type day, but that’s ok as long as you recycle. I can tell that sanity is soon to leave me today. My daughter started it. She was given laughing gas this morning while they pulled a tooth and prepped her for braces and she couldn’t stop laughing and thinking everything was hilarious. I think it might be catchy. No, I don’t want to laugh but I don’t want to take anything to seriously either today.

So, let’s trash talk Ike today. It doesn’t matter if you are or might be in the cone of death, but just how stubborn are you? What’s your tolerance level? How much of a risk taker are you? What are your nerves like? And the QOD:

If a category 4 hurricane was going to invade your little part of the world, would you evacuate or hunker down?


Wednesday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 11:56 AM GMT on September 03, 2008

Let me start out with something that happened last night and how it demonstrates perception is a funny thing. After spending the day watching Hanna diminish in strength, move south and then east and also see the models and conditions point a more easterly track away from Florida's coast, I was feeling that we can breath another sigh of relief here in the Treasure Coast. On the way to Kyle’s practice and stopping for gas, next to me was an senior lady filling up her gas cans in preparation. She meekly asked me if I could put them in her trunk after they were filled which was no problem and then she asked me how worried I was about Hanna. Now here I am without any worries and based by some decent data I’m right, but you know what? I’m not a met and I’m prone to be wrong more than I’m right and so I told her she was doing the best thing by being prepared and to watch her news and keep hoping Hanna would continue on an easterly path away from us. Hers and my perspective were just that, perspective and even if Hanna proves me right, in that instance, claiming I knew what the facts were, I really think I would have been wrong. I don’t know any significance to this, it just was something that happened that set me to thinking.

Now, no political talk today even though politics are what has stirred the conversation. Once again let me say, NO POLITICS. The recent Vice President choice has re-opened the debate about working mom’s and should they or shouldn’t they. It’s also opened up the debate shouldn’t dads be involved. I’ve read a few blogs over the years on here and they really surprised me by the replies I read in them. Now I have some very strong views on working moms, but just like the story above, just because something is right for me, doesn’t mean it has to be right for you and that leads to the QOD:

Should mothers work? If mothers work should fathers stay home? Who should have more of a role in raising the child, a mother or a father?


Tuesday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 2:22 PM GMT on September 02, 2008

Tuesdays that feel like Mondays are no fun. I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend; it’s just a shame that they have to end.

I’m not going to talk about politics today but I just have to vent, once again the Republican platform caters to the religious right. I’m sorry; it just doesn’t wash with me. You’ve got a party with really good ideology in so many areas and the last decade and a half has seen many of those overshadowed by pandering to evangelicals who are trying to control the party from the pulpit. I just wonder, it’s a Christian platform today, what stops it some day from being a different religion with different beliefs. Ok, I’m done, it’s no big deal if you don’t agree with me, I feel better now.

On another plain, kudos to those that orchestrated the evacuation of New Orleans, only those that by a personal choice had to stay and that is a very good thing. They gave a new meaning to planes, trains and automobiles. I did notice one thing that stood out like a sore thumb, the city wasn’t prepared for a wind event. Did you notice how many flags were flying? Billboards were still up, heck I saw a huge Obama poster blowing by in one news report. Awnings had not been taken down, traffic lights weren’t removed to leave the bare minimum. I know, it’s not my town and it’s not my worry, it just bugs me. I feel better now too.

Since I’m venting today, let me also say Tampa. When oh when am I going to see someone from Tampa say. Every year I prepare and in the back of my mind I say, “YEEHAW, we haven’t been hit for 87 years and man that feels good.” Instead you hear, “we’re due, oh man we’re due.” Personally, I keep on saying, we’ve had our share we should be done for awhile and then I see Hanna and Ike. Tamponians, you’re due? I’ll give them all to you.

OK let me switch to something positive. Kyle’s Mitey Mights are undefeated. They won their first game 19-0 on Saturday. Kyle had a great game kicking off and even recovered one of his own kicks that was flubbed by the opposing team. He also had a couple of nice tackles, but most importantly, each boy out of a roster of 23 for that game played at least 20 plays. Our team is of a size that you only have to play your weakest players 8 plays, but we have a coaching staff that believes more in a team concept than in winning. Who knows, they might be able to have their cake and eat it too!

Yep, more negatives than positives,I've got my work cut out for me to change that. I don’t care that it is called Tuesday, it sure feels like Monday and that leads to the QOD:

What is your rant or rave?


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