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Friday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 12:12 PM GMT on August 29, 2008

Well, we've made history. Yes, you and I as last night Obama officially became the Democratic Party's representative for President of the United States. You don't have to like the man or agree with his politics to be proud that we've done something that could not and would not happen in many other countries throughout the world.

It looks like it's time for Floridians to look east once again as Hanna has stepped to the dance floor. It seems nobody has a grip as to what number she's going to be dancing to after about Wednesday, so all eyes will be watching. Oh joy, oh joy.

Yesterday I was talking in e-mails with a friend about stalkers. It seems one friend thinks they might have one and I kind of thought it could be just an overactive imagination, but when someone else out of the blue sent me an e-mail seeing the same thing I had to stop and rethink maybe I'm the one with my head in the sand. Well right or wrong when you think it through it makes you ask what brings on this compulsive behavior? I know plenty of people who are compulsive about something you have probably heard or know about someone that washes their hands fifty times a day. Don’t forget the person who brushes their teeth on the hour every hour but at least they won't have bad breath. So you might just say compulsive behavior and habits are similar just that compulsive is going over the deep end. Now some are annoying, our new secretary sighs about once every five minutes and that drives me batty and I’ve got my share of my own. When i do an estimate on a set of plans, I never type it straight into the computer, for some reason I'm just not comfortable unless I hand write it first and then transpose it to the screen. I’m not sure if that’s compulsive or just a routine that I started before computers and now just can’t seem to break and that leads to the QOD:

What are you compulsive about or if it makes you more comfortable what routine do you have that you just can’t break?

Thursday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 11:51 AM GMT on August 28, 2008

Happy Thursday to everyone. We're on the backside of the week and you know that has to feel good.

We're getting excited about opening season of Pop Warner Football this Saturday. It was really nice seeing the team broken down into sections and watch the coaches start putting in actual game plays and prepping the kids for this weeks challenge. I really like the team mantra this year of "Win or lose doesn't matter as long as at the end of the game we have left our hearts on the field."

A meeting is being called and I've got to make this quick so let me get to the point. With football and other activities we eat out a lot. Now I know fast-food isn't the best for you, but if you search you can eat reasonably healthy and anyways, we all know just how good some fast food is and that leads to the QOD:

What is you favorite fast food?


By: ricderr, 12:12 PM GMT on August 27, 2008

Can we as Floridians say thank you 6 lb 8 ounce baby Jesus that Fay is not Gustav. I look at that tracking map and see that dark red signifying a category 3 hurricane and know someone is going to get hurt. I’m up for Cuba to take the brunt of it and keeping it weak and then it hitting the Mexican peninsula, butt I don’t hold out much hope for that scenario.

Back is still sore but better. I guess it’s just a time thing and thanks for the doctor concerns, but you can imagine if I wait until I need a cane to see a doctor about my foot, I’m still a long way off with my back.

I saw this story this morning and thought I would share. I’ve given two stories as I believe if I gave just one the whole picture wouldn’t be clear.

SAN ANTONIO — The San Marcos police chief has reprimanded an officer who kept a couple waiting 20 minutes for a speeding ticket even as they pleaded to be allowed to take a dying dog to an emergency veterinary clinic.

Police Chief Howard Williams said Tuesday that officer Paul Stephens received an oral reprimand, watched a video of the incident with his supervisor and was told how to improve his performance.

Williams, though, said he believed Stephens’ claim that the teacup poodle, Missy, was already dead when he pulled over Michael Gonzalez and Krystal Hernandez.

“This dog was already dead,” Williams told the San Antonio Express-News. “That is one of the reasons the officers showed no urgency. Nothing the officers did or said caused this dog to die.” Hernandez said Missy was still breathing as they waited for the ticket.

Gonzalez was allegedly driving 95 mph when he was pulled over after midnight Aug. 5 as he headed south on Interstate 35 toward a clinic in New Braunfels.

The department began an investigation after Gonzalez filed a complaint over the incident. Gonzalez and Hernandez said they pleaded with Stephens to allow them to continue on and later turn themselves in to be ticketed.

They also said they offered for Gonzalez to stay behind while Hernandez drove with Missy to New Braunfels. The patrol car’s dashboard camera showed Stephens telling Gonzalez: “It’s just a dog. You can buy another one. Relax.”

The dog had started choking at home, then threw up and went limp. Gonzalez said Stephen t hen talked with two other officers on the scene and didn’t allow him to leave for 20 minutes.

Missy was dead by then, Gonzalez said. Gonzalez said Tuesday he thought an oral reprimand was not sufficient. “That’s not really a punishment at all,” he said. “I don’t feel a person like that should be working in law enforcement.”

SAN ANTONIO — San Marcos police are investigating an officer who pulled over a speeding car, then kept the occupants waiting even though they were rushing a dying dog to an emergency veterinary clinic.
Michael Gonzalez was allegedly driving 95 mph when he and girlfriend Krystal Hernandez were pulled over after midnight Aug. 5 as they headed south on Interstate 35 toward a clinic in New Braunfels. The teacup poodle, Missy, died while the pair said they waited 20 minutes for Officer Paul Stephens to issue a ticket.
"This was not our finest hour," said San Marcos Police Chief Howard Williams. "It was not handled right by our officer, but whether there was a violation of our policy that is subject to punishment, I don't know."
Williams said the department began an investigation after Gonzalez filed a complaint over the incident.
Gonzalez and Hernandez said they pleaded with Stephens to allow them to continue on and later turn themselves in to be ticketed. They also said they offered for Gonzalez to stay behind while Hernandez drove with Missy to New Braunfels.
Hernandez said Stephens responded: "Chill out, it's just a dog, you can buy another one."
The dog had started choking at home, then threw up and went limp.
Gonzalez said Stephens then talked with two other officers on the scene and didn't allow him to leave for 20 minutes. Missy was dead by then, Gonzalez said.
Williams still said Gonzalez should not have been driving so fast.
Gonzalez said he's been told the ticket will be dropped

Just a little note, according to one story I read the quote of the officer can be picked up by his cruisers recording device microphone. If the dog was still choking at the time, I believe that would also have been picked up. It’s my theory that they would not have reprimanded the officer if indeed the dog had been dead when they were initially stopped. Regardless, it leads to the QOD:

Did the fact they were driving 95 mph warrant the actions the police officer took?

Tuesday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 4:17 PM GMT on August 26, 2008

Meetings, meeting and more meetings was the word for this morning. I’m going to have to get back in the habit of writing these before I go to work as work is taking precedent. I know, I need to get my priorities right.

I hurt my back. I don’t know how or where or when but it started hurting a little on Friday and last night all of a sudden at practice I thought I was gonna pass out it hurt so bad. I’m all drugged up but I’m still working. Hopefully something will snap back in place and this will go away.

I was reading this morning and saw that for the 3rd straight month consumer confidence has increased. I do like polls and a few I watch regularly, this being one of them and honestly, I’m pleasantly surprised over this one. The stock market sucks oil is still high and I’ve heard scenarios where it could keep sliding or it could climb back up again. Housing, seems to be worse than expected and supposedly it will take longer than first thought for the slump to end and who knows if anyone who may be elected come November in any position of government can do anything worthwhile that will affect the common man. With all that said though, more people feel the outlook of the economy is going to get better and that leads to the QOD:

What is your outlook of the economy as it applies to you?

Monday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 12:39 PM GMT on August 25, 2008

It came, no matter how much you might have not wanted it to, but Monday is here. The weekend was nice. Okeechobee was hot as usual and the boys were able to split their two games with a loss and a win. Actually, there is no score and it’s not typical football. Each team had the ball offensively for 15 minutes and by a loss I mean in the first game the opponent, Jupiter White, scored three touchdowns to our two and the second game our boys scored 3 touchdowns to Palm City’s one. The idea is for the boys to be able to get in some scrimmage time as the regular season will start this weekend.

The Olympics ended last night and as much as I like the opening ceremonies the closing ceremonies are a waste. I don’t need to relive the hype all night long and wish they would have instead focused on what we actually missed of the sporting events, but I’m guessing as highly rated as these broadcasts were, people who are paid a lot more than myself knew what they were doing.

Fay is finally dead and all I can say is I hope she doesn’t come back. We suffered no damage, but everything is soaked from her. We received over 2 ½ feet of rain last week and finally got to see the sun for any period of time yesterday. What I find funny about it is as we've spent so much time and attention on fay, I've heard no mention of the monsson rains that have stranded and trapped more than a million people in India. Now we have 94L to watch but a little birdy has told me South Florida has nothing to worry about. Trust me? LOL, I didn’t think so.

Well, Obama has picked his running mate. Personally, I haven’t voted for a Vice President since I’ve had the opportunity. It’s never been a ticket to me. It’s been the qualities of the top man and not much thought has gone into who the other guy is. I’m not sure I’m alone in this but I might be and that leads to the QOD:

Why is the position of Vice President important?

Please note, this is not political nor is it meant to be, this is governmental and I ask you to please keep it that way?

Friday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 12:45 PM GMT on August 22, 2008

It’s here. The time has come. You can feel the excitement. The tension is mounting. Everyone is ready. It’s FOOTBALL!!!!

The Pop Warner football season starts tomorrow. The Treasure Coast league will all be meeting at Okeechobee for the jamboree. It’s going to be a fun season. Kyle is a little disappointed. We have 26 kids on our team and so they have made separate starting defensive and offensive lines. Kyle caught a starting defensive spot but as one of the younger players he’s not the hotshot star he was last year. He has to work for it this year and he is learning this is a tougher game than he thought. Last night he lined up for a tackle on the running back and as I watched I saw the fullback line up on him to block him out of the play and Kyle was flattened. I mean head snapped back, one tank of a kid running full blast hitting another who never saw him coming, it was classic football and my boy was at the receiving end. Crying, partly out of pain and partly from a bruised ego he picked himself back up and made his way back to the huddle. To me, that was all I needed, getting hit is no big deal, getting back up and keeping going is. It’s one of those life lessons football teaches. So, it should be a good year. It should be a good learning year and hopefully if Kyle can maintain weight and have two years as a Mighty Might, next year he’ll be that fullback and it will be his turn to administer the lesson and another will be there to learn and although that’s not the focus it does lead to the QOD:

What opening day or the start of something do you get excited about

Thursday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 1:00 PM GMT on August 21, 2008

Good morning on this wonderful dreary looking Thursday. Has anyone seen the sun lately? This is day 4 without sunshine and I’ve about had enough. I want my sunshine and I want it now.

Interesting note, Fay has the possibility of making 4 Florida landfalls which would be a record. If she should make it off and back on at the Florida Peninsula it would be her 4th landfall here in the states. I thought about this last night how very fortunate we are that Fay was as weak as she was. We would have been devastated with a strong storm and the amount of real estate she has covered and will cover. At least here the flooding is finally receding. US 1 is no longer a lake and although you still have to traverse water in a few spots on my route to work it wasn't to where if you accellerated faster than a snails pace you risked stalling your vehicle.

I found what I think is a hilarious news article while net surfing this morning. Do you remember a few weeks ago the hot press was about a couple of Georgia boys who claimed they had found the carcass of a Bigfoot. One of the DJ’s on the radio station the kids favor was all hyped over this as he is a fan of the mythical beast and so a really big deal was made of this on the air. According to the georgia boys website you could pay $500.00 to attend the hunting expedition and a company out of Menlo Park, CA paid them upfront 50 thousand dollars for the rights to their story. I’m sure you know the rest of the story, it was a hoax. The Bigfoot pictures they had, well it turns out the “carcass” was actually a costume. The guys had made a youtube videos and a website for what they have called, “just a little fun.” What isn’t a hoax however is the lawsuit they will soon be facing from the Menlo Park company asking them for their money back. I guess a hoax story isn’t near as profitable as the real story itself and that leads to the QOD:

What is the best hoax you’ve been involved in or heard about?

Wednesday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 12:19 PM GMT on August 20, 2008

Well there you have it, we survived Fay. We received 18.57 inches of rain from the little lady and nary a scratch. Roads were flooded on the way to work. US1 is a lake and it took double the time as I had to keep finding alternative roads. Oh well, it’s the price you pay for 70 degree, sun field days in January while the rest of the world appears snowed in.

Now some notes:

Recently I have spent quite some time over at STORM2K. It seems to be able to handle the loads unlike here with posting and you can get some good information. It’s not the fun filled site that is here, but it’s a nice escape from the mass insanity that overwhelms this place in times of storms approaching landfall.

With that said, administration, Doc Masters blog is impossible. You have to wade through post after meaningless post with a ton of crap strewn in to garner anything meaningful. Why not make two blogs. One for the ego’s and Doc worshippers and another where only approved posters with relevant information can post and people can go and get some good information. If I believed a tenth of what was said about Fay yesterday, I would have experienced a mind blowing hurricane experience and so would about have all the southern coastal states.

Seeing I’ve got admin’s attention let me say once more that you’re limited ban reprieve is a joke.

Oh, and let me not forget, that when I get lambasted for making a joke that the Florida building economy could use a storm to improve their outlook and then the same people post how happy they are to see a storm, I’m probably going to say something about it when it happens and so I did.

Now, since arriving here in 1999, I’ve been through 2 tropical storms and 3 hurricanes and I think I’m now qualified to say I am a Floridian. I don’t feel like one though and honestly. I live here but it doesn’t feel like home. Oh, home is where the family is and that’s my quandary. My kids are Floridians. They love it here. Tim by being in the IB program and attending Lincoln Park, well, we wouldn’t move until he graduates in 2 years. But what happens if we decide to move and the kids love it here. I do not want to be apart from my kids when they grow up. I don’t need to constantly control their lives but I sure do want us all to have an active participation. I would hate to think I was on one side of the continent and they on the other. I guess for me, home is family and that leads to the QOD:

Where is home for you?


By: ricderr, 8:46 PM GMT on August 18, 2008

For those that are going to go through tropical force winds or better, this is the blog for you to recount your experience and adventures. Yes, this is for those inside the CONE OF DEATH.

Wednesday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 11:56 AM GMT on August 13, 2008

I love the Olympic Games. What an incredible opening ceremony and there have been some fascinating stories such as the 31 year old German gymnast, who left Russia because her son had leukemia and there was no available bed for him there and with the help of the German gymnastics coach she was able to get her son treated there. She, in honor of that had been done for her son and herself, became a German citizen and is competing once again. Stories like that show you the good in this world. I also loved watching the American swimming team’s 400 M relay win against the French who had dissed them earlier, saying they were not impressed by the American team. Hopefully the American boys changed their mind after a come from behind win. I could go on and on as NBC seems to be doing everything right. What a made for television event.

Now I bring up that last sentence because we are learning there have actually been some made for TV moments that were actually planned in advance. I’m talking about the opening ceremonies. Do you remember how fantastic the fireworks were? I’ve never seen such a brilliant display of art. Well, I guess no one in Beijing did either unless they were glued to the tube. It seems that much of the fireworks we watched were computer generated. As I understand it they did have fireworks at the event, but not nearly to the grand scale as we watched on television. Another event was the beautiful little girl with the fabulous voice singing during the ceremony. Well, the voice was real and the little girl was real, but the little girl we watched was lip syncing while backstage another girl sang. See the singer was deemed not pretty enough for television and was replaced by another and this leads to the QOD:

Does the theatrical events take away from the opening ceremonies and /or mar the credibility of the Chinese?


By: ricderr, 12:40 PM GMT on August 12, 2008

Sorry guys but work is busy, life is busy, football is busy. I can't come out and play. Sorry.

Saturday's Non-Political Politically Charged Question

By: ricderr, 3:30 PM GMT on August 09, 2008

Forget about politicas for a moment, let's focus on what is good for you and me.

I'll be in and out this weekend and a lot this week has been made touting why we should expand the leasing of governemnt land for oil exploration.

I've expressed my ecological views concerning the Gulf region and the Florida coast. Don't worry, I'm perfectly fine knowing that my opinion is in the minority.

Other people have talked about the time frame. the startup of the lease process, permit issues, legal issues and then equipment availabilty will in all probabilities mean that no oil will be produced from these potential new leases in under 15 years. Please fill free to refute this if you believe differently.

All this leads me however as to why, the focus is not on utilizing the leases we currently have available of which most is unused?

Friday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 1:33 PM GMT on August 08, 2008

Friday, Thank God It’s Friday. I had the freaking sales meeting from hell and I could literally work straight through the weekend and I could not accomplish all that needs to be done by Monday and myself and my boss let all know just that in the meeting so you can imagine how ugly it was. 5 large jobs were handed to us at the meeting with Monday due dates. Heck I can’t have half the quotes I’ll need written and answered from vendors before Tuesday. So, this morning salesmen are meeting to determine what is most important. Hey boys, it’s past 9 a.m. and I still don’t have anything and so since my stuff is done and all else is on hold. I sit here twiddling my thumbs while I wait. Does anyone else see what’s wrong with this picture?

You have to love your job, or at least you have to keep saying that time after time to brainwash yourself into the idea.

Price of oil is dropping again. Last I checked Brent spot was at 116.00 and the NYMEX was off about 1.40.

Opening ceremonies for the Olympics start tonight. I’ll have to race home after football practice as this is one of the few “show events” that I enjoy watching.

You miss one night of football practice and man you miss a lot. Now at practice a group of us dads sit together and we watch the boys practice. We’ll cheer the boys on and on occasion we’ll call them out when they’re dogging it and of course we’ll remember back to the days when it was us slaving under the hot sun with total anticipation of the upcoming season. Well, Wednesday night my son and another boy had been joking around during drills and just as the coach turned this boy pushed my son and tripped and fell over some pads. Upset, the coach sent the boy off to run a lap and when he returned he explained to the team in no uncertain terms that things had better shape up. Now I think Kyle should have run also, but even more outrageous is that a parent evidently complained and either our rules or league rules state you can’t single out one kid for punishment. One runs, they all run. I tell you the days have changed since I was a kid and just as readily as making you run a lap would be the slap to the side of your helmet to emphasize the coach’s displeasure with you. Times have indeed changed and that leads to the QOD:

What was the strangest punishment you received, not by your folks, but by teachers or coaches growing up?

Thursday's QOD

By: ricderr, 1:01 PM GMT on August 07, 2008

Today's ThoughtIt's not the race that is important, it's not about the win or loss, but how you finish.

OK, bowling was good and more importantly fun. The guys think I’ve been lying as I bowled in the 160’s to 170’s and I have been saying I’d be lucky to break 110. Of course I’m bowling with two on our team that are alley rats, one with a high game of 261 and another at 241, so there was no bragging on my part. It was fun however watching people that are good at what they do practice their craft and they even had a few tips and practices that I guess they think I can get better.

I still got to see the end of Kyle’s football practice and am happy to see he’s finally got his lungs together and was finishing the suicide drills at the end of practice at the front of the pack. The little guy is as competitive as his dad which I don’t have any problem with especially if he can grasp that losing is just as important as winning.

I’m not sure I can explain that concept or at least what it means to me but it’s a meaningful one to me. On second thought, I know I can’t explain it.

The Olympics are just a day away. More sports than a person can handle and what a letdown it will be to have to go back to regular programming after they are over. Have you seen the sports commercial where the track star gets hurt and falls to the ground but still, aided by his father, he finishes the race? That one hits me in so many ways. To me, there was someone who understood the importance of losing and that leads to the QOD:

What sporting event or memory tugs at your heartstrings?

Wednesday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 12:17 PM GMT on August 06, 2008

Is it Wednesday already? Too little week, too much work and tonight, I resume my illustrious sporting career. I am bowling. Work sponsored a bowling team with one of the builders trade association and I was asked to participate even thought I can’t bowl. I can’t even pretend to bowl. I’ll embarrass myself and post the scores tomorrow. However, I will look good, no rental shoes for me please, I will be buying some this afternoon.

Today we turn to an important issue. I mean monumental importance. Screw the election; forget global warming and who gives a rats butt about hurricanes. The king of fast food is grumbling. No not Burger King, he’s a king in costume only. We’re talking about the big boy, Sir Ronald McDonald. It seems that the dollar menu is causing a few corporate ulcers as the rising price of cheese is forcing the double cheeseburger from the dollar menu. It just costs too much to put two slices of cheese on that burger and now Mickey D’s is looking at a buck to two buck menu option to keep their value conscious customers happy. Of course, I’m not overly concerned, it being a meat product and all, but besides the fact that all prices are rising due in large part to oil costs I was struck by the idea of something under a dollar. 100 little centavos. Heck a penny costs more to make than it’s worth. What can you buy for under a buck anymore? A dozen nightcrawlers cost more than that unless you can dig them up in your back yard. Bowling rental shoes are three dollars. Of course you get the value added smell of that gagging disinfectant; I suppose the smell beats toe jam contamination. A dollar just isn’t much anymore and that leads to the QOD:

What do you really enjoy that costs under a dollar?


By: ricderr, 12:19 PM GMT on August 05, 2008

Happy Tuesday to everyone and all those other nice and kind greetings, may your day be wonderful.

Just a few random thoughts that make you go all Arsenio Hall and say mmmmmmm:

Admin unbans some and not others, could the little mischief makers not be the trolls but instead admin themselves?

The price of oil drops briefly below 120.00 a barrel, even though Iran announces testing a new missile designed to sink ships and Edourd is spinning in the Gulf.

McCain reverses himself and takes the low road in campaign advertising, how soon before it all gets ugly and stupid just like every four years?

Football practices are in full swing from youth to high schools to the pros. If you took a poll across the nation how much higher would the percentage be of those that new more about the latest happenings of Brett Favre than Edourd? As an opposite, how many of the weather weenies in Doc’s blog could tell you what team Favre plays for?

Latest news says MP is saving up 400 bucks to buy me a nice upgraded cabin spot for my next vacation.

A few months ago a lot of interest was made about hydrogen fuel cells increasing gas mileage among cars. Hit Google and your search will be answered with thousands upon thousands of claims of outstanding mileage increases yet I could find no independent studies verifying any results. I have been watching our local news as the Port St Lucie police department has installed two hydrogen cells at a cost of 1200 dollars each into two cruisers to see if it might save them fuel and dollars. So far, for me anyways, the jury is still out. As I read through the differing sites I did come across a few web pages describing hipermiling. Now hipermiling is basically altering the way you drive to increase the mileage of your vehicle per tank of gas. Tire inflation, proper tune ups and maintenance also enter into the equation, but the whole idea interested me and so I tried a little experiment. Now I drive a Nissan Quest, six cylinder and I average between 18 and 19 MPG, depending upon how much freeway miles I put on the vehicle. By not speeding, lowering my acceleration to keep the engine under 2500 RPM’s whenever possible and shutting the engine off and coasting to red lights and then not starting until the light turns green. Well, let me tell you how quick a car can heat up without air conditioning on a hot summer Florida day. It can get warm quick. Not to mention that it’s kind of humiliating for my Speed racer image to be the last car up to speed as the light turns green and it does take more concentration on your driving to watch the lights condition to see if you should be shutting down rather than either hurry through a yellow light or slam on the breaks. However, the results were fantastic. I achieved nearly a 30 percent increase in fuel mileage at 25 MPG. At 4.00 a gallon, with the mileage I put on my car annually, that is a savings of 500 dollars a year. Now what if we as a nation did the same thing, just think about what a 2.5 percent drop in oil usage nationally and I believe around a 4 percent drop globally has done to the world oil market in dropping prices. We could see gas prices easily drop below 2 dollars a gallon and that leads to the QOD:

What sacrifices would you make to see gas prices drop?

Monday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 12:34 PM GMT on August 04, 2008

Welcome back to all who have been given a reprieve here in Wunderland. May it be a harmonious happy reunion to all. No matter how small comparatively a blogging site this is it's still big enough that everyone should be allowed their own spot in the sandbox. However, a note to admin, it should be equal for all. You've missed some people and all should be brought back including good old Randrewl should have the right to his original name and don't forget 27. It doesn't change the good of the reprieve, nor does it cast a pall over those that have been unbanned. Enjoy the party everyone. Just in my little corner of the world it seems an unfair action on the part of admin and I wanted to voice my opinion.

Does anyone know what justice is? I know it’s Monday, I’m supposed to say good morning and all the other BS, but I’m not up for it. What does justice mean? What is it supposed to mean and how do we measure it? Come on, this is a scientific styled community; we have to be able to measure it with something! Does leniency negate justice? Who gets to interpret and define its meaning and do we then have to go along with it?

Two murderers sat on death row each in different states. Both states were known for their death penalty stances however one was adamant that the state carry out the sentence and made sure they petitioned the state in each case to carry it out as well as showing up at each execution to demonstrate and state their convictions. Each condemned man was convicted of a single murder and in both cases it was deemed to be premeditated. One murderer claimed it was an accident that at the last minute he had decided not to carry out the act, but the gun had accidentally gone off in his hands. The jury when polled after their rendering of a verdict stated that even if true it did not change what they felt must be done. The other death roll resident was unrepentant and even boasted of his crime. Of course as fate would have it, the one who was repentant and in the case of many people who followed the trial, felt leniency was called for he resided in the state that was severely sided with the death penalty. As the appeal process ran its course, no fault could be found in the trials and the cases of these two individuals were let to stand. In the course of their time in jail the repentant prisoner was able to get his GED and had almost earned enough college credits to have his college associates degree. The other prisoner, the one who had boasted of his killing had managed to rack up additional crimes while incarcerated and was responsible for the permanent disfigurement of a guard who he attacked while being led to court during one of his appeal hearings. As the days drew closer to their execution their fate rested in the hands of their states governors. Both governors were petitioned by people and groups on both sides of the issues of each individual and although the one governor admitted that while he admired the accomplishments of the inmate in his charge the citizens of his state had shown on many occasions their regard of the death penalty and it was his responsibility to uphold the law and their views. It was also said that his decision was in part based on his upcoming reelection and that motivated his decision. The other governor, who presided in the state of the boastful killer was against the use of the electric chair and although he felt that the convict was a menace as he described him, could not in good conscious condemn any person to such a fate and commuted his sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole. A national news agency profiled the two cases and their totally differing outcomes and although the citizens of the land complained and in some cases protested events ran their course and on 12:06 of a Tuesday morning time had run out for the one prisoner and that leads to the QOD:

Was justice served in these two cases?

Saturday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 3:25 PM GMT on August 02, 2008

I know, it's Saturday and I don't do no stinkin QOD's on Saturday, but seeing that I'm at work, Becky and Cassie are down in the Keys taking care of some business and we've had some shocking turn of events here at WU, I figured what the heck.

Welcome back to all who have been given a reprieve here in Wunderland. May it be a harmonious happy reunion to all. No matter how small comparatively a blogging site this is it's still big enough that everyone should be allowed their own spot in the sandbox. However, a note to admin, it should be equal for all. You've missed some people and all should be brought back including good old Randrewl should have the right to his original name and don't forget 27. It doesn't change the good of the reprieve, nor does it cast a pall over those that have been unbanned. Enjoy the party everyone. Just in my little corner of the world it seems an unfair action on the part of admin and I wanted to voice my opinion.

More importantly, back to the party. I've had some happy reunions and some that were bittersweet in my time and unfortunately I know I will have some sad ones in the future. The happy ones make up for all of them however and I enjoy meeting friends for my past. I can remember walking down Duval street in Key West one time and a guy walked up to me and said, “Man, I hate to ask you this but by any chance are you Cold Cut?" I busted out laughing as that was my nickname playing football and as I looked at the guy I replied, "Looking at that wild afro you can only be Gilliam." 3000 miles away from my hometown and I had met someone that I hadn't seen in over 30 years and somehow he was able to recognize me after all that time. It was a blast and that leads to the QOD:

What was one of your happier reunions?

Friday's Question of the Day

By: ricderr, 1:17 PM GMT on August 01, 2008

Today's Thought

Old friends and new friends, it's great to have good friends

Well, today is the day, the start of Pop Warner Football. Too bad we’ll be a little late. It’s also Kyle’s dance recital. Yes, I said dance. I know I haven’t mentioned it before, it kind of ruins the manly man image, but Kyle has taken dance all summer and he’ll be doing a revamped and newly choreographed Michael Jackson “Thriller” routine. What can I say, the kid likes all things athletic, even dance and who am I to discourage him from doing what makes him happy. I’ll be there tonight supporting him and being the proud dad of his accomplishments, even if they are dance.

Not to say his dad didn’t have rhythm although I was never much of a dancer. I could do “The Hustle” and do my own impression of John Travolta, but I was more into skating. I spent the disco craze at the roller rink where you skated for two hours and then danced for two. I enjoyed skating to the music much more than the dancing part.

So today, even if it’s not manly we’re talking about dance and that leads to the QOD:

Do you like dance?

What is your favorite type to watch?

And what is your favorite type to participate in?

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