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By: ricderr, 11:26 AM GMT on January 31, 2008

I almost forgot:


I'm reminded today way back in California about free advertising. It doesn't matter whether the information given out is, true or if it is slanted, or if it doesn't tell the whole story, if it gets your name out you've received free publicity and in fact the more negative, the added value of publicity because we all know dirt sells and people can't stay away from it no matter how white their suit is. Well, a group had decided to picket the Home Depot near where I worked over old growth redwood cutting. Now, I've been involved in the lumber industry since 1981 and I've never sold old growth redwood even though at the time I ran a large yard that sold redwood fencing and decking and specialty products it was all second growth. I believe that the lumber industry done right is a renewable resource and the western portion of Oregon especially is a perfect example of this practice. This group for some reason was not allowed to hold their demonstration at HD and so they chose my establishment as an alternative. It didn't matter that I didn't carry the product in question or that they didn't have their facts right, I was their choice. They tried to stop people and vehicles from entering and soon the police had to take over and of course the news crews showed up and we received our 15 minutes of fame. I was horrified, thinking about future profits shot down the drain, store closings all the worst fears of management and yet the following day besides the harassment calls we actually had more than a few calls from people wanting information about our product lines and at what was a flat market we saw a two month spike in sales with a giant improvement in our redwood products.

Now, that's not the QOD. Today it's national healthcare, so check your knives and guns at the door. You're opinion is allowed. You're reasoning is allowed however, the more factual evidence you can show proving your reasoning valid is better. Words are easy, (Oops now people will realize the QOD is easy. Crap!!) Take the time to make sure you're not citing information on old growth when you're actually talking about second growth. You get the idea and so on to the QOD:

Are you for a National Healthcare Plan?


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Whew, after last night and feeling passionate about a subject and with others feeling just as passionate with an opposing view on the same subject I have a bit more respect for our politicians.

A college research group has successfully grown new hair follicles on mice and believes it will also work for humans lending hope that someday there will be a cure for baldness.

An asteroid passed close to earth yesterday. Close is relative however it passed about halfway further than the moon's distance to the earth and they say it's an event that statistically speaking happens about once every 35,000 years.

Hilary & McCain both win Florida for their parties and Giuliani is expected to announce his departure from a presidential bid and endorse McCain and pundits are saying that a race between Hilary and McCain would be too close to call. Super Tuesday, with 1000 delegates up for grabs, might be the tell all for who is going to get their parties nod.

Now as for a QOD, we haven't talked about American Idol since last year and with the auditions in full swing it's time for an Idol QOD:

Do you like the show, do you regularly watch it and who's your favorite judge?

Tuesday's Question Of The Day.

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Happy Tuesday, wow, it seems like just yesterday was Monday. Oh wait, it was, which means 4 more work days until we can enjoy another weekend. There were some great answers yesterday to when words are enough. Oshn's answer when you're talking about gas made me spew my soda and Cat's comment when you're out of bullets and don't have a stick made me spill coffee. My keyboard still lives but just barely. It looks to be a dry week here in Southern Florida. I’ll find and paste the drought condition map later today and keep it updated as conditions change. I was pleasantly surprised to read that Lake Okeechobee is about 10.2 feet which is higher than was expected. I guess we can thank La Nina for that.

It’s Election Day in Florida and I passed a few polling places as I dropped the kids off to school and they were packed. They are expecting a record turnout this election which is good. Hopefully more Americans are waking up to the fact that we need to become more involved in how our country, state and localities are run and that our voices, our desires, and our futures are heard and considered. Now, I’m going to stay away from the political systems in today’s QOD. We could argue that Bob’s voting for Hilary and Gamma’s giving the nod to Huckabee (I don’t know who either is voting for that’s just a bit of humor tossed in for shock value, yes Bluto, I know you’re reading.) but instead whomever is elected what are you expecting to see done in this election that will better your life and the lives of everyone. I know we talked about points that you can grade a President, but today, let’s get deeper and not just generalities and that leads to the QOD:

What items specifically do you expect to see addressed from the next President and his staff?


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It's cold, I've lost my voice, it's Monday, I've got to make sales calls today, can we think of enough reasons to say, "chuck it, let's duck back under the covers and try again tomorrow?

Well, Becky's been reading about the power of the mind and she found this great example of how powerful your mind is. You grab a partner, have them extend their arm straight out from the side of their body perpendicular to the ground and have them resist you trying to push their arm down. Then have them lower their arm and repeat 3 times, "I can't, I can't, I can't." Then, Have them put their arm out again and try to resist. It will be much easier to push their arm down the second time. Now, have them lower their arm and repeat 3 times, " I can, I can, I can." Once again have them raise their arm and try to resist and this time they'll be back at the same resistance as when they started. It's worked on everyone Becky has tried it on and also the kids love doing this one. Now, I don't know what else the power of just saying something works on, but just in case, every morning I keep repeating, "I am a millionaire" over and over. Now, does it take more then mere words to accomplish things. If I say, I'm positive does it mean all of a sudden I am, even if I do negative things? If I say I'm 19, will my body not feel like it's 45 and the gray all of a sudden disappear from my beard? I mean even in the demonstration if you had them repeat, "I can resist anything" chances are you would be able to push their arm down. So, it's my thoughts that there has to be both a mindset and actions to back it up, but it does lead to the QOD:

When are words enough?


By: ricderr, 1:54 PM GMT on January 27, 2008

OK......we just got back from the game...and while most of the nation will be excited for next weeks Super Bowl....WE'RE GOING TO THE FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....the girls had another awesome games...they beat the number 1 seed which had until today been unbeaten 5 to 1......we had no single star performer....we had a field of 12 girls.....playing their asses off....i've lost my voice...my foot hurts like hell.....i'm heading to bed for a nap...this cheering thing......tires a fellow out....LMAO!!!!!!!....WE'RE GOING TO THE FINALS....THE FINALS........

We went to cassie's soccer quarterfinal playoff match yesterday......all decked out with banners..we are the most vocal of supporters..go figure...me loud???....LOL..and the girls played awesome....over 18 shots on goal..but they couldn't put one in the net.....the other team...had a dynamite goalie......she was on fire......she looked like a mini pro out there.....running jumping...deflecting and catching everything that came her way...to our defenses credit.....the other team only got off 4 shots on goal.....and after the allotted time..and two sudden death overtimes the score remained zero to zero...now next...to me....was the worst way to end a game....they line up 8 girls from each team...and they get a free kick on the goalie..so the weight of the season...the hopes of the team all rests on one.... the goalie...a ton of pressure for a 12 year old girl....the other team shot first...and they scored 3 times...our girls lined up..and for some reason...the other teams coach...put their best forward in as goalie......our first 4 girls were able to score 3 goals...and the other teams goalie...crying.....tore off her goalie shirt...crying that she couldn't do it anymore...it was heartbreaking...her teamates and her coached consoled her and she went back to the goal where our next kicker won the game for us....so it was mixed...joy for our team...and compassion for this girl....that was heartbroken...but showed so much courage by stepping back in....she probably won't know what a hero she was to many of us parents on both sides...so now...we go on today to the semi finals....where heopefuly...we'll grab another win and go on to play for the championship...i will update tonight.....i'll have becky upload some pics later


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Good Morning bloggers and bloggettes and I wish you a happy Friday. We’ve made it to the end of another work week. The weekend is stretched luxuriously in front of most of us. I can’t wait. Now today’s blog is in honor of Bob and don’t worry 27, I can already see you shaking your head, the subject is drama.

Now I and I should include Becky and the kids, we as a family love drama. We love comedies too and especially cartoons. Nothing beats a good movie. We probably see over 40 movies a year at the theater and recently Becky and I have left Tim in charge and have enjoyed the pleasure of an adult themed movie sans kidlets. In fact, tonight I think we just might have to see old man Stallone revive Rambo one more time. It’s rated R so the kids can’t come and that leads to the QOD:

What movie would best portray you and why. And if a movie was made about you which actor/actress would portray you? You can pick movies and stars for your friends if you so choose also.


By: ricderr, 2:14 PM GMT on January 24, 2008

OK friends gather around we've got some talking to do. I've received a rash of letters lately asking who our new friends are. Don't worry; I'm not upset about it. Heck, I've wondered the same thing in fact, I've written the names/people in question and asked them were they someone else before this "new persona". I even think its fun to try to figure out who some of these people are because I'm no different than anyone else, I'm naturally suspicious but when it all boils down I really don't care. None of these "new" people have been rude to me, have troubled me and they've even added to the discussion so let me explain.

First, do you think everyone on here is actually who they appear to be? Is everything they claim truthful or let's be politically correct and say have they allowed things that aren't truthful about them be portrayed as fact? To hell with pc, there's people on here that lie, have lied and still lie. Nope, I'm not going to name names, we all know of many of them. I will though say Navy Captain anyone? Damn I crack myself up sometimes. The difference is, some finally come clean, some may never and some may defend their fantasies in the face of facts and it's up to each individual to decide do they value that person or not in spite of it.

Second, what is the reason for the new names? Did they feel threatened but still enjoy the company of many that are here? Were they an ass but really want to partake in this internet society created and want a second chance? Did they get tired of persona number one and now they want number two? There's good reasons and there’s bad reasons, but if you want proof positive truth you're either going to have to take the time to get to know them (772.807.0092 yep, you want to know me, call, I've broken yet another cell so leave a message and I'll call you back.) and even then you still might not "know" them, or you're going to have to accept that you'll never know.

Also, many come here for a since of community. Ok, for those that would rather call it gangs or cliques have at it. Now not all come for that same reason, even those people that interact in a crazed QOD blog. No one should be harshly judged for the amount of involvement or participation they wish to indulge in. As an example, I'll harass Bob now and then about his blog, but I don't think any differently about him because he's decided to close it.

Lastly, how many times has someone that is genuinely new here, been thought of as a troll. Should the onus of proving themselves that they are "someone" be theirs or should they be welcomed as fellow bloggers? That's a good question and I'm not sure I have the answer. We would all like to look good and say, "harrumph, why I always welcome truly new people and I'm so good I always know a phony when I see one" as our nose flies in the sky. Truth be told, new folks, some of you we're going to accept straight out and others we're going to question and in both cases we'll probably bat around 50/50 so new people, forgive us, we're just like you, not perfect.

So to wrap it up, new people, you're welcome here. I might or might not think you're someone else. I might spend time speculating who you might be and I might not. I might ban you if I think you're an ass, but it's my blog. I get to keep the peace or allow the riot as long as I contain it under Admins standards; such is the way of blog life. Everyone else, feel free to comment, feel free to give it a pass, but it does lead to a QOD:

Do you have something in your past, present or future that no matter what you wouldn't share it on a blog and would you do anything, even lie cheat or fly to keep it from being known?


By: ricderr, 3:02 PM GMT on January 23, 2008

Sorry I'm late but can you believe it, I've been working. Scary isn't it? We've made it to Wednesday. We've survived another big news day with Wall Street swinging to and fro. We did better than the Broke Back Mountain Dude, he didn't make it. Here's to you and I not following suit.

Ok Dee, this one's for you and inspired actually by GS, The world is going to hell in a hand basket and we all are pushing the petal to the metal. Actually, yesterday GS mentioned the 20 something Wall Street guru's panicking and trading and I thought about it. These people actually, are employed because they don't panic, can handle a ton of pressure and make good decisions under this extreme pressure. That is until they get burned out and then there's another rising star itching to take their place. So then, what caused all this that even a 3/4 point cut in the prime rate couldn't thwart. One of the scariest reasons to me is the money guru's with their wealth of information decreed a few years ago that the economy had learned moderation. The days of plenty would last longer and the bad days of decline would be shorter lived. Guess what? They now think they might be wrong. The good life might not have been so good after all. Ask the typical family and they could have answered this without the Harvard education. Digging deeper though I came across how one of the reasons making the market shaky is the amount of lawsuits either already in the works or threatened. They claim it could easily surpass the Enron debacle. It encompasses homeowners suing lenders to mortgage companies, to stock brokers to the whole industry gamut. Now, I'm actually not against lawsuits, they have their purpose and function. It has though gotten out of hand. Remember last year the man whose pants had been lost by the drycleaners sued for over 3 million dollars? (He lost by the way.) Lately we heard about the Katrina lawsuit where the complaintant was asking for over a trillion dollars in damages. Now in this case, the homeowner suing over these sub-prime interest rates fries me to no end. Yes, I looked at them when these loans first hit the market. It took little effort to see that if you followed the teaser rate you would end up owing more money that you borrowed and after the initial glorious low rate you were going to pay for it and much more afterwards. I have no sympathy for these fools that bought into the program. They were looking for a quick buck with skyrocketing home prices and thought they could grab some quick and easy cash. Guess what, they were wrong too. Go empathize with some economists. So, while the suing business may have been aimed at the government and Katrina disasters yesterday, today it is aimed at banks, lenders, and the like, tomorrow it will be another industry. Some will be warranted and others are the same people looking for quick, easy cash and it brings up the QOD:

Where is the line crossed between personal responsibility and wrong doing?


By: ricderr, 1:30 PM GMT on January 22, 2008

Happy Tuesday as we start into the meat of the week and try to see how much we can get done so we can enjoy another weekend. Its odds and ends Tuesday and hopefully a question will come out of it.

Eminem, the white rapper that brought the genre to mainstream airwaves stands at 5'7" and is reported to now weigh over 200 pounds. Has the boy been eating just a tad too much of his namesake?

Democratic presidential hopefuls are back at each others throats in the debates. It's another case of life imitating the blogs. One minute they preach friendship and peace and then the next they're busy telling you how evil so and so is. I wonder if admin has time to fix this problem?

Keither Southerland got out of prison Sunday around midnight. He served 48 days for a DUI conviction. About time some star served their full time. I have no clue who he is, but I just liked the fact he served his time. Who might try 48 days if when released they can hop in a limo and retreat to their 10 million dollar mansion?

Brady, the Patriots quarterback was seen yesterday sporting a soft cast on his foot. Could this be another coach’s ploy to make him look injured, changing the Giants defensive strategy in the upcoming Super Bowl?

Well, I’m sitting here with my foot massager trying to increase blood flow and spur on some healing, you’ve got 4 QOD's wrapped into one. I'm easy today, pick one. Pick them all or pick your own and congrats to Gamma, she's a gamma one more time!


By: ricderr, 2:30 PM GMT on January 21, 2008

Let’s start this Monday with a “hats off” to the Giants. They played a good game in outrageous weather and are now heading to the Super Bowl to face the Patriots and I think the Patriots are beatable and the Giants can do it.

I played my own Super Bowl Friday night. A group of dads and sons are getting together having our boys practice a little football unofficially before Pop Warner begins once again in August. The boys likes it, us dads do to and its fun. So Friday night we decided to play dads and kids and of course I’ve got to play. Now, when I was being treated for my foot I was told that I’d just have to accept there are things I can’t do that most others can. Also I was told, always wear shoes and inserts, and never go barefoot; no running and the first sign of pain get off my feet. So what did I do? I played barefoot, ran and the first play I felt more than just a little pain, so, I played for another hour and a half and then spent Friday night with my foot throbbing, unable to sleep and living on pain pills and looking like an old man with my cane. Now, don’t go feeling bad for me, I earned every bit of this pain and worse than the pain is coming to terms that football, the playing part, is over, not that I was anything more than an Al Bundy reliving my high school heroics, but still I loved playing the game. Damn, it even looks ugly to read it.

With that said though don’t even think that I’m considering growing up. Life’s too short to waste it being a grownup but it does lead to the QOD:

Now that you’re older, what have you had to give up?
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By: ricderr, 11:49 AM GMT on January 18, 2008

How did Friday get here so quick? This week flew by but now that I think back on the week, we got quite a few things done here at work and I even cut the grass on a weeknight at home. Somebody check my forehead I might be ill.

Ok, it's time to play Monday morning quarterback. No lady's don't let your eyes get all glazed over as you’re mumbling "Dear God, not more sports talk." We're talking the Middle East today. Yesterday at work, a few of us started talking about more people dying in the middle east as we keep on policing people that have fought each other since the beginning of time and now with a power vacuum every group is trying for their piece of the pie. Well, that led to talk about gas prices and then we went off on a tangent and we discussed what might have been the present situation if we had never gone to war against Iraq when they invaded Kuwait in the first place. We came up with the idea that if we hadn't stepped in then Iran would have and without the benefit of the aerial arsenal that we had at our disposal, both countries would have spent years going at each other, depleting their resources and in fact would have slowed down Iran's nuclear advancements as their money and resources would have been elsewhere. That also applies to Iraq's WMD's. Also, it came up that if a true power struggle would have emerged Israel for their own safety would have joined the picture and they could have stepped up to the plate and solved a problem in their own neck of the woods. Now we did discuss the downside that Israel if pushed would use nuclear weapons, but I'm not as sure of that as everyone else in our little discussion and hey, I've been wrong before and this leads to the QOD:

Would we have been better off to stay out of the Middle East arena in the first place?


By: ricderr, 2:19 PM GMT on January 17, 2008

OK, we can put the soapbox away for awhile, I don't know about you but I feel much better. We even had new posters in the blog, we won't go into their posting subject matter, but hey, they came, they saw, they responded and we learned a little bit more about them. Yes, today, we're looking at the silver lining that is in every cloud. Clouds? Did I mention clouds? Could this be a weather related topic today? It is raining here and rain here in South Florida without being accompanied with wind which although not out of the realm of possibilities it's not the norm for these parts, but no, this isn't a weather related topic today.

No, not at all, it's kid bragging time. Tim, our oldest brought home an entry form yesterday, it seems his teacher entered, to a national publishing company, a few of what she felt were the students best poems and Tim's and a few others from the English department will be published in this annual publication and the entrants are eligible for one of their ten $3,000.00 scholarships. Of course, Becky and I are skeptical it could be one of these poetry semi scams where their main goal is to get your money from book purchases regardless of the quality of the poems. I've got to check it out, but regardless, I'm proud of him all the same because his poem is good. There are days the boy worries me as I think he just may be the smartest person making a career of running the fry machine at McDonald's, but he's got potential. His engineering class is studying civil engineering the semester and Tim and I had quite the conversation about pilings and substrate structure make up yesterday.

Now, you might be kidless, but don't think you're left out. It doesn't have to be your kid you're bragging about. It can be your neighbor, niece or nephew, a friend, the kid you saw riding his bike down the street or just kids in general, but it's time to shift the focus onto thIS younger generation.


By: ricderr, 2:14 PM GMT on January 17, 2008

OK, we can put the soapbox away for awhile, I don't know about you but I feel much better. We even had new posters in the blog, we won't go into their posting subject matter, but hey, they came, they saw, they responded and we learned a little bit more about them. Yes, today, we're looking at the silver lining that is in every cloud. Clouds? Did I mention clouds? Could this be a weather related topic today? It is raining here and rain here in South Florida without being accompanied with wind which although not out of the realm of possibilities it's not the norm for these parts, but no, this isn't a weather related topic today.

No, not at all, it's kid bragging time. Tim, our oldest brought home an entry form yesterday, it seems his teacher entered, to a national publishing company, a few of what she felt were the students best poems and Tim's and a few others from the English department will be published in this annual publication and the entrants are eligible for one of their ten $3,000.00 scholarships. Of course, Becky and I are skeptical it could be one of these poetry semi scams where their main goal is to get your money from book purchases regardless of the quality of the poems. I've got to check it out, but regardless, I'm proud of him all the same because his poem is good. There are days the boy worries me as I think he just may be the smartest person making a career of running the fry machine at McDonald's, but he's got potential. His engineering class is studying civil engineering the semester and Tim and I had quite the conversation about pilings and substrate structure make up yesterday.

Now, you might be kidless, but don't think you're left out. It doesn't have to be your kid you're bragging about. It can be your neighbor, niece or nephew, a friend, the kid you saw riding his bike down the street or just kids in general, but it's time to shift the focus onto the younger generation.


By: ricderr, 3:07 PM GMT on January 16, 2008


It's time to step up and let your voice be heard. Things have been way to quiet around here and it's time for a change. (You know that Admin now has their finger poised on the button just waiting to ban.) Oh, I'm not striking, I'm not proving anyone the villian, I'm not even trying to prove a point but I've spent way too much time sitting on the fence lately. Palmyrapunishement shamed me yesterday and by rights I should have been shamed. It wasn't a comment that they said to me, but it was the fact that they took a stand where a stand needed to be taken and I didn't. So, let's pull out the soapbox and anyone and everyone that needs to use it, step right up, it's for your use!

So, got anything to say?


By: ricderr, 2:03 PM GMT on January 15, 2008

I’ve been following in the news about the marine who killed the girl he raped and impregnated and then later killed and dismembered her body. It’s enough to make you sick just like the guy that tossed his kids from the bridge in Mobal. I think it’s time for a little vigilante justice and a crowd of people needs to grab one of these guys and do the same to them. Somebody is sure to have a video camera so it will be all over the internet and then maybe, just maybe, a few of these crimes will stop. I know, I’m the one that has said I couldn’t be the one to pull the trigger at an execution, so chances are I’d have to be the one with the camera if I was involved, but reading the description of the unborn babies hand breaks my heart. You can’t give me any reason why such an innocent victim deserved anything less than a happy life.

So as I’m reading about this I come across a NY Times article detailing how veterans from the Afghanistan War and the Iraq War are committing murder at a rate 90 times higher than before the wars started. Now in all fairness sake it’s still lower than the statistical average of all males age 18 – 24, the age group that most of our returning soldiers are in. Now I can’t and I hope one of you “Googlers” can help me, find correlating statistics for returning servicemen after both the Vietnam Conflict and the first Gulf War. Regardless of how you use the numbers that fact of the matter is we’ve got a problem. I also read a few years ago and cannot find anything on the subject that experts were considering a link between violent video games and that the military does not have to spend as much time desensitizing soldiers to killing the enemy as they did in years past. If by chance numbers are higher for veterans committing murder now as in wars of the past I wonder if video games may also be a contributing factor. I am not though a fan of the belief that in general life has less meaning today to others than in the past as some claim. I believe history proves just the opposite in that we value life and the rights of others more than we ever have in the past. When I’m sitting on the front porch complaining about the kids who walk on my lawn my verbal whiplash won’t include the tired line, “back in my day things were so much better,” but it does lead me to the QOD:

Are we more violent today than in the past and is this the reason for the sudden upsurge of returning veterans and their rate of murder?


By: ricderr, 1:08 PM GMT on January 14, 2008

What a great weekend!. Fantastic football, go Packers and Giants, although I’ll root for the Pack this weekend and I’d like to see them go all the way and beat the Patriots. To me that would be a fitting end for Favre’s career. Great sports action was also found locally. Cassie's Sunday game was a 2 – 1 victory over a team that had seen their perfect season come to a close the day before. Their game had fans of both sides standing, cheering and our girls topped it off with a slide in the mud to celebrate their victory, right before team pictures. That topped off one of the greatest nights fishing Kyle and I ever had, We caught a 30 plus pound sting ray on a light action bass rod. I’ve never seen a fish jump and battle at the surface. For those that went fishing it reminded me of that sailfish that was caught. We caught an eighteen inch and a three foot sea trout. And Kyle caught two snook that we weren’t able to land. The topper was, we caught a small what I think was a croaker and when we got it to the dock, just before landing it, this huge and I mean huge snook swooped out from under the dock grabbed it and snapped the line all in under a minute. It was amazing as we watched it from under the dock lights. So yes, the blahs are officially over.

Now, Friday, I ran into a blogging situation that surprised me. I made a comment, one that I thought was polite, thought out and a reply to his blog topic and the blog poster didn’t like it. In fact, he answered in a rude fashion. I know, you’re shocked. it’s never happened before. It’s unheard of, outrageous to even think that might happen on the internet. I’ll finish with that thought in a moment but let me go on a different tangent for a moment…..

After Cassie’s game on Saturday, I’m putting things back in the van and I overhear a conversation by a few of the opposing teams parents and they are talking about how one of their girls was hit the face by a ball and it was their contention it was intentional. Now think about it, eleven year old girls, could they on the fly plan this and carry it out? They’re just not that talented even if they had wanted to. So, instead of pointing out their ignorance it was just as easy, in fact even easier, to just walk away letting them revel in their stupidity. Now let me go onto even another tangent…..

Friday night on the way home from work I was listening to a talk show and a guest on the show was commenting on the internet and blogs. Specifically, he was talking about how no matter what you say, no matter what your topic is every fourth reply will be “you suck!” When you think about it, He’s dead on right.

So, let me get back to the original tangent and my blog response. I walked away. Now it would be perfect if I could say that was all I did but I did have to write back and say I was walking away. Oh well. Someday I’ll be big enough to just walk away without needing to expose the lies of those that lie about me, to expose every troll name of those that insult my wife, but I’m working on it and that leads to the QOD:

Why is it so much easier to walk away from people talking like idiots in the real world and not near as easy on the internet?


By: ricderr, 2:51 PM GMT on January 10, 2008


OK, let me get my act together. It’s been a rough week at work and the QOD has been the farthest thing from my mind. You know it’s bad when last night I was thinking of what to write for the QOD and my thoughts turned to writing a blog saying it was over and hoping for those “ Oh No, please don’t stop replies.” That’s worse than saying “you’ve got mail,” I don’t like the self pity parties, it’s live life, take what it gives you and when it’s over move on and if it’s ugly, move on even quicker. So at least my brain for once kicked in and I saw the road I was traveling so instead we need a bright cheerful QOD.

Oh yes, the world is so bright and cheerful too. The stock market is down, in fact the futures market short term take is on the Fed’s lowering the prime by a half percent at the end of the month. Retail sales reports for December are due this afternoon and they are forecast to be bleak. Gas prices are up. The news is depressing, the I4 dissaster in Central Florida, some idiot tossing his kids from a bridge in Mobal, more U.S. soldiers die overseas, striking writers have caused the Golden Globe Awards show to be canceled and are threatening to do the same for the Oscars, the list goes on and on.

Amid all of that though, life does go on. Our kids are expected to bring home good report cards soon. Our kitchen remodel, although slow is coming along and looking good. Cassie’s soccer team has qualified for the playoffs, with three more games remaining in their season. Becky is interested in working with foster kids at Hibiscus House. I’m going to pony up my nerve and get treated for sleep apnea. Yes, I can’t stand going to the doctors just as much as the dentist. The weather is fantastic. We’re thinking about taking another cruise this year and also travel and visit my family in California. Who knows, I might even offer to take Admin to lunch. See, when all else fails start looking closer to home and you realize, life could be so much worse. I think a late Saturday afternoon or evening fishing trip this weekend, followed by kitchen work on Sunday and then an afternoon trip to the beach would be perfect. Yep, I can’t complain after all, life at its bad moments is still pretty damn good and that leads me to the QOD:

When you’ve got the “Blah’s” what is the best way for you to get over them?


By: ricderr, 2:25 PM GMT on January 08, 2008

OK, from yesterday I’ve compiled a list that I’ll pull out 6 months from after our new president takes office and we’ll see how he/she rates.


Strength of Economy

Health Care Affordability/Availability

Foreign Policy

Enforcement of Drug Laws

Enforcement of Laws Against Illegal Immigration

Homeland Security


Now last week some bloggers mentioned trashy stars and starlets that make the news because of their outrageous behavior. Now before I go running them down let me ask in my humorous way, has anyone ever done any of the same things they have done? No, I’m not defending them, but I’ve a few questions to ask. Are they any different than the rock stars of the 1970’s? Are they acting any different than the Brat Pack of the 80’s? Do they carry on any differently than the stars used to at Studio 54? Did they have any more babies born out of wedlock than in the past? I ask these questions because factually, I honestly don’t know but I do have a QOD:

I do though wonder if they might and others like them by their behavior and actions are the foreshadowing of the end of the Western Civilization as world leaders just like the Grecian Empire, The Roman Empire, and The French and so on and so on?


By: ricderr, 11:32 AM GMT on January 07, 2008

Well seeing that here in Florida it's nearing election time it must be time to talk politics. Now in my opinion there's no need to get into a debate over who's better than whom. It doesn't seem to change peoples mind although it does make some good people look funny, take a look at Nash's blog for a good laugh. Since most that post here I consider good people, regardless of who you vote for, I'm going to take the approach that you're voting for who you feel will lead the country best. If it doesn't match whom I'm voting for we'll just leave it to a difference of opinions.

Now, what can us as a mix of Democrats and Republicans and Independents and a few other affiliations agree with? I'm hoping we can agree with a list of items that can be used as a report card to judge the effectiveness of whomever is sworn in as President come next January. This way we can bring it out from time to time and say according to this list of criteria on things we think are important they either are or are not doing a good job. I'll update from time to time today compiling a list from what is submitted and so, I need your help and that leads to the QOD:

What do you feel are good measures for judging if the President is doing a good job or not?


Strength of Economy

Health Care Affordibillity/Availability

Foreign Policy

Enforcement of Drug Laws

Enforcement of Laws Against Illegal Immigration


By: ricderr, 2:00 PM GMT on January 04, 2008

We've made it to Friday folks, ending the first work week of the year. Yesterday was absurdly busy and hectic thus the failure of myself to make a QOD for yesterday. I see it didn't stop people from running amok however and that's fine by me. For your information we're going out to dinner Saturday in honor of Becky's birthday, however I did cook her dinner of Portabella mushrooms pan seared in olive oil and butter with garlic and tomatoes and balsamic vinegar then popped in the oven with a sour cream and parmesan sauce with a side of cheese raviolis and a from scratch tomato and basil sauce. All made in our no countertop torn up kitchen. What a freaking mess but oh so good!

The college bowl games have been good. Plenty of upsets with the boys of Michigan upsetting the Gators topping the list. Where are all those Gator fans? They're not true fans, living and dying with their team. They're only loud and obnoxious when they are winning and then on to better things when they are losing. Gator fans, do the world a favor, find a cliff and leap. And Tebow, you're a great college quarterback but the pro's play a totally different style game and you might remember a former college Heisman winner, Testeverde. Change your game or your fate will be the same.

If you want to know how the media is influencing us, just talk to your kids. Our two youngest, in their extended day program both came home with collages depicting 2007. Both Cassie and Kyle explained what and why they put into their projects and they included subjects of breast cancer, the "Easy Button," forests and the eco-system, endangered animals, they both had cameras in honor of their mom's Christmas gift and Hilary and Obama among other things. I'm not sure what it all means, but it's curious to see the world from their perspective.

Speaking of Obama, was it a good thing or a bad thing that he won the Iowa Caucus and what did it mean? Were the democrats of that state voicing their favoritism of him or were they voicing their desire for a change from the current political leaders that we have in both parties. If the latter is the case, is Barack that person? I would like to think so, but if you remember 8 years ago, old George ran under an extremely moderate forward thinking Republican platform and as soon as he was elected into office he was a right wing Republican conservative in his cabinet appointees and policies. You just can't trust a politician I'm afraid, but sure hope I'm wrong when it comes to Obama.

I see our new contributor "The Answer" is enamored with the Underground, Enjoy here and there buddy. You're welcome here and there and in fact if you bring Gilligan with you, you're more than welcome. Yes Bob, the New Year has brought out the kinder gentler me. I've given up my bid for the Presidency but who knows the VP spot might still be in my future.

So, how does all this lead up to a QOD? Heck if I know, but since it's Friday and I'm still reflecting on the last year you can pick your own or let's go with:

What do you feel was the most significant event or trend of 2007?


By: ricderr, 1:11 PM GMT on January 02, 2008

Good Morning, the first work day of the New Year for many. The holidays are over and done, the house will get back to normal and life goes on. That is except that the kitchen is empty; we started the remodel project over the weekend. We ripped out the cabinets, put some in the laundry room tossed the rest to the curb and wouldn't you know it, the garbage men missed our house on Monday. Becky called and they assured us they were working on New Years Day and would make sure they came to our house but you know they didn't. It's wallpapering and painting this week and a new floor this weekend and then more camping inside our house until we install the new cabinets the following weekend, joy oh joy. And it's cold. In one day you go from air conditioning to heating and this morning I froze my bald melon until the heat started cranking in the van.

Now we as a family were awake to watch the ball drop on New Years Eve. It was nice to see Dick Clark making an appearance keeping the tradition alive. The man is a hero in my eyes by coming back from his stroke and although it's painful to listen to him, the energy and determination he has shown in overcoming the effects of the stroke put him in the hero category. Now on the opposite end of the scale is Ryan Seacrest. I wanted to reach into the TV and grab his throat as he made comments about how "green" they've become because the new, improved "Ball" uses half the electricity the original on did. Now come on, first of all we use less electricity per person than our grandparents did in the 50's thanks to modern technology. So if you want to be green, fine and dandy, but make the ball solar powered or glow in the dark and then you can pride yourself on how green you are. I've been a fan of doing what you can to lessen ones enviromental impact for a long time and now it's become politically correct to do so to the point that mere lip service gets you beanie points. Come on folks, take a look at Harps blog if it is still up, the people of Australia have some easy and excellent ways to reduce emissions, but no, they won't get much credit unless they make radical statements or make a movie using as much if not more oil based energy in the process as everyone else and telling the world doom and gloom while not changing in the least their lifestyle or way of life. Again, do yourself a favor and read Harp's blog for simple remedies and that leads to the QOD:

What is your whacky way to save the planet from Global Warming?

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