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Friday's Question Of The Day

By: ricderr, 1:32 PM GMT on November 30, 2007

First of all, yes, I still feel like crap. Thank you for asking. I'm so glad you care and no, I don't like feeling miserable. It's not something that I rank high on the list of fun activities. Now blogging though has shown me I might be in (crap should it be in, on or some other preposition? Good blog by the way.)the minority because why in God's name would you continue to read this blog, participate, e-mail me or grab a fake name and "visit" if you don't like me, approve of me, or want to have anything to do with me? Think about it, who's the idiot here?

On to better and happier thoughts, a cold, a few idiots do not, I say do not, dampen the great news that was let slip out of the bag yesterday. Amy dear is at some point to become Mrs. Perfect. That is great, that many of us got to share in it, to watch their relationship blossom and to have the opportunity to meet the two of them, well, you two might think you're lucky to have met but we also think we're lucky to know you. Congratulations to both of you. Now, since many of here were bold enough to tell you to get together, we weren't shy about saying what a cute couple you would make nor were we afraid to tease, laugh and share the joy when we found out you too were an item. Would you expect any less of us than to make you a Question Of The day? Would you expect any less of us than to offer to you, for free even, our advice on your future life together and your wedding plans? Do you think just that Saddle is hosting the Rob, AKA Spetrm, AKA Sperm baby shower that we couldn't dish out the advice with him and also pop in here and bug the crap out of you two also? Ha, we can do that and more and that leads to the question of the day:

What advice do Amy and Mr. Perfect need to have a wonderful wedding and to live happily ever after?


By: ricderr, 12:53 PM GMT on November 29, 2007

Welcome to PeeWee's Playhouse. Don't ask me why I thought of that. I've a cold, my fried brain and clogged lungs are allowed to think anyway they choose. And I'm tired of it! Tired of Becky being sick. She needs to be well and waiting on me hand and foot, applying a moist towel to my fevered brow, rubbing my aching shoulders and back and catering to my every need in my time of suffering.


Well, we went to our daughter’s opening night of her first acting performance. She was Ursula from The Little Mermaid and truth be told. It was just as you would expect from a performance of first through fifth graders, awful. If you've been there, done that, you know all about forgotten lines, kids vamping for their parents, missed cues, bad singing and the likes and yes, I loved every minute of it. Of course, Cassie stole the show not only did she know her lines, show some attempt of trying to be in character rather than just recite her lines, the costume her mother made, including tentacles, was the hit of the night. Biased? Who me? Hell yes and damn proud of it. It was my pleasure to bring her a bouquet of flowers after the performance and kiss the top of her head, she made her dad proud. And that leads me to the QOD:

What was your proudest moment to date?

Wednesday's Question Of The Day

By: ricderr, 12:35 PM GMT on November 28, 2007

Will this cold ever leave? I'm beginning to think this may be what normal is going to feel like from now on and quite frankly, I'm not happy. I feel like someone has beat my chest from the inside, my nose is raw, and my head feels like it's stuffed with cotton. Just call me Pooh Bear.

So, I guess the consensus from yesterday is it's not the crowd that is important as compared to you not being defined by the crowd. Your who you are regardless of at which particular moment finds you in what crowds company. I died laughing rereading the political comments from yesterday and it got me thinking about freedoms. We live in a free country, but there is a cost to exercising our freedoms. We complain about our political process, the choices we have for the most important position of our government, yet we don't take advantage of our freedoms to change it. In fact, many times we idly sit back while we let those in power limit and outright take away our freedoms.

I'm reminded of listening to Becky talking about a dolphin rescue effort she was involved in before we met. She took part in the rehabilitation and release of some captive navy dolphins that the navy had allowed to be assimilated into the wild. These dolphins had the opportunity to be free, to once again live in the wild and yet some, after their release were still found to be mooching food from people every chance they got. To be truly free takes effort.

Speaking of freedoms, I need to take a moment to apologize to admin. I have been very vocal of my criticism of admins recent enactment of the ban and ignore features. I've called it an easy way out, a system that does nothing to curb the problems and yet I failed to realize that they were offering freedom from having to "live" with those that to you are undesirable. Where else, do you truly have that freedom of deciding who your neighbors truly are? Bob, I can already hear you on this one, "but I like to know what others are saying about me." Does it matter? Are you defined by what others think of you? Is that why you do and act the way you do? Oh, we know many do, just go to another blog site and see who follows every word you say and you know people are just itching to find out, but once you truly say, "I don't care," you are truly able to exercise that freedom and admin, thank you for those two features.

Becky and I were talking about freedoms last night as we watched the evening news. It seems the mayor of Riviera Beach is canvassing his city getting a petition signed to put on the ballot an ordinance making it illegal to wear baggy pants. You know the pants that hang past your butt, showing off your boxers, thong or even worse the crack of your arse. Becky groaned and rolled her eyes over this one and I jumped up with, whoa there, that's a good thing. Becky responded with if that's the case I think they should also outlaw fat people from wearing spandex and she rattled off some others that my fevered brain can't recall and that leads to the question of the day:

What is the biggest fashion faux pas (fopah for those that got a kick out of my spelling last time I used this word) that hits your "What Da Hell" button


By: ricderr, 12:48 PM GMT on November 27, 2007

There's nothing like waking up and disposing of 20 pounds of accumulated lung butter and mucus. I can deal with aches and pains but give me a cold and a fever and I'm done. I ache, I'm cranky, my head is messed up and all I want to do is curl up and play dead. Of course though, I'm at work and honestly, all they want is for me to do my job, shut up and don't expect sympathy. I remember when a guy took three days off for having his wisdom teeth extracted and the owner of the company said, "Christ, I've seen people recover faster from open heart surgery." Oh, and it's even worse when your wife is just as sick and just as busy, there's no sympathy.

Thanks for the answers yesterday, We all have many viewpoints and ideas and to see them shows us that when it comes to the gray areas, there's really no right nor wrong and when we realize that and can accept that others act differently and are just as right with their differing viewpoint we learn acceptance. Of course, acceptance is another of those bad words. We're told and beat over the head that we have to accept each other but in the same breath we're shown how different we are. Take for example gays and straights, black and white. Why not just people? Yesterday our daughter, dressed in a style I can only describe as Pippy Longstalking meets Emo, is ready set and willing to head off to school in this particular outfit. While I was proud that this girl is seeking her own style and identity my next thought was, "God I hope she doesn't get teased at school." I have to wonder if there is a way to combine acceptance and a unique identity. Let's admit it; it's not natural for us to accept something different. Take for example the new Vista software from Microsoft. I've heard so many complaints about it and since it's on my computer I use it and I find some things better, most things the same, just packaged differently but why the hue and cry? Simply put, it's different and it's not radically different enough for enough of us to embrace it just for that very reason. So instead we mistrust it. It has to prove itself worthy rather than a flat out acceptance that it is different and we'll accept it.

I just reread what I wrote and man, you talk about someone not making sense today. I sure can't understand me and I think I hope you can't either and that leads to the QOD:

In what ways do you not run with the crowd?


By: ricderr, 1:07 PM GMT on November 26, 2007

I wish you a happy Monday, one and all. Let me preface my QOD by saying, my opinions are not necessarily right, nor are they always the most popular. In fact sometimes the reason for a particular QOD is for me to see why others think the way they do to help me understand why I think the way I do.

If you read the blogs long enough, you’re going to see someone offer sympathy, mourn, request help for, or just mention the death of someone or a group of people. Death statistics for people killed by storms is always a hot topic since these are indeed weather blogs and a celebrity dying is always good for a blog or two. What makes us gravitate to these deaths over others? Are these deaths more noteworthy? Today, over 155,000 deaths will occur worldwide. Over 3,300 of these deaths will be traffic fatalities. Every 3.6 seconds someone will die due to malnutrition. Yep, right now someone is dying to get into a mortuary.

So then, how am I not a hypocrite to mourn one and not another? Why is it, that people will still rally around deaths caused by past hurricanes here in the United States and yet a deafening silence is heard concerning the deaths in Bangladesh which only occurred a few weeks ago? And woe to the blogger who doesn't go half mast when a noteworthy person dies in their home state. Oh don't worry; I'm not sitting here on my high horse wailing away. I know I'm a hypocrite, since I'm the one that studies and worries more over a tropical system with potential for landfall here in the U.S. than worldwide. I however, don't think I'm in the minority. What makes us that way? Or better yet, maybe we are supposed to be that way. Maybe some deaths are supposed to be more important than others. Maybe the animal kingdom has it right. They rarely notice the death of another of their species outside their immediate circle and they only spend a short time mourning the loss of one of their own and then it's back to hunting and gathering and procreation.

All I know is I don't have all the answers. Maybe what we have now is a happy medium. Maybe, when we honor the life of someone noteworthy upon their passing that in some way we're also paying tribute to the many that also died that were given no recognition except by those that were close to them and that leads to the QOD:

Should we even be focusing on the dead at all and instead worrying about the living?


By: ricderr, 1:33 PM GMT on November 23, 2007

So, I'm up at 4 a.m. out the door and heading to Wally World to join the crowds vying for cheap Christmas gifts. Now in years past, you could grab what you wanted but they wouldn't ring you up until 5 a.m. Not this year. Everything is in the middle aisles, on pallets, boxed or shrink wrapped and you have to camp out next to what you want when 5 a.m. rolls around. So, I want this skateboard thingee that Santa is getting for Kyle and I walk up and grab it and this mom says to me, "you can't take that and she explained the new policy and that violators were being thrown out the store. So here I am, toy in hand, needing to make my way over to electronics and I'm being verbally assaulted, so I look both ways, see no one in a blue vest, plop the toy in my cart and make my get away and I realize I'm switching isles to not get caught and how many cameras are overhead? It was hilarious. Now, I didn't need to get up. I think I actually got more things that friends wanted than I needed, but it's fun to join in that mob, look at people that are as bleary eyed as you are and say "Merry Christmas." It kick starts you into the Christmas season and Christmas spirit. You walk out of their singing Christmas Carols and smiling. What would make you see red, want to kill, maim and torture, this one day you gladly endure and actually smile. Could you imagine if we had that hear on the blogs 24/7? Admin would soon lose their police badges, and ban triggers and that leads to the QOD:

What's your favorite holiday shopping story?

I'm Thankful For The QOD:

By: ricderr, 1:14 PM GMT on November 21, 2007

As we come to a time where many will spend time reflecting on the blessings they have received, so shall I.

I'm thankful for my family: Without them I would still live but I wouldn't have anything to live for.

I'm thankful for friends: Those that see past my faults and shortcomings and accept me and by doing so help make me a better person.........

I'm thankful for those friends that aren't afraid to put me in my place: I need true friends not just cheerleaders.

I'm thankful for those that don't like me: They teach me what is important and more importantly, what's not important..............

I'm thankful for WU: I will be and will continue to be vocal when i feel they're wrong, but I'd be an idiot if I didn't thank them for this site and for this venue.

I'm thankful for guys like Doc Masters, Doc Rood, Bob, Rob & others that teach me about the weather and climate.

I'm thankful that I'm me and you are you: variety is a wondergul thing.

Now go find some turkey & stuff it, stuff it good (Food, I meant food you sick minded people. Admin keep your finger off the trigger, I meant stuff it with food.)Monkey Loves Sings Thanksgiving

Blog Makeover

By: ricderr, 2:34 PM GMT on November 20, 2007

OK....my blog is no fun......it's sagging at the eyes.......split ends on my drab colored hair of a blog....wrinkled outdated blog attire......so.....when it gets tough...GET GOO!!!!!....for a new fantabulous blog that is fun.....witty.....and the talk of the town....the good part of town that is.....GOO....the blog is yours...LOL


By: ricderr, 1:21 PM GMT on November 20, 2007

As I tried to figure out what was a good QOD, I was reminded of something that caught my interest while reading responses yesterday. Many here do not trust our judicial system. Yesterday as I noted that I also noted that it paralleled our mistrust of our government leadership and I was struck with how we, and I take "we" as a microcosm of society as a whole, won't empower ourselves to change that. I also had to laugh; we're no different than any other group of people, when you bring up the courts and failures the OJ topic always comes up. Oh, we know he did it, the cops knew he did it; you may even feel the jurors knew he did it. One thing I took from the trial and the scrutiny of the complete investigation was the initial rush to judgment of the police which lead to their initial mishandling of evidence and failure to follow proper procedures. I believe they expected OJ to at some point break down and confess. A typical person that killed his ex wife, the mother of their children, someone that he had professed loving and still loved, well, you would like to think they would be human enough that the remorse and guilt would eat them up. But let's look at the system as a whole, as the OJ verdict a part of that system. Our system is based on the presumption that you are innocent until proven guilty. That proof must eliminate all doubt. The very idea was an effort to not lock up and take away the rights of an innocent person and that leads to the QOD:

Would you rather see our judicial system fail and err on the side of innocence for a guilty person than err and lock up an innocent person?

Monday's QOD< The Early Edition

By: ricderr, 2:42 PM GMT on November 18, 2007

Friday morning we got rolling on a pretty good subject. Not all agreed, which is good and some decent viewpoints were expressed. Throughout the course of the posts I personally noted that many people seem to group justice, equality and fairness together. I'm not sure I can agree with that but, justice has always been one of those concepts that I have a hard time defining. I could never be a judge because of that. I'd go crazy with all the variables that go into rendering a decision. Now we've already had a QOD on what is justice, so a repeat I don't think is necessary, but as I was thinking this through a certain part of justice came to mind and I thought it would make for lively conversation and keep the mind rolling. I'm sure there are many controversies when it comes to justice but the most in my mind has always centered on the death penalty. Final justice, once carried back their can be no reprieve, no pardon and no judgment reversals. For me, it's an easy decision when an innocent child is killed and I can make that quick two minute knee jerk reaction of let him fry, but when I stop and think about it, when I put myself into the role of the jurist, the administrator of the injection or the toggle of the switch, the thought process changes. At this point it goes from feelings of revenge to thinking is justice truly served and so that leads to the QOD:

Could you as a jurist vote for the death penalty?


Could you administer the lethal injection?


By: ricderr, 3:00 PM GMT on November 16, 2007


Time to end the roadtrip and the nicest part of a trip is coming home

No matter where you're at, what your weather, the temperature and the water is fine at the neighborhood bar.


Sit back, the bar is stocked, have a drink or have twenty. That's the best thing about the bar, no matter what you drink, when you walk out, you are just as sober as when you walked in. (Psst, it's just a blog)


There's always a party going on, G-Rated of course.


Of course for the ladies, the womens lounge has the spa.


No, we didn't forget you ladies want the spa boys, so I invited a couple of Chip & Dales

>And for one night only, Steve perry is back with Journey


And you know it wouldn't be the bar if we didn't have Jack

So sit back, enjoy your favorite libation and contemplate the QOD:

What is your favorite drink?


By: ricderr, 12:36 PM GMT on November 16, 2007

Time to end the roadtrip and the nicest part of a trip is coming home

No matter where you're at, what your weather, the temperature and the water is fine at the neighborhood bar.


Sit back, the bar is stocked, have a drink or have twenty. That's the best thing about the bar, no matter what you drink, when you walk out, you are just as sober as when you walked in. (Psst, it's just a blog)


There's always a party going on, G-Rated of course.


Of course for the ladies, the womens lounge has the spa.


No, we didn't forget you ladies want the spa boys, so I invited a couple of Chip & Dales

>And for one night only, Steve perry is back with Journey


And you know it wouldn't be the bar if we didn't have Jack

So sit back, enjoy your favorite libation and contemplate the QOD:

What is your definition of fairness?


By: ricderr, 11:14 AM GMT on November 15, 2007

today...i'm allowing comments..but no typed words...silence speaks volumes and a picture is worth a thousand words...and they are small...post 2...any typed comments will be pulled



By: ricderr, 10:54 AM GMT on November 14, 2007

When All Else Fails...Head UNDERGROUND



By: ricderr, 3:16 PM GMT on November 13, 2007

Well, from idiots to queens to somewhere in between or possible the epitome of both, we've arrived at Adminville. At one point they said that the blogs account for 2% of the sites traffic and if you read their sales literature even though that 2% seems like a small number the traffic is still huge. Of course, I've, cough cough, never added to their headaches and I'm sure no one that reads this blog has ever give them cause for concern. And headaches they must have plenty, but somehow and for some reason they continue to show up for their job and that leads to the question of the day:

Have you ever had an admin like position and your favorite "Admin" story?

Monkey Love pays tribute to Admin


By: ricderr, 4:15 PM GMT on November 12, 2007

Where do you travel after stopping at the Idiot Blog? Well of course, you must visit the Queendom. One end of the spectrum to another, but maybe, if you look deep enough, you'll see the commonality in both. Of course, I, even as an outsider would never call the Queen of Wuba an idiot; the flaggers would get finger cramps. Instead Sheraqueenofthebeach, we'll just call her priceless. dispenser of wisdom and new agesque philosophy and yogan exorcises. There have been many queens to come and go, we also have the Donut Queen, someone was the Porn Queen and I believe we even had an actual Drama Queen. (Actually named that and not just the typical vyers for the throne.) How she came to attain her throne someday her memoirs might tell. I've not a clue. So today, we celebrate queens, the defenders, the pretenders and the heirs apparent to the throne and that leads to the QOD?

Who was/is your favorite royalty?



By: ricderr, 12:50 PM GMT on November 09, 2007

Well we resume the road trip once again and why not choose Friday to visit what I feel was and is truly the most unique blog concept in WU's history, "The Idiot Blog." So we pay tribute to the blog, why not since it's on temporary hiatus and of course we can lampoon it with impunity. I love ideas that come out of left field and this one was far left. Usually, you call someone an idiot and especially in today's blog climate and you are looking for trouble, but with the concept of the idiot blog people gladly proclaimed and glorified that we all in some way or another idiots. And it has the distinction during its initial run of out performing the good Dr's blog and that is a feat that may never be matched again. How, cough cough, I could have been considered its ceremonial leader is beyond me since I believe I extol the virtues of seriousness, model behavior and proper decorum. People have used and continue to use the lines and the ideas that the Idiot Blog revolutionized. Idiots of the world united, reveled in the fact that they too are idiots and glorified every quirky habit, idea an opinions that are just a bit outside of the norm. No longer were they problems, now, they were just the normalalcy of each and every one of us being different and so that brings us to the QOD:

In what way are you an idiot?

I've Got An Answer & a QOD?

By: ricderr, 3:54 PM GMT on November 08, 2007

Well, it appears that the picture is indeed Photoshopped. In fact I was sent another picture in the same theme that was Photoshopped. The difference is the one that has me torqued is too real. It could be duplicated in real life and the other one I was sent there's no way it's possible without the help of a modification program. I'm still going to send the first picture to some animal rights organizations because in my opinion it's outside the envelope and I'd like to see someone speak up against it. Education is the answer. Now, technology is a great thing. as I've spent time last night and this morning trying to learn about Photoshop and the likes, I was reminded how George Lucas waited until technology improved to make the last three Star Wars films because he felt at the time technology wasn't available to do his films justice. Of course, as technology advances so does the envelope change of what is and what is not acceptable. Who would have thought even 10 years ago that blogging would be what it is today and that leads to the QOD?

What modern technological inventions have impressed you the most and what ones do you feel are dangerous or bad?

THE BEST NEWS OF THE DAY!!! Appalachiangypsy's children are true "Monkey Loves"

Monkey Love JR, but not my Kyle Monkey Love Jr.
Monkette Jr (this one is so sweet it will bring a tear to your eye)
Monkette Jr Jr (Gypsy.....you need to be proud of all three)


By: ricderr, 12:27 PM GMT on November 08, 2007

Just a brief timeout from the travelling QOD as I need help with a photo. A friend sent me a rather disturbing photo that at first glance looks like animal abuse. For that reason I'm not going to post it nor name the party that did, especially since I find that the picture has been pulled, either by the poster the blog owner or admin. I've done some searching on the net and evidently the picture has been around for some time so the person that posted it is most probably not the creator, they just chose a picture that at the very least is in bad taste. Before I send letters to any groups though, I'd like to know if the picture has been photo shopped and that's where I need help. When it comes to picutres I can only point and click and pray to god it turns out halfway decent. So if there is anyone with some expertise in the matter please let me know and I'll e-mail you the picture. Thanks in advance for your help.


By: ricderr, 1:37 PM GMT on November 07, 2007



Yes, the bus has stopped here in the wonderful world of glitter. Now as most know, I'm not a fan of glitter pictures. I heard one blogger call it the graffiti of our day and I guess I pretty much agree with it. Of course, I also know I'm in the minority on this one and just check around these blogs and that's plain to see. And it's not just here, Google glitter and you'll find a plethora of sites that are nothing but glitter picture makers so there has to be a market and a big market that is clamoring for the product. And that is the funny part of it, just because I don't like it, doesn't mean that it's bad, or that I can't understand that some or in this case many people do like it, but whoa to the person that wears the red wig and wants their burger fresh and isn't afraid to say something about it. You're immediately called a troublemaker and an instigator. The world is made up of people with different tastes, likes and dislikes, just look at the salad dressing isle and Kraft and others will tell you how much of a good thing different tastes are to their pocketbook. Also, don't forget that there's also a group, which I am a part of, that will Google for pictures that fit the topic at hand. How many times have many here pasted pictures especially on Masters' blog and had their little keyboard strumming fingers cut off. It's the same thing only different. So, in all things that are in bad taste depending on your taste, today, I'm looking for your best of the worst glitter pictures and any others that you might see fit to post and I'll pick my three least favorite and tomorrow, we'll vote for the best so to speak and that leads to the QOD:

What is your favorite picture moment?



By: ricderr, 11:28 AM GMT on November 06, 2007



Well, it wouldn't be worth a trip to the Waffle House if we weren't just a bit controversial. The problem has been what topic to choose. There's plenty associated with the Waffle House, but to me one stands out.

Now before we get into the subject I have to roll out the rules. Since its common knowledge this blog is flagged on its best days. You can darn well imagine it's going to get a workout today and in order to keep admin from pulling it we need to realize;

It's ok to disagree.
It's ok to be hilarious.
It's ok to be adamant.

It's important to remember this is only a blog.
It's important to know opinions are like (censored), everyone has one.
It's important to remember this is for fun.

It's not ok to degrade someone for their opinion.
It's not ok to forget we're friends.
It's not ok to take any of this personal.

(There you go Melt, my good list.)

Now you know, just writing those rules are hilarious to me, but if it keeps our good buddies at admin happy, we're all happy. Yep, I and admin are tight. Tight I say!

Well, to business, you couldn't come to the Waffle House without revisiting illegal aliens. We've discussed it here, politicians have built platforms on the subject, Newspapers can bring it out on a slow news day and vigilante groups have sprung up to wipe it out. You might have noticed though that politicians have put it on the back burner now that we're in election time. I'm guessing they want to offend the fewest in order to garner enough votes which to me prove once again, our leaders don't give a rats butt about the matter except when it garners them media attention and funds for their constituents. Oh I know, I've a minority view on the subject and most won't agree with my stance and that's fine, there might or might not be a happy medium we can come to, but we can't come close if I do all the talking, so that leads to the QOD:

What is your take on the illegal alien issue?

Do you think our government will ever take "real" action on the issue?


I've Been A Bad Bad Boy!!!!!

By: ricderr, 10:11 PM GMT on November 05, 2007

I hope you didn't miss me, cus I didn't miss me either!!!


Yep Santie put me on his naughty list!!

I guess I can expect these for Christmas


They tried to make a monkey out of me!!


But I just spent the day singing, just me and Paul


So, I pop on Sunday morning, popped a few posts on the blogs. I thought I was insightful and polite. Notice "insightful" and not "inciteful." Becky and I trekked down south to the IKEA store and I come back at 4:30 and BAMM, I've somehow earned a 24 hour trip to the corner. I died laughing. When I've deserved a ban, Nada and when I'm good and gone I pick up a whistle for unsportmanslike conduct. Now, I'd gladly tell you why, but admin in their infinite wisdom has neglected to write me back. Honestly, it just doesn't matter. Hey, I like the moniker of bad boy, many have preceded me and it's my turn to don the crown. I wasn't inconvenienced and I'm sure neither were any of you. We'll all live to play on another day, but it did give me a chance to paste some funny pictures.




By: ricderr, 2:24 PM GMT on November 04, 2007

oh......i'll be back at the waffle house and a qod come monday...but i had to take a sec..and say.......i love cold weather!!!!!....just darn cold...oh yeah....shall i say...cold florida weather...low 60's when i got up at 5 this morning...and was then able to pop back in bed....and press my cold feet up against becky's warm legs.....aint nothing like warming your feet and catching an elbow in the chest for your efforts to welcome in the first cold front of the season


By: ricderr, 11:43 AM GMT on November 02, 2007

I'm staying here at the Waffle House for another day. I like it and we even got Saddle to come out of lurkdom. It brings back good memories. We were hated, ah hated is probably too strong, but we were called a disgrace to WU and worse for the Waffle House Blog. Funny how blog life changes so quickly and dramtically when you stop and think about it.


I see the Waffle House has stiff competition from Cracker Barrel for a better breakfast. I have to admit something here, I've never had a good meal there. The Waffle House is the awful house as far as I'm concerned but nothing and I mean nothing beats this waitress.


So I guess this all leads to the QOD?

What is the worst experience you've had at a restaurant?

Waffle House QOD

By: ricderr, 12:22 PM GMT on November 01, 2007

Well, we start this road trip through memory lane at the all famous WU Waffle House.

Many thought that the Waffle House wouldn't reopen from it's disastrous party. Rumors flowed that it's manager had absconded with all the money and started his own all night informational service.


But you can always rebuild and although some things will never be forgotten, it's up to you on what memories you choose to remember and focus on. The Waffle House will always stand proud and bring back good memories. Maybe there's a lesson in that.



What, you thought I might say something else? Kid Rock gets arrested and you know the Waffle House had to love and hate that press.

So sit back, get a cup of coffee, peruse the menu, order up and answer the QOD:

What is your favorite meal to order for breakfast and what is your favorite breakfast restaurant?


Oh & I forgot, the Lunch Special is Bar-B-Qued Noel Crow.

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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