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Friday's Question Of The Day

By: ricderr, 12:11 PM GMT on June 29, 2007

Well, we come to another Friday, another end of the work week. It's time to start planning for the weekend, fishing, movies, housework, fence building and some gardening and most importantly spending time with my family. The computer gets shutdown, no blogging, no poker, no emails and most importantly, no worries. Now with that said, how should the question of the day end the week? Should we solve another of life’s most important questions? That's a joke, although I'm sure we'll see a rebuttal on someone’s blog. Should we laugh and have fun? No matter what the QOD is I'm pretty positive we'll do that. So, in honor of the end of the week, I think we'll do both.

Topic #1

Tomorrow, June 30th, is the next reporting day for presidential candidates to open up their war chests and show America how much contributions they've collected. Frontrunners will be declared not just on popularity but in today's realm of campaigning, how much money is in the coffers. So then, let's get a head start on the political pundits.

Topic #2

No matter where we start the QOD always takes unexpected twists and turns and we've seen the most unlikely subjects for me anyways such as the New Orleans Saints, seductive cowboys, gun collections, drones and of course underwear and oh yes, we can make a question out of that:

Today’s QOD!

1. If today was election day, who would garner your vote for President of our United States?

2. What type of underwear do you wear, that is, when you wear underwear?


Thursday's Question Of The Day

By: ricderr, 12:36 PM GMT on June 28, 2007

More inventory more inventory more inventory. God I hate inventory. LOL

Woke up this morning and the first commercial was an ad for Toyota and there hybrids vehicles. The morning’s paper had an advertisement for Honda's hybrid. On CNN last night there was a story about how Chevrolet's plan for alternative fueled vehicles. America's car manufacturers are moving forward in ways to reduce the dependence on oil. Now, when you read the stories about Global Warming you always hear about how America is lacking, the big sinner and Europe is at the forefront and that leads to the Question of the Day:

Why are we not seeing the major European car dealers developing hybrid and alternative fueled vehicles for sale in the United States?


Wednesday's Question Of The Day

By: ricderr, 1:56 PM GMT on June 27, 2007

How many have already or will read our lovely CIA's "Family Jewels"? Tales, well actually real life situations that read like James Bond fantasies, which detail their exploits from 1959 through the '70's. I had heard rumors of some, was shocked at others and laughed at some. And that's just from different excerpts garnered through the web. Seems our government could be described as Draconian as our Cold War pals Russia and Eastern Germany and that leads to the QOD.

Will you read about the Family Jewels? Do you think it should have been de-classified? Do you think what you'll read will shock and amaze you?



By: ricderr, 12:33 PM GMT on June 26, 2007

Just a side note before I start. Election Day today, if your town is holding an election, get out there and vote. We're deciding the tax for the local trauma center. Thanks to Barefoot and others I did revisit both sides and after realizing that from where I live and where a large part of the county residents live the travel time to West Palm Beach and where the new trauma center would be would be almost equal I was able to make what I hope was the right choice.

Now it seems though at every election the news will run a story of someone complaining about campaign signs. They're everywhere and to my way of thinking, regardless if I agree with the position being supported by the sign, it's a great American tradition and right to campaign for your ideals. It makes me proud for my country when I see them. Signs though, regardless of election time seem to be everywhere. It's even illegal in St Lucie County to post them and so now on any given weekend and on many weekdays, companies will employ people to hold large signs advertising their business at many intersections. The last time I traveled through Miami the sign bearers were everywhere and with it being a windy day, one lady holding a rather large sign was blown into the street and nearly hit by a car and that leads me to the question of the day:

Is this a Florida phenomenon or do you have sign bearers in your area and do you consider it eye pollution.



By: ricderr, 12:02 PM GMT on June 25, 2007

Another weekend goes into the books. After house work, kid sitting, yard work and fence building, it's time to face another work week and enjoy the company of bloggins.

I run into a coworker of Becky's in the morning as we drop our kids off at day camp and it surprises me that she's always nice, friendly, and a caring person. When Becky was looking to hire her I just "knew" it wouldn't work. She is a recently divorced, social butterfly. She knows high society much better than being a receptionist, but she wanted a job, was qualified and Becky hired her. I "knew" it wouldn't last. No way could she handle the fast paced environment and yet, she's been there for over a year. I "knew" she would spend the down time idling chatting away, filing her nails and looking pretty. This lady never sits, she's always busy cleaning, rearranging, in short, and she gives her all to the job. I'm sure it happens to all, you're driving down the freeway, ahead is a group of bikers wearing leather jackets there colors emblazoned on their backs. You're not sure you want to pass them as you think back on some of the gang movies of the '70's and then as you get close you see their patch reads "Bikers for Christ." And if it's tough to really know someone that you just see occasionally, you can assure yourself over the internet it must be even more difficult. Oh, and lest I wear my rose colored glasses all the time, yes, you can see the opposite. The person that told you they would do anything to destroy someone and you took it metaphorically and you realize they meant it as literal. Oh well, Its a whole lot better when you think about the guy that you thought might be a slow country boy garbage collector, shares many ideas the same as yourself.
So then yes, you the blog reader, chances are most on here have only an inkling of who you are. And today is the day to open up. As an example, I know that many were surprised when Gamma, a republican and a conservative in many ways, supported legalizing marijuana and that leads us to the Question of the Day:

What one thing can you share, that most on here would not know and would probably not guess about you?


Sunday Elvis Weather

By: ricderr, 12:12 PM GMT on June 24, 2007

I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine Lyrics
Artist(Band):Elvis Presley
(words & music by M. David)
Well, I don't care if the sun don't shine.
I get my lovin' in the evening time
When I'm with my baby.

Well, it ain't no fun with the sun around.
I get going when the sun goes down
And I'm with my baby.

Well, that's when we're gonna kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss,
And we're gonna kiss some more.
Who cares how many times we kiss,
'Cause at a time like this, who keeps score?

Well, I don't care if the sun don't shine
I get my loving in the evening time
When I meet my baby.

And it don't matter if it's sleet or snow,
The drive-in's cozy when the lights are low
And I'm with my baby.

Makes no difference if the rain comes down
I don't notice when she's around.
Oh boy, what a baby.

Well, that's when we're gonna kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss
We're gonna kiss some more.
Well, one kiss from my baby doll
Makes me hot-
More more more more.

Well, I don't care if the sun don't shine
I get my loving in the evening time
When I'm with my baby.

Well, that's when we're gonna kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss
We're gonna kiss some more.
Well, one kiss from my baby doll
Makes me hot-
More more more more.

Well, I don't care if the sun don't shine
I get my loving in the evening time
When I'm with my baby.


Friday's Question Of The Day

By: ricderr, 1:25 PM GMT on June 22, 2007

It's friday and the fish are biting. Time to finish up another work week toss on some sunscreen and torture a few of gods gilled creatures, but before we do let's ask one more question. In fact, let's ask a question where your opinion actually can matter. You could change the mind of a voter and if you believe that every counts, then you've accomplished something.

St. Lucie County has placed on the ballot a tax initiative to fund a trauma center. We all know that in an emergency situation the faster you receive medical assistance the greater your chances for survival are. Presently a trauma emergency victim has to be airlifted to West Palm Beach. It seems pretty cut and tried until you throw in two catches.
1. The hospital that the trauma center will be established in a low rated hospital that I personally would not care to be treated in.

2. The hospital is privately owned.

So, the question of the day is.

Why should my tax dollars be used for a private institution to profit from?



By: ricderr, 12:10 PM GMT on June 21, 2007

If you haven't guessed by now this week’s question theme has been introspection. {Yes I know, some might think the theme was to tick people off, it's not, I might have to do as prescription drugs and list the side effects. :-) }Today's question was going to be about what we do to bring attention to ourselves, but the other day a post in the blog about discrimination caught some attention and I want to focus on that today. I have been accused more than once for fence sitting and if understanding that people have different views such as, I might find the term WUBA offensive, but I can understand those that see it as a term to illustrate their love for weather, blogging and friends is fence sitting, I'm fine with that. Just like I'm ok with my viewpoint for thinking good people can act like idiots on the internet and although I think they've acted like an idiot they still might be good people and because of that I refuse to take sides, If that makes me a fence sitter, I'll gladly accept the term. However, there is no fence sitting on discrimination for me. It's wrong, there is no gray area and I'll gladly grab my soapbox and rail against it.

Usually when I talk about a topic I try, not always successfully, to present a neutral viewpoint. I can't on the subject of discrimination. Now, there are so many forms of it. It's not just a race issue. You see discrimination between the sexes, between those with money and those without. for those that have been in a job, club, or group longer than others, for those that have differing viewpoints and the list goes on and on. It's never going to stop. No matter how elegantly you might feel Martin Luther King expressed it in his "I Had A Dream" speech, human nature is such that we will question and be cautious of anything that is different and the easiest way to achieve that is to consider it less than ourselves. Perhaps the best way to view it is in the song "We Shall Overcome." We can overcome it when we make a conscious effort to not judge until we have a complete picture of a person. In other words 20 million Muslims cannot all be terrorists, blacks are not all strong, slow of speech or criminals, women can accomplish what a man does, the poor are not all lazy, Mexicans are not all illegals or dope couriers, blondes are not all dumb, new people are not all trolls and the list goes on and on. It's not the type of discrimination that I want to focus on, although I'm sure it will be brought up in an attempt to answer the QOD, rather than the problem I want to focus on solutions and the solutions, to keep them with this weeks theme, are best when we can relate them to ourselves. Either a method that has worked in the past or even something where even if you've failed you try to practice it because when mastered it brings about a good result and that leads to the Question of the Day:

How do you deal with discrimination?

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By: ricderr, 1:13 PM GMT on June 20, 2007

I often wonder what it is about our minds that we can start out with a blase' concept and turn it into something about underwear. It was hilarious though and since blogging should be fun I'd say it was a success. Becky, (AKA Allhailmom) busy with college kids work, me and an animal trainers blog will usually at some point in our daily conversations ask how are my blogfriends and trying to explain our wandering conversations last night ended with, you're gonna have to read it. She says hi by the way.

'Blessed be the man that spares these stones And cursed be he who moves these bones.'

'Here lies an honest lawyer - That is Strange.'
John Strange.

'Quoth the raven: nevermore.'
Edgar Allan Poe.

'She did it the hard way.'
Bette Davis.

'All things considered, I'd rather be in Philadelphia.'
W.C. Fields.

'That's all folks!'
Mel Blanc.

'A gentle man and a gentleman.'
Jack Dempsey.

'I never met a man I didn't like.'
Will Rogers.

'You who are a passerby As you are now, so once was I As I am now, you too shall be Prepare for Death and follow me.'

Yesterday we delved into the fantasy realm of what we'd want if we were stranded on an island. Even though at times the idea of solitude seems great I hope that we'd all soon tire of it. Today, let's turn to the sad but very real reality that some day we will pass on and as we read the famous epitaths above let's consider this Question of the Day:

What do you want for your epitath?



By: ricderr, 12:33 PM GMT on June 19, 2007

What a Monday. Gangs, cliques, differing opinions, esteemed members hitched and a ton of laughter. I call that a success. Today, is what I believe to be a non loaded question, but I've thought that before. :-)

I wanted to talk about anti-social behavior. I found a website that has a tongue in cheek version that fits so many of us here and I want to do a questionnaire on it but it's still in the planning stages. Now, seeing that the past questions have been loaded and just a tad ( a tad he says?) personal for many, I think today's question should be fun, however, if you take the time to consider your answer you'll find it might just speak volumes about who you are.

Here is the scenario, you are trapped on a deserted island, food and shelter is not a problem. You are alone and you are not allowed access to your spouse. You find a genie on the beach and you are allowed three luxuries all of which can not help you get off the island. One is a companion of your choosing, the second is an endless supply of your favorite food and last a form of entertainment of your choosing and thus we have our question of the day:

What three things would you pick?



By: ricderr, 7:30 PM GMT on June 18, 2007

Ok....I'm out for the rest of the day...sales meeting and then pick up kidlins.....grocery shopping and dinner...oh boy....see you tomorrow.....special thanx to Mp and Amy for being good sports.....next non Qod event will be..who's smarter than than a fith grader....

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By: ricderr, 6:06 PM GMT on June 18, 2007

All right....we've solved the gang problem, cliques, raising children and the meaning of names in just over half a day. Now let's take the time to solve world singleness. We have two fellow bloggers, our lovely donut queen, Amy and a resident witticist, Mister Perfect. They've shown no interest in online dating or in each other but why should we let a couple of small things like that get in the way. I would like all to contribute here on the blog why these two should get hitched.




By: ricderr, 2:15 PM GMT on June 18, 2007

Happy Monday to one and all. I hope your weekend was an enjoyable one and once again you are ready to solve all the worlds ills and even if we can't do that hopefully we'll learn that good people with the same goals as ourselves can have different opinions as to how to achieve them. Knowledge breeds respect.

It seems that each time you watch the news in South Florida, there's another story on gangs and gang violence being reported. As someone who grew up entrenched in gang neighborhoods and had to fight to stay out of gangs it's not only saddening, it's personal. Yes, I even get miffed (that's polite for pissed off) when it has been itimated (that's polite for some idiot said so) that I'm part of someones gang on here. I do everything to make sure my children do not grow up in that kind of environment that I did. With that said I have to admit that it would seem that no matter where you live you are bound in some way to have some type of gang influence. I also believe that we have a whole generation growing up today that is at risk due to gangs and their influence. Below is some gang information and that leads me to the QOD:

gang 1 (g ng)
1. A group of criminals or hoodlums who band together for mutual protection and profit.
2. A group of adolescents who band together, especially a group of delinquents.
3. Informal A group of people who associate regularly on a social basis: The whole gang from the office went to a clambake.
1. To arrange or assemble into a group, as for simultaneous operation or production: gang several pages onto one printing plate.
2. To attack as an organized group.
Phrasal Verb:
gang up
To join together in opposition or attack: The older children were always ganging up on the little ones.

* Sense of Family
* Identity/ Acceptance/ Respect
* Status/ Protection
* Financial Gain

Some people experience a sense of alienation and powerlessness due to a lack of traditional support structuress. The gang becomes a surrogate family. Eveyone has a desire to be a part of something or attached to someone. The sense of belonging to a group becomes the major source of Identity for gang members. The gang affords its members a sense of power and control. One of the basic human needs is the sense of perosnal security. To the gang member the fear and behavior that is created by those that see him as a gang member is translated as a sense of status that results in protection from outsiders messing with him/her.

Are you seeing gang influence and if so how do you deal with it?



By: ricderr, 8:58 PM GMT on June 17, 2007

no ties in this house....i did get the usual..cards....framed pics of the kids and a couple of wind chimes....drive through PSL...listen for the house with all the chimes...that's us.......and i got...a gift certificate for a tattoo...i've none but i've been talking about one for years.......probably friday.....it's gonna be calvin & hobbes lounging on a tree limb (the two boys) with hobbbes hanging his arm down..holding on to winnie the pooh....(cassie)...and a heart carved in the tree trunk with a B & R carved inside it




By: ricderr, 5:07 PM GMT on June 15, 2007





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By: ricderr, 11:59 AM GMT on June 15, 2007

We reach the end of another work week and why not end it with a bang. We've had fun with a few controversial topics. We've tried to offer a little help to one of our own, (Thank you to those that contributed, if I hear anything I'll pass it along.) so let's have a go on one that I have strong opinions on and see what my fellow bloggers think.

Historic meaning of the Confederate flag still strong

Jason Pressberg / Columnist

The Confederate flag is still a symbol of southern pride. Visiting Wal-Mart, you'll find it on bumper stickers, hats and t-shirts of the local Elon and Burlington customers that shop there. Many Elon students also have Confederate flag bumper stickers and paraphernalia.
Ask anyone who has this symbol, and they'll most likely tell you it has something to do with "southern pride." But if you're a Northerner like me, you might become uneasy by this.
No matter where you grew up, you will very likely receive an extremely biased education, especially regarding the Civil War. The New York public school district that I was taught in left me with the impression that it was a battle between the North, the good guys, and the South, the bad guys. The Northerners were abolitionists, fighting from the good of their hearts to end slavery. The Southerners were the cruel masters of the slaves, fighting to keep their wicked slavery ideals.
I also came to college thinking the Confederate flag was and is an evil symbol of hate. (Obviously, I was in for a rude awakening when I came to Elon.) But to the Southerners I've met that identify with it, they think of the flag as a symbol of the joys and values of being Southern. Many of these qualities, like common courtesy, are some of the things that are so refreshing about the South compared to New York. It's not that people aren't nice in the North; they just don't care to be.
But the flag will never be an acceptable symbol, neither to Northerners, civil rights activists, or African-Americans. Sure, the flag no longer means the enforcement of slavery to most of the Southerners that associate with it, but some things will never change to those on the outside who view it.
After the Holocaust, there was a movement in America to change the Swastika, once an aboriginal symbol of peace, back into its original meaning. The symbol, it was claimed, was once a good symbol and could be used for good again. The movement died when it became apparent that the world would forever associate Swastika's with the Nazis, never again with anything to do with peace.
The Confederate flag, unfortunately, falls into the same category. You can try to change its meaning, but outsiders will always view it as a sign of hatred and bigotry.
This has real consequences, most notably in the Southern-dominated sport of Nascar. Blacks have been trying to be a part of the sport for years, but with symbols like the Confederate flag still prevalent at many Nascar races, it has been hard to stay focused. Why would anyone want to be a part of a system that encourages a racist flag to be flown at its events?
The Confederate flag has to go. There are many good qualities about the South, but there are other ways to glorify them than just this one. Its meaning has not and will not change: even if Southerners consider it to be just a symbol, it is still entrenched in racism.
Jason Pressberg is writing on behalf of D.E.E.P., Diversity Emerging Education Program.

And that leads us to the question of the day:

What are your thoughts and opinions on the Confederate Flag?



By: ricderr, 4:28 PM GMT on June 14, 2007

Let me interupt my own blog. Gulfscotman you're to blame for this one with your UNBLOG theme. Talk is cheap and blogging is cheaper. Oh yes, I enjoy the QOD, but I'm enough of a realist to know we'll never change the world no matter how good intentioned we are. Now when you read the blogs one common thread you'll come across is how much everyone cares. I guess I must have some Missouri blood in me because when I see that, "show me" always pops to mind first. I've heard "I care" too many times and seen just the opposite for me to take it on faith alone. Well, today is your "show me" day. There's a member in the Jacksonville FL area that needs free dental work and help finding a job. I'm thinking a group that specializes in work for seniors would be a good starting point, but we need names and numbers. If you have a few minutes, if you care, please leave your advice here and I'm sure they'll read it.




By: ricderr, 11:59 AM GMT on June 14, 2007

Wow, two loaded questions yesterday. I knew the New Orleans one was, but I didn't think the other was. Oh well, that's what I get for thinking. We even had spirited debate that did not break down into personal attacks. I believe Aaron owes us all gold stars. Two even!
Two days ago I was in the door plant verifying assembly methods and playing official time keeper to insure our pricing is based on actual costs and I had ample time to talk with our new door manager. There's not many people that I meet that are the same race as me and grew up under similar conditions but here is a fellow that was my equivalent who grew up in So Cal. As we kept on talking rather than dwell on the negative aspects and how we didn't want our kids to grow up in the same environment as we did, we focused on what was good, how the few friends we did have we were ulta loyal too, how a christmas tree transformed your house into a mansion, a water hose in the summer became a pool and a trip to the ball game was worth planning for a week. As we kept talking I started to crave a meal that brought back good memories as a child and I decided that for dinner it had to be bar-b-qued hot dogs, home made bar-b-qued beans, corn on the cob and cheese layered french bread. On a summer weekend when mom got the grill out and the Kingsford charcoal you knew someone was coming over and it was party time. Sitting outside in the wooden picnic set my dad had made, swatting flies and getting sunburned was pure heaven to me as a kid and that simple dinner even as an adult brings a big ole grin to my face and tastes as good as a meal from a 5 star restaraunt. It's comfort food and that leads me to the QOD.

What Is Your Comfort Food & Why Is It?


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Wednesday's Question Of The Day.

By: ricderr, 12:38 PM GMT on June 13, 2007

WOW, who would have thought PeeWee herman and forgiveness would rouse more than a 5 minute interest and as a side note. Tonight at 10 eastern PeeWee will make his television comeback on Spike TV.

OK, I've been sitting here for the past 15 minutes reading and re-reading a comment that I've cut and pasted from the RealDrLaura that I think is excellent QOD material but that could also cause hurt feelings or at best we could see answers that really don't speak from the heart. So, I leave it up to you. People, I trust your judgement. Comment if comment is called for and at the very least gain insight as to how someone who's living through it feels and that leads me to the QOD:

So many reasons NOT to forgive the Corps. the Mayor, the Gov, the Pres......why was OUR city so much less important than any other american city? Answer me that.......and I will tell you whether or not to fall in love again.

Where is that line between right and wrong in a blog post?



By: ricderr, 1:54 PM GMT on June 12, 2007

INTRODUCING THE WORD OF THE DAY!!!!! Harken back to the PeeWee Herman Show and when the secret word of the day was uttered by someone everyone screamed. As you peruse the blogs and you see the word of the day you now can do the same. :-) Today's word is CATEGORY.

Now to the QOD. Some are harder than others and usually it's because when I think up the question in my head I put too much of my opinions, my viewpoints into the question and what I want is peoples unbiased opinions, not what the "crowd" wants to hear. I had no intention of doing a PeeWee QOD until GS groaned over PeeWee and it got me to thinking. We've pretty much covered should people be held accountable for their actions and should what you say or do affect your job so I don't want to go there. Now, for those that don't know the PeeWee story, here was an actor at the top of his game and he was caught doing hand exercises in a darkened adult theatre, arrested and his career and reputation plummeted. Except for a few movie parts and a co-starring role in a comedy he has been shunned from the public spotlight and that leads to the question of the day?

When is enough, enough? When does forgiveness need to be brought into the picture?



By: ricderr, 5:25 PM GMT on June 11, 2007

I couldn't log on this morning and after two times updating and for some reason getting a lag when ads come up (I'm another spoiled no ad memmber)I decided to peruse elsewhere and can still say in my not so humble opinion there is no better weather site than Wunderground. Not only does this site have the best graphics and a wealth of informational resources that other sites do not, navigation is so much easier. Now as far as blogging, none offer the wide variety of topics, information, heck, even ecclectic members and originality of trolls and that leads me to the question of the day:

Is Weather Underground the only site you blog on and why?



By: ricderr, 2:07 PM GMT on June 08, 2007

“Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?” an old song asks; another reminds us, “You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.” Since Katrina, I’ve often been asked (though never by someone in New Orleans) why the country should bother rebuilding it. Is it really worth the billions it would take to protect this small, poor, economically inessential city, which is sinking into the delta muck as global warming raises the sea around it? But the question of “whether” has been settled—New Orleans is rebuilding itself, albeit slowly, fitfully, and imperfectly. Now it’s only a matter of how and how long. That is better news than perhaps the rest of America fully understands
When Margaret and I first arrived, in January, I noticed that I kept getting stood up. If I arranged on a Monday to meet people for lunch on the following Thursday, they often wouldn’t show. When I tracked them down later, they’d ask why I hadn’t called that morning. It hadn’t occurred to me to do so; everywhere else in America, people use calendars to manage the future. It took me a while to figure out that in New Orleans the future doesn’t really exist. There is only the present.
Long before the storm, New Orleans’s infrastructure was decrepit; the schools were a shambles; poverty, corruption, and violence were rampant. It was, by most conventional standards, a terrible place. But few who had tasted life there willingly gave it up. Right before Katrina, a Gallup poll found more than half of New Orleanians “extremely satisfied” with their lives, despite the city’s wretched state, a higher percentage than in any other city surveyed. New Orleanians have more time than money, and they like it that way.

The above is part of an article Patrap posted in my blog on Wednesday and for me it finally allows me an insight into the mindset of many that live in New Orleans. I'm not sure I understand the mindset clearly and I'm not sure if I did I'd agree with it but I can relate it somewhat with living with a wife that at the drop of the hat could give up job, health, happiness and a comfortable bed to save an animal. I don't understand that either, but I can accept it and live with it. As far as New Orleans and my mindset, after Katrina I'd have easily packed up, moved up and settled elsewhere and been just as happy. I've lived in three different regions of this United States and although I can tell you positives about all of them if tomorrow took me to a fourth as long as I was with my family, In a decent neighborhood, with a modest roof over my head and a job I'd be quite happy and if the opportunity was better than here I'd be there even quicker. It doesn't make me better or worse, just a different mindset. Now, I counter that with so many that are "Texans" and no matter where they live they're still "Texans." maybe they can understand the mindset of those in New Orleans better than I and that leads me to the Question of the Day:

Where is "HOME" for you? Is it your birthplace, where you live now, where you plan to live in the future or another concept all together?


Wednesday's Question Of The Day

By: ricderr, 11:58 PM GMT on June 05, 2007

JUST FOR BOB....who called me a nasty name..and i didn't see it until last night..and then..he changed his blog...so bob......some ELO for the song of the day...LOL

A total of 10 people are in custody in California, accused of plotting to overthrow the government of Laos. Mike O'Sullivan reports from Los Angeles, the alleged plotters include a former Laotian general and a retired US military officer.
Investigators say the accused met in hotel rooms and restaurants in California's Central Valley, where they plotted to buy hundreds of automatic rifles, antitank missiles, rockets, mines, C-4 explosive and smoke grenades.
Authorities say the conspirators were planning to ship the arms by way of safe houses and drop zones in Thailand and Laos. Mercenaries would retrieve the weapons, then blow up government buildings and assassinate officials in Laos in an attempt to overthrow the country's communist government.
"The initial installment of arms to be delivered into Southeast Asia was 125 AK-47s, 20,000 rounds of ammunition and some smoke grenades. That very first installment was to be delivered on June 12. The payment price was $100,000."
A second delivery, which would include Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, was set to arrive June 19. Twiss says the undercover federal agent was asked to provide 24 mercenaries to lead the operation.
All of the defendants are charged with conspiracy to violate the U.S. Neutrality Act, conspiracy to kill and kidnap foreign nationals and damage foreign government buildings, and also with weapons charges. If convicted, they could face terms of life in prison. Six defendants also face charges of conspiracy to acquire Stinger missiles, which carry a mandatory sentence of at least 25 years.
Authorities say the defendants claimed to have many confederates on the ground in Southeast Asia, and that some had conducted reconnaissance of targets in Laos. U.S. authorities say they are studying evidence obtained through search warrants Monday, and that more arrests may follow.

Change the names to sound as if they are from the Middle East and the target country to European or North American and does the word terrorist come to mind? And yes, this leads me to the question of the day?

How fundamentally different are we as a nation than those we are against?

Updated: 12:43 PM GMT on June 06, 2007


Monday's Question of The Day

By: ricderr, 12:52 PM GMT on June 04, 2007


If you watched any of the Democratic debate Sunday night, besides the talk about the war in Iraq another themes came up and that was are we safer now than we were before 9/11 and what is, and should be taken to acheive a comfort level as it applies to national security. Yes national security is not just a Republican issue in today's world it's a concern that most Americans share and probably each world citizen. I don't know about you but I enjoy the fact that I can head home from work and know I'll have a quiet evening of dinner, relaxation, time with the kids, watching tv with Becky and it won't be interupted by gunfire or a bomb blast or wailing sirens throughout the night and that leads me to the question of the day:

Do you feel the safer or less safe or the same as you did before 9/11?



By: ricderr, 2:14 PM GMT on June 03, 2007

same song...much better video

Nickelback - If Everyone Cared Lyrics

From underneath the trees, we watch the sky
Confusing stars for satellites
I never dreamed that you'd be mine
But here we are, we're here tonight

Singing Amen, I'm alive
Singing Amen, I'm alive

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
We'd see the day when nobody died

And I'm singing

Amen I, I'm alive
Amen I, I'm alive

And in the air the fireflies
Our only light in paradise
We'll show the world they were wrong
And teach them all to sing along

Singing Amen I'm alive
Singing Amen I'm alive


And as we lie beneath the stars
We realize how small we are
If they could love like you and me
Imagine what the world could be

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
We'd see the day when nobody died

We'd see the day, we'd see the day
When nobody died
We'd see the day, we'd see the day
When nobody died
We'd see the day when nobody died

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