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A Perfect Day In An Imperfect World

By: ricderr, 1:34 AM GMT on February 25, 2007

Life is what we make it, what we focus on. Too much emphasis on the negative and before you know it, we are negative too.

Woke up at 5 a.m., chilly inside the house, decided to sleep in, grabbed the cover tight around me and snuggled next to the wife.

Climbed out of bed at 7 and played two poker tournaments winning both of them.

Helped the kids get ready for soccer and baseball games. Little kids in big league uniforms look perfect.

Listened to a pre-teen sing our national anthem beautifully.

Son won his first baseball game.

Daughter played her heart out, possibly her best game in soccer. Team went 1 & 1 in the first day of the tournament two wins tomorrow and they'll be in the playoffs.

Wife on a diet able to get into some clothes that
previously didn't fit.

Polite people at the Mc Donalds drive through.

Just enough sun on my head today to hopefully blend it to the same skin color as my face without a painful burn.

Sharing margaritas with friends.

A relaxing warm evening with all the windows and doors open.


The Beauty Of Weather

By: ricderr, 2:17 PM GMT on February 23, 2007

We often see weather for its debilitating and destructive elements. Yet we so often forget that weather and its functions are essential to life. Weather is actually beautiful. Take the time to watch a snowflake drift down to the ground on gentle winds. Look at the prisms that can be found by peering through raindrops falling as the sun shines through the clouds. Notice the symetry of trees swaying back and forth as they are pushed by the wind. Watch a river pass by, swollen from recent storms. Listen to the sound of giant waves crashing on the beach conducted by a storm miles away. Remember back to the times when you had to race to shelter from a sudden downpour, laughing as your hair and clothes got soaked, clutching valuables to your chest in an effort to protect them from the rain. Reflect on the day you stepped out of the house or office and you noticed that winter had ended and spring had begun. Feeling the sun on your skin and marveling how it could drastically change from one day to the next. Smile at yourself when you think back to the time you ran full tilt down the street trying to catch your papers that the wind had swept away . Each time you bent over to retrieve it another gust came along and away once again they flew ,just out of the reach of your fingertips. Flash back to your childhood and the times you walked barefoot through your garden. Remember how the dirt, warmed by the summer sun felt so good between your toes, you vowed nevet to wear shoes again. Don't forget how safe and secure you felt as you snuggled with a loved one, enjoying a fire and watching the storm rage outdoors. We can't control the weather, we can watch it, we can prepare and stay safe and if all we notice is it's destructive elements, then we've focused on the small ugly part and missed the largest and most wondrous part, its beauty.



By: ricderr, 7:38 PM GMT on February 22, 2007

Sometimes when you glimpse the door and it's wide open, you do so for a reason. I bid you peace.

Updated: 7:41 PM GMT on February 22, 2007



By: ricderr, 1:04 PM GMT on February 22, 2007

If you've perused the blogs lately there's a dreaded word that is starting to creep into the conversations, oh yes, it's the "H" word, hurricanes. I've heard mention of a severe tropical season if La Nina rears her ugly head, low wind shear in the Atlantic, an early start to the season, mention of our friend SAL and the oh so painful to hear, an above average year. Now my first response is to shout that it's way too early to make these predictions, so many things can change, however i will admit i am the wishcaster. I wish no storms will form and the none will strike land and oh please that none would come anywhere near my home and yours. Darn shame my wishcasting didn't stop three from damaging our home in recent years, but I think I might have it perfected this year. I'll wishcast and use a lot of hot air, it's my version of tunnels and might be just as effective. So, the purpose of this blog, is to get your opinion, whether it be a gut feeling, an educated guess or the result of serious study. Now don't be bashfull or worry about your reputation. Degreed scholars with the latest in education, data, computer models and while being heavily funded err frequently and it doesn't slow them down. Please feel free to say what you want without fear of reprisal. I do hold the power to remove offensive comments and will gladly do so. LOL

My prediction. 0 named storms, 0 tropical storms, 0 hurricanes, 0 hurricanes making landfall. This prediction is based entirley on wishcasting and will be proven wrong come early to mid May when we see a tropical storm off the horizon followed by a slightly above average year of tropical systems. The SAL will not have as large an impact on developing tropical systems as 2006 and we will see more systems sucessfully form and/or enter into the Gulf of Mexico as compared to last year. There will be a slight La Nina event which will affect the Bermuda High and we will see a slightly higher than average number of systems making landfall.



By: ricderr, 12:43 PM GMT on February 21, 2007

I really don't know what those words mean, but Becky said they sound menacing. Now, Emmy in all her pirate regalia tried to overthrow my reign as Lead Idiot. It was a low blow to see her conniving with MP thinking that someone just might be a bigger idiot than me. This cannot be tolerated and as such, I must attack. The ocean of blogs just isn't big enough for the two of us plus what would this site be if we had a drama free Wednesday. So, I say ATTACK!!!!

Word to those that somehow might think there is a bit of seriousness in this post.....think again..LMAO

Updated: 2:26 PM GMT on February 21, 2007


Like A Bad Penney!!!

By: ricderr, 1:18 PM GMT on February 19, 2007

I AM BACK!!!!!!!

Yep, enough vacation..back to the grindstone...kids in school..shuttle service to practices and games and the dreaded same old routine.....

loved the snow..becky and I are nor the proud parents of 3 snowboarders....they all did great...took to it like it was easy....and their instructor said after the first day what they needed was only practice...i donned a pair of skis and chased them down hills....22 years since i had last placed my butt on a slope and i found muscles that gladly told me they hurt...found out the high country of NC is beautiful...Becky got to enjoy a few shops and antique stores...we stayed in a beautiful 3 level home overlooking the mountains and ski slopes....we built the obligatory snowman...i had to scrape snow from the road to do so...but...we left mr snowman on the deck to greet the next set of renters...we had a wonderful trip....glad to be back home...and a respect for those of you that winter thorugh single digit temps and minus windchill factors..Becky has pics...once uploaded.....we'll share...enjoy and happy monday..glad to be back


That's it...I'm Leaving!!

By: ricderr, 8:42 PM GMT on February 06, 2007

There's no talking me out of it...you won't have this ugly mug to beat up. I'm gone......

Heading to the international builders show in a little bit...where i'll be through saturday.....Becky has the lap top...so..i'm accessless...and i come straight from the show sauturday..to where i'm working a builders booth at the fair in stuart from 12 -9 saturday and sunday...then work monday and then we as a family fly to NC and the snow and come home Sunday night...so yes..like everyone else ...i'm coming back...LOL....you all be good...saddle...you're gonna have to find another e-mail partner for a bit......rays....you've got a vacation too...you won't have to babysit me....all you MMGW people..won't have to listen to how vegetarians will save the planet..rand......won't need to worry about deleting my nonsense posts on his blog...auburn...piss off...and no one will log on to find their blog tp'd...love and light to you all

Updated: 12:52 PM GMT on February 08, 2007



By: ricderr, 8:31 PM GMT on February 06, 2007

What's gotten into this place? Has someone come up with a way to deliver Prozac to Wunderground Members via thei computer screen without their knowledge. Theirs no fighting. People are showing respect. They're even getting along. Take a look around you......

Rand and company are posting severe weather reports and offering around the clock monitoring of sever weather happenings.....

People are discussing Man Made Global Warming without tossing the F bomb at each other.....

Atmos and company are working on a Wuba Storm Team.....

No one is rioting over digitally altered photographs....

Politics are being discussed and people are actually agreeing to disagree without aid of a Molotov Cocktail.

Troll sighting are way down. Heck! 27 hasn't had a new name in weeks.

Rumor has it that Aaron is going to hand out pink slips to the riot squad.....


So, to all reading this, pat your self on the back and start singing " all we are asking, give peace a chance."


The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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