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sign up to be a barfly in the 2007 bar calendar

By: ricderr, 2:21 PM GMT on November 30, 2006

Since it's the end of hurricane season, I've remodeled the bar into the party place. So, slip into something festive and shake what the good Lord gave ya!!!!!!






:::::::::::::SPECIAL NOTICE:::::::::

we are going to come out with the 2007...barfly calendar...now ladies....i need you to sign up....12 positions...there is no criteria involved..this is not a beauty contest..because..you're all beautiful...this is not a popularity contest..because you're all popular..this is not who does ric like..because i like you all...if we have more than 12 applicants...we'll put your name in a hat..and draw them out..so...email your name..and we'll work out the particulars....you know..favorite food..favorite quotes...that type of thing..stay tuned for more info

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By: ricderr, 8:43 PM GMT on November 29, 2006

HORN!!!!!!...just gotta take a moment..and tell you you're storyline..is funnier each time....great job....



By: ricderr, 3:16 AM GMT on November 24, 2006

decided to give a cowboy update......i was so worried that removing his cancerous leg was the wrong idea...that he would not be able to adapt to the change...i laid down with him as he was coming out of the anathesia and i expected him to look aat me..and say he couldn't handle it...instead..i got a tail wagging..and a tongue licking my face...he was walking by the next day..and now runs and romps just as he's done ever since we picked him up from the shelter.....well..i was wrong...not only is he doing fine...in the process he taught me how to overcome obstacles without complaints and to never forget the joys life offers despite the circumstances

before...big dumb grin


after.....same big dumb grin




By: ricderr, 3:32 AM GMT on November 21, 2006



loving family...LIFE IS GOOD...special friends...two for the price of one...ANSWERED PRAYERS...peace...a puppy's cold nose...CHERRY SLURPEE...getting lucky...long distance phone call...A SMILE...big sale...bonus...MOMMA'S FRIED CHICKEN...i love you...caress...A NEW CAR...a raise...babies first smile...THE WINNING TOUCHDOWN...family reunion...favorite song...FRESH CUT FLOWERS...a new tooth...moonlit beach...BREAKFAST IN BED...fresh powder...no storms...PROMOTION...warm fire and a cup of cocoa...online friends...SMELL OF THE OCEAN...bar b que...end of winter...MARCH MADNESS...best friend...first home...CHILDS FIRST HOME RUN...a new dress...easter...FRESH CUT HAY...daddy coming home...first kiss...ACED TEST...flying on a plane...the prom...APPLE PIE...new suit...autograph from hero...DADS RESPECT...first job...christmas...IT'S A BOY...warm fuzzy feeling...acceptance...BECOMING A GRANDMOTHER...american flag...retirement...BEST FRIENDS



By: ricderr, 1:51 PM GMT on November 17, 2006


It's my belief that sharing a common bond unites us and understanding and accepting our differences makes that bond stronger. So understanding how we feel about subjects and ideas allows us to better get along with each other and it allows some of us {ok, me :-)} to know where the envelope is, so that when we stretch it as we do time to time, we don't completely rip it apart. I don't have a list or a timetable. This won't meet the Harris Polls rigid standards. I'm just hoping to learn something and to have some fun in the process.


Can Science and Politics Coexist?

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family...a soldiers heros

By: ricderr, 12:07 AM GMT on November 13, 2006

don't forget when we honor our veterans that their family also sacrificed...each soldier is a mother/father/son/ daughter/wife/husband.............

A Prayer for a Soldier's Family
12 Feb 2005
**PFC KEITH MATTHEW MAUPIN** Our thoughts and prayers
are with you and your family, we pray that you return
home safe and sound...to you and your unit.....you are
all brave, we want all of you to come home soon!!!**

~~A Prayer For A Soldiers Family~~
As the seconds turn into minutes
As the minutes turn into hours
As the hours turn into days
As the days turn into nights
As the nights turn into weeks
As weeks seem to have turned into months
Somewhere close, or somewhere in the far distance
There is a family waiting patiently for that soldiers
journey home.
It's never easy letting go of the ones you love
We send our brothers, sisters,sons, daughters, nieces,
nephews, mothers, fathers, grandsons, granddaughters,
cousins, neighbors, family and friends to place called
Iraq As they defend our country, even our backyards in
hopes that our nation will one day be a better place
for ALL.
As our tearfilled eyes begin to swell up, we find
Waving them goodbye, with the bittersweet sadness in
our hearts, we pray for those soldiers safe returns to
our arms.
I know you're sad, I know you're feeling that life
isn't fair. I know whats it like to have someone out
Don't cry for he is there with you in your heart.
Don't give up faith,
Don't give up hope,
Don't get lost within yourself.
Don't for one single second forget that a whole nation
is waiting for his return
Don't for one single second forget that we admire his
bravery, his courage, and his respect.
Don't for one single second forget that I am praying,
As well as millions of others.

Matt if you're out there....and you happen to stumble
across this poem of prayer for you...Remain Safe,
Remain Strong....Return home to your family and

By: Kathy A. Davis
Age: 24

Kathy Davis

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By: ricderr, 6:31 PM GMT on November 11, 2006

I am the watchman of the night,
the keeper of the gate;
I am the watchman of the night,
and time is getting late.

I am the watchman of the night
for all free humanity,
Since all the races and creeds I watch for
have feelings just like me.

As the watchman of the night,
man’s trust is placed in me, and
Diligently, as I watch, I'll keep good company:
God is my companion and I pray that
He protects who watch like me,
Until the time that peace will come,
and a watchman we shall not need.

A Soldier's Prayer

While bombs fly through the air,
Over our heads day and night.
Whisper for us a simple prayer,
So hopes may take flight.

Pray to your God up above,
As our danger nears.
Cover us in His love,
Amidst the waiting years.

Prayers we hope to hear,
In our hearts and souls.
As day to day turns to year,
Taking its daily tolls.

Please give us the might,
Deep within our heart.
The willingness to fight,
For our nation to start.

A prayer for those lost,
Without a cause seen.
A devastating cost,
It has truly been.

Pray for us soldiers,
In the fields of war.
And always the tears,
We shed from afar.

Pray for our children,
Waiting so far away.
So we might see again,
And have something to say.

So hear this prayer,
For a soldier that may.
Have a burden to bear,
In a place far away.

by Gary Jacobson © 1999

This combat soldier's prayer,
Who has served his time in Hell,
Is may we learn the lessons of war well,
That we not doom future generations,
The same old tales of horror to tell,
To endure what in youth they see mistakenly as glory.
Oh God, do not let our children
Repeat the same old story.

Make it so that America's babies live to grow old
In this land of the free and the bold.
Help us throw off the shackles of hate that bind
And grow old in a life of a peaceful kind.

Teach us that there is no glory in war,
Nor honor there that brave men should not abhor.
Teach us instead, one for another our brothers to love.
Shower us with thine Celestial message from above,
That we plant seeds of peace evermore
And make war-no-more!

But if I should die on some far, far away battlefield
Know I answered the call
For a grand principle of freedom to yield.
My fervent prayer is that death
May not have been in vain
Fighting for peace and right for the world to attain.

My brothers, American roses standing by my side
On alien soil dying
In the summer of my youthful pride
All the leaves around me falling,

Now I’m lying here still, in sunshine and in shadow,
Longing to hear, “brother next door, I love you so."
For moldering in the soft ground below,
I feel you living and loving in the world above me
Standing tall because I fought that you might be...
Oh look ye down now,
And tell me you still think of me
Honor my red blood, spilt that others might stand free.

Tell me that I did not give my all for you in vain
That brothers and sisters do not look upon my sacrifice
With hateful,
Or even worse,
Uncaring disdain.

Do not forget me when my valley’s hushed
And white with snow,
Grass growing green in the summer of my meadow
Help me see the peace I lived and died for grow.

Make my lonely grave richer,
Sweeter be...
Make this truly,
"The land of the free
And the home of the brave,"
I gave my life to save
That I might too, lie eternally,
Forever free...


"A Soldier's Prayer"
(Larry Walker, Tommy Oliver)

One hot desert morning at dawn's early light
While trudging through the sand
I found a piece of paper
Clutched in a young man's hand

And upon that paper the words he wrote
Were not filled with despair
Just thoughts from the heart of a brave young lad
He called it, "A Soldier's Prayer"

I took the paper from his hand and read it aloud...

Will there be a place in heaven
For a person such as me
Who, through youth and the love for life
Isn't all you'd have me be?

I've been a man but a short time now
And I'll ask you this, if I might
Isn't fighting for freedom's cause
A fight that's always right?

The men I've killed, some things I've done
Are not things I've wanted to do
But a job I believe had to be done
By we who believe in you

I had those thoughts upon my mind
When I heard that deadly sound
Then, all around me, one by one
My friends fell to the ground

Somehow I knew before it hit
Fear ran up my spine
I felt the blast tearing my side
I knew this one was mine

There'll be much grief for loved ones at home
when they learn that I am dead
Please ease their pain and let them know
These things that I have said

Time's run out, I can feel death's sting
Oh, God, please hear my plea
Let there be a place in heaven
For a person such as me

Lord, this is the chaplain, I'm here with this lad
Our country's given the finest it had
We who are older and have studied your word
Know this boy's prayer is more than just heard

It is answered with your love
And the promise that there'll be
A special place in heaven
For a person such as he.

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Naked Women Inside

By: ricderr, 6:16 PM GMT on November 08, 2006


Hi, I'm Pappy Slappy and if you're feeling crappy stop in at Slappy's and you'll feel just fine.

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Have a drink or three and never suffer from a hangover. Don't forget to say hi to our bartender.>





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