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By: redagainPatti, 11:37 PM GMT on October 03, 2013

Good morning to all of you.. May your dreams be sweet and good things come to you in the days ahead...

Been a long time since I waved hi to any of you in here on WU, I am still learning how to work my I-pad. Very many times, I do not have any Internet but that what is on my I-phone or I-pad. I so HATE the so call keyboard on both of those and therefore, I do very little playing on the Internet. Which means I am not in here much.

My retired life is moving mainly on the road as I travel between home and my mom. She has been a full year off and out of the RV. The last trip was over a year to the West coast where I slept under a few Redwoods... Mom has not been up to doing any traveling since then... I really was thinking we both were going to travel the roads together but instead mom is not able to do much driving and I can only muster an hour at a time, behind that big wheel.

My mom started the chain of visits to the doctor.... sigh!! Mainly it is problems with her teeth as we move to preparing her mouth for implants at some time down the road. Well getting old is not for the weak of heart...

I too have been looking at a doctor as my own meds have been changed again and so life goes onward with new problems and the old ones becoming more of a main pain. After 20 years as a diabetic, now I must take insulin and the learning how to give myself shots is such fun!! yeah...

The weather here in central Mississippi has been on the odd side with temps mainly in the 90's F. In the past we used to see a few weeks over 100 and tapping the 110F, not so this summer.

There's some talk going around that the winter this time, will be very cold. It never hurts to be prepare so stock up folks... just in case... I wonder, what are some items you guys would make sure are in the kitchen as winter starts knocking on the door? I make sure I have oil for my lamps, different types of dried beans and few bags of rice. I also have a very large jug of water in the corner.

Make your answers in the comments below if you please...

Updated: 11:41 PM GMT on October 03, 2013


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The nick, redagain is short for the words - "Redwoods again". It stands for a goal to sleep again in a tent under the Redwood Trees in northern Ca.

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