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Under the Redwood Trees

By: redagainPatti, 3:44 PM GMT on September 20, 2012

Update on me -

I am under the Redwoods Trees again 20 years after the last time I was here before back in 1992. The trees are even more awesome but the camping grounds where we stayed, are not as nice. So mom and I are in a different place on a river called Klamath River RV Park.

Internet is weak here and photos will have to wait till another time.
This is the start of my third day here and have enjoyed the seals and all of the birds in this area. A nearby camping fisherman shared some of his smoked salmon fish he took from this river. Today I found out the fishermen do not like the seals here in the river.

The seals will come right up to the boat and remove the fish right off the hook and sometimes taking a good part of your line with it. Only the Indians in this area are allow to shoot or even knock the seals as they come up to take your fish. So yesterday many of camping mates here just pulled their boats out of the water and just sat around the campfire. I counted five seals at a time with their heads up out of the water yesterday in the river.

The fog is rolling out and this my last day might be a good one for photos. Hope all is well with my friends and you have a good day.

Klamath River RV Park on 18th of Sept. I hope.

By: redagainPatti, 10:08 PM GMT on September 16, 2012

Update - from Reno NV - Sept. 16, 2012

After the major break down - (info in last blog) that costed us half of Saturday and the next three days, we got the keys back at 8:30 P.M. Because it was a metal part that warped and twisted off the pulley, we only had to pay out 100.00 toward the final bill.
- see photo below-

We got back on the road on Wed. and drove in the rain, out of Cheyenne, WY. Because we were heading west, drove out from the weather in a few hours. The rest of the day went ok but we both were nervous with the worry if all of the engine, lines, and radiator bits/parts were attached with the all the screws and bolts AND if all were tightened correctly.

On Thursday morning found us with a bit of a chill in the air but dry weather. Both was welcome to us after the rain from the day before and the heat from the first week of our trip. The drive was not too bad and the RV did the grades along the road just fine. I have been worried about the steep lay of the land as I ran my litlte car hot one time before on these "hills" out west. We headed onto Winnemucca WY and felt relaxed enough to have a good chat going down the road.

On Friday, the 14th - this day was not so peaceful. About an hour in to our drive, we were met with something that took my breath away.

A large white pickup truck passed us moving very fast. That truck hit a bump as they crossed over a bridge a few yards ahead of us. I guess the truck was like five car lengths ahead at that point. I watched as stuff in the back of the truck began to jump around so I saw them hit a second bump, about in the middle of the bridge. Stuff really started jumping about in his bed. As the truck drove off the bridge and hit another bump down the road, a large spool of cable flew out of the truck bed at that point and bounced into our lane, left then to the right side of our lane, then a short jump into the middle, it came and aiming right for us. Mom had her brakes on to slow down - we had no shoulder to move over onto as we were still on the bridge.

We were about a car length away from being hit when the spool took a bounce to the left again, this time into the middle of the passing lane and off to our left side - and out of my sight as we passed it by. Mom was driving so she could see in the side mirrors as the spool slam into the guardrails alongside the bridge.

After a lot of rather colorful adjectives, verbs, and nouns filled the air within the RV, we took a long break at the next exit.

A dear friend of my mom called during this time. She also likes to wander the roads and owns a smaller RV - America Clipper. She was coming south from out of the Northern OR. area. And would like to meet up with mom.

Mom gave me a look and shared with me the need to spend some time OFF the road with her old friend. So we reached Reno and early Saturday morning, her pal showed up. The two gals then did their thing in the Casinos. I got in some reading, geocaching, and cleaned up my mail box.

We are due to hit the road again, going up Donner Pass to be in Redding CA on Monday night. Then to Klamath, CA on the 18th. to finally touch the grass and ground under the Redwood Trees.

Note to self - set two full weeks aside to travel west to the coast. Find casinos along the way for mom to play in so she has her breaks from the travel stress. Keep in mind, 50 miles per hour and about 300 per day.

Parts of the broken engine below


The round silver ring goes around the edge of the small silver disk. That part then sits on the rusty, large disk and the whole works connects to the crankshaft behind the radiator. This pulley system powers everything such as the water pump. No wonder the engine ran hot and shut down. However why did we only get minutes warning there was a problem ???

Broken down while on the road.

By: redagainPatti, 10:18 AM GMT on September 09, 2012

Well I had no idea that my mom's RV would shut its engine down when it ran hot. The needle just touched the red! Then my mom could no longer turn the steering wheel and we were right in the middle of a turn  to get off the road. There was a ditch ahead!
Mom was only able to cry out, "Oh, Oh!" seeing the trouble with the steering I jumped up to grab hold and helped her pull it back to the right side and away from the ditch ahead
 When the RV stopped rolling, we were turned away from the ditch. However we were still blocking the entrance into the rest area. When the engine had cooled a bit, we were able to restart it and got into the rest area to one side, where it again, shut off.  Only three truckers were blocked during this time. One of them got out of his rig and stayed with us for awhile as phone calls were made for help. The other two just got back on the road.
We got somebody to come out to look at it and was told there was a pulley that had come loosed from the crank shaft. The dude said he has never seen this before. 
We were able to get a towed into a shop where we are now waiting for Monday morning to find out if this place can fix our problem. 
Fun huh? But we are safe. Just now more than a bit worried what this is going to cost but we are safe. Just no longer on the road to Gold Beach, OR but cooling our heels in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Anyone lives near here? Maybe we might eat dinner together on Sunday?

Checking to find the cause of the overheating of our big machine.

Watching the service man checking to see what is the problem with the RV. He is adding water to the radiator.

Together both otherbug and Lowgirlscout are watching the process.

The guy could not fix it so we had to get a tow truck to be pulled into a shop. The first guy said there's a pulley that has come loose from the crankshaft

OtherBug and redagainPatti on the road!

By: redagainPatti, 10:05 AM GMT on September 06, 2012

We are off and made good time/miles on the first day.
Redagain with Bug in tow left Starkville on Sept. 4 and rather late to do a short hop to join up with redagain's mom. Her mom owns this big RV that is going to drive us all to OR from MS. There were a few last minute problems but we all finally in the RV left around noon from Pontotoc Mississippi.

During our first day, redagain taught OtherBug about something called Geocaching. Bug watched as redagain located a cache at a rest area on I55 around 4:00 and signed a log in it. Wonder if any other WU know about Geocaching ??

Right now we all three are located just outside St. Louis on I70 in a rest stop just west of Wright City!!

Redagain will update this blog again when able. Right checking in how to upload photos from the iPhone - wish us all luck!
Packing the 4 runner with OtherBug


Now repacking into the RV

Rolling under a few clouds

We r going 2 get wet!

Not in Mississippi

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