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By: redagainPatti, 1:53 PM GMT on March 03, 2012

I was away from home and visiting with a friend and her family just north of Jackson, Mississippi when the first of the strong storms rolled in over our heads. The mom was eating a late dinner with me as I got a cell phone call from my daughter who lives south of Jackson. Heads up! Tornado Warning!

We had about ten minutes before it was due overhead. I found it very interesting as the mom put her action plan in gear. She has one small dog and four children ranging in ages from ten months old to eight years old. She told each of the older three to choose their one item as she moved a few things from around the washing machines in the safe area. She told me to grab and fill a bottle with warm water and get the box of powder milk. Then she took a cell phone call from a lady two doors up the street.
"Sure, You come right on down! No need to be by yourself" and she in few minutes, opened the door to her close friend with her two year old. Ok, now our group was five kids, one dog and three parents. Oh yeah, this old lady too.
The three year old took the hand of the two year old and went into the safe area with a small game, I-Touch like thing... the two year old had six cookies. The oldest, a girl (about eight years old), took just a family photo of her dear cousin while her brother (six years old) picked up the kitchen cell phone after making sure his fav toys were tucked up under the bed and table in his room. Their dad was last to join us with his small laptop as each mom had their cell phones like me.
The dog had one small rubber chew toy.
I wonder, WHAT would YOU take into a small safe room?
One item only.. into a five feet by three area? You will have other folks, kids with ages from ten months to eight years old. Oh yeah, one older person in there with you too.
All was well even with the second visit later in the evening back to the safe room. The young mom two doors down, stayed home that time as her husband with her other children had returned home by that time, ducking between the storms of March 2, 2012.

Folks, Darlings, you all out there, Think about what to do now. Set things up and have it so you can grab only one item cause you might NOT HAVE even that much time.

Updated: 3:53 PM GMT on March 10, 2012


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