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DRY Pet food recall!

By: redagainPatti, 3:53 PM GMT on March 31, 2007

I have a cat that got sick earlier this winter/year. My vet told me to use a different type of pet food. She got better and then I heard of other owners losing their pets having the same type of sickness she had. I think I was lucky. I think there was something wrong with the food I was using yet I am told.. no.. you were using dry food... this is just the wet/can food that is messed up. I dont believe it.. ..WELL guess WHAT? From HILL's web site - some folks are caring enough to tell the truth about things.
***update 4/1/07 on food I was using: Information coming in from other WU members is I was feeding too much of the dry food and need to balance things better. See comments below***

Hills Pet Nutrition, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls Single Product, Prescription Diet™ m/d™ Feline Dry Food, Only Product Containing Wheat GlutenTopeka, KS (March 30, 2007) - In accordance with its over-riding commitment to pet health and well-being, Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. is voluntarily recalling Prescription Diet m/d Feline dry food from the market. Hill's is taking this precautionary action because during a two-month period in early 2007, wheat gluten for this product was provided by a company that also supplied wheat gluten to Menu Foods. U.S. Food and Drug Administration tests of wheat gluten samples from this period show the presence of a small amount of melamine. Prescription Diet m/d Feline Dry represents less than one half of one percent of all Hill's products.

check their site out...
click here to go to the Link

I was feeding my cat - Purina, Friskies, Seafood flavor. This same food ... sometimes a different flavor was fed to another cat of mine who lived over 18 years. My current cat is over nine years old and has only that type of food for the most part. She does get a share of what I cook for myself and does catch a lot of mice. Right now I am replacing about half of their dry food with "people" food. The dry cat food I changed over to is c/d Prescription Diet from HILL's. So I am watching this stuff very closely.
***update 4/1/07 on food I was using: Information coming in from other WU members is I was feeding too much of the dry food and need to balance things better. See comments below. One important bit of infor is my cat food did not have WHEAT in it but CORN ***

WARNING SIGNS to watch for in your pet are vomiting, lethargy, lack of appetite, drinking more water and increased urination.

If you have a pet with a recall-related illness, Here are three things you may also do:

1. Call the FDA to report your information
2. Call your veterinarian and ask him or her to report to your state veterinarian, also for the FDA
3. There is a web site that is asking folks to also enter the information into their web site datebase. You may check this link at here -
you may click here

Other imporatant links - will update as I find them..
Link to FDA -
you may click here

Here is a link to Delmonte pet food recall. They make the Ol'Roy, Happy Tails, and the Dollar General.
click here or copy below link

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Happy St. Patrick's Day 2 U!

By: redagainPatti, 5:34 PM GMT on March 17, 2007

Truly - May the wind at your back be sweet and not be the result of the corn beef and cabbage you had for lunch!

some places online for fun -

A small prayer for each of you ...
May a full pot of your dreams come to you -
May you have always a good roof and a pot of tea on the fire.
May you alway have good friends beside you through out your pathway
along life's many rocks and thorns.
May the spirits of life bless you all with all that is good within our life and over our land.

Updated: 8:13 PM GMT on March 17, 2007


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