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By: ravenedin , 7:46 PM GMT on January 26, 2014

The future of the old railway pier and NQBC ; as chairman of the boat club I feel it might be helpful to let you know our views on what we have been told at the NQCT presentation what may happen as they have been informed by FC that they are the preferred bidder. The trust wish to decimate the ground area occupied by the boat club to approximately down to one fifth of our present area ; despite us being the only paying occupants for this area and also increase our fees substantially . As we have maintained the area on behalf of the council for 20 years we are worried there may not be adequate maintenance of the pier which might fall into disrepair and become dangerous
The trust want to develop a multi use building on the pier for social and corporate events and also encourage unsupervised barbecues which could be a fire risk especially if unsupervised alcohol is involved.
There is also an expression of intent to bring cruise ship passengers into the village ( which might involve as many as 3,000 people at a time ) into an infrastructure not designed to deal with them. Full details are available to read at the boat club member’s portacabin.

The boat club have been relatively low profile in the village but have always supported any local group requiring assistance or financial support . Last year we had a stall at the gala and have provided funding for and helped build 2 rowing skiffs for the local rowing community. We have also supported Fife Sailability in preparing a boat for use with the disabled ,this year we hope to liaise with the RYA sailabilty section to organise sailing facilities for the disabled .

We are proud of our green credentials and hope this year to make wild-flower plantings to encourage the area’s SSI standing.

We have a long-standing relationship with our neighbours and local dog walkers and make our toilet facilities available to members of the public since the council demolished the local toilets without supplying an alternative at the pier .

As a club which will be celebrating it’s 60th year of existence this year it is sad to find it so threatened that it may have to leave the area .

It is a sorry day for Scotland if a minority are allowed to impose their vision on North Queensferry Boat Club and the residents of North Queensferry.
Our web site is please email if you want more details

This is hardly democracy

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