wunderground lost all my weather data

By: rainerudo , 1:41 PM GMT on September 12, 2013

wunderground has just lost all my weather data's that i was collecting since 2009-09-21 01:23:0.

the problem started
1.) i'm in GMT +8 since the 2009-09-21 01:23:04
2.) over night my data where shown about GMT -8
3.) as it is disturbing when the sun is shining at midnight that what my data's would say
4.) i informed the support
5.) all of a sudden the page did not show in the drop down box the years anymore
6.) i was still able to see the data by just go backwards in the date or change the url
7.) now some one in wunderground just deleted all data and left me in September no other data's
and still wrong in the time zone.
8.) i made a test account under a different e mail address but all other station data's i did not change i only enter the new test station name and password.
my data i uploaded were perfect in the correct time zone
9.) i switched back changed to the ibulacan2 enter password all data uploaded are wrong time zone.

is here any one that can explain this.

i'm so disappointed and said that i lost all data from all the years.

no word from the support about the lost no backup

to bad. i just got a new station that has wifi and uploaded directly to wu. no potion to connect a pc.

what now. do wu have a backup ?
who can help?
what can be done
even a error message is on my station that is not going away
Date/Time Error: Because we are consistently receiving data from this station that is either too old or too new, we think that the time and/or date is set incorrectly in either your weather station software or operating system. Please check these settings and adjust them if necessary.
Error Last Occured: 3 days ago

i can click so long as i want it is still there.
my data are correct.

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