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Indoor Exercise For the Plapman

By: plapman, 1:06 PM GMT on January 31, 2014

Today will see increasing cloudiness with a 30% chance of flurries this afternoon. The wind becoming southwest at 20 km/h this morning. Today's high will be -17C(1F) but the wind will make it feel like -39C(-38F) this morning and -30C(-22F) this afternoon.
Tonight will start cloudy with a 30% chance of flurries this evening but it should clear overnight. The overnight low will be -26C(-15F).
yesterday the BIL brought over a manual treadmill for me to catch up on my walking. With the cold weather we've been experiencing and snowy days my arthritic back and neck have been giving me problems.
Hopefully the treadmill will get me back into shape. I'm going to have to look for a low priced motorized model for Abbey. The old girl is getting chubby and needs more exercise.

Updated: 1:32 PM GMT on February 02, 2014


A Short Walk With Abbey

By: plapman, 1:01 PM GMT on January 30, 2014

Today will bring increasing cloudiness with a 30% chance of flurries late this afternoon.
The high will be -19C(-2F) but the wind will make it feel like -30C(-22F).
will be partly cloudy with a 30% chance of flurries this evening and after midnight. the wind up to 15 km/h will make the low of -25C(-13F) feel like -30C(-22F).
------------------------------------------------- -
Yesterday Abbey and me took advantage of the warmer day and had a short walk. There's a back lane on the route we took and I let Abbey go for a free run. As soon as I unleashed her she took off running but was waiting for me at the end of the lane. That dog is always by my side and never strays too far on her free runs.

Updated: 1:04 PM GMT on January 31, 2014


One Death Attributed To The Bizzard

By: plapman, 1:23 PM GMT on January 28, 2014

Today will start clear then change to a mix of sun and cloud this morning. The wind will be westerly at 20 km/h. The high will be -16C(3F) but the wind will make feel like -33C(-27F).
Tonight will be clear with a low of-20C(-4F).
------------------------------------------------- -
The blizzard we had the night before last caused 1 death here. A 20 year old girl was found lying in a snow bank yesterday morning by 1 of the Queen's co-workers. He called 911. The paramedics tried to revive her but she later died in the hospital. Foul play is not suspected.
Manitoba Hydro, who owns Centra Gas our natural gas provider, said it will be several days before heat can be restored to the communities affected by the pipeline explosion.

Updated: 1:00 PM GMT on January 30, 2014


Blizzard Conditions On The Prairie And NO Heat For Some

By: plapman, 1:12 PM GMT on January 26, 2014

Blizzard warning for Portage la Prairie - Headingley - Brunkild - Carman issued

Strong north winds 60 gusting to 80 km/h(50mph) will giveg blizzard conditions over Southern and Western Red River Valley.
A strong Arctic cold front is pushing across Southern Manitoba this morning. This front will usher in strong northerly winds gusting to 70 or 80 km/h producing extensive poor visibilities in blowing snow today over open areas. The worst conditions are expected over the Southern and Western Red River Valley where near zero visibilities will occur as north winds gust to 80 km/h at times. Highway travel will become difficult today due to blowing and drifting snow across the warning area. Travellers should be prepared for poor driving conditions and possible road closures.
Conditions will start to improve later today into this evening as the winds gradually decrease. However colder air will be flooding in with temperatures near -30C(-22F) overnight and wind chill values near minus 40C and F. Bitterly cold weather is expected to start the work week with temperatures well below normal.
It looks like me and the Queen are at home for the day. What a way for her to spend her day off.
Yesterday there was a pipeline explosion about 100 miles sw of the North Edge.
I can't think of a worse time for people to be without heat.
Luckily it explosion was downstream of me and I'm not affected.
It was in an open field and no one was injured.

Photo From CBC News

Updated: 1:21 PM GMT on January 28, 2014


More Snow On The Prairie

By: plapman, 2:14 PM GMT on January 25, 2014

Today will see increasing cloudiness with snow beginning late this afternoon. The wind northwest at 30 km/h gusting to 50 will become light this morning. Todays high will be -16C3F). The wind chill this morning is -33C(-27F).
Tonight will bring another 5cm.(2 inches) of snow as the temperature hovers near -16C(3F).
------------------------------------------------- ----
Yesterday Abbey and me took advantage of the warmer weather and got out for a short walk.
The Queen has rehired her snowman again this year. He gets paid on a monthly basis and says this is a bad year for him, after paying his helper he's only making $4 a yard and still has to pay for fuel for the snow blower ad leaf blower he uses.

Updated: 1:10 PM GMT on January 26, 2014


Finally a New Post on the Northern Edge

By: plapman, 1:51 PM GMT on January 24, 2014

Today will be cloudy with periods of snow beginning early this morning. There will be blowing snow this afternoon with the wind northwest at 30 km/h gusting to 50. Today's high will be -1C(30F).
Tonight will see clearing this evening with blowing snow early this evening being driven by a north wind at40 km/h gusting to 60. The wind will shift to the northwest at 20 km/h overnight as temps fall to 23C(-9F) with a wind chill of -33C(-27F).
------------------------------------------------- ---
Yesterday the daughter was over with a couple of grandsons, is the little one ever busy. He was into the cupboards and bringing out my stash of coffee beans and just about anything else he could reach.:)
After having coffee with her we went to the local thrift shop and I found a globe for a light in a spare bedroom. I can't remember where the old one went to.
Abbey and me have been grounded for the last couple of days due to the cold and windy weather, today we'll try and get out on the snow covered gopher trails.
The city has been lax in their snow clearing and walking on the side of the road is getting tough with all the snow we've had.

Updated: 2:13 PM GMT on January 25, 2014


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