The Northern Edge

A Nasty Weekend and a Trip to My Old Spring Workplace

By: plapman, 12:35 PM GMT on April 30, 2011

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Rain changing to snow at times heavy and blowing snow this afternoon. Rainfall amount 10 to 15 mm(0.4 to 0.6 in). Wind east 20 km/h (12 mph) becoming northwest 50 km/h (31 mph) gusting to 70 km/h (43 mph) late this afternoon. High 10C(50F) with temperature falling to -3C(26F) this afternoon.
Snow at times heavy and blowing snow. Amount 5 to 10 cm(2.0 to 3.9 in). Wind northwest 50 km/h (31 mph) gusting to 70 km/h (43 mph). Low -7C(19F).
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I had this all done a minute ago and switched tabs and somehow lost it.:(
>From MY Basement Window

A friend of mine picked me up yesterday and we made a trip to the Portage Diversion Control Structure after picking up a box of donuts.
Once inside the concrete building sitting in the middle of the river. He was impresed as not too many people are allowed into the 2 level structure. I think what impressed him the most was a window that opens almost directly over the control gates giving a close up view of the 15 foot waterfall created by the rasied gates.
I took some pictures but haven't downloaded the camera yet.
THey've installed a webcam looking downstream of the structure showing the crest of the water flowing over the gates. Here's a link to it.
I wish Portage Diversion Control structure
I'd known about it when the ice was breaking up.

It's quite a feeling as the ice shakes the whole stucture as it hits the stucture and again as it goes over the gates.

When we were leaving he jokingly said" So thats all it takes to get in there is a box of donuts"

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Winter isn't Done with Much of Manitoba

By: plapman, 12:03 PM GMT on April 29, 2011

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>From MY Basement Window

================================================= Today will start sunny with cloudy periods thenincreasing cloudiness this afternoon. The wind becoming southeast 30 km/h (19 mph) late this afternoon. High 21C(70F).
Tonight will be cloudy with rain beginning near midnight. Amount 5 to 10 mm(0.2 to 0.4 in). The wind will be southeast at 30 km/h (19 mph) becoming light after midnight. The overnight low will be 9C(48F).
================================================= ====
There's a winter storm watch for much of south western and central Manitoba. Luckily Portage hasn't been included in the watch but will recieve rain instead of snow.

Special Weather Statement issued for..
City of Winnipeg
Steinbach - St. Adolphe - Dominion City - Vita - Richer
Selkirk - Gimli - Stonewall - Woodlands - Eriksdale
Dugald - Beausejour - Grand Beach
Portage la Prairie - Headingley - Brunkild - Carman
Morden - Winkler - Altona - Emerson - Morris

..dramatic change in the weather this weekend with snow developing
late Saturday across Red River valley..

There will be a dramatic change in the weather this weekend over
southern Manitoba as a storm system developing over the western
Dakotas today intensifies as it moves towards southeast Manitoba
Saturday. As this system intensifies.. increasing north winds will
develop over southern Manitoba Saturday drawing colder air in from
the north. Rain ahead of this system will turn to snow over western
Manitoba and the interlake areas Saturday morning with a gradual
progression of snow into the Red River valley by late Saturday into
Saturday evening. Heaviest snowfall amounts are expected over
southwest Manitoba into the interlake regions where 10 to 20 cm are
possible by Sunday. Lesser amounts are expected over the Red River
valley however 5 to 10 cm may fall Saturday night into Sunday
morning. In addition strong northerly winds to 70 km/h along with
temperatures falling below freezing will make for a dramatic
winterlike start to may.

General rainfall amounts of 10 to 20 mm are also expected tonight
into Saturday over the Red River valley before the change to snow
with locally higher amounts of 20 to 30 mm possible.

This will be a dramatic change from the fair and mild weather of the
past few days. Residents of southern Manitoba should be prepared for
a return to winterlike conditions this weekend with possible travel
disruptions especially to the west and north of Winnipeg.
================================================= =====\I got out with Abbey again yesterday and she quickly fell into the old rutine. When we got to the place where I usaly unleash her she stopped and looked at me. Someone once told me not to scold a dog more than 10 minutes after thier misdeed because thats thier memory span. I find that hard to believe when after only 1 freerun Abbey knew where she was given her freedom to run.
================================================= ======


Abbey's Story and First Free Run This Year

By: plapman, 12:05 PM GMT on April 28, 2011

< ====
Today will be sunny with cloudy periods and a high of 19C(66F).
Tonight will remain clear with the wind becoming south at 20 km/h (12 mph) after midnight. The overnight low will be 7C(45F).
================================================= =====
I got Abbey out for our 2.5 mile walk yesterday. I even gigave her her freerun. It's the first since last fall. As soon as I cut her loose she was off to the old gopher hunting grounds. I don't think she got any but there sure was a lot of nose to the ground running and digging going on. She did good keeping dry and clean till about 3/4 through our walk where we go along an old brickyard borrow area. She had to get into the water and have her first swim of the year.
She sure is a good dog. She keeps checking over her shoulder to check where I am ans if she thinks she's getting too far ahead of me, about300 feet she stops and waits for me to catch up. Whoever lost that dog to the pound sure lost a good dog. I adopted her from a no kill group here in Portage that rescues pound dogs about to be euthanized. I've had her 3 years now. When we got her we were told she was about a year old. I think she was older. She's starting to get some grey hair round the muzzle now. When we got her there wasn't much of the puppy playfullness left in her.
================================================= ====

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Famous Forefathers from my Past

By: plapman, 2:07 PM GMT on April 27, 2011

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>From MY Basement Window

Today will be cloudy with sunny periods and a high of 18C(64F).
Tonight will see clearing and an overniht low of 2C(36F).
================================================= =====
The Queen's geneaology project has uncovered another famous relative of mine. My mother's maiden name was Payette. In the Queen's research she found that Payette, Idaho was named after Francois Payette who is a multi great uncle of mine. He sounds like a jerimiah Johnson type of fellow being a trapper and fur trader. Along with Pierre Falcon,on my grandmothers side, who left Falcon Lake in Manitoba, and francois Payette, on my grandfathers side, I appear to have an ilustrious background.
Along with new meds, anti-biotics, which give me diareah, I'm supposed to drink 3 liters,almost, 3 quarts, of water a day. THis kept me up till midnight with calls of nature. I'll have to make sure I get my water into me early tonight.
The Queen has changed her shift temperarly so that she is home with me more during the day. She's now working 6pm to 2am. The best dicision I made in my life was to marry that woman.
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The Northern Edge is Back

By: plapman, 3:53 PM GMT on April 26, 2011

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Today will be cloudy with sunny periods and a high of 18C(64F).
Tonight will see clearing late this evening and an overnight low of 4C(39F).
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>From MY Basement Window

================================================= ====
Well I broke my new years resolution. I spent the Easer weekend in the hospital.No stroke or siezures this time. I've developed abdominal problems. What walking pile of human junk parts I am.
They had a great Easter meal for me. Consumme soup and a slice of toast. lol
I had my first meal yesterday at breakfast. Toast and peanut butter never tasted so good after going 3 days with no solids.
Friday morning at 3 am I devloped a pain in my chest and was sure I was having another heart attack. A quick ride by ambulance to the hospital and after an EKG. Ultra sound and a cat scan they diagnosed it as an intestinal problem. After ramming a tube from my nose to my stomach they vacumed it out for a day and a half. I hope I never have to go through that again.
It looks like me and Abbey will be house bound in this nice weather for another few days. :(
The snow has all dissapeared and the trees are budding. Greenand blue sure is nicer than black and white.


10th and last Clock Blog

By: plapman, 1:00 PM GMT on April 20, 2011

Today will start sunny this morning then a mix of sun and cloud with a 30%chance of rain showers or flurries this afternoon. The wind becoming southwest at 20 km/h (12 mph) early this afternoon. A high of 9C(48F) is forecast
Tonight will bring cloudy periods with a 30% chance of rain showers or flurries early this evening.
Click for Portage Southport, Manitoba Forecast
Clearing this evening. The wind will be southwest at 20 km/h (12 mph) becoming light early this evening. An overnight low of -4C(24F) is projected.
================================================= ====
>From MY Basement Window

Yesterday I was feeling really bad. I had a morning nap the an afternoon nap shortly after. I was in bed by 8:30. While searching oon the net I found 1 of the symtoms of high INR is fatigue. Hopefully now it's under control I'll start feeling better.
I've decided to end the clock blog. I still have a few clocks on shleves but none are very old. There's a coule of battery operate anniverery clocks and a small pendulum clock that swings its tube shaped pendulum through another electically charged tube to keep it running. Its also battery operated.
Todays clocks start with a Sessions mantel clock my mother found at a garage sale for $5 and gave it to me. The case was in bad condition with the door on the back missing and the front full of scratches and it wouldn't run. I removed the movement and cleaned and oild it and refinished the case while it was apart after adding a new door. I believe it was manufactured in the early 1900s. It runs well now and I think looks pretty good for and ametuer refinish.

The final clock although not very old (quartz movement) has historical value for Portage .
CFB Southport used to be the jet training school for the canadian forces. Someone with great woodworking skills cut this out and hand carved itinto the crest for thr Royal Canadian Airforce. I picked up at a garage sale for $10 and have added the T33 which was the training jet used. Besides trianing new pilots instructers were also trained here. The training school closed in the 70's and moved to Moose Jaw Sask. It is still used by the military as a training school for helicopter training as well as the primary flight training school for military pilots but the training is done by a private company.
The base is where I get my weather information.
THe T33 I picked out of a BFI bin behind the local arena while walking Abbbey and thought it would make a good addition to the clock.


9th Edition of the Clock Blog. We're into mantel clocksand a Flood Report

By: plapman, 1:05 PM GMT on April 17, 2011

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Today will bring inncreasing cloudiness with fog patches dissipating this morning. The high will be 6C(43F).
Tonight will seee cloudy periods this evening. and an overnight low of-6C(21F).
From MY Basement Window

================================================= ==
The Red River south of Winnipeg continues to rise causing the closing of PTH 75 from Morris to winnipeg. The truckers aren't a happy lot as they have a 165 mile detour to get grom thr border to the city.
THe Assiniboine has dropped to a manageble flow at the diversion. An ice jam upstream of the tower caused some concern when it broke loose almost floood the tower.
================================================= =====
I've used up all the photos of my wall clocks except fot a couple of KO-KCO clocks I use to fill in empty spaces.
Todays clock is a mantel clock probably made in the 1950. I turned it to see if there was a manufacturs name on the back and the darn thing started running. It has a nice chime which uses 2 rods on the hour and half hour.
------------------------------------------------- ---
Today's mantel clock is a 1950s (ithink) Forrestville clock made in Germany. When I got it it was missing 1 cog on the drive gear. With a lot of paticence I cut a small groove in the drum, shaped a new brass tooth nd souldered it in place. Remarkably it worked.
This clock has Westminister chimes every 15 minutes.

================================================= =====
Just to be different today I'll post a 1911 Big Ben Alarm clock. I think this tning would not not only wake you in the morning but keep you from sleeping all night with it's loud ticking. I got the 1911 date as it is the last patent date on the back. It may be newer

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THe 6th EDition of the Clock Blog

By: plapman, 1:05 PM GMT on April 15, 2011

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------------------------------------------------- ----
Today will be cloudy with a 30% chance of flurries. The wind becoming northat 20 km/h (12 mph) early this afternoon. The high is forecast at 5C(41F).
Tonight will bring clearing and a low of -7C(19F).

From MY Basement Window

------------------------------------------------- -----
Today's clock is an 1890s japanese knock off of the American schoolhouse clock.THey were madefor export to compete with American clock makers.
I picked it up on E-bay for $75 but the duty was almost the same.
The company that made it now makes Seiko watches.

------------------------------------------------- ----
Arthur Pequegnat Clock Company in Berlin / 1916 / Kitchener manufactured clocks from 1904 to 1940. My Canadian Time model was made before 1916 as it is marked Berlin Ontario. Berlin changed it's name to Kitchener in 1916 due to the german sounding name at the outbreak of the first world war. I think mine hung in a Jewelers shop as the face is marked CharlesE Cole Jewery. From what I've been able to gather from local historians the shop closed in 1950.
It was the second clock my daughter found in the shed of her new home.It's a large clock measuring 3 feet from top to bottom and 14 inches wide.
I've seen it sell on EBay for close to $1000.
When I get put in a box I'm distributing my clocks to my daughters. The SETH THomas and Canadian time have a sticker on the back saying Abe and Jeri thanks for the loan.

Updated: 12:58 PM GMT on April 16, 2011


FourthEdition of the ClockBlog

By: plapman, 1:37 PM GMT on April 11, 2011

src=">Click for Portage Southport, Manitoba Forecast">
Today will be sunny with the wind becoming east at 30 km/h (19 mph) this morning. The high is forecast to be 6C(43F).
Tonight will remain clear with an east wind at 30 km/h (19 mph) becoming light early this evening. The overnight low will be -5C(23F).

WE had a good trip into the city yesterday. The nuerologist confirmed my balance is off and he did a couple of checkes to see how bad the periferal vision was. He thought the dilantin level may be too high causing the balance problem.He sent me to the lab to get more blood work. The Vampires at Winnipeg Health Scieces Center aren't much better than the ones in Portage. They ended up drawing a vial from my hand.
The trip must have been too much for this walking pile of human junk parks.When we got home I was freezing and shivering. The Queen in her ever caring ways sent me to bed and woke me once to give me my pills. Marrying that woman was the biggest and best decision I have ever made.Even the nurses at the hospital commented on how lucky I was to have such a devoted wife.----------------------------
The Fourth edtion of the clock collection.
his is the clock that started my collection. It was a gift from my ex-brother-in -law.
It was made in Germany by the Geoborgelbyt clock compamny. The clock smith who repairied it for me dated at pre 1915 from the serial number on the back. I haven't ran it for a long time but as far as I know it will still run for a year on a single winding hense the name anniversery clock.
=== =>
This is the second clock I aquired. It's a Sessions Gingerberbread clock.They used to be a kitchen clock. Besides strike the half hour with 1 gong it counts the hour by the number of chimes. The last time I Tried to run it the winding dog which holds the spring sliped. It really needs a good cleaning to get it to run again. I believe its from the 1890s.
src=" an/Old%20Clocks/1950SethThomas.jpg">
I found this one at a garage sale and was happy to pay the $60 dollar asking price. The 3 lower glasses are supposed to be bevveled but the center 1 was broken. I replaced it with a piece of flat glass and nobody has comented on it.It ran perfectly from the time I brought it home.
================================================= ======
I searched the internet for a link to Kienzel in Germany. They respondaded saying all thier records were lost in WW2 but said it was late 1920' or early 30s.It's a fairly large clock being 29 inches high and 13 inches at the little shelf under the pendulum
Even though the face is marked Seth Thomas the movement is marked Westclox. I checked with the Canadian Clock Museum the the said Westclox did manufacter clocks marked Seth THomas in the early 1950's. It was one of the clocks my daughter found in an old shed when the bought a house. I had to get it repaired but it runs great now.

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Shorts and tee shirt Weather on the Prairie

By: plapman, 12:32 PM GMT on April 10, 2011

>Click for Portage Southport, Manitoba Forecast

================================================= Today will start cloudy then clearing this afternoon. Fog patches dissipating this morning. The high will be 12C(54F).
Tonight will be clear with the wind becoming northwest at 20 km/h (12 mph) after midnight. A low of 1C(34F) is forecast.
================================================= =====

=>From My Basement Window
================================================= ====

I finally got hotos of my clocks that I'm satisfied with. I'll have to get them uploaded now for a clock blog. I used to upload my photos to Webshots but for some reason they won't show on WU. I've found that Flicker and PhotoBucket work well. I'll get some uploaded today and start working on the old clock blog.
WE forgot to tell my sister to close her bedroom door at night. That bad Kramer the cat harassed her all night. He'd wake her by pushing his nose and wiskers against her face. When he was shooed away he'd be right back on her bed walking around and pushing his nose against hers.That Kramer sure enjoys buging Abbey and people. If he'd curl up and go to sleep I wouldn't mind his noctornal acctivity I'll bet she had the door closed last night.
I have to leave now it sounds like the ladies are up and about


A visitor on the Prairie

By: plapman, 1:00 PM GMT on April 09, 2011

Today will start with periods of drizzle ending this morning then cloudy. The fog patches dissipating this morning. A high of 9C(48F) is forecast.
Tonight will be cloudy with rain beginning after midnight. The wind becoming north at 20 km/h (12 mph) overnight. The low tonight will be 2C(36F).
================================================= =====
My sister is down from Medicine Hat Alberta for a visit. She had 5 days off and decided on a road trip. It was nice to have company in the evening while the Queen worked but I wimped out and couldn't stay awake past 10:30. The sister stayed up and waited for the Queen. They nust of had a good chat as the Queen never came to bed til 1:30.
The rain and above freezing temps ovenight are sure making the snow pack dissappear. I'll have to give the guys in the control tower a call and see if the diversion is operanal yet. While the diversion is flowing the controls are manned 24/7 with a 2 man crew. It sure gives the controllers some nice overtime and fat checks.
Portage is also the distributiom point point for sand bags for the province.I can remember working a 12 hour shift in the tower and then loading semi's with bags for 24 hours. WE loaded over a million bags that day.It's a good thing they go out empty and are filled where they are needed.

>================================================ = =====
I staryed to take some photos of my clocks for a future blog but wasn't happy with hem. They seemed blurry even with the anti shake node on. I'll have to set up a tripod and try again.

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The Portage Diversion and Rain on the Prairie

By: plapman, 11:45 AM GMT on April 08, 2011

>Click for Portage Southport, Manitoba Forecast

================================================= Today will be overcast with fog patches dissipating this morning. The high will be 6C(43F).
Tonight rain with 5 to 10 mm(0.2 to 0.4 in) falling. The overnight low will be 3C(37F).
================================================= =====
The rain expected tonight and tomorrow certainly won't help the flood stituation. It looks like my old employer, Water Resources, now called Water Stewardship, will have thier hands full.
A friend of mine has said he'll take me out to the Portage Diversion Control Tower, whichn sits in the middle of the river, around mid April which is when the ice begins to break up and waters start to rise. The ice going over the dam on the Assiniboine River just shakes the concrete structure.I'm sure the guys working there will let me pass the "No Unauthorized Persons " sign.

Portage Diversion Control Structure in the Middle of the Assiboine R.

Control Gates for the Portage Diversion Leading to Lake Manitoba 25000 cu. ft/sec Capacity

=>From My Basement Window

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The Canada Geese are Back on the Prairie

By: plapman, 12:09 PM GMT on April 07, 2011

>Click for Portage Southport, Manitoba Forecast

Today will be sunny this morning and early this afternoon then a mix of sun and cloud with a 30% chance of showers this afternoon. Fog patches dissipating this morning. The forecast high is 9C(48F).
Tonight will start with cloudy periods then clearing after midnight. An overnight low of -3C(26F) is expected.
================================================= =====
It must be spring on the prairie. The Canada Geese are back. I heard a flock flying overhead the day before yesterday abd saw a pair in a small pond while on my walk with Abbey yestwrday.
The Queen is back on her regular evening schedule (3-1:30)and had a good night last night with no extras being dropped on her.
I was going to start my clock blog yesterday but the rechargable batteries had died from lack of use. They should be ready to go today after the Queen goes to work.
I started another project for the Queen's geneaology project.
She has a bunch of pictures of me and my brothers as babys. My mother had glued them to a piece of hardboard. Luckily she used a water soluble glue. I floated the hardboard in the bathtub till the moisture soaked through and I was carefully able to remove the pictures. After they had been dried in a pper towel I scaned them and did a bit of restoration work. I printed a 4x6 copy of one for the Queen's approval and earned brownie points with her for the job. I'll have to pick up some 5x7 photo paper and redo them to thier original size for her.

My brother Basil and me. Basil, the baby, died shortly after this photo was taken. He had an inoperable, at that time, growwth in his throat that blocked his airwayWorking on the old photos sure shortens the night but the concentrartion needed played me out. My last stroke affected the concentration area of my brain.
=>From My Basement Window
================================================= ====

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Warm WEather, Late Shifts and Birthdays on the Prairie

By: plapman, 1:13 PM GMT on April 06, 2011

>Click for Portage Southport, Manitoba Forecast

Today will start start then becoming a mix of sun and cloud this afternoon. The high is expected to be 7C(45F).
Tonight will bring clearing this evening and a low of -6C(21F).
================================================= =====
=>From My Basement Window
The Queeen never got home till 12:15 this morning insteat of the usal 11:35. She had a rough day when they gave her some extra duties. She never got most of her regular duties done. The day shift person will be surprized when she walks into the place and none of the redular work has been done.

The youngest daughter turned 17 yesterday.WE adopted her when she was 3. We were foster parents for Child and Family Services and got her when she was 5 months old after she was apprehended. When she was 2 she became a permnant ward of the the province and we started adoption proceedinds and all was approved by the time she was 3. She's a normal teenager and gets herself in tigh spots bit overall she's a good kid.
================================================= =====
It was nice walking with Abbey yesterday and today looks even better. I was tempted to let her run but she'd come out of the fields one big mudball.

================================================= =====
Todays Events in history from BrainyHistory.Com
2010 Scientists announce the discovery of three new animal species that spent their entire lives without oxygen; the species are phylum Loricifera
2009 Nearly 300 people are killed and 1,500 injured near L'Aquila, Italy, after a 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes
1997 "3 Sisters" closes at Criterion Theater New York City
1997 9th Seniors Golf Tradition: Gil Morgan wins
1997 Annika Sorenstam wins LPGA Longs Drugs Challenge
1997 Brad Faxon wins Freeport-McDermott Golf Classic
1997 Progress M-34 Launch (Russia)
1997 Twelve Bridges LPGA Classic
1996 Albert Belle shows off his arm by hitting Sports Illustrated photographer Tony Tomsic in the hand prior to a game
1995 "Having Our Say" opens at Booth Theater New York City for 308 performances
1994 1st scheduled Indians night game at Jacobs Field is rained out
1994 Chuck Jones found guilty of breaking into Marla Maples home
1994 Liberal Supreme Court Justice Blackmun (Roe vs. Wade) resigns
1994 Palestinian suicide bomber kills 7 Israelis and himself
1994 Rockwell B-1B Lancers break 11 world speed records
1993 1st test flight of Ilyushin IL-96M (Moscow)
1993 Florida Marlins 1st lost ever (4-2 to Los Angeles Dodgers)
1992 1st game at Camden Field, Baltimore Orioles beat Indians 2-0
1992 54th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Duke beats Michigan 71-51
1992 Britain Radio Authority licenses Virgin and TV-AM radio licenses
1992 Microsoft announced Windows 3.1, upgrading Windows 3.0
1992 Oriole Park at Camden Yards opens, beating Cleveland 2-0
1992 Serbian troops begin siege of Sarajevo
1992 Voting begins on choice of Elvis postage stamps
1991 Former child actor Adam Rich arrested for breaking into a pharmacy
1991 New York - New Jersey Knights 1st home game (Giant Stadium) lose to Frankfurt 27-17
1991 Subhana, becomes 1st Australian woman to become a Zen teacher
1991 Argentine soocer star Diego Maradona suspended for 15 month by Italian League for testing positive for cocaine use
1989 Orel Hershiser ends his record 59 consecutive scoreless streak
1988 Black pole explorer M Henson buried next to R Peary in Arlington
1988 New Jersey Devils' 1st playoff game; lose to Isles 4-3 (OT) in 1st round
1987 22nd Academy of Country Music Awards: Randy Travis and Hank Williams Jr
1987 Sugar Ray Leonard upsets Marvelous Marvin Hagler
1987 Al Campanis appears on Niteline saying blacks may not be equiped to be in baseball management, sparking a racial controversy
1986 15th Nabisco Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Pat Bradley
1986 Soccer ball juggled non-stop for 14:14 hours
1985 Atlantis (OV-104) rollout at Palmdale
1985 Bombay beat Delhi by 90 runs to win the Ranji Trophy final
1985 Sudan suspends constitution after coup under general Swarreddahab
1985 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1984 11th Space Shuttle Mission (41-C)-Challenger 5 is launched
1984 1st time 11 people in space
1983 Caps 2-Isles 5-Patrick Div Semifinals- Isles hold 1-0 lead
1982 Columbia returns to Kennedy Space Center from White Sands
1982 Largest crowd ever to see a baseball game in Minnesota 52,279
1981 Yugoslav government sends troops to Kosovo
1980 9th Colgate Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Donna Caponi Young
1980 Gordie Howe completes a record 26th season
1980 Post It Notes, introduced
1979 Rod Stewart and Alana Collins wed
1978 Karnataka beat Uttar Pradesh by inn and 193 to win Ranji Trophy
1977 Judge rules Beatles 1962 Hamburg album can be released
1977 Kingdome opens, Seattle Mariners 1st game, loses to Angels 7-0
1976 1st quadrophonic movie track: "Ladies and Gentlemen the Rolling Stones"
1975 "Night... Made America Famous" closes at Barrymore New York City after 75 performances
1975 "Rocky Horror Show" closes at Belasco Theater New York City after 45 performances
1975 Fastest hat trick by a Washington Capitals 3 minutes 26 seconds (Stan Gilbertson)
1974 200,000 attend rock concert "California Jam"
1974 Firestone World Tournament of Champions won by Earl Anthony 11/16
1974 Yankees 1st home game at Shea Stadium, beat Indians 6-1
1973 Harbor strike in Gent/Antwerp, Belgium
1973 Indies troops invade Sikkim
1973 Pioneer 11 launched toward Jupiter and Saturn
1973 Roberto Clemente Day, Pirates retire his number
1973 Yankee Ron Blomberg becomes 1st designated hitter, he walks
1972 Egypt drops diplomatic relations with Jordan
1968 94.5% of East German voters approve new socialist constitution
1968 Firestone World Tournament of Champions won by Dave Davis
1968 Gunpowder stocks at a sporting-goods store explode, killing 43 (Va)
1968 HemisFair 1968 opens in San Antonio, Texas
1967 Premier Pompidou forms new French government
1966 Mihir Sen swims Palk Strait between Sri Lanka and India
1965 Intelsat 1 ("Early Bird") 1st coml geosynchronous communication satellite
1964 Egypt and Belgium restore diplomatic relations
1959 31st Academy Awards - "Gigi," Susan Hayward and David Niven win
1958 Arnold Palmer wins 1st major golf tournament-Masters
1957 New York City ends trolley car service
1957 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test (atmospheric tests)
1956 Polish communist Gomulka freed from prison
1955 "3 for Tonight" opens at Plymouth Theater New York City for 85 performances
1955 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1955 Yemen: failed coup by Abdullah Seif el-Islam
1954 Montreal Canadians score 3 goals in 56 sec in playoff game against Detroit
1954 TV Dinner was 1st put on sale by Swanson and Sons
1954 U.S. performs atmospheric nuclear test at Bikini Island
1952 16th Golf Masters Championship: Sam Snead wins, shooting a 286
1950 John F. Dulles becomes advisor to U.S. Secretary of State Acheson
1947 11th Golf Masters Championship: Jimmy Demaret wins, shooting a 281
1947 1st Tony Awards: Arthur Miller, David Wayne and Patricia Neal win
1945 Coevorden freed from nazis
1945 Japanese giant battleship Yamato heads to Okinawa
1945 Massive kamikaze-attack on U.S. battle fleet near Okinawa
1945 U.S. Marines explore Tsugen Shima near Okinawa
1944 Jewish nursery at Izieu-Ain France overrun by Nazis
1943 British and U.S. Army link up in Africa during WW II
1943 British offensive at Wadi Akarit, South-Tunisia
1943 Lou Jansen, leader of illegal Dutch political party (CPN) arrested
1941 8th Golf Masters Championship: Craig Wood wins, shooting a 280
1941 Begin oper Bestrafung-Germany bomb attacks Belgrade (17,000 die)
1941 British general Gambier-Parry caught in North Africa
1941 German bombardment on Piraeus (munitions ship explodes)
1941 Italian held Addis Ababa surrenders to British and Ethiopian forces
1939 Great Britain and Poland sign military pact
1939 U.S. and U.K. agree on joint control of Canton and Enderbury Island in the Pacific
1938 Teflon invented by Roy J Plunkett
1936 3rd Golf Masters Championship: Horton Smith wins, shooting a 285
1936 ANP begins telex service in Amsterdam
1936 Tornado, kills 203 and injuring 1,800 in Gainesville Georgia
1935 H Levitt sinks 499 basketball free throws, misses and sinks 371 more
1934 418 Lutheran ministers arrested in Germany
1931 1st broadcast of "Little Orphan Annie" on NBC-radio
1930 1st transcontinental glider tow completed
1930 Hostess Twinkies invented by bakery executive James Dewar
1926 Stanley Cup: Montl Maroons beat Victoria Cougars (WHL), 3 games to 1
1925 1st film shown on an British Air flight
1924 4 planes leave Seattle on 1st successful around-the-world flight
1924 Italy fascists receives 65% of vote of parliament
1924 Volkische Block (Nazi's) receives 17.8% of vote in Bayern
1920 French troop attacks Main/Darmstadt/Hanau
1917 U.S. declares war on Germany, enters World War I
1916 German parliament OKs unrestricted submarine warfare
1912 Electric starter 1st appeared in cars
1909 1st credit union forms in US
1909 North Pole reached by Americans Robert Peary and Matthew Henson
1906 1st animated cartoon copyrighted
1903 General railroad strike against "worgwetten" (anti-strike laws)
1900 James J Jeffries KOs Jack Finnegan in 1 for heavyweight boxing title
1896 1st modern Olympic games open in Athens Greece, American, James Connolly, wins 1st Olympic gold medal in mod history
1893 Andy Bowen and Jack Burke box 7 hours 19 minutes to no decision (111 rounds)
1893 Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah dedicated
1890 French troops under captain Archinard occupy Segu, West-Sudan
1889 George Eastman places Kodak Camera on sale for 1st time
1886 City of Vancouver BC incorporated
1886 Declaration of Berlin neutralizes Tonga
1883 Start of Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of Speckled Band"
1869 1st plastic, Celluloid, patented
1868 Brigham Young marries his 27th and final wife
1865 Battle of Sayler's Creek, 1/3rd of Lee's army cut off
1862 Battle of Shiloh, Union defeats Confederacy in SW Tennessee
1859 U.S. recognizes Liberal government in Mexico's War of Reform
1849 Giacomo Meyerbeer's opera "Le Prophete," premieres in Paris
1848 Jews of Prussia granted equality
1841 Cornerstone laid for 2nd Mormon temple, Nauvoo, Missouri
1830 Joseph Smith and 5 others organizes Mormon church in Seneca Co, New York
1815 English militia shoots prisoners, 100's killed
1789 1st U.S. Congress begins regular sessions, Federal Hall, New York City
1757 English king George II fires minister William Pitt, Sr.
1727 Denmark signs Covenant of Hannover
1724 Duke of Newcastle becomes English minister of Foreign Affairs
1722 Peter the Great ends tax on men with beards
1672 France declares war on Netherlands
1664 France and Saksen sign alliance
1663 King Charles II signs Carolina Charter
1652 Cape Colony, the 1st European settlement in South Africa, established
1652 John of Riebeeck lands/establishes VOC-post in Capetown
1634 Heeren XIX asks "to secure Eylands Curaeao"
1516 A Willaert installed as singer of cardinal Ippolito I d'Este
1362 Robber bastion Tard-Venus strikes at Brignais France
1327 Italian poet Petrarch 1st sets eyes on his beloved Laura
774 Charles the Great affirms Pippins promise of Quiercy
610 Lailat-ul Qadar, night koran descended to Earth
402 Battle at Pollentia: Roman army under Stilicho beats Visigoten


Sunshine and Warm on the Prairie

By: plapman, 12:36 PM GMT on April 05, 2011

>Click for Portage Southport, Manitoba Forecast

================================================= =====
Today will be sunny with fog patches dissipating this morning. The high is expected to be near 6C(43F).
Tonight will start clear with increasing cloudiness overnight. The overnight low will be near -9C(15F).
================================================= =====
=>From My Basement Window
================================================= ====
The Queen is back to work today after her 5 days off. She was up early with me this morning and will be tired by midnight when she comes home.
Me and Abbey had our walk yesterday and it looks like we'll be able to get outagain today after the Queen goes to work.
The vampire blood work went good. The first technician was having problems and called for help. TThe more experianced lady showed her a few tips and in no time she had afull vial of blood for INR testing. I even got my sucker for not crying and gave it to the great granddaughter.
================================================= =====


A good Day for a Walk and Another Visit to the Vampires

By: plapman, 1:49 PM GMT on April 04, 2011

>Click for Portage Southport, Manitoba Forecast

Sunny. High 3C(37F). UV index 4 or moderate.
Clear. Low -9C(15F).
================================================= ====
I tried this earlier but my computer locked up for some reason.
I have a vampire appointment this morning. The last technician tried the left arm where they removed a vien for bypass surgery 6 years ago. She had no problems drawing 2 vials of blood.Other techs have not tried this arm before not knowing how much of the vien was removed. The scar runs from my wrist to abount an inch below the elbow on the inside.
I'll have to tell the tech today how well it worked.
=>From My Basement Window
================================================= ====


Snow and Rain on the Prairie

By: plapman, 2:37 PM GMT on April 03, 2011

>Click for Portage Southport, Manitoba Forecast

Today will bring rain changing to wet snow this morning. There is expecpedted to be 5 mm(0.2 in) of rain and 2 to 4 cm of snow.
The wind becoming north at 40 km/h (25 mph) gusting to 60 km/h (37 mph) early this morning as the temperature falls to -1C(30F) this afternoon.
Tonight will see thewet snow ending early this evening then clearing. The wind will be northerly at 40 km/h (25 mph) gusting to 60 km/h (37 mph) then diminishing to 20 km/h (12 mph) early this evening. An overnight low of -7C(19F) is expected.
================================================= =====
This added moisture sure won't help the flood situation for the prairies. Luckily the government has had the foresight to raise the Assiniboine R dykes and are making preperations to evacutate hosptals and personal care homes if nessary in the Red River valley towns.
Abbey and me got out for a walk yesterday but it looks like we'll be housebound today.
>From My Basement Window


Spring Cleaning on the Prairie

By: plapman, 2:06 PM GMT on April 02, 2011

>Click for Portage Southport, Manitoba Forecast

Today will start sunny with increasing cloudiness late this afternoon. The high is expected to be near 7C(45F).
Tonight will be cloudy with rain beginning this evening changing to wet snow overnight. The rainfall amount wil be near 5 mm(0.2 in). An overnight lowof 0C(32F) is expexcted.
================================================= =====
>From My Basement Window

The Queen is into spring cleaning mode. She started in the youngest daughters room who was away for a couple of days. She'd been asked to clean her room for over a month now and nothing had been done. She was in a state of shock when she came home and couldn't find anything. Alot of it is in garbage bags ready to be put out on Tuesday for pickkup. It sure smells better in that room without dirty clothes scattered all over. When she complained the Queen told her she'd been given enough time to do it herself and now will have to suffer the consequences of letting mom do it.
================================================= =====


Official Flood Forecast for Manitoba

By: plapman, 2:03 PM GMT on April 01, 2011

>Click for Portage Southport, Manitoba Forecast

Today will be cloudy with a 30% chance of flurries changing to a 30 % chance of rain showers this morning. There are fog patches which will be dissipating this morning. The Wind becoming northwest at 30 km/h (19 mph) early this afternoon then light late this afternoon. A high og 6C(43F) is forecast.
Tonight will remain cloudy with a 60% chance of rain showers or flurries this evening. There will be Clearing overnight with a low of -3C(26F) expected.
================================================= ====
>From My Basement Window
MARCH - 2011 SPRING FLOOD OUTLOOK FOR MANITOBA from Manitoba Water Stewardship

•Manitoba Water Stewardship’s final spring flood outlook shows that the spring flood potential in 2011 remains high for much of Manitoba including the Red, Souris, Pembina, Assiniboine, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and Fisher rivers as well as the Interlake region.
•The flood potential is high in these areas due to above-normal winter precipitation, high river flows, very-high soil-moisture conditions at freeze-up, above-normal snow water content in the snowpack and an expected wetter spring.
•Additional precipitation experienced in the southern areas of the Red River basin is expected to cause a slight increase in the river levels compared to predictions in the February flood outlook.
•With average weather conditions along other rivers and streams in Manitoba, flooding is still anticipated and, with unfavourable weather, significant flooding could occur.
•Average weather conditions along the Red River south of Winnipeg could result in a flood slightly higher than 2009 while unfavourable weather conditions could result in Red River water levels lower than 1997.
•Open water levels on the Red River north of Lockport could be slightly higher than 2009 for the normal weather scenario and 0.61 metres (two feet) higher than 2009 for unfavourable weather conditions.
•The spring flood potential is still dependent on weather conditions in the next few weeks until the spring melt begins. The amount of additional snow and rain, the timing and rate of the spring thaw and the timing of peak flows in the U.S., Manitoba and other provinces will have a significant effect on flood potential.
•Localized overland flooding is expected in most of central and southern Manitoba and could occur during the early part of the run-off period due to ice jams, snow blockages or frozen culverts in river channels, drains and ditches.


The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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