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No Weather for awhile

By: plapman, 4:06 AM GMT on August 29, 2010

This is the Queen of the Prairie just letting all of Plapman's friends know that on Monday August 23rd he had another stroke and is still in the hospital so he will be off the blog for awhile. Appears to have lost his short term memory and not sure about his vision yet. He is going for a MRI next week and until then the drs are not sure about anything. Hopefully his memory is being affected by the meds he is now on and it will come back. Will keep you posted as things progress.


Cooler on the Prairie

By: plapman, 1:12 PM GMT on August 23, 2010

>Click for Portage Southport, Manitoba Forecast
<From My Basement Window

Today will start sunny with cloudy periods then increasing cloudiness near noon then showers. There is the risk of a thunderstorm late this afternoon. The wind becoming southerly at 30 km/h (19 mph) gusting to 50 km/h (31 mph) early this afternoon. The high will be 25C(77F).
Tonight will see showers ending after midnight then cloudy. The risk of a thunderstorm continues to early this evening. Wind The south wind at 30 km/h (19 mph) gusting to 50 km/h (31 mph) becoming light late this evening thenshifting to the west at30 km/h (19 mph) overnight. The low will be 13C(55F).
There are a couple of feral bunnies in our neighborhood. They make a living munching on people's gardens. On our walk yesterday Abbey caught sight of one before I saw it. I just about lost an arm when she hit the end of the leash. I guess the Queen was right when she said Abbey wouldn't make a guide dog. :)

Updated: 1:30 PM GMT on August 23, 2010


Outdoor Sauna on the Prairie

By: plapman, 12:58 PM GMT on August 22, 2010

Today will be sunny with cloudy periods and a 40% chance of showers this morning with risk of a thunderstorm. The wind becoming south at 40 km/h (25 mph) gusting to 60 km/h (37 mph) early this morning. The high is expected to be near 30C(86F)..
Tonight will be cClear with the south wind at 40 km/h (25 mph) gusting to 60 km/h (37 mph) diminishing to 20 km/h (12 mph) early this evening. Tonights low will be 21C(70F).
There is a hunidex advisory issued today
humidex advisory
issued by Environment Canada at 4:15 am CDT Sunday 22 August 2010.

Humidex advisory issued for..
City of Winnipeg
Steinbach - St. Adolphe - Dominion City - Vita - Richer
Selkirk - Gimli - Stonewall - Woodlands - Eriksdale
Dugald - Beausejour - Grand Beach
Portage la Prairie - Headingley - Brunkild - Carman
Morden - Winkler - Altona - Emerson - Morris
Brandon - Carberry - Treherne
Dauphin - Roblin - Winnipegosis
Minnedosa - Neepawa - Russell - Riding Mountain National Park
Killarney - Pilot Mound - Manitou
Melita - Boissevain - Turtle Mountain Provincial Park
Virden - Souris
Ste. Rose - Mccreary - Alonsa - Gladstone.

Temperatures climbing just past the 30(86f) degree mark today and
increasing humidity will combine to produce humidex values of 40(104f).
so in many portions of southern Manitoba this afternoon.

This is an advisory that high humidex values are expected in these
regions. Monitor weather conditions..listen for updated statements.


Updated: 1:06 PM GMT on August 23, 2010


A Warm Weekend on the Prairie

By: plapman, 1:18 PM GMT on August 21, 2010

Today will be sunny with a high of 28C(82F).
Tonight will remain clear with a low of 16C(61F).
=== Tomorrow's forecast is for a hot 34C(93F). It will be hard to get the Queen out of the house. She doesn't like heat.
I've been digging into my asortment of wathches replacing batteries and getting them running. So far I've only broke 1. The Queen doesn't know why someone's who's retired has to know what time it is. I guess I have to agree with her there.

Updated: 12:57 PM GMT on August 22, 2010


A Free Doc Walker show and more on the Prairie

By: plapman, 1:32 PM GMT on August 20, 2010

Today will be sunny with cloudy periods. here will be increasing cloudiness late this afternoon. The high will be 28C(82F).
Tonight will be cloudy with a few showers or thunderstorms this evening. There will be clearing overnight with a low of 12C(54F).

A good weekend of entertainment on the prairie. George Canyon has a show in Lockport, about 60 Miles east of Portage on the Red River, and Doc Walker is giving a free performance at Riding Moutain National Park, about 100 miles west. The Queen is working and we'll miss it all.


Updated: 1:10 PM GMT on August 21, 2010


Warm on the Prairie

By: plapman, 12:50 PM GMT on August 19, 2010

Today will be sunny with the wind becoming south at 20 km/h (12 mph) early this afternoon. A high of 25C(77F) is forecast.
Tonight will bring a few clouds as the south wind at 20 km/h (12 mph) becomes light early this evening. The overnight low will be 15C(59F).

Updated: 1:31 PM GMT on August 20, 2010


Cool Nights on the Prairie

By: plapman, 1:17 PM GMT on August 18, 2010

Today will be a mix of sun and cloud with a 30% chance of showers this afternoon. Todays high will be 21C(70F).
Tonight will be clear with an overnight low of 8C(46F).

Abbey had a bunny chase yesterday on our walk. She was about a 1/4 mile ahead of me when she turned and came running back. I'm sure those bunnies are just teasing her by letting her get close then shifting into high gear leaving her in their dust.

Updated: 12:48 PM GMT on August 19, 2010


Cool and Damp on the Prairie

By: plapman, 2:06 PM GMT on August 17, 2010

Today will bring increasing cloudiness and a few showers beginning this morning. The high will be 16C(61F).
Tonight will be overcast with a low of 9C(48F).


Todays Events in History from

2008 Michael Phelps wins 8 Gold Medals in 2008 Olympics
2000 The Democratic party nominates Al Gore to run for president
1999 Earthquake kills 17,000 in northwest Turkey
1998 President Bill Clinton testifies before a grand jury investigating his conduct (first president to do so), and admits an 'inappropriate relationship' with Monica Lewinsky
1997 79th PGA Championship: Davis Love III shoots a 269 at Winged Foot GC
1997 First of America Senior Golf Classic
1997 Macy's Tap-o-mania
1997 Weetabix Women's British LPGA Open
1996 Soyuz TM-24, launched into orbit
1995 China performs nuclear test at Lop Nor PRC
1994 Lesotho king Letsie II fires premier Ntsu Mokhehle
1994 New York Central park reservior officially named after Jackie Kennedy Onasis
1992 Kevin Gross of Dodgers tosses only 9-inning no-hitter of season, a 2-0
1991 Royals Warren Cromartie's 1st major league home run since 1983
1990 Carlton Fisk hits White Sox record 187th home run
1990 Phyllis Polander sues Mike Tyson for sexual harassment
1989 32nd Walker Cup: Britain - Ireland, 12 -11
1989 Orioles shortstop Cal Ripken moves into 3rd place (1,208th cons game)
1988 Butch Reynolds runs world record 400m (43.29)
1988 LIRR says Penn station will get air conditioning in 1991
1988 New York City 1st case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (9 year old Bronx boy)
1988 Republicans nominate George H. W. Bush for president
1988 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1987 Bunt single gives Paul Molitor longest hit streak of 1980s at 32 games
1987 Dow Jones Industrial Avg closes above 2,700 for 1st time (2,700.57)
1987 Mohammad Ali elected to "Ring" magazine's Boxing Hall of Fame
1986 Bronze pig statue unveiled at Seattle's Pike Place Market
1986 Cindy Mackey wins LPGA MasterCard International Golf Pro-Am
1986 Pat Bradley wins LPGA Nestle World Golf Championship
1986 Rioting at DMC concert, 40 injured
1986 Red Sox trade shortstop Rey Quinones and pitcher Mike Trujillo to Mariners for shortstop Spike Owen and outfielder Dave Henderson
1985 1,400 meatpackers walk off the job at a Geo A Hormel and Co plant
1985 Dave Kingman hits his 400th home run
1985 Rajiv Gandhi announces Punjab state elections in India
1985 Sara Trollinger forms House of Hope in Orlando
1984 Pete Rose returns to Cincinnati Reds as player-manager (gets 2 hits)
1983 Hurricane Alicia, kills 17 in Texas
1982 Los Angeles Dodgers beat Chicago Cubs, 6-5, in 21 innings (game completed 8/18)
1982 South Bend, Indiana jury acquits self-avowed racist Joseph Paul Franklin
1980 "Blackstone" closes at Majestic Theater New York City after 104 performances
1980 Beth Daniel wins LPGA Patty Berg Golf Classic
1980 George Brett goes 4-for-4, raising his batting average to .401
1979 2 Russian passenger planes collide above Ukraine, 173 killed
1979 Monty Python's "Life of Brian" premieres
1978 1st successful crossing of the Atlantic by balloon (3 Americans)
1977 Russian nuclear sub "Artika" is 1st to North Pole
1977 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
1977 Thomas Wessinghage/Harald Hudak/Michael Lederer/Karl Fleschen walk world record 4x1500m (14:38.8)
1976 An earthquake and tidal wave in the Philippines kills up to 8,000
1976 Big win for WI at The Oval Michael Holding 14-149 for match
1975 Jo Ann Washam wins LPGA Patty Berg Golf Classic
1973 Lee Trevino's 1st hole-in-one
1973 Willie Mays hits 660th and last home run (off Don Gullett of Cincinnati)
1972 Phillies Steve Carlton wins his 15th straight game
1970 Venera 7 launched, makes 1st softlanding on Venus
1969 51st PGA Championship: Ray Floyd shoots a 276 at NCR Golf Club Dayton, Ohio
1969 Carol Mann wins LPGA Southgate Ladies' Golf Open
1969 New York Jets beat New York Giants 37-14 in their 1st meeting (pre season)
1968 Dick Beyers (Dr. X) beats Verne Gagne, to become NWA champ
1966 Pioneer 7 launched into solar orbit
1966 Willie Mays takes 2nd place on all-time home run list
1964 Boycott scores his 1st Test Cricket century, 113 vs. Australia at the Oval
1963 Jim Hickman becomes 1st New York Met to hit for cycle
1963 Oriole's Dick Hall retires his 28th consecutive player in relief
1962 Beatles replaces Pete Best with Ringo Starr
1962 E German border guards shot and kill Peter Fechter, 18, attempting to cross Berlin Wall into western sector
1961 Building of Berlin Wall begins
1961 Kennedy administration establishes Alliance for Progress
1960 Francis Gary Powers U-2 spy trial opens in Moscow
1960 Gabon gains independence from France, National Day
1960 Indonesia drops diplomatic relations with Netherlands
1959 7.1 quake strikes Yellowstone National Park
1959 U.S.S.R. and Iraq signs contract for building Iraqi nuclear reactor
1958 Bonnie Hoffman wins LPGA Kansas City Golf Open
1958 World's 1st Moon probe, US's Thor-Able, explodes at T +77 sec
1957 Richie Ashburn, fouls hit fan Alice Roth twice in same at bat 1st one breaks her nose, 2nd one hits her while she is on the stretcher
1956 Bundesverfassungsgericht bans KPD in West Germany
1955 Hurricane Diane, following hurricane Connie floods Connecticut River killing 190 and doing $1.8 billion damage
1952 Betty Jameson wins LPGA World Golf Championship
1951 18th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Cleveland 33, All-Stars 0 (92,180)
1951 Hurricane winds drive 6 ships ashore, Kingston, Jamaica
1950 Indonesia gains independence from Netherlands
1950 Pee Wee Reese (Dodgers) and Sam Calderone (Giants) hit inside park home runs
1948 Alger Hiss denies ever being a Communist agent
1948 Phillies commit 8 errors in a game
1948 Tom Henrich hits his then record tying 4th grand slam of season
1946 Arthur Honegger's 3rd Symphony "Liturgique," premieres
1945 Indonesia (Dutch E Indies) declares independence from Netherlands
1945 Koreas divided on 38th parallel with U.S. occupying the southern area
1944 4th Canadian Armour division occupiers Trun Normandy
1944 Canadian 2nd division conquerors Falaise Normandy
1944 German Field Marshal Model replaces von Kluge in Normandy
1944 Russian troops arrive at Austria-Prussia border
1944 U.S. 12 Army corp occupies Orleans
1944 U.S. 320th regiment infantry occupies Chateaudun
1944 Yankees Johnny Lindell ties record with 4 consecutive doubles in a game
1943 498 British bombers attack Peenemunde
1943 General Patton enters Messina, completing conquest of Sicily by Allies
1943 U.S. 8th Air Force loses 60 B-17O at attack on Regensburg/Schweinfurt
1942 1st European bombing run undertaken by U.S. forces
1942 1st US/8th Air Force bombs Europe
1942 Task Force 17 leaves Pearl Harbor under Admiral George Murray on Hornet
1942 Transport nr 20 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
1942 U.S. bombers staged 1st independent raid on Europe attack Rouen, France
1941 German raider attacks Dutch SS Kota Nopan
1940 Franklin D. Roosevelt and Canadian Prime Minister William M. King agree to joint defense commission
1940 Hitler orders total blockade of Great Britain
1939 "Wizard of Oz" opens at Loew's Capitol Theater in NY
1938 1st aircraft owned by Forest Service in service (Oakland)
1938 Henry Armstrong won his 3rd concurrent boxing championship
1933 Lou Gehrig breaks record by playing in his 1,308th straight game
1933 Lou Gehrig plays record 1,308th consecutive game
1933 Soviet Union test GIRD-R1 rocket ("Object 09")
1926 Greek-Serbian/Croatian/Slavs peace treaty signed
1924 French-German trade agreement signed
1920 In memory of Ray Chapman (died Aug 16), Yankees cancel game with Indians
1918 British troops attack Baku Azerbaijan
1918 Samuel Riddle buys Man o'War for $5,000
1918 Turkish troops overthrow Caukasus
1917 Italy declares war on Germany and Turkey
1916 Bulgarian offensive in Macedonia
1915 German troops over run Kovno Lithuiana
1915 Hurricane strikes Galveston, Texas (275 killed)
1915 Mob lynches Jewish businessman Leo Frank in Cobb County, Georgia after death sentence for murder of 13-year-old girl commuted to life
1914 French troops under General de Castelnau occupy Chateau Salins
1914 Lithuiana surrenders to Germans
1908 B Tarkington and HL Wilson's "Man from Home," premieres in New York City
1908 Bank of Italy opens new HQ at Clay and Montgomery
1907 Bishop forbids Christian membership in Dutch Textile Union
1905 Dutch government of De Master begins
1904 Boston's Jesse Tannehell no-hits Chicago White Sox, 6-0
1903 Joe Pulitzer donated $1 million to Columbia U and begins Pulitzer Prizes
1897 W B Purvis patents electric railway switch
1896 George Washington Carmack discoveres gold in Klondike region of Yukon
1894 Phils get 36 hits, Sam Thompson hits for cycle beating Louisville 29-4
1892 Russian/French generals Obruchev/Boisdeffre signs Duple Alliance
1891 1st public bathhouse with showers opens in New York City (People's Bath)
1891 Electric self-starter for automobile patented
1879 Ferdinand de Lesseps forms French Panama Canal Company
1877 Asaph Hall discovers Mars' moon Phobos
1877 Phobos (Martian satellite) discovered (A Hall)
1876 Opera "Gotterdammerung" premieres in Bayreuth
1870 1st ascent of Mount Rainier, Washington
1869 1st international boat race (Thames River, Oxford beats Harvard)
1866 Bathe and Prussia signs peace treaty
1863 Federal batteries and ships attacked Fort Sumter in SC
1863 Skirmish at Calfkiller Creek (Sparta), Tennessee
1862 Confederate troops under Kirby Smith enter Kentucky
1859 1st air mail (in a balloon) took off from Lafayette Ind
1858 1st bank in Hawaii opens
1846 U.S. fleet officer Robert F Stockton annexes California
1836 British parliament accept registration of birth/marriage/death
1836 HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin leave South-America for last time
1835 Solymon Merrick patents wrench
1834 Charles Darwin reaches top of Campana, Chile
1827 Dutch King Willem I/Pope Leo XII sign concord
1808 Napoleon asks King Louis for Holland brigade towards Spain
1807 Robert Fulton's steamboat Clermont begins 1st trip up Hudson River
1796 English beat Bataafs Navy in Saldanha Bay
1788 Losantville, OH (now Cincinnati) founded
1787 Jews are granted permission in Budapest Hungary to pray in groups
1743 Sweden and Russia sign peace treaty
1717 France, Russia and Prussia sign agreement
1648 Battle at Preston, Lancashire: Henry Ireton beats Scottish
1585 Antwerp surrenders after 8 months siege by duke of Parma
1579 Francois van Anjou visits English queen Elizabeth I
1577 Peace of Bergerac: Political rights for Huguenots
1563 King Charles IX of France (13) declared an adult
1544 Imperial/English armies occupy Saint-Dizier France
1498 Cardinal Borgia renounced his vows and office to marry a French princess
1180 Yoritomo Minamoto leads uprising against emperor Kiyomori Taira
682 St. Leo II begins his reign as Catholic Pope

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Clear but Cool on the Prairie

By: plapman, 11:45 AM GMT on August 16, 2010

Today will be sunny with a northwest wind at 30 km/h (19 mph) becoming light late this afternoon. The high will be near 19C(66F).
Tonight will start clear but increasing cloudiness before morning. The overnight low will be 7C(45F).

Today's Events in history from

1985 Madonna weds Sean Penn on her 27th birthday
1984 Andrea Doria's safe opened
1975 Peter Gabriel quits Genesis
1969 Woodstock rock festival begins in New York
1954 Sports Illustrated magazine begins publishing

The Queen starts back on her regular shift today. It will take me a while to get my internal alarm adjusted again.

Updated: 2:05 PM GMT on August 17, 2010


Wet and Windy on the Prairie

By: plapman, 11:52 AM GMT on August 15, 2010

Today will see periods of rain or drizzle and awind from the northwest at 40 km/h (25 mph) gusting to 60 km/h (37 mph). The high will be 17C(63F).
Tonight wull start with periods of rain or drizzle witch will be ending this evening then cloudy periods. The northwest wind at 30 km/h (19 mph) becoming light early this evening as the temp drops to 8C(46F).

The Potato Festival was a success depite the rain. I never ventured out to it but from news reports I missed a good evening of entertainment. For the full srory visit PortageOnline.Com

Updated: 11:43 AM GMT on August 16, 2010


Still Wet on the Prairie

By: plapman, 12:52 PM GMT on August 14, 2010

Today will see increasing cloudiness and showers beginning this morning. The wind will be west at 30 km/h (19 mph). High 19C(66F).
Tonight will bring periods of rain and a northwest wind at 30 km/h (19 mph). The overnight low will be 12C(54F).
Many of the events for thwe local Potato Festival have been moved indoors due to the wet weekend. The long range forecast says it will remain cloudy with showers till Thursday. :(.
>Click for Portage Southport, Manitoba Forecast

From My Basement Window


Todays Events in history from

2009 More than 2,000 people found in Poland's largest mass grave during World War II are reburied in a military cemetary
2007 Multiple suicide bombings kill over 550 people in Qahtaniya, Iraq
2006 U.N. cease fire takes effect in Lebanon
2003 After an Ohio FirstEnergy power plants shut down unexpectedly, a power outtage occurs for over ten hours all over northeastern North America
2000 Two onboard torpedoes explode on the Russian submarine Kursk in the Barents Sea, which eventually killed all onboard, despite a rescue operation
1997 "1776," opens at Criterion Theater New York City
1997 Convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh formally sentenced to death
1997 Karrie Webb wins LPGA Weetabix Women's British Open
1997 Oklahoma Court of Appeals upholds death sentence of Timothy McVeigh
1997 Soyuz TM-25 lands
1995 Shannon Faulkner becomes 1st woman to attend the Citadel
1994 76th PGA Championship: Nick Price shoots a 269 at Southern Hills Tulsa
1994 Doc Gooden leaves Betty Ford Center
1994 Liselotte Neumann wins LPGA Weetabix Women's British Golf Open
1994 Maggie Will wins Children's Medical Center LPGA Golf Classic
1993 Dr. William Masters (78) weds college sweetheart Geraldine Oliver (76)
1993 Nigerian presidential election
1993 Reggie Jackson Day - New York Yankees retire 13th # (#44)
1993 Shari Beadley weds Christopher Martin (Kid 'n Play)
1993 St. Louis reliever Lee Smith is fastest to get 40 saves
1991 Comedian Jackie Mason marries his manager Jyll Rosenfeld (37)
1991 Twins Dave Winfield is 23rd to hit 400 home run
1990 Angel's Louis Palonia is 74th to hit an inside park grandslam
1990 Denver vote for a 1% sales tax to pay for a baseball franchise
1989 President Pieter W Botha of South Africa, resigns
1988 70th PGA Championship: Jeff Sluman shoots a 272 at Oak Tree Golf Club Edmond
1988 Detroit beats Sox, 18-6, at Fenway, ends Boston winning streak at 24
1987 "Les Miserables," opens at Rock Theatre, Szeged Hungary
1987 Oakland's Mark McGwire sets rookie home run record at 39, en route to 49
1986 Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto arrested
1986 Phillies and Pirates play a 6 game series in 4 days
1984 IBM releases PC DOS version 3.0
1984 West Indies complete 5-0 series annihilation of England
1983 Patty Sheehan wins LPGA Henredon Golf Classic
1983 Robert de Castella wins Helsinki marathon 2:10:03
1982 Atlanta snaps an 11-game losing streak with a 6-5 win over Padres
1982 Iran "Ramadan-offensive" in Iraq
1982 Pete Rose (Phillies) 12,365 at bat sets record (passes Aaron)
1981 George Foster hits his 8th home run into red seats at Riverfront
1981 Phils Mike Schmidt hits his 300th career home run off New York Met Mike Scott
1980 Democratic Convention in New York City nominates Jimmy Carter
1980 In Lenin Shipyard Gdansk, Poland, 17,000 workers go on strike
1979 Rainbow seen in Northern Wales for a 3 hours duration
1978 French TV announced a rating of "0" for a program about an Armenian's woman's 40th birthday, (comp: Napoleanic drama-67%, Knockout-33%)
1977 59th PGA Championship: Lanny Wadkins shoots a 282 at Pebble Beach Cal
1977 77,691 see New York Cosmos beat Ft. Lauderdale Strikers 8-3 at Giant Stad
1977 Debbie Austin wins LPGA Long Island Charity Golf Classic
1976 10,000 Northern Ireland women demonstrate for peace in Belfast
1975 Pakistani military coup against president Mujib ur-Rahman
1975 Dmitri Shotakovitch, buried at the Novodevitshi-convent
1975 Norwegian King Olav V opens Longyearbyen Airport on Spitsbergen
1974 Congress authorizes U.S. citizens to own gold
1974 Turkish army attacks Nicosia Cyprus
1974 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1974 U.S.S.R. performs underground nuclear test
1973 Johnny Unitas files $725,000 suit against Baltimore Colts
1973 U.S. ends secret bombing of Cambodia
1972 Bloody Sunday: British soldiers fire into crowd, kill 13
1972 East German Aeroflot Illyushin 62 crashes near Moscow, killing 156
1971 Bahrain proclaims independence after 110 years of British rule
1971 Cards Bob Gibson, 35, no-hits Pirates, 11-0
1971 France performs nuclear test
1970 City University of New York inaugurates open admissions
1970 Steven Stills arrested for drug possession
1969 British troops intervene militarily in Northern Ireland
1969 New York Mets fall 9 games back, later to win pennant
1968 Jimmy Ellis beats Floyd Patterson in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
1968 Montreal Expos officially become a member of NL
1967 Belgian embassy in Kinshasa, Congo, plundered
1967 Radio Scotland and Radio Swinging Holland go off the air
1966 1st U.S. lunar orbiter begins orbiting Moon
1966 Cleveland Stadium's 1st rock concert is held, featuring Beatles
1966 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Lady Carling Golf Open
1965 Beatles tape an appearance for Ed Sullivan Show
1965 Continental Football League plays 1st games
1965 Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe" hits #1
1964 Bo Belinsky is suspended after attacking sportswriter Braven Dyer
1964 Egypt/Iraq/Jordan/Kuwait/Syria form common market
1962 French and Italian workers break through at Mount Blanc Vehicular Tunnel
1962 NASA civilian test pilot Joseph A Walker takes X-15 to 60,000 m
1962 U.S. mail truck in Plymouth, Mass robbed of more than $1.5 million
1961 Philadelphia Phillies lose 17th straight game
1959 26th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Baltimore 29, All-Stars 0 (70,000)
1959 AFL organized with NY, Dallas, LA, Minneapolis, Denver and Houston
1958 Canadian Football League plays 1st game (Winnipeg 29, Edmonton 21)
1958 KLM Superconstellation crashes west of Ireland, killing 99
1954 WGR TV (now WGRZ) TV channel 2 in Buffalo, New York (NBC) begins
1953 20th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Detroit 24, All-Stars 10 (93,818)
1953 KXLF TV channel 4 in Butte, Montana (CBS/ABC) begins broadcasting
1952 Matyas Rakosi appointed premier of Hungary
1949 Military coup under colonel Sami Hinnawi in Syria
1948 14th Olympic games close at London, Great Britain
1948 Bradman's last Test Cricket innings
1948 England all out for 52 vs. Australia at Cricket Oval
1947 India granted independence within British Commonwealth
1947 Mildred Babe Didrikson Zaharias gives up amateur status for $300,000
1947 Pakistan gains independence from Britain
1945 V-J Day; Japan surrenders unconditionally to end WW II
1944 British premier Winston Churchill arrives at Corsica
1944 Operation Tractable: new Canadian offensive
1944 Russian offensive at Weichsel
1943 1st allied air raid on Borneo
1943 U.S. 45th Division occupies Falcone 40 km outside of Messina
1942 Dwight D. Eisenhower named commander for invasion of North Africa
1941 Atlantic Charter signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt and Churchill
1940 Dutch Premier De Geer vacations in Switzerland
1939 1st night games at Comiskey Park (White Sox 5, Browns 2)
1938 BBC's 1st feature film on TV (Student of Prague)
1937 China declares war on Japan
1937 Detroit Tigers score 36 runs in double header vs St. Louis Browns
1936 1st Olympic basketball game (Berlin)
1935 Social Security Act becomes law
1933 Jimmie Foxx hits for cycle and sets AL record with 9 RBIs
1932 10th Olympic Games at Los Angeles closes
1932 Dodger John Quinn, 49, is oldest pitcher to win a major league game
1932 Philips makes 1 millionth radio
1929 Jewish Agency for Palestine forms
1928 Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur's "Front Page," premieres in New York City
1925 Mount Rushmore 1st proposed
1922 1st "old time" musicians broadcasted on radio (Jenkins-WSB Atlanta)
1920 Little Entente formed by Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia
1920 Olympic Games open in Antwerp
1919 White Sox Happy Felsch ties record of 4 outfield assists in a game
1919 Yankee Muddy Ruel hits into a triple-play
1917 China declares war on Germany and Austria at start of WW I
1917 Leeuwen soccer team forms
1915 British transport Royal Edward sank by German U boat kills 1000
1914 British field marshal John French and General Wilson land in France
1912 2,500 U.S. Marines invade Nicaragua; U.S. remains until 1925
1911 General Leconte appointed temporary President of Haiti
1910 6th International Congress of Esperantists held in Washington, D.C.
1908 Race riot in Springfield Illinois
1907 "Ha-Tikva" adopted as official Zionist hymn
1905 Ngindo-rebellion killed 5 RC German clergymen in East-Africa
1903 James J Jeffries KOs James J Corbett in 10 for heavywgt boxing title
1901 SS Islander hits iceberg near Alaska and sinks killing 70
1900 1st electric tram in Netherland (Leidseplein-Brouwersgracht)
1900 2,000 marines land to capture Beijing, ending Boxer rebellion
1893 France issues 1st driving licenses, included required test
1890 Cecil Rhodes' colonies reach Mashonaland (Fort Victoria)
1882 Queen Victoria recieves Zulu chief Cetewayo
1880 Construction of Cologne Cathedral completed (began in 1248)
1876 Prairie View State University forms
1875 Society of Regte Afrikaanders establishes in Paarl
1873 "Field and Stream" begins publishing
1864 Confederate General Joe Wheeler besieges Dalton, Georgia
1864 2nd day of battle at Deep Bottom Run Virginia: Federal assault
1862 Lincoln receives 1st group of blacks to confer with U.S. president
1861 79th New York troops mutinies
1848 Oregon Territory created
1846 Henry David Thoreau jailed for tax resistance
1842 Seminole War ends; Indians removed from Florida to Oklahoma
1825 Dutch King Willem I throws foreign students out
1824 General Lafayette returns to U.S.
1820 1st U.S. eye hospital, the New York Eye Infirmary, opens in New York City
1816 Great Britain annexes Tristan da Cunha
1813 British warship Pelican attacks and captures U.S. war brigantine Argus
1790 Sweden and Russia sign Peace of Verela
1782 Suriname forbids selling slave mothers without their babies
1765 Mass colonists challenge British rule by an Elm (Liberty Tree)
1762 English fleet occupies Havana
1758 Battle at Zorndorf: Prussia beat Russia, 1000s killed
1756 French capture Fort Oswego, New York
1743 Prussian army occupies Saksen, beginning 2nd Silezian War
1678 Battle of Mons-French repulse William of Orange
1642 Able Tasmans ships Heemskerck/Zeehaen depart out of Batavia
1636 Spanish troops occupy Corbie at Amiens
1624 Dutch fleet ceases Callao the Lima in Peru
1597 Cornelis de Houtmans fleet is 1st Dutch visit to Java
1585 Queen Elizabeth I refuses sovereignty of Netherlands
1559 Spanish explorer de Luna lands in Pensacola Bay,Fla
1551 Turkish fleet under Dragut occupies Tripoli
1498 Columbus landed at the mouth of the Orinoco River in Venezuela
1457 Oldest known exactly dated printed book (c 3 years after Gutenberg)
1395 Utrecht bishop Frederik of Blankenheim occupies Coevorden
1385 Battle at Aljubarotta-Portugal defeats Castilie
1385 Portuguese defeat Castilians at Aljubarrota, retain independence
1281 Kublai Khans invading fleet disappears in typhoon near Japan
1248 Construction of Cologne Cathedral begun
554 Ravenna becomes seat of Byzantines military governor in Italy


Rolling Thunder on the Prairie

By: plapman, 11:48 AM GMT on August 13, 2010

Today will bring a few showers with thunderstorms ending late this morning then cloudy with sunny periods and a 60% chance of showers or thunderstorms. The system is expected to leave 20 to 30 mm(0.8 to 1.2 in) of rain behind. Todays high will be 26C(79F).
Tonight will remain cloudy with the 60% chance of showers or thunderstorms continuing into the evening and after midnight. The overnight low will be 15C(59F).
I woke this morning at 3am to rolling thunder and Kramer, who suddenly decided he didn't want to spend the night outside, scratching at the window.
I had a good experiance with my cell phone provider yesterday. My Blackberry wouldn't boot with a JV102 error showing. I took it into the carrier's local branch and was told it could be repaired in shop but I may loose all information stored on it. After 45 minutes rhe technician came back and said " I can't get it going. How about I do an over the counter excchange"? After a year and half of use I now have a new phone :).

Updated: 12:50 PM GMT on August 14, 2010


Potatoes Rule in Portage

By: plapman, 11:54 AM GMT on August 12, 2010

Today will bring showers with thunderstorms and a high of 27C(81F).
Tonight will be much the same with showers and tthunderstorms continuing. The low will be 18C(64F).
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From My Basement Window

The Queen's morning shift has reset my internal alarm clock. I was awake and up this morning at 5:30. The alarm has yet to wake me. I hate that clock. I was just getting so thaat I could sleep till 7:30 and now its back:(.
Portage is gearing up for it's annual Potato Festival this weekend. With 2 french fry plants in town the potato is a large part of the area's economy. I've heard that with both plants, McCains and Simplot, in full production that they can process 2 million pounds of potatoes a day!
This years featured entertainer is Arron Prichett. The nice thing about the event is that all entertainment is free.


Still warm on the Prairie

By: plapman, 11:40 AM GMT on August 11, 2010

Today will be sunny with fog patches early this morning. The high will be 27C(81F).
Tonight will bring a few clouds and a low of16C(61F).

Updated: 11:46 AM GMT on August 13, 2010


Another Warm Day

By: plapman, 11:33 AM GMT on August 10, 2010

Today will bring a few showers with thunderstorms ending this morning then cloudy and a 30% chance of showers. The risk of a thunderstorm continues late this morning and this afternoon. The high will be near 29C(84F).
Tonight wil start cloudy with a 30%t chance of showers early this evening and risk of a thunderstorm then clearing this evening. The overnight low will be 18C(64F).

Abbey and me went out early yesterday. We were home by 9:30 and beat most of the heat.

Updated: 11:39 AM GMT on August 11, 2010



By: plapman, 11:36 AM GMT on August 09, 2010

Today will be asunny with cloudy periods. There is a30% chance of showers early this morning and the risk of a severe thunderstorm this afternoon. The high is expected to be 33C(91F).
Tonight will see cloudy periods and the risk of a severe thunderstorm this evening. The overnight low will be 18C(64F).

The Queen starts her new morning shift today, luckily its only for a week. She had me awake at 5am.
The Queen restarted her geneaolgy project with a new application. After entering over 5000 names in the old app and finding many errors she's starting from day 1 again. It sure keeps her out of trouble. ;)
I met the neighbor on my walk with Abbey yesterday. Abbey was of in a feild one her gopher hunt. The neighbor asked where my dog was and I said over there somewhere, pointing to the feild. I whistled once and called her. She came running to his amazement. He wishs his dog would listen like that.

Updated: 11:31 AM GMT on August 10, 2010


Warm and Sunny on the Prairie

By: plapman, 1:21 PM GMT on August 08, 2010

Today will be sunny with a high of 30C(86F).
Tonight will remin clear with an overnight low of 19C(66F).

The Queen ended up sleeping in the girls room last night. They were awake most of the night.

Updated: 11:35 AM GMT on August 09, 2010


A Warm Weekend on the Prairie

By: plapman, 2:09 PM GMT on August 07, 2010

Today will be sunny with cloudy periods and a high of 28C(82F).
Tonight the cloudy periods will continue with a 60% chance of showers or thunderstorms. The low tonight will be 17C(63F).

We have the great granddaughters again today while mum works then goes to a concert tonight. That will kep the Queen off the streets and out of trouble.

Updated: 1:20 PM GMT on August 08, 2010


Sunshine on the Prairie

By: plapman, 1:26 PM GMT on August 06, 2010

Today will be sunny with a high of 24C(75F).
Tonight will remain clear and the low will be13C(55F).

The weekend forecast says we're in for a warm weekend with temps in the low 30's (mid to upper 80's)
The Queen has a shift change next week due to a plant shut down. She has to go in for 7:30am instead of her usal 3:00 pm to midnight. She's not overly happy about that, she's not a morning person, but I like the idea of having her company at night even if it means living with channel surfing all night.

Updated: 2:08 PM GMT on August 07, 2010


Comfortable on the Prairie

By: plapman, 12:23 PM GMT on August 05, 2010

Today will bring increasing cloudiness along with a 30% chance of showers late this morning and early this afternoon. The wind becoming northerly at 20 km/h (12 mph) late this afternoon. The high is expected to be a comfortable 23C(73F).
Tonight will see clearing this evening as the wind north at 20 km/h (12 mph) becomes light early this evening. The overnight low will be 11C(52F).

Today's Events in history from BrainyHistory.Com
2009 The engine on an airbus A320 plane catches fire at Paris-Orly airport, eight people are injured
1997 Korean Air 747 with 331 aboard crashes in Guam, 29 survive
1997 Ramzi Yousef, mastermind of world trade center bombing goes on trial
1997 Soyuz TM-26 crew of Anatoly Solovyov and Pavel Vinogradov, launched
1996 Dallas Cowboys play Kansas City Chiefs in Monterrey Mexico
1994 Antonov-12 crash down at Boda, East-Siberia, 47 killed
1994 Rocker Billy Idol admitted to the hospital after drug overdose
1992 4 cops in Rodney King beating case indicted on civil rights charge
1991 Sergeo Bubka of U.S.S.R. sets pole vault record (20'") in Malmo Sweden
1990 Barb Mucha wins LPGA Boston Five Golf Classic
1990 Jim Palmer and Joe Morgan inducted into hall of fame
1988 Mario Biaggi, Representative-D-New York, convicted of racketeering resigns seat
1986 Ingrid Kristiansen of Norway sets 5k woman's record (14:37.33)
1986 Steve Carlton is 2nd to pitch 4,000 strikeout
1986 U.S. Senate votes for SDI-project, Star Wars
1986 It's revealed Andrew Wyeth had, secretly created 240 drawings and paintings of his neighbor Helga Testorf, in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
1985 Baseball players go on strike for 2 days
1985 Establishment of a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is announced
1985 Flexible-wing glider altitude record (214,250') set by Larry Tudor
1984 Alice Miller wins West Virginia LPGA Golf Classic
1984 Joan Benoit (U.S.) wins 1st Olympic marathon for women (2:24:52)
1984 Lou Pinella Day at Yankee Stadium
1984 Toronto's Cliff Johnson hits record 19th career pinch home run
1982 Stephabue Hix, of Alabama, 18, crowned Miss National Teen-Ager
1982 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1981 President Regan fires 11,500 striking air traffic controllers
1981 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1980 Expos Dick Williams wins his 1,000th career game as a manager
1980 New York Met Doug Flynn ties record of 3 triples in a game
1979 "But Never Jam Today" closes at Longacre Theater New York City after 7 performances
1979 Government of Mauretania signs peace treaty with Polisario
1979 Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Colgate European Golf Open
1979 Phillies Pete Rose collects NL record 2,427th career single
1979 Varetta Shankle (Miss), crowned 12th Miss Black America
1979 Willie Mays, Warren Giles, and Hack Wilson inducted in Hall of Fame
1978 New Orlean Saints beat Phil Eagles 14-7 in Mexico City (NFL expo)
1975 Phillies 1st 8 batters get hits for a record, beat Cubs 13-5
1975 Stevie Wonder signs $13M contract with Motown
1974 Joan Jett forms her rock group Runaways
1974 President Nixon admits he withheld information about Watergate break-in
1973 Arab terrorists open fire at Athens airport, kills 3 injures 55
1973 Atlanta Braves Phil Niekro no-hits San Diego Padres, 9-0
1973 Judy Rankin wins LPGA Pabst Ladies Golf Classic
1973 U.S.S.R. launches Mars 6
1972 Moody Blues release "Nights in White Satin"
1972 Uganda president Idi Amin throws out all 80,000 Asians
1972 Detroit shortstop Ed Brinkman errors ends record streak of 72 games and 331 total chances without a miscue
1971 WNPE TV channel 16 in Watertown, New York (PBS) begins broadcasting
1970 Robert Morley's "How the Other Half Loves," premieres in London
1970 U.S. Black Panther leader Huey Newton let out of jail
1969 Mariner 7 flies past Mars
1969 Pirate Willie Stargell is 1st to hit a ball out of Dodger Stadium
1968 WMCV (now WZTV) TV channel 17 in Nashville, Tennessee (IND) 1st broadcast
1967 1st time an AFL team beats an NFL team, Broncos beats Detroit 13-7
1967 Bobby Gentry releases her only hit "Ode to Billy Joe"
1966 33rd NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Green Bay 38, All-Stars 0 (72,000)
1966 Beatles' "Revolver" album is released
1966 Jose Torres beats Eddie Cotton to retain light-HW boxing title
1966 Martin Luther King, Jr. stoned during Chicago march
1966 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
1966 Beatles release "Yellow Submarine" and "Eleanor Rigby" in UK
1965 Dave Marr wins PGA title
1964 Actress Anne Bancroft and comedian Mel Brooks wed
1964 Beatles record "Leave My Kitten Alone"
1964 Congo rebellion: Christopher Gbenye/Pierre Mulele conquer Stanleyville
1964 Ford Frick says he will not run for another term as commissioner
1964 U.S. begins bombing North Vietnam
1963 Britain, U.S. and U.S.S.R. sign nuclear test ban treaty
1963 Craig Breedlove sets world auto speed record at 407.45 MPH
1963 U.S., U.S.S.R. and Great Britain agree to discuss banning nuclear testing
1962 1st quasar located by radio
1962 Marilynn Smith wins LPGA Waterloo Golf Open
1962 Nelson Mandela arrested for incitement and illeagally leaving South Africa
1962 U.N. command forbids flights to Katangese airports
1961 118 degrees F (48 degrees C), Ice Harbor Dam, Washington (state record)
1961 Chicago Bears (NFL) beat Montreal Alouettes (CFL) 34-16 in Montreal
1960 Burkina (formerly Upper Volta) declares independence from France
1960 Detroit trades manager Jimmy Dykes for Cleveland's manager Joe Gordon
1959 42.4 cm rainfall in Decatur Co, Iowa (state record)
1959 Chicago Cardinals (NFL) beat Toronto Argonauts (CFL) 55-26 in Toronto
1958 Atomic sub USS Nautilus completes 1st trip under North Pole
1958 Philip Kapleau, Zen teacher, 1st awakening under Yasutani Roshi
1957 "American Bandstand," begins network TV (ABC)
1957 Comic strip "Andy Capp" made its debut
1957 WJZ-TV in Baltimore MD begins radio transmissions
1957 Bkln Sports Authority gets an engineering report on 50,000-seat stadium in downtown area for estimated $207 million
1956 KUAM TV channel 8 in Agana, GU (CBS/ABC/NBC) begins broadcasting
1956 Louise Suggs wins LPGA All American Golf Open
1956 WCYB TV channel 5 in Bristol-Kingsport, Virginia (NBC) begins broadcasting
1955 After playing 274 straight games at 2nd base, Nellie Fox is given a day off he comes back next 798 consecutive games
1954 Boxing Hall of Fame's 1st election selects 24 modern and 15 pioneers
1954 Patty Berg wins LPGA World Golf Championshio
1953 Operation "Big Switch" Korean War prisoner exchanged at Panmunjom
1951 Armed uprising in Ambonezen Camp Middelburg
1950 Ezzard Charles KOs Freddie Beshore to retain HW boxing title
1950 Florence Chadwick swims English Canal (13:23)
1949 6.75 Earthquake hits Quito; about 6000 die
1948 Cleveland Indians set club record for most double plays in a game (6)
1947 Netherlands ceases political action in Indonesia, due to United Nations pressure
1945 Atom Bomb dropped on Hiroshima (Aug 6th in Japan)
1944 U.S. 79th/90th division occupy Laval/Mayenne
1944 U.S. troops occupy Vannes Bretagne
1943 Sicily: 3 U.S. A-36's bomb British headquarter
1943 Soviet forces reconquer Orel and Bjelgorod
1942 British government cancels agreement of Munich
1942 German troops cross Kuban River
1940 "Acquaintance" blows-up Zandvoortse synagouge
1940 St. Louis Brown John Whitehead no-hits Detroit Tigers, 4-0 in 6 innings
1938 33rd Davis Cup: USA beats Australia in Philadelphia (3-2)
1937 Ranger (U.S.) beats Endeavour II (England) in 17th America's Cup
1936 At Berlin Olympics, Jesse Owens wins his 3rd Olympic medal
1931 Det Tiger Tommy Bridges perfect game is broken up with 2 outs in 9th
1927 Phillies Cy Williams hits for cycle in just 4 at bats
1926 1st talkie movie "Don Juan" at Warner Theatre, New York
1926 French and German trade agreement signed
1926 Houdini stays in a coffin under water for 1 hours
1924 Comic strip "Little Orphan Annie," by Harold Gray, debuts
1923 1st American to swim English Channel, Henry Sullivan
1921 1st radio baseball broadcast Pirates-8, Phillies-0 (KDKA, Pitts)
1921 Treaty of Berlin: U.S. and Germany sign separate peace treaty
1917 British troops attack canal of Ypres in Boesinghe Belgium
1915 German troops over run Warsaw
1915 Warsaw, evacuated by the Russians, is occupied by Germans
1914 1st traffic light installed, Euclid Ave and E 105th St, Cleveland
1914 Cuba, Uruguay, Mexico and Argentina proclaim neutrality in WW I
1914 Dutch Cort Van de Linden government issues silver bonds as money
1914 Massive German assault on forts around Luik
1914 Montenegro declares war against Austria-Hungary in World War I
1914 U.S. beats Australia, 3-2, to win Davis Cup
1914 U.S., Nicaragua sign treaty granting canal rights to U.S.
1914 Westerschelde leaves due to German invasion in Belgium
1901 Peter O'Connor of Ireland, sets then long jump record at 24' 11 3/4"
1891 1st travelers checks issued, American Express
1890 British and French accord to divide African colonization
1884 Cornerstone for Statue of Liberty laid on Bedloe's Island (New York City)
1877 Henry Morton Stanley's letter in order to aid reaches Boma at Congo
1864 Battle of Mobile Bay Al-Farragut is given rank of Vice-Admiral
1864 Spectrum of a comet observed for 1st time, by Giovanni Donati
1862 Battle of Baton Rouge, LA
1861 Enlistment increases from 3 months to 2 years
1861 Naval Engagement at Fernandina, FL-USS Vincennes ends rebel blockade
1861 U.S. Army abolishes flogging
1861 U.S. levies its 1st Income Tax (3% of incomes over $800)
1858 Cyrus W. Field completes 1st transatlantic telegraph cable
1846 Oregon country divided between U.S. and Britain at 49th parallel
1837 1st ascent of Mount Marcy (5,344') highest in Adirondack, New York
1781 Battle at Doggers Bank: Dutch fleet vs English fleet
1775 1st Spanish ship, San Carlos, enters San Francisco Bay
1772 1st partition of Poland, between Austria, Prussia and Russia
1745 Skirmish at Laggan: Glengarry beats Royal Scots
1716 Battle at Peterwardein: Eugenius van Savoye beats Turks
1667 State of Holland obtain Eternal Edict
1666 English fleet beats Dutch under Michiel the Ruyter
1654 French troops occupy Stenay
1587 Spanish troops conquer Lock
1583 Gilbert claims Newfoundland (1st English colony in North America)
1543 French and Turkish troops occupy Nice
1435 Battle at Ponza: king Alfonso V of Aragon captured by Genuezen
1420 Duke John VI of Bavaria visits "Christ's bride"/virgin Liduina
1399 Battle at Worskla: Tataren beat Russians and Litouwers
1391 Castilian sailors fire attack Jewish ghetto of Barcelona, 100's killed
1391 Jews are massacred in Toledo and Barcelona Spain
1264 Anti-Jewish riots break out in Arnstadt Germany
1071 Emperor Romanos IV Diogenes captured/Islam advances through Europe
135 Betar last outpost of Bar Kochba falls to Rome

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More Clouds and Showers on the Prairie

By: plapman, 3:34 PM GMT on August 04, 2010

Today will see increasing cloudiness with a 60% chance of showers this morning with risk of thunderstorms. The wind becoming northwest 20 km/h (12 mph) early this afternoon. Today's high qill be 25C(77F). .
Tonight will bring cloudy periods and a 30% chance of showers before morning. The northwest wind at 20 km/h (12 mph) becoming light late this evening. The overnight low will be 13C(55F).

I late getting on today. The Queen got up with me and we had morning coffee together. She's off with the granddaughter so I took Abbey for her daily walk.
A short Today in History from
1995 Darryl Strawberry joins the New York Yankees
1994 Howard Stern drops out of New York gubernatorial race
1971 U.S. launches 1st satellite into lunar orbit from manned spacecraft
1927 Peace Bridge between U.S. and Canada opens
1914 U.S. declares neutrality in WW I

Updated: 12:21 PM GMT on August 05, 2010


Warm and Humid on the Prairie

By: plapman, 1:52 PM GMT on August 03, 2010

Today will start sunny then increasing cloudiness near noon there will be a 30% chance of showers and the risk of a thunderstorm this afternoon. Fog The wind becoming northwest 30 km/h (19 mph) this morning. High 28C(82F). UV index 8 or very high.
Tonight will be cloudy with rhe 3o% chance of showers early this evening and risk of a thunderstorm continuing till this evening when it will clear. the wind will be northwest at 30 km/h (19 mph) but becoming light early this evening. The overnight low will be 16C(61F).

Today's Events in hisrtory from

2000 The Republican party nominates George W. Bush to run for president
1997 25th du Maurier Golf Classic: Colleen Walker wins
1997 BankBoston Senior Golf Classic
1997 Garth Brooks performs a free concert in Central Park New York for HBO
1997 Phil Mickelson wins golf's Sprint International
1995 CNN en Espanol premieres
1994 102.4 degrees F (39.1 degrees C) in Tokyo Japan: record
1994 1st Jordanian plane to fly over Israeli airspace (King Hussein pilot)
1992 Dodgers win 3,000th game since moving to Los Angeles (3,000-2,531)
1992 Paramount inaugurates New York Street on TV/movie lot
1991 Giant Victory, driven by Jack Moiseyev, wins Hambletonian
1991 Pan Am games open in Havana
1990 "Little Night Music" opens at New York State Theater New York City for 11 performances
1990 98.8 degrees F (37.1 degrees C) in Cheltenham, Glos. (UK record)
1990 New York Yankee Kevin Mass sets record with 10th home run in 1st 72 at bats
1990 Radio Kuwait resigns air, due to Iraqi invasion
1990 U.S. announces commitment of Naval forces to Gulf regions
1990 For 3rd time in 1990 a no-hitter is broken up with 2 outs in 8th inning. Doug Drabek of Pitts still beats Philadelphia 11-0
1989 5th jockey to win 6,000 races (Jorge Valesquez)
1989 Lawrence Delisle drives his 4 kids into river
1989 Rickey Henderson sets AL mark of 50 steals in 9 seasons
1989 Cincinnati Reds send record 20 men to bat with a record 16 hits in 1 inning as they score 14 runs in 1st inning
1988 Skip Storch swims 246 km of Hudson River from Albany to New York City
1987 Chicago Bears beat Dallas Cowboys 17-6 in London, England (NFL expo)
1987 Discovery in Orbital Processing Facility is powered up for STS-26
1987 Jack Morris ties AL record with 5 wild pitches in a 4-2 lose
1987 Twins Joe Niekro is caught with a file on the mound and is ejected
1986 Amy Alcott wins LPGA National Golf Pro-Am
1986 Willie McCovey, Bobby Doerr, and Ernie Lombardi inducted in Hall of Fame
1985 "Nihilator" set harness pacing mile (1:49.6) in East Rutherford, NJ
1985 Train crash at Flaujac, France: 35 killed
1984 365.7 million shares traded in New York Stock Exchange
1984 Bomb attack on Madras India airport, 32 killed
1983 John Sain of South Bend, Indiana builds 3.91 m house of cards
1983 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1982 Clyde King replaces Gene Michaels as New York Yankee manager
1981 13,000 Air Traffic Controllers (PATCO) begin their strike
1981 France performs nuclear test
1980 22nd Olympic games close at Moscow, U.S.S.R.
1980 Kaline, Snider, Klein, and Tom Yawkey inducted into Hall of Fame
1980 Sandra Post wins West Virginia LPGA Golf Classic
1979 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1977 Radio Shack issues a press release introducing TRS-80 computer 25 existed, within weeks thousands were ordered
1975 500 drown when 2 river boats collide and sink in China's West River
1975 Louisiana Superdome is dedicated
1975 Poland and West germany reach accord about returning ethnic Germans
1975 Susie Berning wins LPGA Lady Keystone Golf Open
1974 "Little Night Music" closes at Shubert Theater New York City after 601 performances
1974 "Words and Music" closes at John Golden Theater New York City after 127 performances
1974 Guitarist Jeff Baxter quits Steely Dan and joins Doobie Brothers
1973 Flash fire kills 51 at amusement park, Isle of Man, UK
1973 National People's party wins Dutch Antilles National elections
1972 British premier Heath proclaims emergency crisis due to harbor strike
1971 Paul McCartney announces formation of his group Wings
1970 4 day NFL strike ends
1970 Christopher Hampton's "Philanthropist," premieres in London
1970 Hurricane "Celia" becomes most expensive Gulf storm in history
1970 Mairiam Hargrave of Yorkshire, passes her driving test on 40th try
1969 Reds beats Phillies 19-17
1969 Sandra Spuzich wins LPGA Buckeye Savings Golf Invitational
1968 France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1967 45,000 U.S. soldiers sent to Vietnam
1967 James Law rides entire New York City subway in 22 hours 12 minutes
1966 South African government bans Beatle records
1963 "No Strings" closes at 84th St. Theater New York City after 580 performances
1963 Allan Sherman releases "Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda"
1963 Beatles final performance at Cavern Club in Liverpool
1963 Great Train Robbery - 2.5 M pounds ($3.25 M) robbed
1962 29th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Green Bay 42, All-Stars 20 (65,000)
1962 New York Met Frank Thomas hits his 6th home run in 3 games
1960 Niger gains independence from France
1959 27th All Star Baseball Game: AL wins 5-3 at Memorial Coliseum, LA
1959 50 killed in uprising in Guinea-Bissau
1959 AL beats NL 5-3 in 27th All Star Game (Dodger Stadium)
1958 USS Nautilus begins 1st crossing of Arctic Ocean under icecap
1957 British offensive against imam Galeb Ben Ali of Oman
1956 Willie Williams of U.S. sets 100 meter record at 10.1
1955 Automobile Association of America ends support of auto racing
1955 Hurricane Connie begins pounding U.S. for 11 days
1955 Roger Moens runs world record 800 m (1:45.7)
1954 1st VTOL, Vertical Take-off and Land, flown
1953 Frank Blair becomes news anchor of Today Show
1952 15th Olympic games close in Helsinki Finland
1951 William H. Jackson, ends term as deputy director of CIA
1949 Republic Indonesia proclaims cease fire
1949 Basketball Assoc of America and National Basketball League merge to form National Basketball Association
1948 Cleveland's Satchel Paige make his 1st start and goes 7 innings
1948 Franklin D. Roosevelt advisor Alger Hiss accused to be a "communist"
1946 Belgian government of Huysmans, forms
1944 Allied troops conquer Myitkyina Burma
1944 Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp gases 4,000 gypsies
1944 General Montgomery visits general Dempsey's headquarter
1944 Lieutenant-general Stilwells troops occupy Myitkyina Burma
1944 Tommy Brown, just 16 years and 8 months old, plays shortstop for Dodgers
1943 Gen. Patton slaps a U.S. GI in the hospital accusing him of cowardice
1943 Nazi occupiers attack city Orel, leave it in fire
1941 Benzine sales limited in U.S.
1941 Gas sales limited in U.S.
1941 German troops conquer Roslavl U.S.S.R.
1941 Browns pitcher Johnny Niggling gets Joe DiMaggio in 4 at bats to stop DiMaggio's streak of 74 games in reaching base
1940 German occupiers forbid ritual slaughters and English and French movies
1940 Italian troops invade British Somalia
1940 Lithuanian SSR is accepted into U.S.S.R.
1940 Seaplane Clare makes 1st British passagiersvlucht to the U.S.
1939 Jean Genets "Ondine," premieres in Paris
1933 Yankees are shut out for 1st time after 308 games (since Aug 2, 1931)
1930 2nd time in 1930, Chuck Klein of Phillies hits in 26 straight games
1928 Ray Barbuti saves U.S. team from defeat in Amsterdam Olympics track events by winning 400 m (47.8 sec)
1926 Traffic lights installed on Piccadilly Circus
1925 Last U.S. troops leave Nicaragua (there since 1912)
1924 Cyclist Piet Moeskops regains world sprint championist
1923 Baseball games cancelled following the death of President Harding
1923 V.P. Calvin Coolidge becomes 30th president
1921 1st aerial cropdusting (Troy Ohio to kill caterpillars)
1921 Due to a technicality, 8 Chicago White Sox accused in Black Sox scandal are acquited, however Landis throws them out of baseball
1914 1st seaworthy ship through Panama Canal
1914 Belgium rejects demand to allow free crossing for German army
1914 French fleet sails to North-Africa
1914 German battle cruiser Goeben leaves Messina
1914 Germany invades Belgium and declares war on France in WW I
1914 Great Britain declares war on Germany
1914 Turkey signs military pact with Germany
1914 World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through Churches forms
1914 Yankee catcher Nunamaker throws out 3 would be stealers in 1 inning
1906 Washington National's pitcher Tom Hughes hits home run to win his own game 1-0 in 10th
1904 British journalist Francis Younghusband visits forbidden city Lhasa
1897 John McNally's musical "Good Mr. Best," premieres in New York City
1882 Congress passes 1st law restricting immigration
1881 Boers signs Convention of Pretoria: Transvaal semi-autonomous
1881 U.S. Nation Lawn Tennis Association removes "Nation" from name
1880 American Canoe Association founded at Lake George, New York
1863 Governor Seymour asks Lincoln to suspend draft in New York
1863 Saratoga Racetrack, New York, opens
1861 Federal fleet bombs Galveston, Texas
1855 Rotterdam-Gouda railway opens
1852 1st intercollegiate rowing race, Harvard beats Yale by 4 lengths
1833 HMS Beagle reaches river mouth of Rio Negro
1829 Gioacchino Rossini's "William Tell," premieres in Paris
1797 Emperor Francis I permits Jews who served in military in "Countries of Bohemian Crown" to marry non Jews
1778 Teatro alla Scala opens in Milan
1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie lands on Eriskay, Hebrides
1708 Battle at Trencsen: Austria beats Hungarian rebellion army
1704 English/Dutch fleet under Rooke/Callenburgh occupy Gibraltar
1692 Battle at Steenkerke: French beat English/Dutch army
1678 Robert LaSalle builds 1st ship in America, Griffon
1676 Nathaniel Bacon publishes "Declaration of People of Virginia"
1650 Viceroy Willem II and Amsterdam reach accord about standing army
1645 Battle of Allersheim: French defeat Bavarians
1640 2,000 men VOC-army surrounds the city of Malakka
1640 Zorilla's "Bire el Ojo," premieres in Toledo
1596 David Fabricius discovers light variation of Mira (1st variable star)
1557 Dutch States-General meet at Valenciennes
1529 "Ladies' Peace" (treaty of Cambrai)-emperor Charles V and King French I
1492 All Jews are expelled from Spain
1492 Columbus sets sail from Palos, Spain for "Indies"
1312 Power of Luik Patriarch murders over 200
1108 Louis VI, "the Fat One," King of France, crowned
881 Battle at Saucourt: French King Louis III beats the Vikings

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Warm and Humid on the Prairie

By: plapman, 12:47 PM GMT on August 02, 2010

Today will start sunny this morning then a mix of sun and cloud with a few showers beginning this afternoon. There is a arisk of a thunderstorm late this afternoon. The high today will be near 28C(82F).
Tonight will see a few showers ending this evening then cloudy periods. The risk of a thunderstorm continues into the early evening. The overnight low will be 16C(61F).
The Queen has to work today. I guess it's true that there's no rest for the wicked. :)
==== alt="" />========================================================

Today's Events in History from BrainyHistory.Com

1990 Iraq invades and occupies Kuwait, Emir flees to Saudi Arabia
1961 Beatles 1st gig as house band of Liverpool's Cavern Club
1943 Lt. John F. Kennedy's PT-boat 109 sinks at Solomon islands
1892 Charles A. Wheeler patents a prototype of the escalator
1875 World 1st roller skating rink opens in London

Updated: 1:49 PM GMT on August 03, 2010


Clouds, Showers and TStorms on the Prairie

By: plapman, 12:31 PM GMT on August 01, 2010

Today will be cloudy with a 40% chance of showers and risk of a severe thunderstorm. The high will be 27C(81F).
Tonight will remain cloudy with a 60% chance of showers as the risk of a thunderstorm continues. The overnight low will be 17C(63F).
August 1 Events in History from BrainyHistory.Com
2009 Buddhist Treasures buried during the 1930's Mongolian Communist Purge, were discovered in the Gobi desert
2005 King Fahd of Saudi Arabia dies and is succeeded by Prince Abdullah
2004 Paraguay supermarket fire kills at least 300
1998 Gay and Lesbian Games #5 open in Amsterdam
1996 M2, MTV's second TV channel is launched
1995 Westinghouse purchases CBS-TV network
1994 99.9 degrees F (37.7 degrees C) in Berlin-Dahlem: record
1994 The Rolling Stones begin Voodoo Lounge world tour
1994 Train crash in Havana Cuba, 6 killed
1993 "In the Summer House" opens at Beaumont Theater New York City for 25 performances
1993 "She Loves Me" closes at Criterion Theater New York City after 61 performances
1993 Missie Berteott wins LPGA Ping/Welch's Golf Championship
1993 Reggie Jackson enshrined in Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York
1993 Walter Koenig, Checkov of Star Trek, suffers a heart attack
1992 "Salome" closes at Circle in Sq Theater New York City after 9 performances
1992 NBC's "Saturday Today" premieres
1992 USA/U.S.S.R. Around World Air Race begins at Santa Monica
1991 Actress Hedy Lamarr, 77, arrested for shoplifting in Florida
1991 Italian/Argentine Soccer star Diego Maradona retires
1990 "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" closes at Eugene O'Neill New York City after 149 performances
1990 Indians' Alex Cole sets club record with 5 stolen bases in one game
1990 Iraq pulls out of talks with Kuwait
1990 Soyuz TM-10 launches
1990 Stanton Cook becomes CEO of Chicago Cubs
1989 Australia take 3-0 series lead over England to regain Cricket Ashes
1988 Deep Rover 1-man research submarine unveiled at Crater Lake, Oregon
1987 Bananarama's Siobhan Fahey marries Eurythmics Dave Stewart
1987 Crossbow flight record (2,005 yards 1'9") set by Harry Drake in Nevada
1987 Mike Tyson beat Tony Tucker in 12 for heavyweight boxing title
1987 Nurse Mary R. Stout chosen chairperson of Vietnam Veterans of America
1986 Bert Blyleven becomes 10th pitcher to strike out 3,000
1986 Cleveland sets AL attendance record for twi-night doubleheader, 65,934
1986 Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia release from hospital after 3 week coma
1986 Tennis ace John McEnroe marries actress Tatum O'Neal
1985 15.4 cm rainfall at Cheyenne, Wyoming (state record)
1985 Emmy 12th Daytime Award presentation - Susan Lucci loses for 6th time
1985 Vince Coleman steals 2 bases in 1st inning, for NL rookie record 74
1983 New Zealand score their 1st Test Cricket match victory in England
1982 Beth Daniel wins LPGA Columbia Savings Golf Classic
1982 Greg Louganis, U.S. becomes 1st diver to score 700 (752.67) in 11 dives
1982 Heavy Israeli air bombardment on Beirut
1982 Petra Schneider swims world record 400m medley (4:36.10)
1981 MTV premieres at 12:01 AM
1981 Poland premier Jagielski resigns
1980 Gerd Wessig of East Germany set high jump record
1980 Waldemar Cierpinski wins 19th olympics marathon 2:11:03
1979 Maria de Lurdes Pintasilgo forms government in Portugal
1978 Braves stop Reds Pete Rose's hitting streak at 44 games
1978 Commandos occupy Iraqi embassy in Paris, 1 dead
1978 Pete Rose goes hitless, ends his 44 game hitting streak (ties NL)
1977 San Francisco Giant Willie McCovey hits NL record 18th grand slammer
1976 21st Olympic games close at Montreal Canada
1976 Flash flood in Big Thompson Canyon Colorado on Route 34, kills 139
1976 Liz Taylor's 6th divorce (re-divorces Richard Burton)
1976 Seattle Seahawks play 1st (preseason) game (SF 27, Seattle 20)
1975 38 government leaders signs Helsinki accord
1975 41st NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Pittsburgh 21, All-Stars 14 (54,103)
1975 Billy Martin replaces Bill Virdon as manager of New York Yankees
1975 Helsinki Pact guaranteeing boundaries, rights signed by 35 nations
1974 Virginia Squires trade Julius "Dr. J" Erving to New York Nets
1973 H. J. Witteveen appointed as director of IMF
1973 Munson and Fisk get into a brawl at Fenway Park
1972 1st article exposing Wategate scandal (Bernstein-Woodward)
1972 Nate Colbert of San Diego Padres hits record tying 5 home runs in a double header
1971 CBS presents Masterpiece Theatre's 6 Wives of Henry VIII
1971 George Harrison's concert for Bangladesh takes place in New York City
1971 Joanne Carner wins LPGA Bluegrass Golf Invitational
1970 EAA Convention moves from Rockford Illinois to Oshkosh, Wi
1970 KTSD TV channel 10 in Pierre, SD (PBS) begins broadcasting
1970 Willie Stargell (Pirates) ties record of 5 extra base hits in a game
1969 110,000 attend Atlantic City Pop Festival
1969 36th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: New York Jets 26, All-Stars 24 (74,208)
1969 Mariner 6 sends close-up photo's of Mars
1968 Canada begins replacing silver with nickel in coins
1968 Cleveland Metroparks begins operating Zoo
1968 WXIX TV channel 19 in Cincinnati-Newport, OH (IND) begins broadcasting
1967 Izaak Samkalden becomes mayor of Amsterdam
1967 WBRA TV channel 15 in Roanoke, Virginia (PBS) begins broadcasting
1966 Charles Whitman climbs University of Texas tower and shoots 12 dead
1966 Former marine Charles Whitman kills 13 and wounds 31 at University of Texas
1965 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Waterloo Golf Open
1964 ALM (Antillian Airlines) begins operation
1964 Beatles' "Hard Day's Night, A," single goes #1 and stays #1 for 2 weeks
1963 Beatles Book is sold out on its 1st day of sale
1963 Germany FR annexes Elten village
1963 WQAD TV channel 8 in Moline, IL (ABC) begins broadcasting
1962 Boston Red Sox Bill Monboquette no-hits Chicago White Sox, 1-0
1962 Failed assassination on president Nkrumah of Ghana
1961 Benaud rips through England team for Aussie win at Old Trafford
1961 East Germany limits traffic to West Berlin
1961 New San Francisco Hall of Justice opens
1961 Whitney Young, Jr. named executive director of National Urban League
1960 Aretha Franklins 1st recording session
1960 Benin (Dahomey) gains independence from France
1960 Chubby Checker releases "The Twist"
1959 New Continental baseball league formed
1959 Pope John XXIII publishes encyclical Sacerdotii nostri primordia
1959 WAAY TV channel 31 in Huntsville, AL (ABC/NBC) begins broadcasting
1958 1st class postage up to 4 cents (had been 3 cents for 26 years)
1958 U.S. atomic sub USS Nautilus 1st dives under North Pole
1957 1st coml building heated by Sun (Albuquerque NM)
1957 Gil Hodges hits his NL record 13th career grand slam (Last by Bkln)
1957 Glen Gorbous throws a baseball a record 136 m (445'10")
1957 U.S. and Canada create NORAD
1956 KRCR TV channel 7 in Redding-Chico, California (ABC) begins broadcasting
1955 1st microgravity research begins
1955 Tengku Abdul Rahman forms Malacca government
1955 WILL TV channel 12 in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois (PBS) begins broadcasting
1954 Louison Bobet wins his 2nd Tour de France
1954 WKBT TV channel 8 in La Crosse, Wisconsin (CBS) begins broadcasting
1953 California introduces sales tax, for education
1953 Fidel Castro arrested in Cuba
1953 KMBC TV channel 9 in Kansas City, Missouri (MET/ABC) begins broadcasting
1953 KOBI TV channel 5 in Medford, OR (NBC) begins broadcasting
1953 Northern Rhodesia becomes part of Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
1953 Red Sox Ben Flowers sets then record of 8 consecutive games in relief
1951 David Ben-Gurion's Mapai-party wins Israeli parliamentary election
1950 1st Major League baseball player to fight in Korea (Curt Simmons)
1950 American Bowling Congress ends all-white-males rule
1950 Guam adopts constitution (Organic Act)
1950 King Leopold of Belgium abdicates, Baudouin becomes King
1947 "Medium and The Telephone" opens at Barrymore Theater New York City for 211 performances
1947 Valleivogels soccer team forms in Scherpenzeel
1946 President Truman establishes Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
1945 Japanese city Toyama destroyed by B-29's
1945 Mel Ott is 1st in NL to hit 500th home run (joins Babe Ruth and Jimmy Foxx)
1945 SVBO soccer team forms in Barger-Oosterveld
1944 Adam Clayton Powell elected 1st black congressman from East
1944 Anne Frank's last diary entry; 3 days later she is arrested
1944 General Montgomery takes command of 12th and 21st army
1944 U.S. 90th division occupies St. Hilaire-du-Harcourt
1944 U.S. troops enter Tessy-sur-Vir
1944 Uprising in Warsaw ghetto
1943 Japan declares Burma Independence under U Ba Maw
1943 Race riot in Harlem New York City
1943 Sunderland seaplanes sink U-454 and U-383
1942 Deurne soccer team forms
1942 German occupier demands listing of all Dutch telephone subscribers
1942 Race riots in Harlem, New York
1941 Luftwaffe bombs German 23rd division
1941 New York Yankee Lefty Gomez walks most (11) in a shutout (Yankees 9, St. L 0)
1936 Adolph Hitler opens 11th Olympic Games in Berlin
1936 Benjamin E. Mays named president of Morehouse College
1933 Carl Hubbell sets record of consecutive scoreless innings (45 1/3)
1933 Death penality for anti fascists in Germany
1933 Dutch colonial regime in Batavia arrest ir Sukarno
1928 Babe Ruth hits home run number 42 and is 4 weeks ahead of his 1927 pace
1927 Earliest date for a film to be considered for the Academy Awards
1926 Battles between Druzen and French in Damascus
1926 Failed assassination on General Primo de Rivera in Barcelona
1925 Shortwave-radio link between Kootwijk and Netherland East-Indies
1922 Hendrikus Colijn becomes political editor-in-chief of The Standard
1920 Papendrecht soccer team forms
1920 Peace of Riga-Independence of Latvia
1919 Queen Wilhelmina opens 1st Air Fair in Amsterdam
1919 Treffers soccer team forms in Groesbeek
1918 British troops enter Vladivostok
1918 Pittsburgh Pirates beat Boston Braves, 2-0, in 21 innings
1916 Hawaii National Park forms
1914 British fleet reaches Scapa Flow
1914 Emperor Wilhelm II declares war on his nephew tsar Nicolas II (WW I)
1914 France and Germany mobilize
1914 Trois Vierges: German 69th infantry regiment enter Luxembourg Germany declares war on Russia in WW I
1911 Omar N Bradley (18) begins education in West Point
1909 British SS Waratah disappears on Sydney to London, 300 killed
1907 Bank of Italy opens 1st branch at 3433 Mission Street, SF
1907 Signal Corps of U.S. Army starts aircraft division
1906 Bkln Dodger Harry McIntire no-hits Pitts for 10 2/3 loses in 13th
1903 1st coast-to-coast automobile trip (SF-NY) completed
1902 Building begins on Dutch public housing
1902 Mine accident in Wollongong, Australia, 100 die
1901 Burial within San Francisco City limits prohibited
1896 George Samuelson completes rowing Atlantic (New York to England)
1893 Henry Perky and William Ford patent shredded wheat
1890 Cecil Rhodes' colonies reach Lundi
1886 Great Britain annexes Kermadec-Island near New Zealand
1883 A papyrus offered to British Museum for 10,000 pounds, forgery
1883 Amsterdam's Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky gets electric lights
1883 Inland postal service begins in Great Britain
1881 U.S. Quarantine Station authorized for Angel Island, San Francisco Bay
1876 Colorado becomes 38th state
1873 San Francisco's 1st cable car begins service
1869 1st voyage down Colorado River
1867 Blacks vote for 1st time in a state election in South
1864 Battle of Petersburg, Virginia
1863 Battle of Little Rock AK and Start of Chattanooga campaign
1863 Cavalry action near Brandy Station-End of Gettysburg Campaign
1861 Brazil recognizes Confederacy
1855 Castle Clinton in New York City opens as 1st U.S. receiving station for immigrants
1852 San Francisco Methodists establish 1st black church, Zion Methodist
1842 Rotherhithe Thames Tunnel opens
1838 Emancipation of British slaves on Bahamas
1836 HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin return to Bahia, Brazil
1834 Slavery abolished through out the British Empire
1831 London Bridge opens to traffic
1814 Belgium King Willem I accept blame in Southern defeat
1812 Rare tornado hits Westchester County, New York
1798 Battle of Abukir on the Nile-Nelson defeats French fleet
1794 Whiskey Rebellion begins
1793 France becomes 1st country to use the metric system
1790 1st U.S. census, population of 3,939,214
1789 U.S. Customs begins enforcing Tariff Act
1785 Caroline Herschel becomes 1st woman discoverer of a comet
1781 English army under general Cornwallis occupies Yorktown, Virginia
1780 Sweden declares neutrality
1774 Priestly discovers oxygen
1759 Battle at Minden, Westfalen: Ferdinand van Brunswick beats France
1732 Foundation laid for Bank of England
1716 1st sculling race (London Bridge to Chelsea)
1716 Waterman's race on Thames 1st rowed
1714 Monarch Georg Ludwig becomes king George I of England
1711 Surrounded Czar Peter the Great flees Azov
1690 Battle at Staffarda: French army beats Victor Amadeus van Savoye
1664 Battle at St. Gotthard: Earl Raimondo Montecucculi beats Ahmed Koprulu
1628 Emperor Ferdinand II demands Austria Protestant convert to Catholicism
1626 Earl Earnest Casimir conquerors Oldenzaal
1619 1st black Americans (20) land at Jamestown, Virginia
1589 Murder attempt by monk Jacques Clement on French King Hendrik III
1588 English Admiral Howard van Effingham beats Spanish Armada
1498 Christopher Columbus lands on "Isla Santa" near Venezuela
1485 Henry (VII) Tudors army sails to England
1404 Earl Engelbert I of Nassau marries Johanna of Poland
1291 Everlasting League forms, basis of Swiss Confederation (Independence)
1203 Alexius IV Angelus appointed co-regent of Byzantium
1177 Peace Treaty of Venice: Emperor Frederik I and Pope Alexander III
1086 English barons become submissive to king Willem the Occupier
1021 Synod of Pavia: emperor Henry II convicts married priest
902 Aghlabidisch emir Ibrahim II destroys Taormina, Sicily
860 Peace of Koblenz: Charles the Bare, Louis the German and Lotharius II

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