Has Charles Dickens shaped our perception of climate change?

By: pearlandaggie, 2:54 PM GMT on January 11, 2010

This is an interesting post from Tony Brown over at the Air Vent. The hypothesis is that Charles Dickens' depiction of cold Christmases in his literature may have colored our perception of cold winters and Christmases because he lived through an exceptionally cold period. That cold era is reflected in his literature and has become part of our social conscience with respect to cold and snow around Christmastime.What I found particularly interesting while reading To...

Clouds Dominate CO2 as a Climate Driver Since 2000

By: pearlandaggie, 1:03 PM GMT on January 11, 2010

--repost from Dr. Roy Spencer's blog--Last year I posted an analysis of satellite observations of the 2007-08 global cooling event, showing evidence that it was due to a natural increase in low cloud cover. Here I will look at the bigger picture of what how the satellite-observed variations in Earth’s radiative budget compare to that expected from increasing carbon dioxide. Is there something that we can say about the relative roles of nature versus humanity based...


By: pearlandaggie, 3:09 AM GMT on December 04, 2009

First things first. This post will not deal with the numerical data--that may come later. The intent of this post is to discuss the treatment of the data rather than the data itself. This will be a logical exercise rather than a numerical treatise. Future topics, if I choose to post them, may include feedbacks, data analysis techniques, and other topics pertinent to the discussions that may occur. Most of this posting will document some of the uncertainties tha...

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