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By: pcola57 , 2:27 PM GMT on February 16, 2013

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7. pcola57
10:47 PM GMT on February 01, 2014
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6. pcola57
1:57 AM GMT on January 31, 2014


Member Since: August 13, 2009 Posts: 13 Comments: 7058
5. pcola57
5:57 PM GMT on March 13, 2013

Hurricaine Ivan was a True Cape Verde storm born September 2, 2004 at 9.7 Lat. and 27.6 Long...
The storm lasted from Sept. 2, 2004 to September 24..
It set many records still standing to this day..
It was the most southerly storm in history to reach both Cat.3 and 4 at 10.3 Lat and 48.6 Long..
Then a day later Ivan became the first ever Cat. 5 at that 10.5 Lat. and 51 Longitude..
It spent 12 of it's 22 days of life as a Cat.4/ 5..

My story begins as one of growing concern as I watch this storm from it's beginnings..
I had a gut feeling that this would be a monster and was headed to the GOM for sure..
Well for once I was right..
After it crossed the majority of the equatorial Atlantic it was taking shape and starting to be better ventilated.
Here is a Modis view as it neared South American waters crossing over Grenada killing 39..

According to the Grenadian Parliament 85% of the island nation was devastated..
After reports of the destruction became known, I started sandbagging a retainer wall along the west side of the property as it is situated next to a pubic drainage ditch approx. 6' deep and 12' wide that runs for many miles..
My father who was alive at the time, asked my why I had suddenly taken and interest in re-enforcing that wall..
I responded that we were in for it with Ivan..
He chuckled and said how could I be sure as it hadn't even made it to the westerlies yet..
I said I don't know other than I had been watching this one and I had a gut feeling..
So after achieving the barrier, I stayed on the computer logging in to WU and other sources trying to keep one step ahead of the storm..
This image is as the storm rolled into and through the westerlies and into the Carribean..
In the Caribbean, a pregnant woman was killed in Tobago when a tree fell on top of her home, and a 75-year-old Canadian woman drowned in Barbados. Three deaths were reported in Venezuela. Over five hundred homes on Barbados and around 60 homes in St. Vincent and the Grenadines were either damaged or destroyed..

At some point while the storm was in the Carribean, my folks had a meeting with me and decided they would go to Birmingham, Alabama if it looked like it would come our way..
I nominated myself to stay behind and protect the home and property..

News of damage was now being reported from Jamaica on the 11th and 12th..
The center of Ivan passed near Jamaica, causing significant wind and flood damage. Overall, 17 people were killed in Jamaica and 18,000 people were left homeless as a result of the flood waters and high winds.

My parents now saw and understood that this was no storm to play with..
They made their hotel reservations and rounded up gasoline..
We have 6- 2.5gal cans we keep here for cars and generator..
I started up the extra deep freezer and packed it with Ziplock bags sealed up with water in them..
Covering the bottom and back walls of it..
On the morning of the 12th we began loading up the freezer with meats and vegetables..
Topping it off with another layer of water filled bags..
By midnight everything was frozen solid..
Reports of 4 more deaths in Dominican Republic..
The storm now was shooting the gap between the Yucatan Peninsula and Cuba..
No deaths were ever reported from Cuba but the destruction was terrible..
This image is when Ivan was shooting the gap between the Yucatan Peninsula and Cuba..

On the 13th the wind was a steady 25mph and gusting to 35mph..
I was able to put up the plywood easily..
We have a synthetic treatment on the glass rated to 120mph but we always put up the plywood just in case..
Mom and Dad took off for Birmingham and glad they did..
On the 14th it was once again a rather calm day..
Kinda spooky with clouds swirling above..
On the morning of the 15th things had changed considerably..
Not only had the rain now come in sheets, they were coming in sideways..
As the day progressed the weather started to deteriorate steadily..

What was sheets rain earlier turned to walls of rain and stung your skin when you went out in it..
I had the grill all set with 2 full propane tanks at the ready..
I shut off the gas main at the road..
I positioned my supplies of plastic sheathing, staple gun, lanterns, telephones, where i thought they may be needed..
As night came, I saw the transformer closest to my home explode like a cannon..
Was so bright that I couldn't see for a few seconds..
So now with no electricity, I got the generator running and plugged in the freezer, refrigerator, and a window A/C I have in my room as backup..
All was well..
I went to see if I could look at our inground swimming pools and saw water being blown out of it..
That was amazing to see..
The only way I could see out was when I place a lantern in one window that wasn't covered by plywood and look out of a small kitchen window..
Everything was whipping and lashing about..
Ton's of debrise everywhere..
The ditch was over flowing and had undermind a part of the retaining wall..
At one point during a lull, I ran out to the culvert and removed some large limbs so water could pass more freely..
We had absolutly no damage and only 41 miles away from the landfalling eye..
Folks all around us were hit hard..
Around midnight things seemed to calm down..
I thought we just missed the worst..
Then about 1am all hell breaks loose and I never heard a howling wind like that before.
That was scary..
And it lasted until 3:30am..
Then it slacked off some..
As the sun came up it was still storming.. alot
The ditch had undermined a portion of our retainer wall and water was in the streets probably 3-4 ft deep..
At one point I went ouside and pulled some large limbs that had gotten stuck in the culvert in order to allow the water to flow more freely..
Which it did..
By late afternoon the storms effects were dying off..
went out to check the house and property..
We lost part of a retaining wall, the bushes looked as though they had been stripped and had a brownish look to them..
My neighbors didn't fair so well as they never trimmed their trees or kept their homes repaired..
As the days went on, things got better..
Power was back on after 4 days, water a week, gas service was fine..
The only thing I remember getting worse was the heat and humidity after the storm..
Mom and Dad came home a week later as the utilities were back on by then..
In closing I have to say I learned alot from that experience and will be more prepared next time..
Gonna leave you with a few more Images and facts now..

Hydrological records

Ivan broke several hydrological records; it is credited with possibly causing the largest ocean wave ever recorded, a 91 foot (27 meter) wave that may have been as high as 131 ft (40 m), and the fastest seafloor current, at 2.25 m/s (5 mph)

32 deaths in the US..Making a storm total of 121..

Ivan produced a record 119 tornados..

Ivan morning after landfall..

Ivan Image from ISS..

And if anyone tells you a hurricaine can't make a right turn just before landfall, you can show them this MIMIC Image..

Member Since: August 13, 2009 Posts: 13 Comments: 7058
2. pcola57
1:36 AM GMT on February 17, 2013
Quoting ihave27windows:
Your little world looks delightful!

We are cold this morning! This has been an interesting February =)

Thanks for the compliment 27..
Am trying to mix it up a little..
Keeps me more into it and more likely to want to update and keep it current as well..
And yes it has been quite an interesting February..
And year too..
Am becoming more inclined,as of late,to take up a torch and tackle some climate issues I have..
I want to help make a real difference..
Hope that won't keep you away as I do enjoy your postings as well as your personal blog..
I just think it's time for me to get out of that gray area of no opinion and move forward with a learned and more informed one that matters..
I have no "agenda" as they say..
Just a soul disheartened with things I see and experience..
Yes there is plenty of good in this world..
It's a planet worth saving IMO..
So goes my thinking..
Hope to see you here again and as always your opinion matters here..
Thanks for reading 27,and God Bless.. :)
Member Since: August 13, 2009 Posts: 13 Comments: 7058
1. ihave27windows
2:49 PM GMT on February 16, 2013
Your little world looks delightful!

We are cold this morning! This has been an interesting February =)
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