Spike Killer

By: panzersnake, 12:48 PM GMT on July 01, 2014

I'm starting some experimental code this week to get the spikes to not report. I'm not sure what hardware issue is causing them, but if this doesn't work I'll have a look at moving the bmp and dht22 to the arduino to see if that cleans it up.

Assuming that helps I'll handle building out a board that will replace the breadboard in use now.

CWOP Reporting

By: panzersnake, 1:55 PM GMT on June 08, 2014

I'm now doing a report ping to the CWOP servers every 10 minutes on the sixes. The lastes versions of those hacky scripts lives at:


Next steps will be to get the confirmation back from CWOP, and then start tuning the sensor code from their QA service. I'm also now to a point where I'll have to deal with storing the data and creating a site for it. I'm pretty sure I'm going to just stream the dat...


By: panzersnake, 1:41 PM GMT on May 27, 2014

So I've now been assigned a CWOP EWxxxx number, but I'm not done with the code to report yet. I'll be hacking on that next. Maybe this week I'll be able to get that done and start tuning my sensors based on the error checking MADIS does.

Next I'll have to head up to Mendelsons and find a Pot for the wind vane. Ive liked the sensor with the switches so far, but I'm hoping for something a bit more precise. Measuring resistance should make for a better s...

Please Storm

By: panzersnake, 8:11 PM GMT on May 21, 2014

I want to see all these sensors going at the same time. Seems like tonight we might get a bit of rain, I hope my code doesn't have any bugs that will keep the bucket from working or reporting incorrectly.

New Enclosure

By: panzersnake, 5:11 PM GMT on May 19, 2014

Seems that the new enclosure will work. I've got fan aspiration going and it seems to have stabilized the temperature readings. The anemometer/vane/bucket are jacked into the arduino, and I've got the pi connecting via serial. Last night there was no wind, so I'm not done with calibrating the software to read the serial output for the new sensors just yet. I'll hopefully be getting that in place soon.

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