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Happy Fourth of July!

By: palmettobug53, 4:45 PM GMT on June 12, 2012

I've been wanting to get something up about summer reading for a couple of days now. I'm having problems figuring out how to copy/paste without a mouse.

I have just been doing a re-read of Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind. There's so much more to the book than there was in the movie. Even so, they did follow the book pretty well; they just had to leave out some things. Otherwise, it would have been 6-8 hours long, instead of 3-4. Having not read it in quite a while, I was a little taken aback at how politically correct a lot of it is.

Still, I've enjoyed reading about Rhett and Scarlett sparring with each other.

Until I can get home and list some of the books I've seen touted recently in Parade and the local paper for summer reading, feel free to add your own suggestions. Old favourites are welcome suggestions, too.

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June 6th - D Day

By: palmettobug53, 4:33 PM GMT on June 06, 2012

Take a few minutes today and remember the sacrifices our armed forces made on this day 68 years ago.

I'm doing a copy/paste from an entry I put up in 2006. I hope the links still work. I'll be putting up another entry later this week.

D-Day Cemetary

I'm just going to let the picture and these links speak for themselves. Please spend a little time remembering the men that fought on this day.

Eye Witness Account

Military History Online

D-Day on the Web Check out the personal recollections at this site. This is full of different links.


Battle of Normandy

Cornelius Ryan

Normany 1944 This is an excellent site from the Encyclopedia Britannica

PBS's American Experience:D-Day

National D-Day Museum This has been recently renamed The National World War II Museum

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