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Proper Etiquette and Housekeeping

By: palmettobug53, 7:27 PM GMT on August 29, 2010

If you'd been reading my last blog (posts #118 through #127), you'll see we started discussing appropriate gift giving. This was triggered by an Andy Griffith rerun I watched yesterday entitled, "Opie Loves Helen".

Part 1 of 3:

Part 2 of 3:

Part 3 of 3:

This kind of started me off on doing some online research, looking for old charm class books, the history of etiquette and vintage etiquette and homemaking books.

I found one oldie, but goodie, published in 1880:

Our Deportment by John H. Young

I'll be looking for some more and will post them in, as I find them. A lot of what comes up is geared towards things today. I'm looking for the old stuff. If you remember how things were in the 40's, 50's and beyond, post away.

Sadly, it seems that manners have almost gone out of style. Not that I'd like it to go back to the strict mores of the Victorian era but today's young people (God, that makes me sound SO OLD!) could take a lesson or two. Even some my age!

How about this one? Better Than Beauty: A Guide To Charm, by Helen Valentine and Alice Thompson. Illustrated by Emery I. Gondor. This was published in 1938.

Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management, published in 1861 and Cassell's Household Guide, published in 1869 were handbooks utilized by the Bowler family, in the series, "1900 House."

Heavens to Betsy! Back in the 12th or 13th century, an Englishman called Daniel of Beccles wrote, in Latin, a three thousand line poem of manners for men and young boys called Urbanus Magnus. Is is also called The Book of the Civilized Man.

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Happy 50th, Andy and Gang!

By: palmettobug53, 1:37 AM GMT on August 02, 2010

I'm going to do a switch from the daily "On This Day" trivia. I think people have enjoyed it but I find having to do a daily update in the header, as well as respond to posts and do my lunchtime check ins from work a bit hectic. I've missed a few and had to do a catch up. I've some things scheduled this month that may make doing that daily header update harder to keep up with.

I'm going back to an old favorite: The Andy Griffith Show.

This year, The Andy Griffith Show celebrates it's 50th anniversary. I did a blog some years back on Andy and the rest of the gang from Mayberry. If you want to do a re-read, here's the link: Link

I watched this show when the original episodes aired and I've watched the reruns for years. I prefer the black and white episodes, when Barney (Don Knotts) was still on the show but there are a number of the color episodes that I enjoy, too.

They take me back to a time when life seemed simple, though I know they always weren't. We tend to look back at the days of our youth through rose tinted glasses and I find the shows comforting, like slipping into well worn and beloved clothes.

There's quite a few 50th anniversary things going on, articles and such:

From AARP magazine: Whistle if you love Andy Griffith

From the Tucson Citizen: Retroflections

There's a Facebook page devoted to the anniversary: Link

I wanted to embed some of the YouTubes of the show but that function is disabled. You'll just have to go to YT and watch them yourself. This link takes you directly to Part 1 of 3, of one of my favorite episodes: Aunt Bee's Kerosene cucumbers

Think I found a YouTube to embed. It's supposed to be the theme song, "The Fishin' Hole". If it's not, let me know! I can't hear these things, remember? LOL

Words to the Theme Song

Well, now, take down your fishin' pole and meet me at The Fishin' Hole,
We may not get a bite all day, but don't you rush away.

What a great place to rest your bones and mighty fine for skippin' stones,
You'll feel fresh as a lemonade, a-settin' in the shade.

Whether it's hot, whether it's cool, oh what a spot for whistlin' like a fool.

What a fine day to take a stroll and wander by The Fishin' Hole,
I can't think of a better way to pass the time o' day.

We'll have no need to call the roll when we get to The Fishin' Hole,
There'll be you, me, and Old Dog Trey, to doodle time away.

If we don't hook a perch or bass, we'll cool our toes in dewy grass,
Or else pull up a weed to chaw, and maybe set and jaw.

Hangin' around, takin' our ease, watchin' that hound a-scratchin' at his fleas.

Come on, take down your fishin' pole and meet me at The Fishin' Hole,
I can't think of a better way to pass the time o' day.

Music by Earle Hagen & Herbert W. Spencer
Words by Everett Sloane

Andy Griffith Show forum

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