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By: palmettobug53, 11:42 AM GMT on July 03, 2010

I'm still inspiration-less, as far as a theme for a new thread, so I'm going to be lazy and continue with the daily trip through events in history, births and deaths for the month of July.

July 30

762, Baghdad is founded. 1818, Emily Bronte was born. 1875, CSA General George E. Pickett died. 1932, Disney's Flowers and Trees was the first Technicolour cartoon and the first to win and Academy award. 1945, the U.S.S. Indianapolis was torpedoed. 883 seamen died.

July 29

1565, Mary, Queen of Scots, married Lord Darnley. 1836, Arc de Triomphe inaugurated. 1844, Mozart died. 1864, Southern spy, Belle Boyd, was arrested by Union troops. 1885, Theda Bara was born. 1890, Vincent Van Gogh died. 1905, Clara Bow, the "It Girl", was born. 1907, Sir Robert Baden Powell began the Scouting movement at the Battersea Island Scout camp. 1914, "Prof." Irwin Corey, the "World's Foremost Authority", was born. 1924, Elizabeth Short, aka "The Black Dahlia", was born. 1953, Ken Burns was born. 1967, the U.S.S. Forestal caught on fire off Vietnam, killing 134.

July 28

1540, Thomas Cromwell was executed.
1609, Bermuda settled by survivors of the Sea Venture.
1655, Cyrano de Bergerac died.
1750, Johann Sebastian Bach died.
1866, Beatrix Potter was born.
1929, Jackie O was born
1932, Pres. Hoover orders US Army to disperse 'Bonus Army' of WWI vets gathered in Washington, DC.

july 27

1549, Father Francis Xavier reached Japan. 1794, Robespierre was arrested. 1940, Bugs Bunny made his screen debut.

1768, Charlotte Corday
1924, Alexandre Dumas, fils

1946, Gertrude Stein
1988, Frank Zamboni

Boy, am I falling down on the job! Catching up today but you'll have to look up Sun/Mon events/births/deaths yourself! LOL

July 26

I just realized I neglected to post Sunday's events:

July 25

Been hither and yon here this morning and have neglected to upload today's trivia:

July 24 1567, Mary, Queen of Scots, was forced to abdicate. 1715, a Spanish treasure fleet leaves Havana, Cuba. All but one ship is sunk off the FL coast in a hurricane. 1783, Simon Bolivar was born. 1802, Alexandre Dumas, pere, was born. 1897, Amelia Earhart was born. 1901, O. Henry was released from prison. 1980, Peter Sellers died.

July 23

1903, Ford Motor Co. sells its first car
1995, comet Hale-Bopp is discovered


1884, Emil Jannings
1892, Haile Selassie


1875, Isaac Singer
1885, Ulysses S. Grant
1923, Pancho Villa
1973, Eddie Rickenbacker

July 22

1298, the Battle of Falkirk; 1793, Alexander McKenzie completes transcontinental crossing of Canada; 1812, the Battle of Salamanca; 1934, John Dillinger fatally wounded outside the Biograph Theater, Chicago.

Births: 1844, William Archibald Spooner; 1939, Terence Stamp; 1955, Willem Dafoe

Deaths: 1869, John A. Roebling; 1932, Florenz Ziegfield

July 21

In 365, a tsunami devastated Alexandria, Egypt. 1925, John Scopes was found guilty of teached evolution, In 1954, Vietnam was partitioned. In 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the moon. In 1970, the Aswan Dam was completed.


1620: French astronomer, Jean Picard (I'll bet this was the inspiration for the character, Jean Luc Picard, on Star Trek)
1899: Ernest Hemingway and Hart Crane
1920: Isaac Sterm


1403: Henry Percy
1796: Robert Burns
1878: Sam Bass
1967: Basil Rathbone

July 20

1903, Ford Motor Co. shipped its first car. 1919, Sir Edmund Hilary was born. 1932, police fire tear gas at WWI vets attempting to march on the White House. 1944, Hitler survives an assassination attempt. 1969, Apollo 11 lands on the moon.

July 19

There's a whole bunch of stuff today: 1333, Battle of Halidon Hill; 1545, sinking of the Mary Rose; 1553, Lady Jane Grey dethroned; 1692, five women hanged during Salem Witch trials; 1863, Morgan's Raid; 1879, Doc Holiday kills his first man in a New Mexico saloon.

Births: 1814, Samuel Colt; 1834, Edgar Degas; 1860, Lizzie Borden; 1896, A. J. Cronin; 1904, Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith (last of Lincoln's descendants.

Deaths: 1374, Petrarch; 1814, Capt. Matthew Flinders; 2009, Frank McCourt

July 18

Notable Events:

64 Great fire of Rome
1864 Battle of Battery Wagner on James Island, Charleston, SC. ( 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry profiled in the movie, Glory)
1925 Mein Kampf published
1976 Nadia Comaneci is the first person to score a perfect 10 in gymnastics in the Summer Olympics.

Notable Births:

1811 William Makepeace Thackeray
1867 Margaret Brown, aka The Unsinkable Molly Brown
1887 Vidkun Quisling
1895 George "Machine Gun" Kelly
1902 Jessamyn West
1913 Red Skeleton "Good night and may God bless"
1937 Hunter S. Thompson

Notable Deaths:

1792 John Paul Jones
1863 Robert Gould Shaw (Battle of Battery Wagner)
1899 Horatio Alger, Jr.
1918 Grand Duchess Elizabeth Fyodorovna
1954 George "Machine Gun" Kelly (Talk about coming full circle!)

July 17

On this date in 1762, Catherine II becomes Tsar of Russia. In 1918, the RMS Carpathia is sunk off Ireland by a German U-Boat. (The Carpathia rescued survivors of the Titanic in 1912.) In 1936, the Spanish Civil War begins, presaging WWII. In 1955, Disneyland televises it's grand opening at Anaheim, CA.

Notable birthdays:

1889, Erle Stanly Gardner
1899, James Cagney

Notable deaths:

1918, Tsar Nicholas II and family
1959, Billie Holiday
1967, John Coltrane
2009, Walter Cronkite

July 16

In 1377, the coronation of Richard II of England. In 1769, Father Junipero Serra founds the first mission in California, giving rise to today's city of San Diego. 1935 marked the installation of the world's first parking meter in Oklahoma City, OK. In 1945, the Potsdam Conference commenced. In 1951, Catcher in the Rye is published. In 1969, the Appollo 11 is launched from Cape Canaveral.

Notable birthdays:

Joshua Reynolds, 1723
Roald Amundsen, 1872
Shoeless Joe Jackson, 1888

Notable deaths:

Anne of Cleves, 1557
Mary Todd Lincoln, 1882
Ned Buntline, 1886
John F. Kennedy, Jr., 1999

July 15 Today is St. Swithun's Day.

St Swithun's day if thou dost rain
For forty days it will remain.
St Swithun's day if thou be fair
For forty days 'twill rain no more.

July 14

In 1789 occurred the storming of the Bastille. In 1960, Jane Goodall arrives at Gombe Stream Reserve to study chimps in the wild. Notable birthdays: James A. Whistler, 1834; Gustav Klimt, 1862; Woody Guthry, 1912; Ingmar Bergman, 1918. Notable deaths: Billy the Kid, 1881; Pancho Villa, 1925.

July 13 In 1772, Captain James Cook began his 2nd voyage to the South Seas. In 1865, P.T. Barnum's museum burns down. In 1978, Walter Poenisch swims from Cuba to Florida. Today's notable birthday: Patrick Stewart turns 70! Notable deaths: Jean Paul Marat, 1793, Alfred Stieglitz, 1946 and Lon Chaney, Jr, 1973

July 12

In 1543, Henry VIII married his last wife, Catherine Parr. In 1804, Alexander Hamilton died after being shot in a duel by Aaron Burr. In 1817, Henry David Thoreau was born. In 1864, George Washington Carver was born. In 1962, the Rolling Stones perform their first concert.

July 11

In 1405, Admiral Zheng He began a series of naval expeditions, sailing as far as Arabia and East Africa. In 1859, Charles Dickens publishes "A Tale of Two Cities." In 1899, E. B. White, the author of "Charlotte's Web" and "Stuart Little" , is born.

July 10

In 138, the Roman Emperor, Hadrian, died. In 1212, London burned. In 1509, John Calvin was born. In 1925, the Scopes "Monkey" Trial took place in Dayton, TN.

July 9 On this date in 1540, Anne of Cleves lucks out and gets to keep her head, as Henry VIII has their marriage annulled. In 1948, Pakistan issues it's first postage stamp. Alice Paul, American suffragist, died on this date in 1977. The HBO movie, Iron Jawed Angels was based on the efforts of Alice Paul and Lucy Burns in obtaining the right for American women to vote.

July 8 On this date in 1898, the Shootout on Juneau Wharf rids Skagway (in the District of Alaska) from the clutches of Soapy Smith.

July 7

On this date in 1906, the Cunard Line launched the RMS Lusitania. In 1991, Mount Pinatubo erupted.

July 6

On this date in 1935, His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama was born in Tibet.

In 1942, Anne Frank, aged 13, and her family went into hiding in the Secret Annex of her father's warehouse in Amsterdam.

July 5 On this date in 1937, Hormel Foods introduced Spam. Residents of Hawaii consume so much Spam, it is sometimes called "The Hawaiian Steak". Spam has even shown up as a song in a Monty Python skit: Spam Song. It is also the title of their musical, Spamalot and is mentioned in one of the musical's songs, Knights of the Round Table.
In 1946, the bikini made it's debut in the modern world. It had hitherto been popular in Greek and Roman times, as wear for female athletes.

July 4 On this date in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Second Continental Congress. In 1863, Vicksburg, MS surrenders to Ulysses S. Grant after 47 days of siege. For Mark Twain's story about The Siege, see page 296 in Life on the Mississippi. In 1865, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is published. In 1918 (Julian calendar date), Tsar Nicholas II and his family were executed by the Bolsheviks. In 1950 there was the first broadcast of Radio Free Europe.

July 3 The third and last day of the Battle of Gettysburg was marked by the disastrously futile Pickett's Charge upon Cemetery Ridge. General Lee never forgave himself for giving the fatal order, telling Gen. Wilcox, "It's all my fault." Picket never forgave Lee for giving the order that destroyed his division. The loss at Gettysburg marked the beginning of the end for the Confederacy.

July 2 1937: Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan disappeared over the Pacific. 1961: Ernest Hemingway took his own life. 1962: The first Wally World opened for business in Rogers, Arkansas.

July 1 The Battle of Gettysburg commenced on this date in 1863.

In the weird news category today is Ozzie's DNA Decoded: Why is Osbourne Still Alive? Man, you really gotta wonder, don't you? LOL


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