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Bypass Surgery Recovery Tips

By: palmettobug53, 11:50 PM GMT on March 21, 2009

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As you all know, my SMom just had quad/bypass surgery this past Tuesday. Rumor has it that she may be discharged Monday.

If you are my age, you have either had surgery at least once or twice yourself or you've had a significant other or other family member that has. You know as well as I do that the doctor will tell you what you can't do when you get home.

That's all fine and good. But what he/she doesn't tell you is how do you manage to do the rest of the things you have to do in day to day living? There is so much that you take for granted and don't think twice about doing UNTIL YOU HAVE HAD SURGERY! Then, all those little things become BIG obstacles. How do you get around them?

I've been looking around online and different sites have different no-no's for the first few weeks, or even months, after bypass surgery. No lifting - the weights vary from 5 lbs to 15 lbs. No reaching overhead. All kinds of stuff. I know each person is different and each of their doctors may have variations on the things they can't do.

You have to remember that when you have a bypass done, you've had your breast plate sawn in two and your chest cracked wide open. I mean, that's going take a while to heal up and you do not want to do anything to slow the process down!

What I'm looking for here, is there anyone out there who's had bypass surgery or who has had a family member have it? How did you deal with the first few weeks or months? Any handy tips on getting around those "Don't do this!" obstacles? There are probably folks out there who have had other surgeries, that have tips that may be applicable to the bypass recovery process. So, pass them on!

I have already heard from one blogger, who had a great tip. He said, that if at all possible, it's best to be able to step into a shower stall, rather than climb into a tub to take a shower. The usual motions of drying off are problematic after bypass surgery. His wife would throw a terry towel robe into the dryer, while he was showering. Instead of using a towel to dry off, he'd just put on that hot robe and it would dry him off without any effort on his part. Sounds great, doesn't it? LOL

Dad and SMom do have a "step in" shower stall in their guest bath. They already have one of those aluminum and plastic seats in there. I've already passed that tip along.

Anything you can contribute or suggest, I'd appreciate. And I'll pass them along to my SMom and Dad.

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I am. Are you?

By: palmettobug53, 2:48 PM GMT on March 04, 2009

Feeding the birds

Every 11 minutes another person is added to the organ transplant waiting list.

Save a life.

Register to donate.

I did.

Our guest speaker at last month's Staff Meeting was Nancy Kay, from Lifepoint, Inc., the SC Organ Procurement Agency. I found out that the little heart on my SC Driver's license was not binding. It's only been binding on licences issued since December of 2008. So, I got myself legally registered at DonateLifeSC.Org From what I see online, it looks like each state has a registry.

So, go find your local registry.

Sign up.

Save a life.

It might wind up being someone near and dear to you.

To find your state's registry and sign up, go to:


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